Chapter 85 - It’s Impolite to Not Return a Favor

Against the Gods

Chapter 85 - It’s Impolite to Not Return a Favor

The curtain of night fell and time was approaching midnight. The New Moon Profound Palace was also completely peaceful. Yun Che had not fallen asleep yet; he continued to meditate for some time, and finally restored about half his profound strength. When he opened his eyes, his consciousness sank into the Sky Poison Pearl.

The world before his eyes immediately became emerald green. He was almost about to look for the Nascent Profound Core he had gotten from Lan Xueruo, but as soon as he took a step, he stopped in place and was spellbound by the scene in front of him.

In this endless aquamarine world, a fresh-faced girl dressed entirely in scarlet had her eyes closed as she quietly laid there. She seemed to have no sense of security; her legs were bent, for her entire person was curled up like a small kitten. There was no coldness, nor murderous intent..... Only a kind of feeling that would make one want to tenderly and affectionately, embrace her in their bosom.

Yun Che's footsteps stopped at that place. He didn't move forward, but instead withdrew silently.

When he came in again, he carried a thin blanket in his hand.

As he quietly arrived at Jasmine’s side, Yun Che softly bent at the waist. Jasmine was still asleep and was currently unable to use any profound strength. She had thoroughly let her guard down within this completely independent space, and as a result, did not sense his approach.

She spends most of her time sleeping inside the Sky Poison Pearl, but I had actually forgotten to prepare a soft bed for her.

Yun Che felt somewhat guilty as he gently spread the blanket open.

Seeing Jasmine up close was a complete, visual enjoyment. This was because of just how adorable she was; her exquisitely tender face was as clear as crystal and as pretty as a picture. Her skin was white like snow, and her long eyelashes were as thin as cicada wings. In the wake of each and every trembling breath, her entire adorable face that was peerless beyond compare, was breathtakingly beautiful.

Her blood-red hair that spread on the floor almost blended together with her luxurious red dress. It accentuated her jade-like face, her vermillion colored lips, her snow-white arms with a hint of pink, and her milky snow-white legs under the dress, into something that struck the chord of one’s heart even harder. Her petite and tender body under the contour of the dress was even more so, indescribably charming and attractive. This Smoky Fairy Dress was exceedingly expensive and was not something that any ordinary girl could properly wear. But on Jasmine’s body, it was inexplicably harmonious. It was as if only this sort of extremely extravagant garment, was worthy of Jasmine’s noble aura, which she inadvertently revealed…. And was also worthy of her status as a princess.

Yun Che couldn't help but squat there and watch her for a long time, and wasn't even willing to move his gaze away. Her snow-white delicately small nose moved slightly to accompany her breathing as a small pool of saliva also hung on the corner of her pink and tender lips. She had also unconsciously held the tip of her right hand’s index finger between her slightly opened lips. Her sleeping posture was no different than that of an ordinary girl’s…. It should be said, that she was still a little girl to begin with.

However, that excessively curled up body, clearly revealed that she had an even less sense of security than an ordinary girl.

Gently, Yun Che pulled up the blanket that was unfolded, and covered it on top of Jasmine’s body.

As if she felt the feeling of the blanket on top of her body, Jasmine’s eyes slightly quivered, and then little by little, her hazy eyes opened.

Yun Che’s hand stopped in midair, and formed a somewhat awkward smile as he thought about what to say, but then saw that Jasmine’s eyes had become more and more blurry. Slowly, a thin layer of mist was actually cast upon them.

“Elder…. Brother….”

Her gaze penetrated through the mist, and looked at Yun Che mindlessly. From her mouth, a dreamlike murmur sounded.

“....” Yun Che opened his mouth. Even though Jasmine’s eyes were open, she was evidently not fully awake, and even regarded him as someone from her dream.

Elder brother? Did she dream of her dead elder brother?

A petite snow-white hand extended out and gently grabbed the center of his hand. Jasmine looked at him blankly, as a trace of heartbreaking sorrow hid behind her voice: “Elder Brother… You came into Jasmine’s dream again… To see Jasmine?…..”

Yun Che kept his entire body still and for a while, didn’t know whether or not he should speak. At this time, he saw that the mist in Jasmine’s eyes had finally condensed into a teardrop, and slowly slid down from her white and spotless face…. At the same time, her hazy and blurry gaze started to become clear, little by little.

A surge of strong energy came from his hand and pushed him, making him fall on his butt. Jasmine had already stood up, and a pair of charming eyes brimmed with the icy aloofness that Yun Che was familiar with. Only that droplet of tear seemed to have escaped its owner’s awareness and still hung on her pink and tender cheeks: “What are you doing in here!”

“To give you a blanket, of course.” Yun Che stood up and raised the blanket in his hand. He then said while smiling: “But I seemed to have interrupted your sweet dreams…. Uhm, in these few days, I’ll prepare a comfiest princess bed for you. I actually had always overlooked this matter.”

“No need.” Refused Jasmine.

“This is absolutely necessary. I also often slept on the ground, and understand how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the floor. I’m a rich person now, I can at least afford a comfortable bed.” Yun Che said with a proud face as he waved the purple gold card he had taken out from who knows where.

Jasmine didn’t continue to pursue this matter. It was unknown whether it was a silent affirmation or she if she just didn’t care. Her petite face tensed as she asked in an icy tone: “What exactly did you come in here for? It can’t be as simple as delivering a blanket to this princess, is it?”

“Uh, there indeed is another matter.” Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes: “You were sleeping earlier, so you shouldn’t know this yet; but as expected, Xiao Sect came to find me, and even brought me ‘big’ message… Since Xiao Sect has come here to trouble me, it would be impolite for me to not return them anything; I’ll naturally have to send them a huge present back!”

“What are you planning to do?”

“It’s very simple.” Yun Che made a mysterious smile. He opened his palm; in his palm, there rested the Nascent Profound Core he obtained from Lan Xueruo, along with the Emperor Profound Dragon Core from the Flame Dragon: “This method, is only doable with the Sky Poison Pearl. To ensure perfection, it’s best to do so from the inside of the Sky Poison Pearl. After it’s completion…. It’ll be absolutely flawless!!”


The time slowly approached midnight.

New Moon Profound Palace’s main gate were destroyed, so there were a few more disciples on night duty. At this time, the people who entered and exited the New Moon Profound Palace were very few in number.

At this moment, a Profound Palace disciple in a black attire walked toward the Profound Palace gates while yawning, and arbitrarily greeted them as he came close: “Senior Brother Zhan, Junior Brother Fang, you’ve worked hard on night duty.”

“Yo! Junior Brother Li, where are you going in the middle of the night?” Yelled the one named Senior Brother Zhan.

“Mm, going out to buy something.”

“Going out to buy something in the middle of the night? Hehe, we’re all men here, you don’t need to hide it.” Another person slyly laughed.

The disciples on night duty instantly broke out in laughter, and another person said in a quiet voice: “In the first place, beautiful girls are few in numbers inside this Profound Palace. It’s hard for a young man to restrain his hunger and thirst while guarding his room alone in the middle of the night, so it’s perfectly understandable to look for some fun outside. If Junior Brother Li is going to ‘buy things’ at the Floating Flower House, remember to mention my name; you may even get a twenty percent discount!”

“Screw you guys! You’re not allowed to tell others that I’m going out tonight!”

“Understood, we all understand!”

Within the understanding men’s eyes and laughter, “Junior Brother Li” swaggered out of New Moon Profound Palace. Just as he left, a few stealthy eyes quickly swept across his body a few times before withdrawing.

There were already very few pedestrians on the streets of New Moon City and most of the shops were already closed. “Junior Brother Li” walked toward the south while humming a cliche tune that he heard from who knows where, and was quickly submerged inside the darkness of the night. After another short while, a middle-aged man who wore a black cloak and a bamboo hat that covered his cold and stern face, walked out from the darkness and heavily beelined toward the direction of the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

The Black Moon Merchant Guild was opened twenty four hours a day, and was not even closed during the night. In order to prevent accidents, some owners of precious items often chose to do business with the Black Moon Merchant Guild in the dead of night.

This was Yun Che’s second time entering the Black Moon Merchant Guild, and his disguise was the same one he had used during his first. Similarly, the store also did not have any other customers, and only had a thirty something year old man who stood behind the sales counter. Not only that, it seemed that it was the same clerk he had seen from before.

Hearing the sound of entering footsteps, the clerk did not even look up as he lifelessly said with a blank expression: “Buying or selling.”

“Tell your manager to come out.” Yun Che said in an ice-cold, harsh voice.

The clerk lifted his head and was just about to say something, until he all of a suddenly clearly saw the attire and face of the middle-aged man in front of him. After being stupified for a brief moment, his entire person bounced up from his seat like a spring, and spoke in a flustered tone: “Est…. Esteemed Customer, please wait a moment! This little one will immediately call out the manager.”

After speaking, the clerk panickly ran upstairs.

Not wanting for Yun Che to wait too long, Pu He simultaneously straightened his clothes as he hurriedly came down. When he saw Yun Che, his complexion tightened, and then hurriedly approached. Along the way, he greeted him: “So it’s actually Esteemed Customer. This Pu had recently just fallen asleep and had made Esteemed Customer wait in vain for so long; that is indeed not a light offense. I don’t know why our Esteemed Customers has arrived so late at night. Is there something this small store can possibly do for you?”

“I need you to do me a favor.” Yun Che stretched out his left hand, and spread it before Pu He’s eyes. As soon as Pu He’s gaze lowered onto his palm, a crimson colored profound core suddenly appeared out of thin air: “I want you to buy this Emperor Profound Dragon Core!”

As he saw the profound core that had emerged out of nowhere in Yun Che’s hand, Pu He’s entire body trembled, and even his teeth almost could not help but tremble as well.

He saw very clearly that Yun Che was not wearing a spatial ring. That profound core from just now, indeed emerged out of thin air. And in this situation, there was only one possibility…. He had heard that when one’s profound strength reached the Sovereign Profound Realm, one could use their profound energy to open up their own little space; so there simply was no need for any spatial rings. Things could be stored in their own little space, and they would never have to worry about it being stolen.

The Profound Core taken out by this man in front of him just a moment ago, had clearly appeared from nowhere!

Could it be that this person’s cultivation was already…. already….

Sovereign Profound Realm! This world-class level of existence was only seen in the Sanctuary and the Ocean Palace. Could it be, that this monstrous person actually came from those places? If one were in that realm, wanting to annihilate all of Blue Wind Empire could be said to be as effortless as blowing off dust!

Pu He was definitely not a timid person; on the contrary, he had lived through countless hardships, and gained an extensive amount of experiences. But when faced with a world-class expert who was probably at the Sovereign Profound Realm, even if his state of mind was ten times as strong as it was now, it was still impossible to keep calm; for even his speech was affected: “E-E-Esteemed Customer! It’s not because Pu He doesn’t want to buy this Emperor Profound Dragon Core, but that this Emperor Profound Dragon Core is just a priceless treasure that I would not even dare to dream of buying. This small store is only a tiny branch of the Black Moon Merchant Guild’s, so I truly do not have enough money to put forth.”

“I only need fifty thousand purple profound coins.” Yun Che coldly said as he slapped the Emperor Profound Dragon Core on the counter.

“W…. Whaa!? Fifty thousand purple profound coins?” Pu He’s eyes widened as his lip quivered. He almost thought that there was something wrong with his ears.

Fifty thousand purple profound coins was undoubtedly an astronomical number. This was an entire five hundred million yellow profound coins! It was enough to support a wealthy household for more than a dozen of lifetimes! But this price was barely enough to buy a low leveled Sky Profound Core; as for an Emperor Profound Core, forget about fifty thousand purple profound coins, even five hundred thousand purple profound coins was essentially not enough to buy it!

In all of New Moon City, items that could be sold for fifty thousand purple profound coins were pitifully few in number. But selling this Emperor Profound Dragon Core for fifty thousand purple profound coins… was simply the same as giving away money!

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