Chapter 79 - Qin Wuyou

Against the Gods

Chapter 79 - Qin Wuyou

After the departure of those who belonged to Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect, the main palace was filled with deadly silence; some people looked at each other in dismay, some people started to gnash their teeth, and some rejoiced at other's misfortune while some became restless.

But there was one thing that was certain; the Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect would not just let this matter rest. With the Xiao Sect Outer Sect’s power, they would never accept even the slightest bullying and humiliation, let alone the public crippling of their young sect master, who was their number one super genius that appeared only once in a century.

At this time, the entire atmosphere of the event had completely changed. The crippling of Xiao Luocheng had made everyone present, unable to have a peace of mind. Yet Qin Wuyou on the other hand, looked unexpectedly calm and composed. He turned to face the heads of the six major sects and chuckled: “This Qin is extremely guilty of letting our esteemed guests be startled. *Sigh* This was originally suppose to be a friendly exchange of pointers between two young and capable talents. Who would have thought that my Palace disciple would accidentally lose control, which resulted in such an outcome. This Qin has honestly been caught unprepared.”

“But the good thing is, before my Palace disciple Yun Che and Xiao Luocheng had exchanged hands, they promised to not look into the matter if any one of them became seriously injured. But in case Xiao Sect breaks their promise, I would like all the friends here who witnessed it to say a few words of justice.”

After he finished speaking, Qin Wiyou swept a gentle gaze at every one present. After taking note of their complexion, his gaze finally stopped on Cloudy Sun Sect’s Head Elder Yan Zizai. He beamed as he said: “This Qin remembers that the first person who stood out and offered to be a witness for the two juniors, was Elder Yan. As Cloudy Sun Sect’s Head Elder, Elder Yan’s reputation and word naturally carries a great amount of weight; if Elder Yan could say some words of justice when that time comes, I presume that Xiao Sect would not blacken their name and come make trouble without reason. Am I right, Elder Yan?”

All gazes instantly fell on Yan Zizai. Yan Zizai felt a wave of awkwardness spread throughout his entire body. After standing up, he gave a forced laugh and replied obscurely: “What Palace Chief Qin had said is naturally… reasonable. However, we cannot guess how Xiao Sect is going to handle this… This old man suddenly remembers that there are still important matters left unfinished back within the Sect that requires my immediate return… If Palace Chief Qin is free in the future, you are always welcome to visit our Cloudy Sun Sect.”

After finished speaking, Yan Zizai quickly took his sect’s disciples and quickly exited without waiting for Qin Wuyou’s reply.

With Cloudy Sun Sect taking the lead, the other sects also found various reasons to take their leave. Since such a major event occurred today, they naturally had to immediately report about it as soon as they returned to their respective sects, and discuss how to handle what was coming next. Before Tie Hengjun left, even though he hesitated for a moment, he still walked to Yun Che’s side, took out a vermillion-colored pill and softly said: “Brother Yun, this is our mid-grade Profound Recovering Pellet specially made by our Iron Spear Clan’s medical hall. It ought to help you recover faster.”

Yun Che, also, did not retreat as he reached to take the pill, and threw it straight into his mouth before smiling: “Many thanks, Brother Tie.”

Tie Hengjun hesitated a little more before opening his mouth again: “Brother Yun, Xiao Luocheng was not only the number one amongst New Moon City’s younger generation, but had even carried the hopes of Xiao Sect Outer Sect’s future. Now that he has been crippled by Brother Yun, Xiao Sect will definitely not let this matter rest. Even though this Xiao Sect is only one of the few hundred branches of the Main Sect, they still carry a large amount of power and influence; one that far surpasses what Brother Yun can imagine. They are definitely not someone Brother Yun can fight against… So, I would suggest for Brother Yun to immediately leave New Moon City; the faster the better… This is definitely not a coward’s way of running; first protect your life, and then think of what to do next. As long as you are alive, you can always come back again.”

Yun Che’s heart immediately became touched when he saw sincere concern in Tie Hengjun’s eyes. He nodded seriously: “Rest assured Brother Tie, since I dared to act in this way, I naturally thought of how I would handle the following consequences. I thank Brother Tie for his kind words of advice.”

As the guests continued to leave one after another, after a few minutes, only the people of New Moon Profound Palace were left in the hall. At this time, New Moon Profound Palace’s disciples of every rank swarmed to surround Yun Che in every direction.

“Junior Brother Yun, this is the Healing Medicine made by our Medical Department; regardless of whether it’s external or internal injuries, its effectiveness is very good.” Quite a few disciples took out the best healing medicine at hand and one after another, rushed to be the first to stuff them in Yun Che’s hands.

“Junior Brother Yun, did you really just join us Profound Department disciples today? It’s still really unbelievable; how could a genius, more talented than those in the seven sects, appear in our New Moon Profound Palace!” A seventeen to eighteen year old girl excitedly asked as her pair of pretty eyes sized up Yun Che’s body over and over again.

“Tch! So what of the geniuses in the seven sects, our Junior Brother Yun is the one who crippled Xiao Luocheng… and in only one move! Xiao Luocheng was the number one in our New Moon City’s younger generation. Since our Junior Brother Yun had crippled even him, in that case, isn’t Junior Brother Yun the new ‘Number One’?”

“Rightly said! The number one of our younger generation is actually in our New Moon Profound Palace… This is simply like a dream!”

“Junior Brother Yun, where are you from? Are you really only sixteen this year? Even though you look so young, you’re actually this strong; it’s really hard for people to believe that you’re only sixteen…”

Almost everyone’s gaze were focused onto Yun Che. Included among those were respect, worship, admiration, and of course, there was no lack of jealous envy. If Yun Che had shown his power in other circumstances, or under the stage, it would not have triggered such a result. However, in today’s event, not only did Yun Che’s strength shock the entire audience, he also helped New Moon Profound Palace get back at the seven sects after years of suppression. This made them overflow with admiration and surprise for Yun Che, along with a bit more of gratitude.

Li Hao walked over while clutching his chest. He gave Yun Che a gratified nod and said: “Junior Brother Yun, thank you for avenging my previous defeat. Even though it’s a bit of a shameless boast for me to say this, but… if anyone dares to bully you in the palace, I will be the first to not let him off.”

“Haha, count me in too.” Li Hao’s cousin, Li Haoran, also said as he laughed out loud.

“Brother-in-law, so it turns out you’re actually this powerful!” Xia Yuanba did not care about the injuries on his body and also came squeezing over. He looked at Yun Che with shimmering eyes: “I always thought that the person I would worship the most was my sister. In the future, the person I’ll worship the most will be you, brother-in-law.”

“Okay now, let’s not all crowd around Junior Brother Yun. Even though he wasn’t seriously injured, he still exhausted a large amount of profound energy. He wouldn’t be able to take all this commotion.”

Lan Xueruo could be said to have the highest reputation amongst the disciples of New Moon Profound Palace. No matter her strength, looks, temperament, or her personality, every male and female disciples within the Profound Palace were deeply subdued by her. With just a short sentence, it was enough to calm down the entire surrounding. Lan Xueruo walked to Yun Che’s side and said worriedly: “Junior Brother Yun, if you had only injured Xiao Luocheng, then all is still negotiable. But now, not only is Xiao Luocheng injured, he is also crippled. Xiao Sect will definitely come for revenge; I can’t say it for sure, but they may even come here right now. Regarding this matter, they may not adhere to their promise of ‘not looking into this matter’. Out of everyone in all of New Moon City, there are no forces who can make them uphold their promise… What do you plan to do?”

After listening to Lan Xueruo’s words, every disciples’ excitement instantly cooled down as they all became incomparably solemn. They all clearly understood how large of a force Xiao Sect was in New Moon City. In regards to this incident where Xiao Luocheng became crippled, they were able to imagine just how fierce Xiao Sect’s revenge would be. Xiao Sect’s revenge… Within New Moon City, who was able to handle it?

Perhaps Yun Che’s only choice, was to immediately leave New Moon City; the further the better.

“Heheheheh. You guys don’t need to worry about this incident.”

Following a wave of gentle laughter, Qin Wuyou walked over while chuckling: “As Palace Chief, I will naturally protect the disciples of our Palace, you guys need not worry. If I let Xiao Sect bully my disciples right after my appointment, I won’t have enough face to continue to remain in New Moon Profound Palace.”

“Honorable Palace Chief.” As Qin Wuyou approached, the disciples all respectfully greeted him one after another. Compared to former Palace Chief Zhou, this Palace Chief Qin was more gentle and also much more mysterious; his strength was even higher by who knows how many times. Even in Blue Wind Imperial City, his strength was enough to place him into the master’s ranking. In this New Moon City, his strength even more so, did not lose to any of the Sect Masters of those seven sects. The fact that such a person had actually arrived in New Moon City to become its Palace Chief, caused quite a number of people to be greatly surprised.

“Honorable Palace Chief.” Yun Che also respectfully greeted, with a somewhat bizarre gaze.

Qin Wuyou slightly nodded his head, looked at Yun Che, and asked with deep concern: “Yun Che, how is your physical condition?”

Yun Che smiled slightly: “Not so good, but if it’s just talking, there’s no problem at all.”

Qin Wuyou was stumped for a bit. Then, a helpless smile flashed across his face as he said: “In that case, then accompany me for a chat… Elders, bring the disciples back to the Profound Department. As for this main hall, get someone to clean it after half an hour.”

Since the elders knew that Qin Wuyou wanted to talk to Yun Che alone, they replied as the same time before leaving with the rest of the disciples.

As he stepped out of the Main Palace’s main entrance, Murong Ye turned around to take another look at Yun Che. Jubilation flashed across his face as he sneered at his misfortune: To actually cripple Xiao Luocheng… Let’s see how you’re going to die now!

Only Yun Che and Qin Wuyou were left in the spacious Main Palace. In the midst of the quiet, the two silently faced each other and did not speak for quite a long time. Confronting this mysterious Palace Chief who possessed such a formidable background, Yun Che’s gaze was serene; as for Qin Wuyou, he was the one who had a somewhat complicated gaze.

Finally, it was Qin Wuyou who spoke first as he bitterly laughed: *Sigh* “In my entire life full of awe-inspiring authority, I’d never expect that I would still be ruthlessly played by such a small child… Not only that, I clearly knew that I was being played, yet I still had no choice but to jump in.”

Yun Che also laughed. He laughed apologetically while giving a junior’s respectful bow: “This junior overestimated his own abilities and had let Palace Chief Qin watch such a farce.”

“You can do away with this kind of conventional talk.” Qin Wuyou waved his hand. His face became bitter before suddenly saying: “You were so sure that I would do whatever it took to protect you? This is the first time I have met you and it is also your first time meeting me. I have only arrived at New Moon City for only a month and the people I know may be plenty, but it could be said that there are none who truly know me. Then where did you get your confidence from? You must know that if I had even the slightest of hesitations, this little life of yours could have ended right here. If it was someone else, within ten of them, nine and a half would not hesitate; no matter how talented you are, they would immediately hand you straight to Xiao Sect… Who you have crippled was indeed their Xiao Sect’s Young Sect Master, and their future hopes!”

Yun Che slightly curled his lips. He looked Qin Wuyou in the eye and said: “To fully understand a person, one would normally need a few years, around a decade, or even a few decades. However, if one wanted to know a person’s fundamental nature, only observing his eyes would be enough. What does Palace Chief think?”

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