Chapter 716 - Feng Tianwei

Against the Gods

Chapter 716 - Feng Tianwei

“The Phoenix Fire Barrier has only been reinforced two months ago… even if it were the elders Tianyu and Tianqing who are in the Sovereign Profound Realm, it’s impossible to breach it! Yun Che, he… he…”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they stared blankly at the sky. They were so shocked that they were utterly dumbfounded. Their Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix Fire Barrier was undoubtedly the strongest protective barrier within the Profound Sky Seven Nations. Even if a mid stage Monarch were to attack it, it was not possible to destroy it in a short amount of time. However, Yun Che had only swung his sword for a dozen odd times, yet a huge crack had already appeared in the transparent Phoenix Fire Barrier. Moreover, ear-splitting cracking noises had also echoed out.

Although the cracks in the barrier quickly mended itself, under the overbearing and peerless strikes of the Heaven Smiting Sword, the swift regeneration speed of the barrier could only be described as fighting a losing battle. Every time Yun Che smashed his sword down, Phoenix City would start shaking; Divine Phoenix City would also tremble as the cracks that appeared on the barrier spread quickly like wildfire.

“How can he possess such monstrous strength… impossible… impossible!!!” Feng Feilie roared while shivering in terror. Within the last hour, he could no longer clearly remember how many times he had said the word “impossible”. However, he was certain that even if all the shock that he had experienced in his entire life were put together, it would not be as shocking as what had happened within the last hour.


When Yun Che’s twenty-ninth strike landed, in the midst of the thunderous noise, cracks that looked like a huge spider web formed on the barrier in front of him. The barrier was no longer transparent, and a chaotic red glow also appeared. At the center of the red glow laid an eye-catching gap that was approximately fifteen centimeters wide.

The corners of Yun Che’s mouth moved. This movement was followed by a cold laughter as the Heaven Smiting Sword stabbed straight forward… This was no longer a strike but a stab at full force.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!”

The sword light sliced through the air, easily stabbing through the Phoenix Fire Barrier. Following the explosive power of the Heaven Smiting Sword, the original opening that was only a dozen or so centimeters wide had expanded until it was more than one and a half meters wide. From the opening, the energy within the Phoenix Fire Barrier surged out like water that broke the floodgates, escaping furiously from the opening of the barrier.

“The barrier… has broken!!!”

No matter how unbelievable the scene was, it had clearly happened right before their eyes. Thirty swings… each one of them knew fully well that a total of thirty swings… was used to break the sect protective barrier of the number one sect in Profound Sky Seven Nation!

Yun Che’s body passed through the opening of the barrier, then he flew down from the skies. Everyone suddenly felt a bone chilling aura engulfing their mind and soul.

Before today, they hated Yun Che’s extreme speed. Each one of them had hoped to catch Yun Che and personally chop him to pieces. However, now that Yun Che was descending from midair, regardless of whether it was the Phoenix Sect disciples or the mighty Phoenix elders, all of their hearts felt a chill as they subconsciously retreated several steps; no one dared to take even half a step forward.

The Phoenix Fire Barrier which had been broken under thirty strikes allowed them to understand with fear that the Overlord strength that they were so proud of, in front of Yun Che whom they viewed with contempt just a day ago, was insufficient for him to even bother with!

There was no longer anyone who suspected that Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were actually not killed by him!

“Protect the Sect Master!!!”

All the Phoenix elders hastily stood in front of Feng Hengkong and the various princes to protect them. However, their hands, which were wielding their weapons, trembled as the Phoenix flames on their body messily shook. For the previous three days, Yun Che had taken their prince as hostage, but today, Yun Che had finally revealed his true strength in front of the Divine Phoenix Sect and also gave the arrogant Divine Phoenix Sect a deterrent using his absolute strength.

“Feng Hengkong, even though I wished that I could kill you ten thousand times and exterminate your entire clan, for the sake of my Blue Wind Nation and Xue’er, I had already given you all full four chances… yet, you refuse to grasp the opportunity each time!”

Yun Che swung his arm casually. As the Heaven Smiting Sword swung downwards, the almighty sword’s force spread forward like a crashing tsunami.

Below, hundreds of Divine Phoenix disciples attempted to escape using all of their strength, distancing themselves from this devil that was descending from the skies. However, the moment the swing of the Heaven Smiting Sword was completed, all their bodies shuddered strongly. Then, their bones disintegrated, blood vessels burst, and meridians severed… they fell on the ground like a pool of mud.

At the same time, the large plot of land dyed with the crimson color of blood had also sunk by a meter.

This sudden scene had caused the already frightened Divine Phoenix Clan members to be scared out of their wits. Yun Che had not made his move; he had merely swung the sword in his hands...

The cause of death for the hundreds of Divine Phoenix Disciples had merely been the enormous scarlet greatsword’s force!

For the disciples who had lost their lives, even the weakest of them was still in the Sky Profound Realm!

“Who… who… who… who exactly are you!? You cannot possibly be Yun Che!” Feng Feilie stood at the very front and pointed towards Yun Che as he spoke with a trembling voice. Even though Yun Che was right in front of his very eyes, he still could not relate him to the Yun Che who was only in the Earth Profound Realm three years ago… The difference in strength of the two were on two entirely different levels. How was it possible that they were the same person!?

Seeing the various Divine Phoenix elders who grouped up in front of Feng Hengkong, Yun Che coldly and heartless insulted, “Pack of Divine Phoenix old dogs, don’t each of you usually act crazily above the law without regard for anyone else? Didn’t each of you want to tear my corpses to pieces? Now that I’m standing here, why are all of you shaking like sieves? Such a pitiful sight.”

“Yun Che…” Feng Feilie’s eyes had turned bloodshot while the tip of the sword in his hands had turned into a jade-like scarlet crystal under the effects of the Phoenix flames. “You… My dignified Divine Phoenix Sect… would never fear a wild brat like you!”


Feng Feilie’s eyes stared widely as he roared and stabbed straight at Yun Che. Being the strongest among this current generation of elders within Divine Phoenix Sect, Feng Feilie’s profound strength was at the tenth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, approaching its peak. The sword in his hands turning into scarlet crystal, which signified that his strength had reached a pinnacle level, and just a swing of his sword could burn the heavens and crack the earth.

Facing the Divine Phoenix’s strongest elder’s strike at full strength, Yun Che remained unfazed as he just casually swung the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hands.


The heavy sword produced an extremely violent storm, bringing along Phoenix flames that were at least a hundred times hotter than those released by Feng Feilie. The space shattered as though it was glass, and at the same time, Feng Feilie’s long sword, which had already turned into red crystals, shattered as well. The pieces of the barrier, together with the red crystal pieces, had flown everywhere during the extremely frightening profound energy explosion like torrential rain.


Feng Feilie cried miserably as he was sent flying far away; it was as though he was a soaring kite whose string had been cut. The red trail of blood was several dozen meters long in the air, and the right arm, which he was tightly grabbing onto before, had now completely disappeared from his body.

“Great Elder!!!”



Although Yun Che had already displayed how frightening he was when he destroyed the Phoenix Fire Barrier with his sword, this scene still caused everyone present to feel an inexplicable horror. The strongest person among this generation of Divine Phoenix Sect elders, while using his full strength, in one mere round of exchange with Yun Che… lost miserably and had been severely injured. Especially for the younger disciples, when the Great Elder, whom they usually viewed as a deity, had been so miserably defeated in one blow by someone who was much younger than them… they felt extremely shocked and their beliefs had collapsed just like that.

Although Feng Feilie lost an arm and was severely injured, he had still yet to lose his life. However, Yun Che would never be so benevolent as to let him off. Even before Feng Feilie’s body had hit the ground, Yun Che swung the Heaven Smiting Sword once again, releasing a Phoenix arrow that split the air and pursued after Feng Feilie.

“Stop it!!!”


The Phoenix arrow struck right onto Feng Feilie’s chest the exact moment he landed onto the ground. Phoenix flames mercilessly ignited, turning his body into ashes that scattered in the air.

“Great Elder!!!”

Back then, the Divine Phoenix Sect Grand Elder, Feng Feiyan, perished under an enraged Xia Yuanba’s hands. Today, their newly promoted Great Elder had passed on once again… and this time, it happened right in front of their eyes.

“Yun Che… My Divine Phoenix Sect swears that we would not rest until you die! My sect has the Ancestral Phoenix God’s protection. The Ancestral Phoenix God will surely deliver divine retribution upon you!!” Divine Phoenix Sect’s tenth elder, Feng Lingshan, roared. He tried to use his every word to intimidate Yun Che, but his words evidently carried tremor and fear… and even a shred of despair.

“Heh, you still have the face to bring up the Ancestral Phoenix God?” Yun Che’s body shifted as he instantly appeared a few hundred meters away from where he last stood. His aura was fixated on Feng Hengkong and all the Phoenix elders who were standing in front of him. This caused all of their faces to immediately turn ashen as cold sweat dripped on their bodies. The pressure Yun Che emitted when he wielded the heavy sword and when he did not were simply on two entirely different levels. All the mighty Phoenix elders felt as though they were about to face a frightening demon god that came from the abyss.


Feng Lingshan, who spoke previously, could no longer withstand the frightening pressure and roared before rushing forward. Behind him, there were also four stunned Phoenix Elders, but they gritted their teeth and forced themselves to attack.

Even though they attacked with five people, they didn’t dare to hold back one bit. Each one of them attacked with their most fearsome killing move.

“Burning Mountain Blade!”

“Phoenix Flame Burning Heaven!”

“Phoenix Flame Sky Piercing Sword!”

Five Phoenix Elders attacked at the same time. They had used the strongest set of Profound arts from their respective sub-sects. The might of their attacks could be said to shake the heavens and earth. This was perhaps the first time in their entire lifetime that the five of them attacked without holding anything back.

Truth be told, even though Yun Che’s current strength could overwhelm any single one of the Divine Phoenix Sect elders, he definitely could not do it against a combined attack from everyone. If the various Phoenix elders were to face him calmly and set up profound formations, even though they wouldn’t be able to kill Yun Che, they could still definitely force him to retreat or even severely injure him.

However, the emotional trauma they suffered when Yun Che killed two Divine Phoenix Monarchs and broke through the barrier in thirty moves proved to be far too intense… A pack of bloodthirsty and fearsome wolves might be able to force a group of tigers back, but if the pack of wolves were scared out of their wits, even if they were only facing a single tiger, they would all turn tail and run.

The group of Phoenix Elders in front of Yun Che all belonged to the latter group. This time, only a mere five people attacked Yun Che. As for the remaining Phoenix Elders, not one of them moved, and they only stayed around Feng Hengkong… They all subconsciously thought that even if they went up against Yun Che who had already exterminated two Divine Phoenix Monarchs, they would only be giving up their lives for nothing.

The five incoming attacks brought along currents of air that hit Yun Che and caused his clothes to lift. If there were ten people attacking, perhaps Yun Che might have to consider whether he should avoid the air waves. However, with only five people… there was absolutely no need for him to do so.

The Heaven Smiting Sword was ignited with Phoenix flames. Behind it, a silhouette of a wolf that was made from fire appeared. The Heaven Smiting Sword smashed out with intensity, ripping apart a black gully in the air.

“Phoenix Heavenly Wolf Slash!!!”

The gigantic heavenly wolf silhouette carried along scorching Phoenix flames and shot out, flying towards the five Phoenix elders with a soul shocking whistle. It rushed towards the sword glow and flames that came from the five elders… and in an instant, regardless whether it was flames, sword glow or blade shadow, all of them were easily shattered from the impact.

The surging Phoenix flames dispersed into scattering fireworks in the air. Three Phoenix swords and two Phoenix blades were also shattered, and the sharp and tiny pieces were sent flying far away. The chests of the five Phoenix elders seemed as though it had been struck by lightning. They miserably screamed like wailing ghouls as their bodies were sent flying in different directions making them seem like they were merely ruptured bags of blood.

“Die, all of you!!!”

Yun Che flew closer as his ice cold killing intent locked onto the five Phoenix elders who had been severely injured by the swing of his sword. He once again swung his sword towards Feng Lingshan who was the closest to him… If this strike landed, Feng Lingshan would have definitely been obliterated.

“Devilspawn, you dare!!!”

Right at this time, a thunderous roar came over. The roar seemed to bring with it pressure that could overturn mountains, and this caused Yun Che to be stunned as his movements slowed in an instant. With an explosive noise, the ground within a hundred and fifty meters in front of Yun Che suddenly burst apart and a thick and dense flame shot straight at Yun Che.

After the glow of the flames disappeared, an elder, whose eyes were filled with rage and whose face was like scarlet jade, appeared. He wore a red robe, and his hair, beard and even eyes were dark red in color. In the middle of his forehead, a flame imprint was emitting a blood like dense glow.

Although Yun Che was not afraid of the Phoenix flames, the profound strength of the person controlling these Phoenix flames were extremely overbearing; it was several times stronger than Feng Tianyu’s! Yun Che eyebrows immediately knitted together tightly. Not bothering to care about Feng Lingshan any longer, he instead quickly drew back his Heaven Smiting Sword and blocked his front.


With a loud explosion, in the midst of the light of flames, the Heaven Smiting Sword smashed heavily onto Yun Che’s chest, violently sending him flying out. The blood within Yun Che’s body was agitated as he spat out a large mist of blood. With eyes filled with killing intent, he angrily howled before forcefully activating the Heretic God’s barrier.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!!!”

Yun Che was sent flipping in midair several dozens of times as the Heretic God’s barrier shattered quickly. With that, he finally managed to defend against the red-robed elder’s profound energy. The red-robed elder appeared shocked, but his palm swiftly flipped over. This caused six scattered pieces of weapon to turn into sharp flaming scarlet crystals which pierced through the air, shooting straight at Yun Che who had just managed to balance himself.

Pu pu pu pu pu pu…

Ordinary remnants of weapon had turned into the most frightening sharp blades in the hands of this red-robed elder, and the speed at which it approached was so fast that it seemed as though it transcended dimensions. By the time Yun Che had realized that danger was approaching, the six pieces of the weapon which were glowing with a scarlet glow had already shot into his body, causing six fountains of blood to burst out.

Yun Che grunted as the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hands disappeared. Using Extreme Mirage Lightning, he shot to the east as though he was a passing storm.

The eyes of the red-robed elder revealed shock once again… he was naturally fully aware of how powerful the six edges were. Furthermore, Yun Che had his barrier broken by the impact of his Phoenix flames. Under such conditions, even if it was a level four Monarch, six obvious holes would have definitely been directly torn apart on his body. However, on Yun Che’s body, only six scatters of blood appeared, and it did not even pierce through his body!

In addition, Yun Che only had a lowly profound aura, yet the level of his speed was extremely overwhelming.

“Grand Sect Master…”

“Grand Sect Master!!!”

Witnessing the red-robed elder who appeared in the skies as though he was a deity, and also forcing Yun Che to escape while being severely injured the moment he took action, all the various Phoenix elders and disciples had tears welling up in their eyes. They gazed at him like he was a god who had just answered their prayers.

“Royal Father... “ Feng Hengkong looked up as he slowly moved forward. In front of this red-robed elder, the pupils of the emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire that reigned the world shrank. He even tried his best to maintain a humble demeanor.

“Grandfather!” All the princes present appeared both shocked and agitated as they knelt on the ground.

This red-robed elder who had just appeared was the Grand Sect Master of Divine Phoenix Sect, and also the Grand Emperor of Divine Phoenix Empire… Feng Tianwei!

Since entering Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm a hundred and ninety years ago, he almost completely stopped asking about matters relating to the country and sect, and solely focused on his cultivation. For him who had already stepped into the Sovereign Profound Realm, his cultivation sped up by leaps and bounds. In all these years, the only reason he had to leave Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm a few times was essentially all because of Feng Xue’er.

In the air, there was the quickly scattering and fragmenting protective barrier, and on the grounds of Phoenix City which carried the five thousand year history of the entire sect, there was only great devastation. The entire ground was covered in red Phoenix blood and countless shattered corpses. As Feng Tianwei looked up, the shock that was in his eyes was replaced by extreme rage.

“Absolutely incorrigible!!”

Muttering softly, Feng Tianwei did not bother himself with anyone else. His body shook, and in a flash, he was already more than three hundred meters away as he chased in the direction where Yun Che escaped. When he moved, the wind he kicked up caused an entire row of pavilions to cave in.


Yun Che punched his own chest, causing the six weapons fragments that had stabbed into his body to fall out. At the same time, six bursts of blood appeared from the shock. Clenching his teeth, Yun Che did not make a sound as he quickly sealed his external injuries before taking two snow-colored pellet out from within the Sky Poison Pearl. He directly consumed one while crushing the other and applying the powder on the deep wounds on his body.

“Ugh…” Both his internal and external injuries were not light. Eventually, Yun Che still let out a painful groan. If it was not for his Dragon God Marrow, which made all the bones in his body as tough as Profound Gold, forcefully stopping the six weapon remnants, he wouldn’t only end up with just six wounds, but instead six vivid and see through holes.

“He’s chasing over.” Jasmine said.

“I know.” Yun Che did not turn back as his brows tightly knitted together.

“There actually came a time when you’re at such a disadvantage, “ Jasmine laughed coldly, “This is such a rare sight.”

“Who would have known that he would appear from under the ground!” Yun Che gritted his teeth tightly, “All the Sovereigns in Divine Phoenix Sect stayed at a place called Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. The only entrance and exit to that place is the Phoenix God Main Hall located at the northwestern corner. If the aura of someone I cannot defeat appears at that position, I would have sufficient distance to insult him before I escape. However, this red-robed old fogey actually didn’t play by the rules… Cough… Cough, cough...”

Yun Che constantly spat out large clots of blood; his internal injury was evidently much more severe than his external one.

With the Great Way of the Buddha and the Body of the Dragon God, the recovery speed of Yun Che’s profound energy and injuries were extremely quick. However, no matter how fast it was, he could not recover instantaneously. Such injuries undoubtedly caused some impact to Yun Che’s speed, and if he forcefully used all his profound energy, he would only aggravate his injuries.

Even so, Yun Che’s speed still seemed as fast as lightning. At least, it was much faster than when he was “escaping” from Feng Tianyu’s chase.

However, Feng Tianwei was not Feng Tianyu. Not only was he not shrugged off, his dangerous aura was even approaching more and more closely.

“This old fogey should be Feng Tianwei… What is his profound cultivation level?” Yun Che asked with a frown as he quickly calculated the his current situation in his heart.

“Middle stage of the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm,” Jasmine casually replied.

“Sovereign Profound Realm… Sixth level?” Yun Che was deeply shocked. Such strength was far beyond what he had expected. Being the same generation as Feng Tianqing and Feng Tianyu, Yun Che had originally estimated that Feng Tianwei’s profound strength was probably only in the third level or, at most, not exceeding the fourth level.

However, he would have never imagined that Feng Tianwei’s strength would actually be three entire levels above Feng Tianyu!

And this was three levels in the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Even though Feng Hengkong was the Divine Phoenix Sect Master of the current generation and his profound cultivation was also the highest, there were still several elders of the same generation that held similar strength to him; even the others were not that far behind him. But for Feng Tianwei… perhaps it was because his talent was exceptional; he had completely crushed the people within the same generation in terms of strength.

“No wonder two of his attacks could injure me both internally and externally…” Yun Che muttered. However, what appeared in his eyes was not relief, but instead, rage… even a sense of insanity ignited inside him.

Making me, Yun Che, turn from almighty and majestic to such a pitiful state….

Huuu… Yun Che heavily breathed as his chest rose and fell with intensity. The fierce look in his eyes was turning more and more irritated. Even Jasmine, who was within the Sky Poison Pearl, could sense a hint of extreme danger.

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