Chapter 86 - Unrivaled Genius Doctor

Against the Gods

Chapter 86 - Unrivaled Genius Doctor

“Fifty thousand purple profound coins, you didn’t mishear. Are you buying or not?” Yun Che said with an expressionless face. His voice, carried a heavy pressure.

“This…… this…… this….”

When Pu He previously said that he still wouldn’t be able to afford this Emperor Profound Dragon Core, even if he sold off this Black Moon Merchant Guild’s branch guild, he wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest. Even if he was given ten times the courage, he still wouldn’t dare take advantage of this frightening middle aged man. But right now, he actually wanted to sell this Emperor Profound Dragon Core for fifty thousand purple profound coins…… Pu He was even more unwilling to dare buy it. Because it was just too cheap; it was cheap to the point where he wasn’t bold enough to buy it. But at the same time, he wasn’t bold enough to refuse a person who was able to “open” a dimensional rift. As a result, in the face of this huge bargain, his head was full of sweat. Both his hands trembled as he timidly cowered for a long time and was unable to say a single word.

“Humph! I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’m giving you an enormous bargain.” Yun Che coldly said: “Give me the fifty thousand purple profound coins and this Emperor Profound Dragon Core will be entrusted to you. However, it will not belong to you; moreover, you can't let anyone know that you have this core in your possession. Afterwards, within ten days, you must sell it to the Xiao Sect branch in New Moon City! As for how much money you can sell it for, that depends on your own ability! I believe this time’s difference in price, is enough to equal several years of this small branch’s income!”

“Previously, you generously gave me a Smoky Red Fairy Dress, and I don’t want to owe anyone anything. This can be considered a reciprocation. After that, there will be no relation between us, and we won’t owe each other anything!”

These words, made Pu He’s heart beat violently; particularly the last couple of words, which at the same time, incomparably excited him, and removed most of the worry in his heart. Replacing it, was a feeling of joy and inspiration so overwhelming that it was indescribable. If Yun Che didn’t have a reason and wanted to sell this Emperor Profound Dragon Core for a price of fifty thousand purple profound coins, he definitely wouldn’t dare to buy it; but if there was reason, this was an entirely different story. Besides, this wasn’t merely a sale, it was using this place as a “middleman”; he, Pu He had no power to refuse.

The last few words, was like giving him half a tranquilizer…… To be able to open a dimensional rift, what kind of character was that! These figures naturally possess extreme dignity and arrogance, so how were they willing to owe people favors? Even if it was an extremely small favor. Even less needed to be said if it was an insignificant person’s favor!

As for the free gift of an expensive Smoky Red Fairy Dress worth five hundred purple profound coins, this could be considered a huge favor.

At that time, Pu He observed his words and gestures, and perceived that he might not be able to afford the Smoky Red Fairy Dress. As a result, he endured the pain of giving it away for free to Yun Che, so he could earn a favor… Unexpectedly, he returned it so quickly, and the bargain he earned was so great!

Pu He reached out with his trembling hands to grasp that small Emperor Profound Dragon Core. As soon as it reached his hands, he completely believed that this was indeed the core from last time, and it was definitely not a fake. The odor of the Emperor Profound Core, which was also the odor of a dragon core, was basically impossible to imitate and fake. He cautiously said: “This small shop would naturally be honored to have the privilege of serving esteemed customer. Only….. only, could esteemed customer divulge a little, as to why you want to sell it via this small shop, to Xiao Sect? If esteemed customer wishes to give a present to Xiao Sect, wouldn’t it be better to give it in person? If it is just a simple sale, this price of fifty thousand purple profound coins is simply way too low….. Esteemed customer must not be angry. This Pu knows that asking such a question is somewhat impolite, but this Emperor Profound Dragon Core is simply too precious. If my heart cannot feel even the slightest bit of ease, I simply would not be able to rest or eat in peace.”

Yun Che didn’t reveal an angry expression and replied with a cold face: “A few years ago in New Moon City, I unintentionally received a favor from Xiao Sect. I intend to leave New Moon City tonight, and would probably not return in the future. I don’t want to owe anything, and this profound core is useless to me, so I’ll just give it to them. But that small kindness during that time, is not worth this Emperor Profound Dragon Core, so thus, exchanging it for some coins and then giving it to them, just happens to also clear the score between you and me.”

“So it’s like that.” This explanation was very reasonable. Pu He’s heart sighed a long breath of relief and at the same time, blushed with shame….. A magnificent Emperor Profound Dragon Core had been called a “useless” object from his mouth. Which means that at his level, a mere Emperor Profound Core was honestly no different than any thing of lower quality.

“But, the price at which it’s going to be sold to Xiao Sect, can it really be decided by this small shop?” Pu He cautiously asked.

“It shall be up to you. But it has to be at a price that they’re able to afford!”

“This is only natural, this is only natural.” Pu He quickly nodded and his heart moved so fast that a spark almost bursted from within. He roughly knew how large Xiao Sect’s family fortune was; from this transaction, he would definitely be able to earn a basinful of profit! Enough to equal ten years of this entire branch’s income!

As Yun Che watched Pu He, his gaze became as overcast as stagnant water: “I’ll think of a way to drop hints to Xiao Sect before leaving the city. A few days later, they’ll naturally come to buy it! Before that, you must not leak even the slightest bit of news about this Emperor Profound Dragon Core. When Xiao Sect comes to buy it, you also, definitely can’t reveal any sort of abnormality. Furthermore, you must not let them discover any trace of anything that shouldn’t be discovered. I believe that since you’ve been working in the Black Moon Merchant Guild for so many years, you should understand better than I, about what you should do.”

“If you dare to pocket this Emperor Profound Core, or if some mishap was to happen……” Yun Che’s eyes darkened, and an ice-cold murderous aura was momentarily emitted.

Pu He’s entire body went cold, as if he had suddenly been dropped into a freezing hell. His entire body started to shiver uncontrollably as he promptly panicked to open his mouth and shout: “No, no, no, no way! That definitely won’t happen! Even if I had guts as big as the sky, it is still absolutely impossible that I would dare to pocket esteemed customer’s belongings. This time, esteemed customer has given us a huge favor. This small shop will naturally and flawlessly, follow esteemed customer’s instructions. In the thousand year legacy of my Black Moon Merchant Guild, we have always been fair and impartial, and would never cheat a customer. If there happens to be any mishaps, forget about esteemed customer, even the main branch would definitely not let us off lightly. Esteemed customer, please feel a hundred more times at ease.”

After Pu He finished speaking, his entire body was drenched in cold sweat and his legs also uncontrollably trembled, to the point of being unable to stand steady. The sinister killing intent, on top of the reverence of facing someone strong enough to be able to “break open a dimensional rift”, almost scared the shit out of this person who experienced half a life’s worth of hardships.

“Do you have any beds for girls in this place?” Yun Che suddenly asked, as he retracted his murderous aura.

In response to the question about the bed, it took Pu He a full three seconds to make a turnaround as he hurriedly nodded his head: “Yes! Yes!”

F*ck! They even have this!

Yun Che spoke without thinking, and unexpectedly, this Pu He seriously nodded his head…. This motherf*cker! Does this Black Moon Merchant Guild have anything that it doesn’t sell?

“Three streets over, there’s a shop that specializes in making all kinds of expensive furniture. They previously sent over a White Jade Princess Bed to this small shop to put on auction, but because the minimum price was too high, it was unable to be sold, and this small shop was preparing to send it back. Only, I don’t know whether or not it would meet esteemed customer’s satisfaction.”

Pu He took a few steps back, and took out a cyan-colored spatial ring. The spatial ring’s various ranks corresponded to its colors. The most common was silver colored, which only had about a cubic meter of space. Next were yellow colored rings, which had about three to five cubic meters of space. The cyan colored rings, however, had ten cubic meters of space, and could accommodate “huge objects” smaller than ten cubic meters, but its price was also incomparably expensive. In all of New Moon City, people who could afford to use this cyan colored spatial ring, could be counted using a single hand.

With an excessive amount of work, Pu He finally managed to take out the “white jade bed” he had talked about from within the spatial ring.

This bed was extremely big and wide. It was enough to fit three fully grown people without a problem. The entire bed frame was made of white jade, the four bedposts were completely embedded with silver colored phoenixes, and on top of the post were four bowl-sized precious luminescent night pearls; it was extravagant to the extreme. But the bed curtain that was made of slightly pink-colored thin veil and lace, and the few hundreds of light pink star crystals that hung from above, proved that this was indeed a bed made for a girl. Soft mattress and bed sheet were already laid out on the bed, and even a blanket was prepared. No matter the bed sheets or bedding, they were all pure white and faintly brimmed with a white jade’s luster, which clearly was made from the highest quality of silk.

Yun Che looked at it until he was stupefied; because even in his two lives, seeing such a luxurious bed was still a first.

“This bed was made from the finest jade from the Cloud Mountain. Even the star shaped crystals that hang from the bed curtains were made from the extremely expensive and rarely seen Star Jade; when a girl lies on top of it, it can help nourish the body, calm the heart, ward off evil spirits, and drive away illnesses. The mattress was also made from the finest heavenly silk; an inch of it would be worth a thousand gold. Even when compared to the bed of the Imperial Family’s princess, it is definitely not inferior. At the time of the auction, six hundred purple profound coins as the starting price was not excessive in the slightest. But this New Moon City is, in the end, too small; even if one’s family fortune was immense, there was still nobody willing to spend so much money for their daughters. In the end, it failed to be sold. But if it catches Esteemed customer’s eye, then that could be considered as its extremely good fortune.”

Yun Che reached out his hand to stroking the bed, and at the same time, asked in his mind: “Jasmine, do you want this bed? The feeling of sleeping on this bed and sleeping on the floor, is completely different.”

“.... Buying it or not is your business! This princess doesn’t care, hmph!!”

The tsundere answer made the corners of Yun Che’s mouth slightly draw back. He then clapped his hands together, and said: “This bed, I’ll take it!”

After he finished speaking, he lightly touched the top of the bed with his palm, and instantly retrieved the bed into the Sky Poison Pearl.

This scene, made Pu He’s throat utter forth a *gulp* sound with difficulty.

“Fifty thousand purple profound coins. Deduct this bed’s money and hand it over.” Yun Che looked at Pu He with side of his eyes.

Pu He hastily nodded. He turned around and fumbled for a long time until he took out a card that glimmered with purple light. He brought it out in front of Yun Che with both hands: “There are fifty thousand purple profound coins on this card. Would esteemed customer please look over it….. This White Jade Princess Bed will be considered as returning the huge favor esteemed customer had granted this little shop. I wish that you will kindly accept it.”

Yun Che also stopped being finicky, and reached out his hand to receive it. He glanced at the numbers inside, and then put it away.

“Esteemed customer, your daughter is truly fortunate to have such a considerate father like you.” Pu He said with a respectful smile as he bent his body.

Yun Che no longer spoke as he aloofly turned around and left the Black Moon Merchant Guild. Pu He was left behind, trembling with excitement as he held the Emperor Profound Dragon Core that glimmered with red light..

After leaving the Black Moon Merchant Guild, Yun Che didn’t return to New Moon Profound Palace, but instead, headed straight for the southern part of the city. Soon enough, his silhouette very quickly, submerged into the darkness of the night.


The next day, the sky had just hazily brightened, yet the streets were already full of people. An unfamiliar face appeared on a certain street in the southern part of the city. This person looked to be forty or fifty years old. He was slim and wore a plain robe, white hat, and his black hair was long enough to reach his chest. His face could be considered to be gentle and elegant and he even had a little sage-like air about him.

He carried a medicine box in his left hand, while raising a huge banner with his right. Written on the banner were a few large crooked words.

“Unrivaled genius doctor, no disease unable to cure.”

“If unable to cure, cut off own JJ.”

(TL: JJ is Chinese slang for d.)

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