Chapter 84 - The Only Possibility.

Against the Gods

Chapter 84 - The Only Possibility….

“Really? Is what Senior Sister saying, really true?” Xia Yuanba whose heart was in panic, shouted in extreme excitement as his eyes suddenly brightened after hearing Lan Xueruo’s words. It was as if he had suddenly grasped a life-saving straw amidst his despair.

“When have Senior Sister ever lied to you before.” Lan Xueruo said with a faint smile: “It’s fortunate that Palace Chief Qin didn’t immediately hand you over, but instead struggled for ten more days. Otherwise, even if I had a way, this would essentially be impossible to do within such a limited time.”

“That’s great!” Xia Yuanba’s face flushed bright red. He then hurt his internal injuries under the excitement, which caused him to grimace from the pain.

Yun Che looked at Lan Xueruo with a shocked expression for a long time, and dubiously smiled: “Senior Sister Xueruo, to be so compassionate toward me, don’t tell me… You’ve fallen for me? Even though I know that my appearance can be considered perfect when it comes to men and I also quite like Senior Sister Xueruo, but in the end, I’m already a married man. Does Senior Sister Xueruo really not mind it a single bit?”

“I mind your head!” Lan Xueruo didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and pouted her charming lips: “I, Lan Xueruo, undoubtedly wouldn’t be interested in a little brother who’s younger than me, and one who’s even married! As to why I’m helping you, it’s only because I am your Senior Sister, and it’s just convenient that it’s along the way.”

“Mhm mhm!!” Xia Yuanba nodded his head, and heartfeltly said: “Senior Sister Xueruo had always been like this. No matter toward whom, she’d all be extremely gentle and caring. When I had just entered the New Moon Profound Palace, I didn’t know anyone surrounding me at all. Moreover, since I entered Class One with only my miniscule profound strength, I had encountered a lot of criticism and mockery. It’s all thanks to Senior Sister Xueruo, who cared a lot about me. Senior Sister Xueruo, is the most gentle and benevolent person I’ve ever met.”

Every time Xia Yuanba mentioned Lan Xueruo, his eyes would always shine and his face would be filled with fondness and admiration; it was as if he had virtually thought of her as a goddess-like character. However, Lan Xueruo indeed possessed that kind of gentle, amiable disposition, temperament, and charisma.

“That’s for sure.” Yun Che also nodded in deep thought: “Senior Sister Xueruo is so beautiful, she must be a transformed angel from the heavens, which is why she’s so kind and gentle… However, Senior Sister, are you honestly not considering someone younger than you who’s already married? In fact, younger men who are already married possess many merits that old bachelor men would never have, for example…”

Lan Xueruo really could not continue to listen anymore, and spoke while faking a stern face: “Within ten days, do you want to go back to the Blue Wind Imperial City with me or not?”

“Yes yes yes yes! Of course!” Before Yun Che even answered, Xia Yuanba had already panickedly nodded in agreement, for fear that Lan Xueruo may go back on her words. Originally, Xia Yuanba was deeply worried that Yun Che simply had no way of escaping this catastrophe. Lan Xueruo’s offer, was no different from a pleasant surprise that fell from the sky; no matter what he said, he’d have to tightly grasp this chance.

However, Yun Che instead thought for a moment, and said somewhat cautiously: “Senior Sister, I really appreciate your kind thought. However, for this matter, what I’ve offended is the Xiao Sect’s Main Sect. If Senior Sister takes me away, and they persisted to investigate and hold you accountable…. I don’t want to involve Senior Sister, and Senior Sister’s family.”

Lan Xueruo softly smiled and said: “At least you have some guilty conscience, and actually know how to worry for Senior Sister’s sake. However, since I dared to help you escape out of New Moon City, I naturally have enough assurance to not light fire onto myself. You can be completely at ease about this; I’m not stupid to the point of joking around with me and my family’s life.”

“Although Xiao Sect’s people left, there must still be people keeping an eye on the gates. If you were to leave, you may fall into their hands right away. So, in these few days, you ought to just earnestly stay in the Profound Palace and not go anywhere else at all. After my family arrives, I’ll immediately take you and leave. After arriving at the Blue Wind Imperial City, it should be completely safe.”

Lan Xueruo spoke with a very certain, and also relaxed tone; it was clear that she wanted to make Yun Che feel at ease as much as possible. Yun Che also hesitated no longer, and gratefully said: “Then… Senior Sister, when the time comes, everything will rest on your shoulders. After this disaster passes, I’ll certainly repay Senior Sister’s lifesaving grace.”

Lan Xueruo’s pink lips slightly curled up, and her eyebrows curved into two delicate crescent moons: “If you want to repay Senior Sister, then just safely stay here and protect your own life. The day of you repaying me will only come if you're still alive.”

“Mn! I’ll follow Senior Sister’s words.” Yun Che nodded firmly. Then, his tone suddenly changed as he asked: “Senior Sister, that… do you have any profound beast’s profound core? Low level ones are fine. And if you don’t have any, where can I find one in the Profound Palace?”

“Profound Core? What do you need a Profound Core for?” Lan Xueruo questioned.

“It’s a secret for now. Don’t tell me Senior Sister really has one?” Seeing Lan Xueruo’s expression, Yun Che’s eyes brightened.

For a long time, Lan Xueruo felt about the space inside the spatial ring on her slim finger, and then took out a dim colored round bead: “I only have one of the lowest grade Nascent Profound Cores on hand. I acquired it a while ago from a Scarlet Drill Lizard. However, Palace Chief Qin should have a few True Profound Beast Profound Cores. If you need it, I’ll…”

“A Nascent Profound Core is enough.” Yun Che extended his hand and took the Nascent Profound Core from Lan Xueruo’s hand. His heart settled instantly.

Common Beasts do not possess any Profound Cores within their body. Starting from Nascent Profound Beasts, Profound Cores would exist in all adult Profound Beasts, similar to the Profound Vein’s core inside the human body. Nascent Profound Cores were the easiest to acquire out of all Profound Cores, and their prices were also the lowest; they were usually around a dozen to a few hundred Yellow Profound Coins. However, with each rank higher in quality, its price would multiplicative increase. In the Blue Wind Empire, any single Earth Profound Core could be sold at an astronomical price. At the Sky Profound rank, they would be priceless treasures. And as for Emperor Profound Cores, they were essentially considered things from the legends.

During his trip to New Moon City, Yun Che had indeed acquired quite a few Nascent Profound Cores. However, he had used all of them in order to synthesize higher ranked Profound Recovery Pellets. He had carried the pig iron on his back all along the way, so Profound Recovery Pellets had almost been treated as food.

“Junior Brother Yun, you should also be exhausted today, so you should rest early. You don’t need to think too much about anything else. With Palace Chief Qin here, Xiao Sect wouldn’t do anything reckless in these ten days. As long as these ten days pass, I can absolutely guarantee your safety.”

“I understand, Senior Sister… Senior Sister ought to rest early too.”

Lan Xueruo brought along a fragrant orchid breeze as she departed with slow steps, and left behind the Yun Che who was deep in thought.

“That’s great Brother-in-law! Since Senior Sister is so sure about this, then we’ll be able to save you and help you escape.” Xia Yuanba said with a face full of excitement. “Eh…. Brother-in-law? Why do you seem to not be that happy? Is it because you don’t believe Senior Sister Xueruo?”

“Yuanba, are you related to Senior Sister Xueruo?” Yun Che asked coldly.

“Nope. Why is brother-in-law asking that?” Xia Yuanba rubbed his head.

“Then, have you or your family members ever saved Senior Sister Xueruo or her family members before?”

“That’s also a no! I’ve never even seen her relatives before. What’s more, with my low profound strength, there’s no way I would be able to save Senior Sister Xueruo. There’s even less of a need to speak about my family members.”

“Then that’s rather odd.” Yun Che pondered deeply as he rubbed his chin with his right hand: “We aren’t related in any way and we’ve only made some small talk; why would she want to help me without cause nor reason?”

“Oh! You’re talking about that. Brother-in-law, you’re seriously thinking too much into it; I’ve told you this before, Senior Sister Xueruo is just that kindhearted of a person. When I first arrived in New Moon Profound Palace, I was also unrelated to her in any way yet she helped and looked after me a great deal. Every senior brother and sister within the Profound Palace really like her a lot.”

“No, this is different.” Yun Che, however, shook his head and said with a serious expression: “She helping you, can be accepted as her nature, and I wouldn’t find it to be odd. However, to take me and escape New Moon City is an entirely different matter! She clearly understands that this trouble I brought about had already implicated Xiao Sect’s Main Sect…. Even though I don’t feel too pleasant toward Xiao Sect’s people, I can’t help but to admit that they possess an enormous influence which could cover Blue Wind Empire’s sky with a single hand. How many people in the entire empire can remain calm when hearing the two words “Xiao Sect”! And how many would dare to offend Xiao Sect? And how many, would dare to brave the risk of being involved, and help a person who offended someone from the Xiao Sect, escape their punishment?”

Xia Yuanba opened his mouth, but was speechless.

“If it was a friendship of life and death, this would be understandable. However, I’ve only known her for a single day, and we’ve barely talked with one another; there is no grace nor resentment between us, yet she wants to brave such a huge risk to bring me out of New Moon City. It really is too strange.”

“Also…. Yuanba, you guys are in the same class. Have you ever heard her mention about returning to Blue Wind Imperial City these few days? Or see any signs of that recently?” Yun Che asked.

Xia Yuanba became stupefied. Then, he carefully thought about it and shook his head: “I don’t think so. But it shouldn’t be necessary for her to tell us in advance that she’s returning home.”

“Having never said a word about returning to Imperial City before, yet now she suddenly wants to go back after ten days; while the time that Palace Chief Qin obtained for me, also happens to exactly be ten days…. This is too much of a coincidence.” Yun Che murmured.

Hearing what Yun Che said, Xia Yuanba also started to feel that something was a little off. He naturally knew of Xiao Sect’s strength. To brave the mammoth risk of provoking the Xiao Sect in order to save a person whom she only knew for a day, who had nothing to do with her; thinking about it like this, it indeed was way too strange. Because even if there was the slightest of carelessness, it would become a disaster of total annihilation! He scratched at his scalp, and fiercely shook his head: “No no! Senior Sister Xueruo is such a kindhearted person, it’s not possible for her to have any utter motives towards Brother-in-law. Besides… Besides Brother-in-law is not a rich person, or even some kind of master; if we were to say that she wants to save you because of some objective, what could she even be aiming for?”

“This is also the place I find strangest.” Yun Che looked up, extended his hand and touched his face, and said in a low voice: “So… When I asked Senior Sister ‘Don’t tell me, you fell for me' earlier... I absolutely wasn’t joking around. To make a girl do something to this extent for a man that she had just met, the only possibility I can think of, would be that Senior Sister Xueruo, toward me…. Mn, it’s love at first sight.”

“Whaa!?” Xia Yuanba’s legs went limp, and he almost kneeled in front of Yun Che out of shock.

“First of all, I don’t have influence; second, I don’t have strength; third, I don’t even possess the most vulgar of all things, money. Rather than that, I actually brought disaster onto myself. Then, the only thing that Senior Sister Xueruo would covet from me, would be my beauty. A woman is a kind of sentimental creature; if she falls for a man, it would be possible for her to do anything, no matter how exaggerated and crazy. To brave such a huge risk and rescue me would then be absolutely normal.”

“Fufu…. As expected, regardless of the location, this era of appearances is unable to be altered. Not only is a good looking face a type of strong capital, it can even sometimes save one’s life.” Yun Che said as he pinched his cheeks. It was not known what he was thinking as he grinned and suddenly laughed out loud.

No matter how Xiao Yuanba looked at Yun Che’s smile, he could still see a kind of lecherous intent mixed within. His eyes opened wide as he stared and stuttered: “Bu… Bu… But… Senior Sister is so beautiful, so gentle, and there are so many people who likes her! How is it possible that she… Senior Sister Xueruo had also said before, that she didn’t have any interest at all in anyone younger than her and who’s also married. This…. This…”

Yun Che rolled his eyes at him, and leisurely replied: “Yuanba, you really don’t understand women. Women are creatures who like to contradict themselves. If she says that she doesn’t like anyone younger, that would mean she actually likes someone who’s younger than her. If she says that she doesn’t like someone who’s already married, that would mean…. Uhh….” Even Yun Che himself felt that this explanation was kind of nonsensical, but he had to bite the bullet and continue:

“... Although this fetish may be a little special, it’s possible that married men are just her type.”

“~!@#¥%……” Xia Yuanba became frantic: “That can’t be it! When Senior Sister Xueruo was here a moment ago, why didn’t Brother-in-law just ask her?”

“Can’t ask.” Yun Che shook his finger before Xia Yuanba’s eyes and seriously spoke: “Men do not like women who are too clever, and women also don’t like men who are too clever. If I had asked, it would’ve really spoiled the fun.” After speaking to here, a peculiar profound light entered Yun Che’s eyes: “My guess from before was the only possibility I could think of at that time, so I too, do not know whether it was right or wrong. But what’s certain is that she wants to capture me and turn me into some ‘prey’ of hers. And I….” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth curled up: “Am the same! What happens next, is determined by who succeeds first! If she wins, then I’ll do as she desires. If she loses, hehehehe….”

Xia Yuanba: “....”

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