Chapter 83 - A Period of Ten Days

Against the Gods

Chapter 83 - A Period of Ten Days

Even though Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect was a big sect that reigned over one side, in the end, it could only reign over that one side. They indeed were subordinate to Xiao Sect; however, in the eyes of Xiao Sect’s Main Sect, other than their regular tribute every year, the existence of these Branch Sects were not important. There existed over a hundred of these Branch Sects in the Blue Wind Empire; but even with them all combined, their power wouldn’t even match up to a tip of the Main Sect’s iceberg.

A Branch Sect wouldn’t dare to offend the Imperial Family. If it was merely New Moon City’s Xiao Sect Branch Sect, they could utter vicious words like “Flatten New Moon Profound Palace”, but they absolutely wouldn't actually dare to do so. If they provoked the Imperial Family because of this and the Imperial Family decided to destroy them, the Main Sect may not even bother to care. But the Xiao Sect’s Main Sect was an existence that even surmounted the Blue Wind Imperial Family! Unless their doctrine was disregarded, even the Blue Wind Imperial Family absolutely wouldn’t dare to hurt a person who belonged to Xiao Sect’s Main Sect.

If what Xiao Tiannan had said was the truth, then Xiao Luocheng’s identity, which was the Young Sect Master of Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect, had become someone who belonged to Xiao Sect’s Main Sect in one leap. These two identities were as different as heaven and earth! The latter, was like a mammoth mountain that pressed down upon New Moon Profound Palace’s members; a pressure that made them suffocate.

If it was so, then the trouble Yun Che had brought about, was a catastrophe through and through! If the Main Sect’s side held him responsible, let alone an insignificant New Moon Profound Palace, even if it was the Blue Wind Imperial Family, it would be impossible to protect him. If this matter was to enrage Xiao Sect’s Main Sect, then forget about Yun Che himself, even the ones who shielded him would meet disaster! For them to destroy a New Moon Profound Palace, it wouldn’t even take the effort of blowing dust off one’s hands.

“Are those words…. true?” Qin Wuyou tightly knitted his brow. His palm was already full of cold sweat. He had never anticipated that this incident actually involved Xiao Sect’s Main Sect. Not to mention him, even if Blue Wind’s emperor was present, he’d be so scared that he would break out in cold sweat.

“Humph! Matters involving the Main Sect, I wouldn’t dare to lie even if I had ten times the guts!” Qin Wuyou’s reaction was completely out of Xiao Tiannan’s expectations. He continued to speak sternly: “Since this Yun Che had only entered your New Moon Profound Palace today, I didn’t blame you, and only need you to hand over Yun Che. This is already giving your New Moon Profound Palace an astronomic opportunity and face! Otherwise, once the Main Sect’s side becomes enraged, this New Moon Profound Palace will no longer exist from now onwards!”

“Also, before I arrived, I had already used a Sound Transmission Talisman and reported this matter to the Main Sect’s Medicinal Sect’s elder Xiao Wuji! Ten days at the latest, Elder Xiao Wuji will definitely send personage here! Perchance, he may even personally come! Palace Chief Qin, if you are to still remain stubborn and unrepentant, then when that time comes, not only would it be impossible for you to shield that Yun Che, who deserves death by a thousand cuts, even you and this entire New Moon Profound Palace would be dragged into it!”

The unexpected fact that Xiao Tiannan had already informed the Main Sect about this matter…. once again, transformed the complexion on Qin Wuyou and the other elder’s faces.

“Palace Chief, Xiao Sect’s Main Sect is fundamentally not something we can offend. Yun Che had only entered our Palace for one day, yet Palace Chief Qin didn’t even hesitate to go against the Branch Sect’s Sect Master in order to protect him; it could already be considered to be extremely benevolent and honorable! With the situation now, turning him in is also for the entire New Moon Profound Palace. Absolutely no one will voice any criticism.”

“Haah, that’s right. Yun Che is indeed a prodigy, but alas, he brought such disaster upon himself. Looks like his fate does not cross with our Profound Palace. Palace Chief, you should turn in Yun Che after all. Otherwise, if it really implicated our Palace, the consequences would simply be unthinkable.” Another elder also said while sighing.

Qin Wuyou’s complexion was dark and uncertain. His gaze slightly veered off to the side and looked at a person in the corner…. And the other party’s head lightly shook back at him.

Qin Wuyou’s eyebrows all of a sudden, tightly knitted together. After slightly clenching his teeth, he eventually let out a sigh and said: “If Sect Master Xiao’s words are true, then it is indeed impossible for our insignificant New Moon Profound Palace to protect him, and would even light a fire on ourselves. However, I am incapable of giving him to you now. Even if Xiao Sect’s Main Sect was the cause, I still wouldn’t have enough face to remain in New Moon Profound Palace, and New Moon Profound Palace would also be labelled as a cold and ruthless place!”

Xiao Tiannan’s eyebrows sunk. Then, he coldly laughed: “What you’re saying is… That your New Moon Profound Palace would rather bear the disaster of annihilation, and continue to protect this Yun Che?”

Qin Wuyou shook his head: “It’s certainly impossible for this Qin to disregard the safety of New Moon Profound Palace. However, this Qin has a compromise to propose. Sect Master Xiao said earlier, that within ten days, Xiao Sect’s Main Sect would have personage come here to deal with this incident. Then, how about Sect Master Xiao allow me ten more days? Within ten days, we definitely will oust Yun Che from New Moon Profound Palace. At that time, he will no longer be my Palace disciple and my Palace will naturally have no reason to shield him any longer. His life and death, would then be in his own hands. Since he is currently a disciple, it is absolutely impossible for me to hand him over.”

Xiao Tiannan stared fixedly at Qin Wuyou for a while, and then slowly nodded: “Palace Chief Qin is a man of honor after all. You have my, Xiao Tiannan’s admiration! Fine, I’ll allow you these ten days! That Yun Che is already a dead man; his death is only a matter of time! In honor of Palace Chief Qin’s prestige, I’ll grant ten more days to his life! However, I hope that after these ten days, the noble Profound Palace wouldn’t do anything to make matters difficult for my Xiao Sect.”

“Let’s go!!”

Xiao Tiannan was also worried about Xiao Luocheng’s condition. Since he wasn’t able to personally kill Yun Che tonight, he didn’t waste more time; with a commanding shout, he turned around and left straight away.

“Sect Master, are we really leaving just like this?” Xiao Zaihe said, with a face full of unwillingness, as he followed behind Xiao Tiannan.

“Hmph! Not only is that Qin Wuyou unyielding in attitude, his strength is also not inferior to mine. In addition, what I’ve brought today were all normal disciples; if we went at it head on, we would instead be at an disadvantage.” Xiao Tiannan coldly said: “Even if I brought enough forces to forcefully attack the Profound Palace, we’ll definitely attract troubles from the Imperial Family. He wants ten days, and I exactly want to wait for these ten days! After the arrival of the Main Sect’s people, let alone a little Yun Che, this New Moon Profound Palace, will also bear the consequences!”

“But within ten days, it’s easy for many unforeseen events to occur. What if by chance, that Yun Che brat manages to escape this New Moon City….”

“Hmph! What a joke! Since he is within this New Moon City, how could he escape the palm of our Xiao Sect! In this period of time, send personnel to keep a close eye on New Moon Profound Palace’s exits. If Yun Che is discovered to have left, capturing him alive would be best; if that’s not possible, then kill him on the spot! Remember to also send personnel to keep an eye on the city gates too.”



“Brother-in-law! Not good!”

Xia Yuanba rushed back into Yun Che’s room while burning with anxiety, and told what happened earlier in as much detail as possible with a head full of sweat. He then spoke in a panicked tone: “Not good! Brother-in-law! You must leave this place right away…. This incident actually involves the Xiao Sect’s Main Sect, how could this be!”

“Xiao Sect’s Main Sect….” Yun Che instantly thought of that Xiao Kuangyun, and his brow slightly sunk a little. He then laughed coldly in his heart; it seems like him and this horde of people surnamed Xiao, were fated to go against each other in every way.

“But even if it’s like this, Palace Chief Qin unexpectedly did not immediately turn me in either. This is actually a bit strange.” Yun Che stroked his chin. The incomparably oppressive force that the Four Major Sects possessed were unrivaled in Blue Wind Empire. Once these Four Major Sects were involved, no one would dare to not immediately lower their heads. Although Qin Wuyou was very daring and resolute, he was clearly a rational person. On a matter that involved the Xiao Sect’s Main Sect, he actually did not immediately choose to turn him in. Rather than to let both him and the New Moon Profound Palace stay out of this, he instead insisted and struggled for these ten inconsequential days….

Rather than feeling moved, Yun Che instead, felt that this was strange.

After all, he wasn’t even Qin Wuyou’s benefactor, nor was he a close relative. He had only entered the Profound Palace today, and had even brought a great trouble right after, like an ominous star. It was understandable to protect him when facing Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect earlier since he had exhibited an extremely astonishing talent. But to do so even when faced with the might of Xiao Sect’s Main Sect… This was quite illogical.

“Junior Brother Yun, may I enter?”

At this time, a gentle girl’s voice came from outside the door. Yun Che promptly froze for a bit before standing up to speak: “Senior Sister, please enter.”

As the door was pushed open, Lan Xuerou’s impeccably charming face that was white as the snow’s luster, appeared inside Yun Che’s vision. Xia Yuanba hurriedly greeted her, and said with distress: “Senior Sister Xueruo, you came at just the right time. Hurry and think of a way to help my Brother-in-law; he must not fall into Xiao Sect’s hands. Otherwise, otherwise….”

"Sigh!" Lan Xueyou quietly sighed, and softly said: “I too, did not expect that this matter would actually become like this.” After speaking till here, she finally noticed that Yun Che’s expression was actually extraordinarily calm. Let alone fear and dread, there simply wasn’t even the slightest hint of anxiety. She instantly felt a little surprised, and said: “Junior Brother Yun, what do you plan to do next?”

“Heh heh!” Yun Che laughed somewhat slyly. His gaze fell onto Lan Xuerou’s impeccably perfect face, and replied with a grin: “I haven’t planned anything for tomorrow yet; but today, I naturally want to enjoy Senior Sister’s concern…. I didn’t think that in times of trouble, not only would I have Yuanba, I also have such a beautiful and gentle Senior Sister who cared about me. All of a sudden, I feel like I’m actually pretty blessed.”

The atmosphere that was suppose to be tense and stifling, was effectively turned ludicrous by Yun Che’s few sentences. Lan Xueruo faintly heard a slight peculiarity in Yun Che’s words, and spoke with a somewhat awkward tone: “Even though you’ve only joined the Profound Palace, I’m still your Senior Sister after all; it’s only natural for me to worry about you. This incident of yours involves Xiao Sect’s Main Sect and it’s even possible that your life will cease to exist from now on. The Profound Department had finally gotten such an elegant and talented little Junior Brother, but he’s going to be gone this soon; Senior Sister here, is really reluctant.”

Yun Che stared at Lan Xueruo for a moment. Then, his face eventually became disappointed as he sadly said: “I’m already very happy with what Senior Sister has said. Even if I died under the hands of Xiao Sect, I still have a pretty Senior Sister who would occasionally remember me.”

“Brother-in-law!” Xia Yuanba forcefully clenched his fist: “You won’t die under the hands of the Xiao Sect. Even if I have to risk my life, I’ll still protect you while you escape out of New Moon City! As long as you leave New Moon City, they’ll never be able to find you in this vast Blue Wind Empire.”

Yun Che smiled at Xia Yuanba, but did not speak.

Lan Xueruo suddenly stated: “Junior Brother Yun, you do not have to be too pessimistic. I…. I may have a plan that can save you.”

“What plan?” Yun Che and Xia Yuanba simultaneously asked.

Lan Xueruo seriously thought about it and then slowly replied: “Blue Wind Imperial City is my hometown and one of my household members will come to bring me back home in ten days. When that time comes, I could also tell him to bring you along when we leave. Not only is that family member’s profound strength quite formidable, he will also be bringing a high level profound aerial beast with him. Even if this Xiao Sect Branch Sect discovers that he wanted to take you away, they would certainly be unable to obstruct his path.”

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