Chapter 733 - Jasmine’s Killing Intent

Against the Gods

Chapter 733 - Jasmine’s Killing Intent

On the morning of the next day, before the sun had risen in the sky and a thick layer of fog still enshrouded Floating Cloud City, Yun Che said his goodbyes to Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie before entering the Primordial Profound Ark with Feng Xue’er and locking in the coordinates for the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. He had originally intended to soar in the sky together with Feng Xue’er, bringing her to see all the sights and sounds that Blue Wind Nation had to offer, but at that time, he remembered Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s two thousand disciples and the unfinished business he had with them. To help them all undergo a transformation before the Devil Sword Conference was a monumental task in and of itself, so in the end he chose to use the Primordial Profound Ark.

“My clan has spent the last few millennia trying to uncover the secrets of the Primordial Profound Ark, and every single time the ark appeared, we would pour all our energy and effort into investigating it. Every time the Primordial Profound Ark made its appearance, both the Spirit Earth Hall and Lord Phoenix God would detect an extremely high-level spiritual energy, and they were convinced that there was definitely some enormous treasure hidden on the ark. But who would have thought that the treasure was actually the Primordial Profound Ark itself. It is truly unimaginable.”

Feng Xue’er’s eyes roamed across the interior of the Primordial Profound Ark as she took in her surroundings. Right now, both she and Yun Che were within the mysterious ancient fortress that was inside the Primordial Profound Ark, and she still had very clear memories of this place. Three years ago, when Ye Xinghan was in hot pursuit of her, Yun Che had taken her in his arms and had rushed into this place… and even though her profound energy had been sealed and her entire body was bereft of energy, she had never forgotten a single scene from that day.

“I had always felt that this whole affair was rather mysterious. Even though it belongs to me right now, I do not have a single clue as to its history or origins. There must still be some mystery that is hidden within it, but I am still in that dark in regards to that as well… but Xue’er, you definitely can’t tell anyone about this Primordial Profound Ark, not even your royal father.”

“Yes, I understand.” Feng Xue’er said as she beamed with joy, “Big Brother Yun, the place we are going to right now, is it really filled with snow?”

“Once you close your eyes, you’ll find out.” Yun Che said with a faint smile. The Primordial Profound Ark traveled through space and it only needed a fraction of a second to cross from Floating Cloud City to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. By the time Feng Xue’er had started the conversation, they were already hovering in the air above the Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

“Close… my eyes?” Feng Xue’er softly mumbled before gently closing her eyes.

Immediately, the air around them turned chilly as an icy-cold aura assaulted them from all sides. The coldness of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice far surpassed the limit of what a normal person could endure, but for Feng Xue’er, who was at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, it did not cause even a hint of discomfort. But this was also the first time that Feng Xue’er, who had never left the bounds of Divine Phoenix City before, had ever come into contact with cold climates in her life.

The cold air that wreathed her body had been purified by ice and snow for ten thousand years, and it was so pure that there was not a single trace of impurity. The cold winds that whistled beside her ear seemed to let out a peculiar howl… Feng Xue’er opened her eyes and she dazedly stared at the snow-white world in front of her, her eyes faintly trembling as stars shone within them.

Snow would continue to fall in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice for most of the year, and at this time, the Snow Region of Extreme Ice happened to be covered by a thick layer of powdered snow. The earth was white, the mountain caps were white, the glaciers were white and even the sky was covered with white snow; one would not even be able to make out the horizon in this place. Feng Xue’er gently extended both her hands and within this pure white world, her jade hands seemed to glow with a luster that was even more pure than the snow itself.

A cluster of fortunate snowflakes landed in the palm of her hand, but after a brief instant, they were melted away by the power of her Phoenix flames. Feng Xue’er anxiously constricted her profound energy, and immediately after that, the snowflakes began to obediently gather on her palms. It was not long before the snow completely covered her palms, her phoenix clothes and her long hair.

Her arms lightly danced in the air and a veil of snow immediately began dancing with her as well. The joy and wonderment in her eyes was reflected clearly on every single crystalline snowflake.

“I feel like I’m dreaming… To think that such a wonderful place truly existed on this earth.” Feng Xue’er softly mumbled. The year she turned thirteen was also the year that Divine Phoenix City experienced its first ever snowfall, and that was also the most beautiful scene she had ever seen in her life, and it was something that she could never forget. Before she had met Yun Che, her greatest desire was to see snow dancing in the air once more.

And the world of boundless snow that lay before her eyes right now was her very definition of heaven.


Feng Xue’er could not contain her elation any longer and she let out a cry of pure delight. She floated amidst the falling snow as her body was immersed in the endless motes of snow that filled the sky, and her pure and joyous laughter was carried along by the cold winds that surrounded her.

She summoned the Snow Phoenix Beast and soared up into the flying snow on the wings of the Snow Phoenix Beast as it danced in the sky. She was so delighted that it seemed as if she had entered the realm of her childhood fantasies, “Little White, Big Brother Yun said that this place was where you were born, so now that you’ve come home, you must definitely be very happy, right?”

“Scree…” The Snow Phoenix Beast let out a loud and clear cry as it flapped both its wings and raised a huge curtain of snow in front of Feng Xue’er, eliciting a soft cry of pure delight from Feng Xue’er.

Yun Che smiled as he looked at the scene unfolding before his eyes. However, what he was looking at was not the snow, but Feng Xue’er. Anyone who had seen Feng Xue’er before would likely state that in this Profound Sky Continent, there was no scenery in existence that would be more beautiful than her. From the moment he met her three years ago to this day, when they were traveling side by side, even Yun Che felt like the whole thing seemed to be a wondrous illusion.

“Three years ago, I thought that I would never be able to fulfill the promise between us.” Yun Che softly mumbled to himself.

“Hmph, one of these days, you really are going to die because of a woman!” Jasmine coldly exclaimed, and she had already said such a thing three times now. She had become more and more convinced that if Yun Che met a terrible end one day, the greatest possibility… no, it would absolutely be because of a woman!

Yun Che’s mouth crooked sideways but at this time, Jasmine’s voice once again rang out within his soul. However, it was a lot more hushed this time around, “Just like… Big Brother…”

Her words were extremely soft and it seemed as if she mumbled it unconsciously and in a daze. It was so soft that even if you held your ear close to her, you would barely be able to make it. But Jasmine shared a body with him, so no matter how faint it was, the voice of her soul would always be clearly heard by him. Yun Che immediately said in a stunned voice, “Your brother?”


Yun Che felt Jasmine’s aura suddenly fluctuate violently as her mood grew extremely cold, but she did not continue to speak to him. It was clear that she did not feel like speaking about it, and what she said just now was a mere slip of the tongue.

Yun Che thought about it for a moment before continuing, “Actually… because you aren’t a guy, you naturally won’t understand the world that we live in. For the vast majority of men, being able to conquer the heart of the woman that you desire is more important than conquering the entire world. Even if a man is truly unrivaled under heaven and can look down upon the rest of the world, if he cannot conquer the heart of the woman that he loves, then he is still a failure. He himself will feel the same way as well. Also, protecting your own woman is something that is instinctive for every man; even if they died because of this, they also would not….”

“Shut your mouth!” Jasmine’s cold rebuke cut off his words and she coldly continued after that, “You think that everybody is the same as you!? My big brother only ever loved one woman in his entire life and he was a serious and devoted lover. He did not even spare a glance for other women, he doesn’t resemble you… a stupid lecher who can risk life for any woman as long as she is beautiful!”

“Oh…” In regards to the label “stupid lecher” that Jasmine had stuck on him, Yun Che had always accepted it with joy, but after a while, he carefully asked her, “You just said that your brother’s death… was for the sake of protecting the woman that he loved?”

“Protecting?” Jasmine gave a cold laugh but after that, a killing intent suddenly flooded forth. In an instant, it had completely filled Yun Che’s heart and soul, causing him to go cold as a stab of intense pain suddenly sprang from the depths of his soul.

Alarm abruptly arose in Yun Che’s heart… this was not the first time he had felt Jasmine’s killing intent, but in the seven years that they had spent together, all of the killing intent she had shown before added up together would still not be able to equal the amount of killing intent she had shown in that moment alone. Yun Che could be said to be an expert in killing intent, so he was very clear that the killing intent that Jasmine had shown just now was something that was birthed from an extreme hatred and desire to kill that was carved into one’s heart.

“Big Brother was willing to throw even his life away for her sake. But the only thing that he got from that woman was poisonous schemes and manipulation. Big Brother was clearly such a powerful and intelligent person, but because of that woman…” A faint tremble could be heard in Jasmine’s voice as she continued, “One of the reasons that I was willing to take such huge risks and pay such a huge price to obtain the Heretic God’s indestructible blood was so that I could kill that woman!!”

“But in the end, you ended up being the final beneficiary!” Jasmine’s voice was still ice-cold, but she had already managed to suppress both her aura and her killing intent, “I don’t feel like talking about it anymore, and you are not allowed to ask as well… and you are definitely never allowed to compare yourself to my big brother ever again, you lecher!!”

“Ah… your brother was so powerful that he has always been regarded as the most perfect person in the world in your eyes. So the woman who caused him to be so devoted to her, she definitely can’t be too far off either, right?” Yun Che asked as he placed a finger on his chin.

Jasmine did not respond.

But Yun Che was more concerned by something else… Jasmine had just said that one of the reasons that she went after the Heretic God’s indestructible blood at all costs was so she could kill that woman.

Which is to say that… Jasmine was not able to defeat the person she referred to as “that woman”!?

“Sss…” Yun Che could not help but take in a breath of cold air. A person that was stronger than Jasmine, and a woman to boot…

“There are still two months before your duel with Fen Juechen.” Jasmine forcefully changed the subject and it was clear that she did not want Yun Che to continue pursuing the matter, “Under normal circumstances, if you want to beat him, there may still be a glimmer of a chance if you use those underhanded and despicable methods of yours. If you face him in a straight fight, you will never be able to win. But right now, there may actually be a way for you to face him straight on.”

“Oh? What method is that?” Yun Che asked in astonishment. He had been thinking about ways to deal with Fen Juechen every single day in anticipation of their duel, and he had come up with some plans already… but none of them included the option of fighting him head-on.

“The method is precisely this Feng Xue’er!” Following the guidance of the voice of Jasmine’s soul, Yun Che’s gaze landed on Feng Xue’er, who was at this very moment cheerfully playing with the Snow Phoenix Beast amidst the flying snow.

Yun Che was stumped, but after he thought about it for a while, he decided to probe further, “You are saying that…”

“It’s very simple, you just need to obtain her Phoenix vital yin!” Jasmine said calmly, “Even though you are definitely not her opponent right now, she clearly isn’t repulsed by you, so given your various despicable and lecherous ways, this shouldn’t really be a hard thing to do at all.”

“~!@#¥%...” To think that Jasmine, who repeatedly called him a lecher, who had countless of times sneered at him, despised him and even scolded him for harming women, would actually take the initiative to take a girl’s virgin vital yin! This was definitely the first time it had ever happened, and it caused Yun Che to be so stunned that he just stood there, staring blankly at the sky for a good long while. His appearance also caused Jasmine’s voice to clearly become unnatural as she gave a light snort before saying, “I… I just don’t want you to die at the hands of Fen Juechen, that’s all!”

“This… I don’t think this can be done.” Yun Che said rather weakly, “Feng Xue’er’s Divine Phoenix power has not completely awakened. Moreover, right now she is still at the crucial stage where her power will quickly awaken after her Phoenix Soul had been awoken. If she loses her vital yin during this period, the awakening of her Phoenix power will drastically decrease and might even stop there and then. This will heavily affect Feng Xue’er’s future. Furthermore, I have also promised Feng Hengkong… that even if Xu’er was willing to do the deed, I still must not do it.”

“This is the number one beauty of the Profound Sky Continent we are talking about. A huge lecher like you can actually resist the temptation?” Jasmine snorted in disdain before continuing on calmly, “If it was anyone else on the Profound Sky Continent who caused her to lose her virgin vital yin, then it would be exactly as you described. But only you are unique… in that you will not only not cause any negative side-effects, but actually cause her Phoenix powers to awaken more quickly!”

“Ah? Really!?” Yun Che’s face was filled with astonishment.

Jasmine slowly said, “There are three bloodlines of divine beasts that exist within your body right now, with the bloodline of the Dragon God as the main bloodline. The Dragon God’s bloodline has gifted you with an enormously strong power and body, as well as a long life, while the Phoenix bloodline and the Golden Crow bloodline has bestowed upon you flames which can destroy everything. Due to the existence of your Dragon God’s marrow and the countless cycles of destruction and rebirth that occurred on the Primordial Profound Ark, your Dragon God bloodline has become extremely thick, but even if you added all three of your divine beast bloodlines together, it will still not be as thick as Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix bloodline—because she received the complete legacy and inheritance of one of the Phoenix Souls!”

“And this is also the reason why her strength is so ridiculous at the tender age of nineteen. Besides this, because the Phoenix Soul is limited by the fact that it can only exist in soul form, it was never able to display its full power. But once Feng Xue’er, who has completely inherited its entire bloodline and soul, completely awakens her power, it will not be so simple as her power being equal to the Phoenix Soul. Instead, it will completely surpass the Phoenix Soul!”

“...So powerful!?” Yun Che said in astonishment. Surpassing the Phoenix Spirit!? The Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix God had a power that was equal to the Little Demon Empress, both of them were half a step into the Divine Profound Realm, and if it was truly as Jasmine had said… then in this world, there would truly be no one who could rival Feng Xue’er!

Furthermore this only required a scant few decades and it did not seem to have any cruel side-effects like the one that the Little Demon Empress had to endure.

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