Chapter 732 - Temporary Peacefulness

Against the Gods

Chapter 732 - Temporary Peacefulness

“Xue’er, it has been ten days and ten nights. Royal Father’s soul in heaven has already felt your sincerity. He must be worried about you like the rest of us right now. Come back with me.”

Yun Che softly said after landing silently behind Feng Xue’er, and then he kneeled down and bowed heavily towards the tomb.

Feng Xue’er slowly opened her beautiful eyes, and a transparent morning dew quietly fell from her long eyelashes. She leaned herself towards Yun Che and said faintly, “I know, this, to Big Brother Yun and Royal Father, to the broken Blue Wind Nation, this can't even make up even a little bit of it… Empress Sis should hate my Royal Father more than anyone, hate my Divine Phoenix Nation… but, she chose to be so forgiving.”

“Empress Sis really is an admirable person, no wonder she can become Big Brother Yun's wife.”

Yun Che smiled and said, “To Yue’er, dispersing the disaster of Blue Wind in the shortest amount of time, and then achieving an even longer peace is what she wants. As for the other things, she can work hard to let them go. After your Royal Father returned, he also worked really hard to make up to Blue Wind. Not only did he deliver fifty billion purple profound coins to the Blue Wind Imperial Family within a short span of five days, he also delivered a large amount of Purple Crystal and armor. He also chose to publicly do this to help Blue Wind intimidate the other five nations… He is also using his own way to repent and atone for his sins. Even though the disaster of those three years wouldn't be forgotten by history, with the emperors from the two nations working together, it could be turned around really quickly. So Xue’er shouldn't put the pressure on yourself. Your safety and happiness is your Royal Father's biggest wish.”

“Mn…” Feng Xue'er continued leaning on Yun Che's shoulders, and her face revealed a beautiful smile.

“Let's go back… I'll take you to meet my grandfather and little aunt.”

Because of Feng Xue'er, Yun Che’s absolute hatred towards Feng Hengkong was slightly mixed with something complicated… He clearly knew that the main reason Feng Hengkong left Feng Xue'er here in Blue Wind Nation was definitely not to protect the dignity of Divine Phoenix, but because of Feng Xue'er's wish. If Feng Xue'er wasn't willing, even if he had to fulfill conditions that were several times harsher than those five cruel conditions, he would absolutely not agree to it.

Handing his own daughter to an enemy who killed four of his sons… At least Feng Hengkong's spoiled love towards Feng Xue'er was strong and not tainted at all. His heart was vaster compared to what Yun Che had seen with his eyes out of hatred.

When Yun Che returned to Blue Wind Imperial City with Feng Xue’er, he happened to see Xia Yuanba and Number One Under Heaven walking out of the imperial palace side by side. Xia Yuanba lifted his head when he felt the fluctuation in aura. His eyes brightened up as he flew towards Yun Che immediately, “Brother-in-law, Little Sister Xue’er.”

“Big Brother Under Heaven, Yuanba, I was just about to go look for you two. I am taking Xue’er to Floating Cloud City now, do you want to go back with us?” Yun Che asked them.

“Um… Brother-in-law, I was also looking for you. But, I am here to say goodbye to you.” There was a temporary dimness in the expression of Xia Yuanba’s eyes when he heard Yun Che said “Floating Cloud City.” That was his homeland, but he no longer had any relatives there. His father was far away in Divine Phoenix, and there was no news about his big sister nor mother…

“Goodbye? You are going back to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary?” Yun Che said in surprise.

“Mn,” Xia Yuanba nodded, “The war here in Blue Wind has already ended, there is nothing more I can do staying here. When I rushed over from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary before, I used Lord Saint Emperor’s Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark. The Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark is extremely important to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, it is already inappropriate for me to have brought it out for so long. Master has already sent a sound transmission urging me to go back, and he said it was Lord Saint Emperor’s orders.”

“Other than that, he also mentioned that a few months later, we are going to Supreme Ocean Palace… I think it’s to attend the Devil Sword Conference, so I must go back early to prepare. Even though I will miss Brother-in-law and Senior Sister Xueruo, I must return to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. On the way back, I still want to go to Black Moon Merchant Guild to visit Father.”

“Devil Sword Conference?” Yun Che’s expression changed, “Your master said he’s taking you to attend it? Then did he mention any details about the Devil Sword Conference?”

“No. When I asked him, Master only said to talk about it more once I’m back. Brother-in-law, you also know about the Devil Sword Conference?”

“I’ve only heard about the name from the people of Black Moon Merchant Guild, and that it is going to be held about five months later. I don’t know about anything else. Also, if nothing unexpected happens, I will attend the Devil Sword Conference as well.”

“Ah? Brother-in-law will also go?” Xia Yuanba was excited; he immediately nodded his head without asking why, “Okay! I will definitely go with master then.”

Yun Che thought for a little bit and said, “Attending the Devil Sword Conference is secondary. I am mainly going to Supreme Ocean Palace because there are some affairs I need to take care of. Yuanba, when you return, ask your master more about Supreme Ocean Palace, maybe it will be useful to me.”

“Mn, I understand. I will find a way to send a sound transmission to you… Then, Brother-in-law, I’m leaving. I’ll see you in Supreme Ocean Palace,” Xia Yuanba’s body floated and was about to leave. These days, the Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark had been parked south of Blue Wind Imperial City. It was very eye-catching, and the strength of its aura was so strong that people could only look at it from far away, unable to get close to it.

“Wait…” Yun Che suddenly yelled and stopped Xia Yuanba. He slightly lowered his eyebrows and spoke in a serious tone, “Yuanba, I heard that the Holy Master of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary does not have sons. Instead, he has many adopted sons, is that true?”

“That is indeed true.” Xia Yuanba nodded, “I heard from Master that it seemed to be because of some disturbance on his profound aura while cultivating. Lord Holy Master hurt himself, causing himself to be incapable of producing offsprings, so he adopted seven or eight sons. I heard that the next Holy Master would be chosen from Lord Holy Master’s adopted sons, so they seem to always have an intense competition between each other.”

Yun Che continued speaking, “I heard that only the Saint Emperor can steer the Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark, even the adopted sons of his are not allowed to touch it, is that true?”

“Mn,” Xia Yuanba nodded once again, “So I was also surprised when the Lord Holy Master lend me the Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark.”

Yun Che muttered to himself temporarily, and his expression turned serious, “When you return to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, watch out for the ‘adopted sons’ of Saint Emperor!”

Xia Yuanba’s had a stunned expression; he immediately understood the meaning behind Yun Che’s words, and he earnestly nodded, “I understand. Brother-in-law doesn’t have to worry. I am not the same Xia Yuanba that was bullied who needed Brother-in-law’s protection! Also, when I was cultivating independently in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, I basically wasn’t in that much contact with them, but I will be aware.”

“Brother-in-law, I’m leaving… I will definitely become even stronger five months later!”

Xia Yuanba had lost all the immaturity and hesitation that he used to have. He waved towards Yun Che, then he flew up with ease towards the south of the imperial city.

“Brother Xia’s gift is really impressive, and his character is so virtuous. In the future, he will definitely rule the masses,” Number One Under Heaven praised sincerely as he looked at the direction where Xia Yuanba left. Number One Under Heaven had an extreme hostility and even hatred towards the Four Great Sacred Grounds of Profound Sky Continent, but he wasn’t able to dislike Xia Yuanba who was from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary at all.

"Mn… But you definitely wouldn’t be able to imagine what he was like back then,” said Yun Che as smiled and turned around, “Big Brother Under Heaven, how about you come back with us to Floating Cloud City? Oh right, there is something that I forgot to tell you.”

Number One Under Heaven responded curiously, “Oh?”

“It’s good news. Seventh Sister is pregnant… Mn, she is two weeks pregnant now,” Yun Che smiled and said. These days, he would return to Floating Cloud City everyday. He didn’t need to test her pulse and could be completely certain just by looking at her. What a joke, that was the “elixir” that he personally conjured, how could it fail?

“!!” Number One Under Heaven was obviously surprised, “This… how is it so fast! That Xiao Yun brat… No, I must take Old Seven back so she can settle and rest.”

Looking at Number One Under Heaven, it was evident that he was already flustered. Yun Che waved his hand as he said, “Better not. If she were to return to the family now, both of them would be restricted in various ways and become troubled. However, if they stayed in Floating Cloud City, both of them would be able to enjoy their own world, living freely each day. For the pregnant Seventh Sister, this would be the best environment and condition. Even if you wanted to forcefully drag them back now, they would definitely not agree to it.”

Of course, there was another more important reason to Yun Che, and that was Xiao Lie.

Number One Under Heaven calmed down slightly, thought for a while, before sighing, “Perhaps it’s indeed so. Alright, Brother Yun, I shall follow you to Floating Cloud City then. Although there isn’t much danger, given Old Seven’s current condition, I really don’t feel assured unless I’m by her side.”

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded as he called upon the Primordial Profound Ark with his outstretched hand.

Ever since Divine Phoenix started calling back its troops, the atmosphere within Floating Cloud City also began to change daily. Until today, when all the Divine Phoenix Army fully retreated from the surroundings of Floating Cloud City, the entire city burst out in a lively and boisterous mood.

Upon returning to the Xiao Family, seeing Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven, Number One Under Heaven could not be bothered about anything else and rushed straight forward, “Seventh Sister, Brother Yun said that you’re pregnant, is that true?”

When he finished speaking, he even gave a cold stare to Xiao Yun who was standing behind.

Xiao Yun scratched his head in embarrassment while Number Seven Under Heaven had a proud look, “Of course! Would Big Brother Yun ever say anything fake. Hmph, and to think you six of my older brothers had not even let Father get a grandchild after so many years. It is I, Number Seven Under Heaven, who is the most impressive.”

The words she spoke caused Number One Under Heaven’s face to contort as he depressingly replied, “Then you… must take care of your body properly. If there’s anything wrong, you must let me know immediately.”

“Haha, Brother Under Heaven is truly panicking due to concern. Seventh Sister’s body is protected by Tyrant Profound energy and natural energy, she would be fine even if she flew around Floating Cloud City more than a hundred times each day.” Yun Che walked over and assured him while laughing.

“Ah…” Looking at the young girl in scarlet-gold long dress beside Yun Che, Xiao Lingxi stopped her rushing steps towards Yun Che. Her beautiful eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Little Che, she… could she be…”

Anyone who was meeting Feng Xue’er for the first time would feel as though they had entered a dream-like state, even if it was a woman. This was because her looks and demeanor were perfect to the point of illusory. Even though she was Princess Snow, even the most beautiful snow flower in the world would not be able to represent a small bit of her beauty.

It was just that there were too few lucky people in the world who could personally witness Princess Snow’s beauty.

Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven also saw Feng Xue’er at this moment, and in that instant, their eyes locked in place. As though their souls had left their bodies, they could not look away.

“Feng Xue’er greets Big Brother Xiao, Big Sister Number Seven and… Little Aunt.” Feng Xue’er was gentle and respectful, and she smiled exceptionally sweetly when facing Xiao Lingxi. It was because she knew that Xiao Lingxi grew up together with Yun Che and was the most important relative to him.

“Uhh… ahh…” Xiao Yun’s eyes opened the widest as he was dazed for a long period, his mouth subconsciously uttering, “Simply… comparable with.. Little Demon Empress…”

Number Seven Under Heaven ferociously covered Xiao Yun’s eyes and angrily said, “You dare to look at other girls in front of me…? You’re not allowed to!” When she turned around, she was full of smiles once again, “Nice to meet you Little Sister Xue’er. These few days, we have been bugging Big Brother Yun several times to bring you over. It’s no wonder that you’re the legendary prettiest woman in Profound Sky Continent. You’re definitely the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

At the same time, she added another phrase in her heart: Just one of them, there’s still Little Demon Empress… Oh! If the two of them were to stand together, perhaps even the moon would not dare to appear.

“The prettiest woman in Profound Sky Continent, it’s indeed not an exaggeration…” Xiao Lingxi stared at Feng Xue’er in a daze. Looking at this absolute beauty that could even cause Xia Qingyue to pale in comparison, she muttered under her breath as her eyes glinted a complicated glow.

“Xue’er thanks Little Aunt and Big Sister Number Seven for the praise.” Feng Xue’er bowed slightly and smiled sweetly. Her words and smile did not made her seem like the princess of Divine Phoenix Empire… but instead a fairy that walked out from a fairy tale.

“Che’er, you’re back?”

Xiao Lie’s gentle voice rang out. Compared to how weak he was before, it only took merely half a month before Xiao Lie could steadily walk again. His face glowed with radiance, and his smile came from the depths of his heart. Yun Che held Feng Xue’er’s hand, “Xue’er, this is my Grandfather who had brought me up.”

“Xue’er greets Grandfather Xiao.” Feng Xue’er took a step forward, rolled up her sleeve and performed a full salutation that was expected of a junior.

Xiao Lie examined Feng Xue’er and exclaimed in deep admiration, “Princess Snow is really as your reputation goes. Although our Blue Wind is remote, your name is still commonplace to us. I never expected to actually be lucky enough to meet you one day. It is truly three lifetimes worth of good fortune.”

Feng Xue’er replied with a gentle voice, “To be able to meet Big Brother Yun’s grandfather, Xue’er is the one who is truly happy.”

“Hahahaha, truly a wonderful child.” Xiao Lie heartily laughed, and in his admiration, he also grew fond of her. He did not expect that the most revered Princess Snow of the Divine Phoenix Nation that could cover the heavens with one hand would be such a gentle and lovable person. She did not have any airs about her and was even respectful towards him…

Xiao Lingxi quietly walked to Yun Che’s side and grabbed onto the fingers of his right hand. She grabbed them rather tightly as her cheeks puffed up slightly but visibly, “Little Che, you need to tell us clearly, what happened between you and… hmph, Profound Sky’s number one beauty Princess Snow! Three years ago, you had gotten into danger because of her, and now, she’s actually staying by your side and… and calling you so intimately… hmph.”

Her final snort was exceptionally soft, but Yun Che still heard it clearly. In a soft voice, he replied “This matter… is a bit complicated to explain. If you want to know, you can go and ask your Empress Sis… Little Aunt, are you perhaps… jealous?”

“I am jealous!” Xiao Lingxi pinched Yun Che strongly, pouted her lips, turned around and put on a look as though she was no longer going to care about him.

If it were another girl beside Yun Che, perhaps she might feel sour about it, but her reaction would not have been so big. However, everything about Princess Snow was just too flawless, and she could overshadow any single girl in the world. From how she intimate she was with Yun Che and how she looked at Yun Che, Xiao Lingxi felt an unprecedented sense of danger in her heart.

Yun Che smirked as he held onto Xiao Lingxi’s petite hands and refused to let go. Just as he was about to say something beside her ear, his eyebrows twitched violently. He turned around and shot his sharp gaze to the distant north.

“Little Che, what’s wrong?” Yun Che’s stiff action and abrupt reaction caused Xiao Lingxi to turn around in a panic as she looked at him and asked worriedly.

Yun Che’s tightly knitted eyebrows slowly relaxed as his gaze returned. Then, he suddenly asked in a soft voice, “Little Aunt, have you seen Fen Juechen during this period of time?”

“Fen Juechen?” Xiao Lingxi was slightly shocked as she shook her head gently, “After he left that day, he never returned again” Thinking about their arranged battle, her face became full of worries in an instant, “There’s two and a half months left. Do you really have to go then?”

“Mn, there must be a conclusion between me and him. However, Little Aunt does not have to worry at all. After all, don’t forget that I do have the best escape method in this world.” Yun Che replied with a face of ease.

Xiao Lingxi’s lips trembled slightly. She seemed as though she was about to say something, but then she stopped herself. Eventually, she uttered softly, “No matter what, you must be safe.”

“For the coming few days, I’ll be staying at home. Xue’er is going to be staying with me. In five days, I’ll bring Xue’er with me to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.” Yun Che looked towards the north, and a rare listless expression hung on his face. He had to protect Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. A small part of it was due to Gong Yuxian’s dying wish, but a larger part was due to what he owed Chu Yuechan.

It had already been five whole years without any news of her. Even Black Moon Merchant Guild provided no results. Now, every time Chu Yuechan’s figure appeared in his mind, his heart felt terrible pain.

Four days later, Divine Phoenix City.

Following the distortion of space, Yun Che returned here once again. Changing into a normal and inconspicuous outfit, he kept his Primordial Profound Ark and entered Black Moon Merchant Guild.

“Hehe, you’re here. Counting the dates, it should probably be around these few days.”

Upon entering the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, Zi Ji’s voice rang beside Yun Che’s ears.

“Sir Yun, this way please.”

It was still the same three girls as the last time and the same antique stone table, but this time, Yun Che did not sit in front of Zi Ji. Instead, he immediately went straight to the topic, “Senior Zi, it’s been fifteen days. I’m sure senior knows this junior’s motive of visit.”

Zi Ji smiled gently, stretched his hand out and pushed three spatial rings that were shining with a purple glow in front of Yun Che, “Here are forty-five thousand kilograms of Purgatory Stone, one hundred fifty kilograms of Flaming Devil Vines that are at least ninety years old, six thousand Rakshasa Heart-destroying Fruits, twelve thousand Skull Seeds, six thousand blades of Soul Withering Grass… all of them are inside. You can check through them.”

Forty-nine materials, regardless whether it was their name, age, specification or amount, Zi Ji said them without any mistake. Yun Che took the three spatial rings and kept them without even looking, “No need, why would junior not believe Senior Zi.”

As he finished speaking, Yun Che took out his Profound Currency Card and paid the remaining four million purple profound coins.

The millions that he previously owned had been completely used up upon this payment.

“Yun Che, with your strength alone, you actually forced Divine Phoenix Sect into such a state. The old man is truly shocked. Now, even within the four Sacred Grounds, there is no one who does not know your name.” Zi Ji looked at Yun Che and praised.

“Senior Zi is too kind.” Yun Che replied plainly as he did not want to continue on this topic. So, he just changed the topic, “During this visit, junior has one more matter that he needs to rely on Senior Zi for, and this matter can only be done by your Black Moon Merchant Guild within the shortest time period.”

“Please say.” Zi Ji slightly smiled, looking polite.

“I require three profound cores from high level profound beasts. It would be best if they are Sovereign Profound cores, but if those are too hard to find, Tyrant Profound cores can work as well.” Yun Che said seriously.

Zi Ji tapped the stone table twice with his fingers and remained silent for a short while before replying, “Sovereign Profound Beasts are already a rarity in this world, and it is extremely difficult to hunt them. A complete Sovereign Profound Beast’s profound core is truly a priceless treasure. Even my Black Moon Merchant Guild would need to go through great lengths to find…”

Yun Che stretched out his palm revealing three shiny Overlord Pellets, “If Senior Zi can help junior find three complete Sovereign Profound Cores, junior is willing to use these three pellets to exchange for them. If it were Tyrant Profound Cores, then junior is afraid that he can only use profound coins or purple crystals as exchange.”

Yun Che’s words caused Zi Ji’s eyes to shine. He was very clear that if he was able to obtain one additional pellet from Yun Che’s hands, he would be able to develop another young talent. The impact behind this was far superior to that of just owning another Sovereign Profound Core. He immediately nodded with a smile, “Since that’s the case, my Black Moon Merchant Guild will definitely do it’s best. However, when do you require these three Sovereign Profound Cores?”

Yun Che thought about it and replied, “If junior is not wrong, Senior Zi should also be attending the Devil Sword Conference in four and a half month’s time. Senior Zi can just pass it to junior at that time.”

Zi Ji smiled and nodded. His nod undoubtedly meant that we was also going to attend the Devil Sword Conference, “Speaking of the Devil Sword Conference, how about we auction the ten pellets that you have entrusted with Black Moon Merchant Guild during the Devil Sword Conference? By then, all of the most pinnacle powerhouses would be gathering together, and the rulers of the sacred grounds will also personally attend the event. If the pellets made by your revered master were to be auctioned off in a normal way, it would be an insult to such heavenly items. However, the Devil Sword Conference would undoubtedly be the most opportune time to auction them.”

“...” Yun Che silently counted the time before replying, “Since that’s the case, let’s just follow what Senior Zi has suggested. Since I don’t have any more matters, this junior shall take his leave.”

Yun Che turned around and was going to leave. However, after walking only three steps, Zi Ji’s voice suddenly rang meaningfully behind him, “Yun Che, have you heard of ‘Illusory Demon Realm’ and their Twelve Guardian Families before?”

Yun Che stopped and turned around, “Of course I’ve heard of Illusory Demon Realm. I’ve also faintly heard about the Twelve Guardian Families. Why is Senior Zi asking me about this?”

“Hehe, just a casual question. I don’t have any other intentions.” Zi Ji’s gaze looked as he sipped a mouthful of tea with a smile on his face.

“...This junior shall take his leave.”

Exiting from Blue Moon Merchant Guild, Yun Che’s expression instantly sank. He stood silently at the same spot for some time before summoning his Primordial Profound Ark and returning to Floating Cloud City.

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