Chapter 881 - The Girl in the Abyss (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 881 - The Girl in the Abyss (1)

Why would there be devil energy here?

If it were someone else, they would only treat this as a yin aura that naturally occurred at the bottom of the deep abyss. However, Yun Che had fought Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian, as well as interacted with an actual devil within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest before. In one instant, he could tell that this aura was the same type of aura as the devil aura on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!

However, this devilish aura was exceptionally weak… at least based on Yun Che’s senses, if one was not paying attention, there was a possibility that it would not be detected.

As Yun Che was feeling extremely anxious, although he wondered for a short moment, he did not take it to heart too much and continued descending at maximum speed.

Usually, he was an exceptionally cautious person. When searching an extremely dangerous region, he would definitely take each step with caution. However, today, facing Azure Cloud Continent’s most frightening “Death God’s Graveyard,” he had instead “rushed to his death” without a care.

The sound of wind became ever more eerie. He had already descended for quite some time. Based on his estimate, he had already fallen for more than thirty thousand kilometers yet there were no signs of it coming to an end. His heart contracted more and more tightly. Su Ling’er’s profound strength was only in the Spirit Profound Realm so there was no need to talk about flying as even her ability to float in the air was exceptionally weak.

Falling from three kilometers would be certain death, let alone thirty kilometers.

However, the soul crystal he held in his hand remained whole and warm all the while.

Both of Yun Che’s hands clenched slightly tighter as he tried to rid his brain of all other useless thoughts. To him right now, just knowing that Su Ling’er was still alive would be sufficient… No matter what was below, no matter what happened to Su Ling’er, this time, this lifetime, he would definitely not let go again!

Not just an unknown deep and dark abyss, even if he knew it was hell, he would jump down without any hesitation.

When he jumped down Cloud’s End Cliff for the first time, he had lost his consciousness in the progress while he descended. He did not know where he landed or how long he fell. Only this time did he know how frightening the deep abyss below Cloud’s End Cliff was.

After falling for another several kilometers, he still had not reached the bottom of the abyss. However, Yun Che’s body had unknowingly passed through a “checkpoint” at this time and entered into a different world.

Instantly, Yun Che’s body felt extremely cold. A strong and extremely dense cold aura started attacking from the surroundings, attacking his entire body and his profound veins. At the same time, he felt a strong attraction force coming from below. It was as though there were countless unseen hands of darkness pulling him violently.

He instantly gathered his strength and tried to resist but the strength of the pulling force was too extreme. His profound strength seemed like a speck of dust in front of this force and he could not even gather one bit of resistance as he was violently swung downward.



With a painful cry, like a stone that had been thrown with great strength, Yun Che fell head first and descended for some thousands of kilometers before eventually smashing heavily into an exceptionally tough object. Pain shot through his entire body turning it numb as he collapsed down there. After some time, he finally managed to struggle and sit up.

Yun Che pressed one hand onto his head while the other hand pressed onto the floor. Finally, he reacted. Below him was hard ground, which meant that this was the bottom of the abyss!!

The surface that the palm came in contact with was cold yet tough… the feeling it gave him was that this was even tougher than the toughest profound steel that he had ever seen within the Profound Sky Continent.

Just as Yun Che wanted to stand up, when his arm tried to support his body, he sat down heavily once again. His mouth opened widely and he nearly had to use all of his strength before he managed to breathe once. He felt suffocated, as though an extremely heavy steel plate was compressing his chest. His brain felt dizzy and his mind was so fuzzy that he felt as though his spirit was leaving him.

The remaining clear-headedness in his brain told him that this was the devouring power which originated from a dark devil aura!

Devouring one’s life force and soul!!

When he initially entered the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, he had already felt this type of feeling. Now, his profound strength was far superior to that time but it was several dozen times more times unbearable. Only several breaths of time and he felt as though he had lost half his life.

Because the dark devilish aura was even more dense than the frightening one at the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest… and it was numerous times stronger!

Furthermore, this type of dark devilish aura not only devoured the life force and soul, it also suppressed profound energy. If not for his Heretic God’s Profound Veins that were not suppressed, he wouldn’t have the chance to come up with any resistance at all.

“Devil energy… why… is there… such a frightening… devil energy…”

Yun Che let out a groan but he nearly could not hear his own voice. He shook his head with strength and struggled to maintain consciousness before he wriggled himself into an upright sitting position. He quickly calmed his mind and used the Great Way of the Buddha. It started slowly before turning faster and faster. Fifty four profound entrances and all the pores in his body were opened and strands of heaven and earth’s energy entered his body like a refreshing stream, turning into his strength and life force.

Above Yun Che’s head, a pale golden mini pagoda appeared hazily and began to spin slowly.

In this world of darkness that was frightening beyond imagination, his life force and soul were being devoured quickly. However, at the same time, the Great Way of the Buddha was also swiftly replenishing his life force and soul by taking the denser than normal heaven and earth’s energy from the extremely dense dark world… Gradually, as the mini golden pagoda spun noiselessly, the devouring and recovery finally reached an unique equilibrium.

Just like that time within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, except that it took much longer this time.


Yun Che opened his eyes and let out a long breath of stale air. His gaze and consciousness finally returned to normal but he did not feel one bit of joy within him. Instead, his heart sank even more.

Darkness devil aura that was at least ten times more dense than the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest… This was a world so frightening that no normal person could imagine what it was like. Not just normal people, even those as strong as the Little Demon Empress or Feng Xue’er, if they were to fall into this world, they would undoubtedly lose their lives within fifteen minutes.

He possessed the Heretic God’s profound veins and Rage God’s strength. The former resisted the suppression of profound strength while the later maintained his vitality and soul force. That was the only reason why he could stay in this world for so long… and it was only him that could do such a thing in this world.

If Su Ling’er were to fall into this world, even if she did not fall to her death, she would definitely not be able to survive in such a world.

Being only in the Spirit Profound Realm would be instant death in such a world.

However, why...

Yun Che opened his palm, the soul crystal that had been held firmly by him all this while was still shining with a faint purple glow.

The soul crystal has not shattered, which meant that its owner was still alive.

However, Su Ling’er had jumped down Cloud’s End Cliff before him and would have descended into the same world. With her physique and profound strength, there was no chance of her survival...

Just what had happened?

Could it be… that this was not Su Ling’er soul crystal?

It couldn’t! It definitely couldn’t… Yun Che shook his head hard to reject the idea… This was handed to him personally by Su Hengshan and he had held it tightly with him for dozens of days when he was in jail. It could not be wrong!

It definitely couldn’t be!

Ling’er must be safe, it’s just that I haven’t found her yet.

Yun Che stood up, the Golden Crow flames on his body burned strongly but barely illuminated a fifteen meters radius around Yun Che in the extreme darkness.

Beneath his feet, the floor was flat with an occasional bump here and there. The entire area was black and did not contain any other color. Not far away, at the sides, the mountain side along which he descended could be seen. He tilted his head and looked down, recalling the attractive force which he could not resist. His heart tightened and he jumped up with all his strength, flying into the air.

He continued flying for several hundred meters but there was still no change.

However, just as he was about three kilometers off the ground, the extremely frightening attractive force suddenly gripped him from thin air. Yun Che was prepared and immediately opened the Purgatory gate. The surge in profound energy brought his body up with full strength...

However, the strength of his full power seemed like a piece of leaf within a huge wave, under the effects of the attractive force and instantly… Simply instantly, he was flung violently down to the ground just like before.


With a loud noise, Yun Che was smashed to the ground and even somersaulted a few times. His entire body nearly fell apart and the flames on his body extinguished. However, the ground remained perfectly fine and there was not one bit of damage on it.


Yun Che grimaced in pain. As he looked up into the dark sky, his heart heavily sank.

Now, Yun Che already understood why if someone fell down Cloud’s End Cliff, there would be no return. It was certain death. This exceptionally frightening darkness devil aura was something that the profound practitioners of this world could not resist. Even if they were so strong that they could resist it temporarily, with such a frightening attractive force, there was essentially no escape.

This also meant that anyone who came into contact with the dark world within the deep abyss would instantly be attracted in. There was no chance of any struggle, let alone escaping.

This was also why… Jasmine warned him to never ever try and explore the world below Cloud’s End Cliff.

Yun Che did not attempt to challenge that frightening attractive force because no matter how hard a leaf struggled, it would never be able to overcome the huge wave. He lifted up his hand and looked sternly at the soul crystal that was shining purple… In such a world, how could Ling’er possibly be alive… Once she came into contact with this world, in less than a breath of time, she would be completely devoured by the darkness leaving no trace behind...

How could she still be alive…

Could it be that Su Hengshan really had mixed up the soul crystals?

That’s not right… I cannot think this way… How could I possible think this way… Yun Che shook his head miserably, closed his palm and held the soul crystal tightly… I need to believe this soul crystal, I need to believe in Ling’er… and I need to believe in miracles! Ling’er, whom I have already lost once, could appear yet again in my life… What reason do I have to not believe that she could be safely alive still!?

With his head filled with thoughts that Su Ling’er must still be alive, Yun Che stood up once again and ignited his Golden Crow flames. He took each step slowly, searching in the darkness of this creepy world. Even after walking for sometime, the scene that he saw remained the same… Eerie, dark, empty and lonely.

This was simply like an empty world of death. Other than darkness and exceptionally strong devil aura, there was nothing else.

“Ling’er! Ling… Er!!!”

Yun Che started to shout loudly, hoping for the appearance of a miracle. His shouts did not transmit too far in the deep darkness. As he carefully went forward hoping to find something, he started to focus his profound energy on shouting.


“It’s Yun Che! Where are you… I know you’re here!!”

He proceeded forward step by step and shouted continuously. In the extreme darkness of the world, the light from the flames on his body seemed exceptionally eye catching.

In the darkness, he did not know how far he had walked. He had already shouted more than a thousand times but each time, the reply he got was still darkness and silence.

Finally, Yun Che stopped… subconsciously, he already knew that Su Ling’er could not survive in this world. Within this entire plane, other than him, there was no one nor any living being that could survive in this world.

However, he dared not and was unwilling to accept this cruel truth. He struggled internally to believe that this was definitely Su Ling’er’s soul crystal and struggled to chase after the slim chance of a miracle occuring...

He looked up. All he could see was just pure darkness. His heart sank so much that he felt like his chest was exploding. His entire body shuddered as he sucked in a huge breath of air and let out a scream with all his might:

The air vibrated and the shout passed through the darkness, travelling a long distance.


At this time, a long distance away, there was suddenly a dull roar.

This roar came from extremely far away, possibly thousands of kilometers away. However, Yun Che’s body was stunned, he temporarily lost his hearing, his chest felt as though it had been smashed by a huge hammer, his organs trembled and a mouthful of blood back flowed through his throat.

This… this was?!

Yun Che retreated several steps before he managed to stabilize himself as his heart was completely shocked… this sound was obviously the cry of a beast!

In this place… there were actually living profound beasts?

In such a world, there were actually living profound beasts?!

Simply having living beings surviving here was enough to shock Yun Che but what shocked him the most was that just the roar of a profound beast from such a distance away was enough to cause him to suffer internal injuries.

It was as though a level eight Monarch had struck him on the chest while he was defenseless.

What kind of frightening strength and what kind of frightening being was that!?

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