Chapter 80 - Yun Che’s Intentions

Against the Gods

Chapter 80 - Yun Che’s Intentions

“Oh?” Qin Wuyou was taken aback once again, because the reply he had received from Yun Che was not one that should have come from a youngster of only sixteen. Instead, it seemed more like it had been said by a sophisticated middle-ager, or even an elderly person.

“You really believe in me that much... No, you trust your feelings to such a degree?” Qin Wuyou increasingly felt that Yun Che was unusual and out of the ordinary.

“Pretty much.” Yun Che said with a smile. But, aside from himself, no one else could have understood the real meaning behind his smile. In the past, the people who were after his life were simply innumerable and were spread all over the continent; other than that girl which he felt guilty toward throughout his entire life, every person he had met was probably after his life.

One encounter, two, ten, a thousand, ten thousand... After that, he could tell whether they had the intention to kill him with a glance into their eyes; he could separate their spoken truth from their pretense, sieve the virtuous from the evil. This was a skill one could only learn after surviving countless experiences from the brink of death. Everything from these accumulated experiences was impossible to even express with words, and was simply impossible for others to comprehend.

This was also the reason why Xiao Luocheng made up his mind to destroy him; however, he met with Yun Che’s most merciless of retaliations on the spot... Because even if he had been more shrewd, he could not have hidden his intentions from Yun Che’s eyes that saw through one’s heart.

“That being said, even if Honorable Palace Chief’s personality had been outside of my expectations, I am after all, a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace; even if Palace Chief had wanted otherwise, it is still unlikely that you would’ve allowed others to bring harm to your disciple in your own territory, right?” Yun Che asked while smiling.

Qin Wuyou replied with a stiff face: “You only joined New Moon Profound Palace today; with your status as a new disciple, you would not be that to New Moon Profound Palace no matter how sentimental you are. However from the start, you had brought up and professed that you were a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace more than ten times, and even repeatedly brought up that you were fighting so New Moon Profound Palace would not be bullied. I had always found it rather strange at the time. Only when you methodically placed the disciples of the seven sects in checkmate; disgraced them, repeatedly provoked their bottomline, acted wildly and excessively, mocked and ridiculed them, and also spared no expense until every single one of them had been offended, did I realize that the one who had been endlessly professing himself as ‘a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace’, had done it to remind me of this.”

Yun Che did not deny it and nodded while replying with an awfully calm disposition: “As expected of Honorable Palace Chief, it was impossible to hide this junior’s thoughts from Palace Chief.”

“Hmph, you absolutely had no intention to hide it from me.” Qin Wuyou’s expression sunk: “Only, I completely do not understand the purpose behind your deliberate actions. What benefits would you gain by provoking them and inciting their rage? Don’t tell me you were doing it simply to show off. Haah, it would have been fine with just these; but after all that, you even did not hesitate to heavy handedly cripple Xiao Luocheng, do you know what kind of disaster you have wrought? Today, within New Moon Profound Palace’s territory, I can indeed protect you for the time being; but with regards to Xiao Sect’s revenge, even if they are just an outer sect, I cannot easily obstruct them.”

“I cannot easily obstruct them.” In other words, he could obstruct them; just that he would need to expend some more effort to do so. This fact caused Yun Che to feel astonished. With the kind of power and influence the Xiao Sect held in New Moon City, this newly appointed Palace Chief could actually say such words with regards to the Xiao Sect; one could as well imagine that the power backing him could not be less than remarkable.

The fact that this kind of person, of all people, had come to assume the position of New Moon City’s Palace Chief, was somewhat thought-provoking.

“This junior indeed has his own motive. But Xiao Luocheng’s matter was outside of my original intentions. I believe that with Honorable Palace Chief’s perceptiveness, it should be clear that Xiao Luocheng’s intention behind challenging me, was in order to ruin me.”

Qin Wuyou didn’t speak, and showed his tacit agreement with the expression in his eyes.

Yun Che frowned: “Against someone who I had no quarrels or enmity with, yet still wished to destroy me, I have absolutely no reason to be modest with my actions. If possible, I would kill him, and if otherwise, cripple him. Regardless of who he is, I would never hold back... This is one of the most basic principles of how I handle my affairs.”

Yun Che words actually caused chills to run down Qin Wuyou’s spine. He noticed he was completely unable to read this youth, and wondered what kind of experiences a sixteen year old could have gone through that would result in such an expression in his eyes and character. Silently inhaling a breath of air, he avoided the topic of Xiao Luocheng and asked: “Then why exactly did you purposely provoke the seven sects?”

“I need three things.” Answered Yun Che.

“Three things?”

Yun Che spelt out clearly: “One, a person and place that would allow me to cultivate profound strength rapidly; two, enemies and pressure that would let me develop even further; three, a person who could still allow me to possess the first thing while I face against the second.”

Yun Che’s words caused Qin Wuyou feel perplexed for a while. After thinking deeply for a bit, he asked: “I still don’t understand what you’re after.”

“Very simple.” Yun Che continued: “Within three years, I want to reach the Earth Profound Realm!”

“What!” Qin Wuyou’s eyes widened: “Three years? Earth Profound Realm? What are you smoking!”

Yun Che: “....”.

“Don’t tell me that you’re serious?” Seeing Yun Che’s current expression, Qin Wuyou felt bewildered. Standing before him, was a youth who actually proclaimed that he wanted to advance from the Nascent Profound Realm to the Earth Profound Realm, within three years! And judging by his complexion and the gaze in his eyes, he was clearly very serious when saying those words.

“Of course I’m serious.” Nodded Yun Che: “There is a reason why I need to reach the Earth Profound Realm within three years.”

Qin Wuyou fell taciturn. After a looking at Yun Che for a period of time, he suddenly spoke: “Yun Che, do you know at what age did I reach the Earth Profound Realm?

Yun Che: “.....”

“When I was at the age of sixteen, my Profound strength was at the fifth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, and could be counted as my household’s top genius at that time. Of course, even though I was ahead of you by half a realm then, I still would have not been able to be your match. Later, I reached the True Profound Realm at the age of nineteen, the Spirit Profound realm at twenty-eight, and hit the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm at thirty-eight before getting stuck in a bottleneck for a full six years, to only reach the Earth Profound Realm at the age of forty-four. Even though this was so, entering the Earth Profound Realm at forty-four, I am still considered a one-in-ten thousand genius within all of Blue Wind Empire. It has been fifteen years since I entered the Earth Profound Realm, and have finally reached the sixth level… Only, within this lifetime, I probably do not have the qualifications to enter the Sky Profound Realm.”

“As for reaching the Earth Profound Realm from the Nascent Profound Realm within three years,” Qin Wuyou shook his head as he said: “At least within my entire lifetime’s worth of knowledge and news, there has never been a person who has done so. Even thinking about doing so would be too far-fetched. Not even mentioning the Earth Profound Realm, reaching the True Profound Realm from the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, if accomplished, it would be a feat rarer than phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.”

“What may be impossible for others does not mean that it would be impossible for me. Even today; would you have imagined that with my power of a first ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm, I would able to cripple Xiao Luocheng? Spat Yun Che.

Qin Wuyou’s expression turned rigid. He shook his head and laughed in spite of himself: “Looks like you were completely serious.” He sighed: “The time of youth is certainly great; no matter how daunting or difficult a goal might be, it can only cause those of us whose fates are already set in stone to feel envy, and thirst for its realization. However, after telling me so much, and even revealing your three year plan to me, aren’t you afraid that I might not even help you? Come to think of it, I don’t have a reason to help you at all. After all is said and done, this is the first day that we’ve been acquainted. No matter what your objective is, what does that have to do with me?”

“This decision is completely up to Honorable Palace Chief.” Yun Che looked straight at him and said: “About what I’ve said previously, if there wasn’t anything to pave the way before I told Honorable Palace Chief about it, I believe Honorable Palace Chief would only take it as a joke. However, after my unsparing performance at the banquet, Honorable Palace Chief should have least a shred of belief in my words; even if ninety-nine percent of it would still be disbelief. But even with only one percent of acceptance…. do you not wish to take in one who would break history and shake the continent; and know that an exceptional genius reached the Earth Profound Realm before the age of twenty, under your guidance?”

These words caused Qin Wuyou to be moved for a bit. However, he immediately chuckled: “On this point, you’ve gotten it wrong. Regarding your ambition, I quite admire it, and believe you are capable of such wild ambition and willpower. But you are still young; you are still in the Nascent Profound Realm, and you do not understand how difficult the path of cultivating the profound could be. Amongst these will be many complications and bottlenecks that cannot be surpassed with simple talent, perseverance and hard work. And I, who is still walking on the path of profound cultivation for fifty years, understand this ten times better than you do. So I can believe that within three years, it is possible to enter the True Profound Realm from the Nascent Profound Realm. However, to enter the Earth Profound Realm, I completely cannot believe it, and neither would anyone else.”

“However, with regards to today’s events, I will spare no effort in shielding you. After all, you are a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, and I am its Palace Chief. The Palace Chief protecting his disciple; now that is only right and proper. Besides, after the banquet today, your name will definitely reverberate throughout New Moon City; so much that your reputation will be known in a thousand mile radius. My New Moon Profound Palace will also become famous because of this. If you were to one day reach the Earth Profound Realm or even the Sky Profound Realm, then New Moon Profound Palace would also be honored in your name. As for a disciple like you, New Moon Profound Palace has not seen such a talent for over a century; therefore, no matter what happens, I will ensure your safety. Of course, this is for both New Moon Profound Palace as well as myself.”

“However, what I can shoulder for you are only those that appear on the surface. The Xiao Sect will definitely have hidden methods to exert their revenge, and it would be impossible for me to completely protect you. If there ever comes a situation where I cannot reach you, you will then have to rely on yourself.”

Qin Wuyou’s words cause Yun Che to feel slightly disappointed; however, even though it was not the best possible outcome, it was still within his expectations. At once, he spoke as he clasped fists in courtesy: “I am grateful to Honorable Palace Chief for your promise. I’ve only just entered, yet I have already caused a huge inconvenience to the Profound Palace; this Junior also feels ashamed about this. However, Honorable Palace Chief can rest assured. About today’s matter, I will also put in my utmost effort to solve it on my own and not makes things too difficult for Honorable Palace Chief.”

“Ha ha, there’s no need for you to be overly concerned.” Qin Wuyou faintly smiled: “They had originally come to haze me and demonstrate who was the boss around here, yet you’ve helped me return a slap to the face back at them. Even if I disregarded my position as Palace Chief, I ought to still protect you. A word of thanks should also be natural, haha…..”


Having finished conversing with Qin Wuyou, Yun Che dragged his somewhat feeble body out of the main hall, and brooded along the way.

“It looks like you’re somewhat disappointed.” Came Jasmine’s cold and tender voice.

“That’s right.” Yun Che couldn’t help but shake his head: “I had originally wanted to use that ‘mighty goal’ of mine and today's performance to rouse Qin Wuyou; to let him be moved to the point where he would take me in as his personal disciple. Like this, New Moon Profound Palace’s various Profound Skills and resources would become accessible at my convenience whenever possible. However looking at it, I truly was naive in my thinking.”

“Hmph! It’s the first day you two met, and he doesn’t even understand your ins and outs. How would he possibly make such a rash and impulsive decision.” Jasmine said disdainfully: “What’s more, your performance was excessively gaudy and far surpassed what others at your age should be capable of. This might let him admire you and make him unable to see through your motives, but at the same time he would instinctively be vigilant towards you, or even feel threatened. How could it possibly have gone according to what you wished for?”

Yun Che’s feet stopped, as an epiphany arrived in his heart: “You’re right. My actions were somewhat excessive.”

“What are you planning to do next? About the crippling of Xiao Luocheng, the Xiao Sect will never just let it go. Killing you right away would even be considered light!”

“This would actually be pretty easy to handle.” Yun Che nonchalantly laughed as a somewhat crafty feeling emanated from his smile: “This incident is self-inflicted by Xiao Luocheng, anyways. If I didn’t have a trump card to play at that time, the one to be crippled would not be him but instead, me. If they simply accepted this matter, I’ll also just brush this issue off. Otherwise, if they really would like to find trouble with me… I have no lack of means to put their entire sect in a situation where they’d fly like chickens and run like dogs, with their tails between their legs!”

“As for the ‘protection’ Qin Wuyou spoke of, it would be best to have it; but it wouldn’t matter even if I don’t!”

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