Chapter 715 - Divine Phoenix’s Nightmare

Against the Gods

Chapter 715 - Divine Phoenix’s Nightmare

Aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, the only place within Profound Sky Seven Nations which possessed Monarchs was the Divine Phoenix Sect. The birth of the first Monarch in the history of the Divine Phoenix Sect signified that the strength of the sect was now on an entirely different level. The most telltale sign that a sect’s strength was constantly growing would be the number of Monarchs within the sect increasing.

A thousand years ago, the number of Monarchs within Divine Phoenix Sect exceeded ten. This shocked everyone within the Profound Sky Continent, including the Four Great Sacred Grounds. It also meant that Divine Phoenix Sect had gained the right to truly speak on the same level as the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

Within this five thousand years, the Monarchs of Divine Phoenix Sect had always died of old age, and the Monarchs who filled in the opened positions would only be even stronger. And, a Monarch falling in battle had never once happened in the history of Divine Phoenix Sect. Currently, the Divine Phoenix Sect had a total of thirteen Monarchs, and within the sect, there might be even stronger trump cards lying hidden, but it would not surpass the number of thirteen by too huge a margin. Thus, the fall of a Monarch’s direct effect would be an instant reduction in terms of the deterrence level of the Divine Phoenix Sect by a large degree. And to the entire sect, it definitely couldn’t be considered as an outcome of merely having one of their fingers broken… instead, it would be seemingly equivalent to having one of their hands chopped off!!

It would be shattering one of the only few tens of cornerstones which the Divine Phoenix Sect possessed!

Hence, Feng Hengkong’s words were undoubtedly a thunderbolt under a blue sky that rang in the ears of all the Phoenix clansmen.

Among the crowd of Phoenix Elders and princes, all of their expressions changed greatly to one of astonishment. Although these were words personally conveyed by the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, no matter how, they simply could not believe them.

“Impossible, after all, Elder Tianyu is a Monarch, the strongest being in this world! How could he possibly die… Impossible…”

“Could Yun Che… No, impossible… With Elder Tianyu’s strength, how could he possibly lose to Yun Che… Even if he encountered someone from the Sacred Grounds, he shouldn’t have met with an incident in such a short amount of time… Sect Master, there must be some kind of mistake.”

“Tianqing… What about Grand Elder Tianqing…”

The crowd of Phoenix Elders were in a fluster. The fall of a Phoenix Monarch was a loss and blow countless times heavier than the deaths of four princes and five elders. Feng Hengkong’s expression was deathly pale; he had already faintly guessed that it might really be Yun Che’s doing… Before his soul and expression could even ease up a little, the shattering sound of the other soul imprint reverberated in his mind, causing his pupils to widen once again. His chest, which was already feeling extreme discomfort to begin with, felt like it had been ruthlessly pierced by another poisonous blade...

“Elder Tianqing… has also died…”

Feng Hengkong softly said. With hollow eyes and a limp body, under this extremely heavy shock, he was no longer able to gather the least bit of strength.

Another bolt of heavenly lightning ruthlessly struck into everyone’s souls, causing the world in front of their eyes to spin.

The soul imprints of all core members of the sect were carved into the soul of every generation of Divine Phoenix Sect Masters, and these soul imprints were connected to the lives of every corresponding person. At the moment of their deaths, the soul imprints would shatter, and the Phoenix Sect Masters would be the first to know of them.

These words, which were personally spoken by Feng Hengkong, could never be jokes. His tone and reaction clearly indicated that both Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianqing’s soul imprints… had shattered and disappeared.

“Just… Just who is it?” Feng Feilie said with a trembling voice.

“It definitely cannot be Yun Che… Even if Yun Che has the greatest of talent, it’s impossible for him to be a match for two Grand Elders… nor is it possible for him to kill two Grand Elders in such a short amount of time… Just who is it!?” Feng Ximing growled.

“In this world, the ones capable of causing the deaths of two Grand Elders can only possibly be people from the Sacred Grounds… Are they preparing to breach decorum with us?” A Phoenix Elder said while gnashing his teeth. Among them, not a single one of them believed that Yun Che was the culprit behind Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianqing’s deaths. Feng Tianyu was a level three Monarch, and Feng Tianqing was a level two Monarch. Felling a Monarch could be considered as the most difficult task in the Profound Sky Continent.

To consecutively kill Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing in just a short seven to eight minutes… It was definitely impossible even for a level five Monarch.

“Sect Master, I shall investigate this matter with haste!” Feng Feilie said as he prepared to ascend into the skies.

“Even Elder Tianyu and Elder Tianqing lost their lives together… Are you preparing to send yourself to death!?”

His sunken voice stopped Feng Feilie’s body in the air. Feng Hengkong finally stood up, but his face was still miserably pale. Every single one of the muscles in his face was twitching uncontrollably, and the profound aura emitting from his body was even more chaotic. The developments every single day had far surpassed his predictions, and the consequences grew even more terrifying as each day went by...

In the beginning, Yun Che’s arrival had even delighted him, seeing it as the former walking right into their trap… However, in just short four days, Yun Che had destroyed the Phoenix God Sculpture, killed four of his sons, five elders, and more than a hundred disciples… And now, he had actually killed two Grand Elders who were at the Sovereign Profound Realm!

He had truly shaken the cornerstones of his Divine Phoenix Sect!!

In these four days, he felt as though he had been dreaming. An surreal, yet extremely terrifying nightmare.

He was already beginning to realize that what he had offended was not just a small figure whom he could toy around with, but a true devil.

“Ming’er…” Feng Hengkong absentmindedly mumbled.

“This son is present.” Feng Ximing hurriedly stepped forward.

Feng Hengkong reached out his hand and passed a mysterious jade, which was emitting out a blazing red light, into Feng Ximing’s hands. “This is the Phoenix God Jade… take it and enter the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm… Find your grandfather… Tell him… Elder Tianyu and Elder Tianqing had already fallen… and your four royal brothers…”

“B… But…” Feng Ximing held onto the Phoenix God Jade and was at a loss for a moment. The Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm was the absolute forbidden grounds of Divine Phoenix Sect. He was the Divine Phoenix Crown Prince, however, ever since he had been born a hundred odd years ago, he had never been allowed to enter.

“Hurry and go!”

“Yes!” Feng Ximing could only agree as he hastily flew in the direction of the Phoenix God Great Hall. The only entrance to the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm, was the Phoenix God Great Hall.

Feng Hengkong did not choose to personally head there himself because he felt that he did not have the face to meet his own father. As the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, the consequences of losing two Monarchs was something he knew more clearly than anyone else. It was an immense loss that could only be remedied by spending immeasurable resources and effort.

“Haah, no matter.” Feng Feilie let out a long sigh, “Our sect’s strength grows gradually with every passing year, and has long caused the Four Great Sacred Grounds to feel restless. They must have long devised a scheme… With the presence of Ancestral Phoenix God as a deterrent, they do not dare to act rashly in Phoenix City. And this time, Elder Tianyu and Elder Tianqing had left the boundaries of Phoenix City, and hence were plotted against…”

This was the only explanation which Feng Feilie could think of with his own knowledge and experience. Because in this world, only the Four Sacred Grounds were capable of killing Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing. Although this explanation was a little forced, other than this, he could not think of any other possibilities.

“No,” Feng Hengkong, however, slowly shook his head, “People from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, even if a master of the Four Great Sacred Grounds personally make an appearance, he would still not easily make a move against the Monarchs of our Divine Sect… The person who killed Elder Tianyu and Elder Tianqing, was Yun Che.”

“What?” The surrounding people was thrown into a great shock, and afterwards, what their faces showed were expressions of complete and utter disbelief, “That’s impossible… That’s definitely impossible! No matter how strong Yun Che is, how can he possibly be a match against two Grand Elders who have stepped into the Sovereign Profound Realm… And earlier, when facing an attack from the Grand Elders, Yun Che’s first reaction was clearly turning tail to flee! No matter how, Yun Che was surely not the one who did it!”

“It’s not impossible… just because you think it’s impossible. We are simply unable to believe it either…” Feng Hengkong’s breathing was incomparably coarse, “Elder Tianyu did not leave behind any soul messages before he died. Evidently, his life was taken by surprise… Elder Tianqing, however, died by destroying his own lifeline and profound veins… The soul transmission he left behind before he died were only two words…”

“Yun Che…”

At this moment, every member of Divine Phoenix Sect held their breaths.

“There… There must be some other circumstances in this! Three years ago, Yun Che’s strength had only slightly surpassed Fourteenth Prince’s, no matter how heaven-defying the speed of his growth is, he can’t possibly…” Feng Feilie still could not believe it, and similarly, everyone else could not believe it either.

“Let’s not panic for now. Once Grand Sect Master makes his way out of the Divine Realm, any kind of menace will be removed.” With the calmest tone he could muster, Fourth Elder consolingly said. At the moment, they could only wait for Grand Sect Master to take charge of the entire situation.

When the three words “Grand Sect Master” were brought up, the sunken atmosphere had evidently lifted. Although Feng Hengkong was the present Sect Master, at his current age, he was still in his growth phase. In the hearts of this generation of elders, the three words “Grand Sect Master” carried countless times more weight than “Sect Master”.

However, this lifting atmosphere did not last for long. The expressions of all Phoenix Elders suddenly changed as they simultaneously looked towards the southeastern direction. Over there, a violent torrent of air was charging towards their location at breakneck speed.

This time, Yun Che did not have the slightest of intention of concealing his presence. Even though there was still a distance of close to fifty kilometers between them, the terror behind his profound aura had caused the faces of all Phoenix Elders to lose their color.

“Hurry and activate the Phoenix Fire Barrier!!” Feng Hengkong roared out.

Such a terrifying aura… Yun Che was clearly approaching while carrying anger and killing intent! With his abilities to kill Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing, if he were to immediately start a massacre the moment he arrived, no one could stop him then! Under his hands, countless of Phoenix Elders and disciples would lose their lives!.

Before Grand Sect Master Feng Tianwei could make his way here, they definitely could not afford to suffer another immense loss.

Yun Che’s speed was fully unleashed and his profound strength was maintained at the Burning Heart state as his gaze locked onto where Phoenix City was situated. Before closing in on Phoenix City, an irregular profound energy fluctuation suddenly appeared. Yun Che hurriedly slowed down, yet his body still ruthlessly struck onto a layer of transparent screen.

With a “bang”, Yun Che was knocked far back. In front of him, a crimson red glow flashed for a moment, before disappearing in the next instant.

“A protective barrier?” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed as he let out a cold laugh. Summoning the Heaven Smiting Sword, he smashed forward.


A loud explosion had seemingly shattered the skies. The entire barrier, and even the entire Divine Phoenix Sect, trembled. Within the barrier, a large number of Phoenix disciples whose strength were on the low side instantly turned deaf from that explosive roar, and their visions darkened then after.

Within Phoenix City, countless of people rolled onto the ground, screaming in pain as they covered their ears.




With one strike after another, like a hammer of the heavens, his sword ruthlessly smashed onto the Phoenix Fire Barrier. Every single one of the strikes was earth-shattering, shaking every inch of space within Phoenix City.


Upon the thirteenth strike, on this barrier which was protecting the entire Divine Phoenix Sect… this thousand year old barrier which was protecting the number one sect of the Profound Sky Seven Nations, a quickly spreading crimson red crack appeared in front of Yun Che.

Within the barrier, the expressions of all those Phoenix Elders, who firmly believed that Yun Che could not kill Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing, changed. Their faces were filled with fear and aghast, as though they had seen the demon god of legends...

West of Phoenix City, Phoenix Perching Valley.

Dull explosive roars reverberated from the direction of Phoenix City, sweeping layers of shockwaves even to the quiet jade-green lake. On the shore of the jade-green lake, Feng Xue’er, who was lying on the Snow Phoenix and having a light nap, opened her dream-like beautiful eyes and looked in the direction of Phoenix City.

“There are sounds coming from the city…” She stood up and muttered softly to herself, “Did something big happen…”

An explosive roar that could reverberate all the way here definitely could not be normal. Feng Xue’er hesitated for a short moment, and finally, because she couldn’t put her heart at ease, her two snow-white hands gently touched on the Snow Phoenix’s feathers, “Something big must have happened in the sect… Little White, we have to head back quickly!”

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