Chapter 882 - The Girl in the Abyss (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 882 - The Girl in the Abyss (2)





After that terrifying roar, large numbers of roars resounded from much further away, one after another. In an instant, the previously dead silent, dark world began to slightly tremble and even space itself was faintly shaking. Yun Che quickly channeled his profound energy to resist but his entire body was still numbed by the shock wave from the overbearingly horrifying roar, sending his mind into a daze.

There were living creatures in this place and not only was there more than one, they existed in large numbers!?

After the heaven-shaking roars, Yun Che began to feel the earth trembling. The dark ferocious beasts faraway were evidently quickly approaching… And their speed was incomparably fast.

Though Yun Che really wished to personally witness just what kind of monster could actually survive in this dark world, the strength of a monster that could injure him with just the shockwave from its faraway roar was basically not something that he could retaliate against… No, it had already completely surpassed his range of knowledge and imagination by countless times.

It was possible that it might not be that much weaker than Jasmine herself.

With a monster like that, if he entered its attack range, he basically would not have any possibility of surviving… With his strength, in the face of such a monster, he might not even be able to struggle for a mere instant.

Yun Che hurriedly calmed his energy and blood. Not hesitating any further, he fled in the opposite direction at his fastest speed.

The Extreme Mirage Lightning Yun Che executed with all his might, could be said to be speed at the extreme limits of this plane. However, the beast roars behind him were clearly getting closer and their immensely loud footsteps, that were capable of moving mountains, were becoming even more startling to the ears as well.

The monster behind him not only possessed power, its speed was something he had never seen before either.

Just what in the world is that thing!?

What is going on with the world in this deep abyss?

Why does such a place exist in the Azure Cloud Continent!?

Yun Che’s inner heart was filled with the same doubts as Jasmine had back then.

Presently, he was beginning to understand why Jasmine had warned him with an especially stern tone, to never investigate the world beneath Cloud’s End Cliff.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The sounds of the footsteps of the monster behind him drew closer and finally, every step it took was as if it was stepping on his heart itself, greatly messing up the rhythm of his heartbeat, making his entire body feel incomparably uncomfortable.

It was extremely rare for foreign bodies to enter the world within this deep abyss and since Yun Che was found to be a completely foreign entity, naturally, he would attract the dark ferocious beasts here and be wildly chased by them.

The pressure coming from behind continued to grow and accompanying it was an unprecedented sense of danger. Though Yun Che had been resisting it with all his might, streaks of blood still began to trickle down from the corner of his lips.

Yun Che glanced behind him. What entered his eyes was still plain darkness and not even the monster’s huge silhouette could be seen.

Yun Che forcefully wiped the corner of his lips, his complexion gradually darkened… This can’t do. If this keeps up, it will be certain death. Just what should I do?

Turning back was just seeking death, he would be immediately caught by moving forward and going up was even more impossible...

It seemed like he had to first leave this place immediately. No matter how, it was impossible for Ling’er to be in this place.

Yun Che did not hesitate any further. He immediately summoned the Primordial Profound Ark and directly jumped a vertical distance of forty-five kilometers.

Although he was unable to resist against the strange attractive force of this dark world, he could still directly escape by jumping through space with the Primordial Profound Ark. Going up a height of forty-five kilometers was the distance he estimated that could allow him to return to the edge of Cloud’s End Cliff.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and then disappeared amidst the ripples in space… However, the layers of spatial ripples were a little frail and they disappeared immediately after.

The Primordial Profound Ark’s jump was complete. Yun Che left the Primordial Profound Ark and arrived at the outside world… Then, he instantly blanked.

The place he was in, was still the incomparably dark world and his surroundings were filled with an extremely dense amount of dark devil energy. Beneath his feet, it was still that incomprehensibly firm dark ground.

“What’s going on?” Yun Che repeatedly confirmed his surroundings, the haze in his heart instantly grew several times heavier.

The approaching terrifying roars had disappeared and his surroundings were dead silent. This proved that he had indeed left the place he was previously at, as he was completely unable to hear the roars of those dark monsters. At the very least, he had traveled several hundred or even several thousand kilometers. However, he had clearly steered the Primordial Profound Ark to jump upwards and it was not even a distance of sixty kilometers. However, his vertical position evidently had not undergone any change!

“...” Yun Che heavily frowned. Not giving up, he once again summoned the Primordial Profound Ark. This time however, the jump coordinates he directed, was a vertical jump of exactly sixty kilometers.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and disappeared, completing its second spatial jump.

Leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, Yun Che’s feet directly stepped onto the cold hard ground and the terrifying dark devil energy, like the breath of a fiend, blew straight towards his face.

The two consecutive vertical spatial jumps, both ended in failure! Furthermore, there was not a single change in his vertical position during these two times, though an uncertain degree of offset had appeared in his horizontal coordinates.

Yun Che’s mood quickly sank… He suddenly recalled Jasmine had once described to him the spatial laws. The spaces in different worlds and different planes were different and like other elements, they were ranked from high to low. The realm of the spatial laws in the Profound Sky Continent was very low, enabling one to tear through it and undergo spatial jumps rather easily. However, in a world which possessed a high realm of spatial laws, tearing space and undergoing spatial jumps were much more difficult.

Jasmine had also once mentioned that the realm of power of the Primordial Profound Ark itself was extremely high, however, with only the Jade of the Nine Suns as its sole energy source, it was basically impossible to unleash its full strength. It could make whimsical jumps in a world like the Profound Sky Continent but within a high level space, the trajectory of the jump could be really easily twisted, which might even make short distance jumps impossible.

These two completely failed spatial jumps had undoubtedly proven to Yun Che that the spatial laws of this dark world were far from being comparable to the world outside.

Very evidently, the jump trajectory of the Primordial Profound Ark was being severely twisted in this world!

However, if he was unable to rely on the Primordial Profound Ark to leave this place, then… would that not mean that he had no choice but to be trapped here for all eternity!?

Yun Che’s expression changed. He opened his hand and on his palm, was still that complete soul crystal, emitting a warm purple glow.

No, I must find a way to leave this place!

I have not gotten to see Ling’er and I have yet to pull Xuanyuan Wentian down to purgatory along with me!

I can die but I can’t die for naught!

Though I can no longer leave by going up, there might be other exits somewhere.

Yun Che knew in his heart that this possibility was basically close to non-existent, however, since he was still alive, there was no reason for him not to search and try.

Presently, he was completely unaware of where he was in this dark world and he was unable to discern the direction he was facing either. He could only randomly choose a direction and walk forward with heavy steps.

Though this place was covered in absolute darkness, with Yun Che’s eyesight that transcended the realm of humans, he could still caught a few blurry silhouettes in the darkness after gradually adapting to it. After walking for a good while, he ignited the Golden Crow flames, brightening up the surrounding space.


Not too long after the Golden Crow flames started burning, a heavy breathing sound suddenly came from behind Yun Che… And after this breathing sound, was a sudden explosive roar.


This roar was different from the ferocious beast that was chasing after him earlier, however, it was similarly terrifying beyond compare. Yun Che’s body trembled immensely, his vision instantly darkened and he was so close to spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The previously silent and dark world, was suddenly enveloped by an evil air that could shroud the heavens and the roaring dark ferocious beast stood up from its silence. Amidst the loud resounding roar that could shake the sky and earth, it pounced towards Yun Che’s location.

“!!!” Yun Che did not even think, as he fiercely raised his energy and fled forward with his fastest speed.

“Aoouu!! Ouu!!”

With a devil god-like imposing aura and an extremely terrifying roar, the ferocious beast behind him seemed to have gone completely enraged, as if it wanted to annihilate Yun Che at all costs.

Yun Che gnashed his teeth as he constantly looked back. Every time he looked back, he could sense that it had gotten closer to him by a certain extent. Though its speed was inferior compared to the one that had chased him previously, it was still at a level where he could not escape from it with his speed alone.

Could it be that all the monsters here do not have the least bit of reason and only know how to desperately kill all outsiders?

Wait a minute! Could it be… the flames!?

To be capable of living in this dark world, the monsters within it must possess a similar attribute. Jasmine had long mentioned before, that bodies which carried darkness profound energy would averse to or even hate flames. They would even be suppressed by fire profound energy to a certain degree. Especially the flames of the Vermilion Bird… Followed by the Phoenix flames and then the Golden Crow flames.

The purer the dark profound energy, the more it was so.

The dark monster behind him was suddenly alerted right after he ignited the Golden Crow flames as well.

Realizing this point, Yun Che hurriedly extinguished the Golden Crow flames from his entire body, allowing the surrounding world to once again return to complete darkness.

“A… Ouuu!!”

However, the roars behind him persisted and there was not the slightest bit of slowing down or hesitation in its pursuit. The extremely terrifying sense of danger continued to approach from behind.

“Hss… Is it already too late?” Yun Che gritted his teeth in the dark… It seemed like he had to once again rely on the Primordial Profound Ark to forcefully flee.

Though the Primordial Profound Ark was unable to bring him out of this world, at the same time the two former attempts failed, he was still brought to different places… Especially the first time, where he successfully escaped from the dark monster’s pursuit.

Yun Che’s speed slowed down slightly and he turned his body around in the air. The flames that he had extinguished earlier once again burned… However, they were no longer the Golden Crow flames but the Phoenix flames.

Since a dark monster like you hates and fears flames, then before escaping this place, let me give you a big present!!

The profound energy in Yun Che’s entire body poured out and the flaming light from his body exploded forth. A gigantic Phoenix Flaming Lotus speedily bloomed, growing several hundred meters wide in the blink of an eye. Then, it was pushed towards his back with all his might.

The gigantic flaming lotus flew out amidst a sonorous phoenix cry and when it landed on the ground, a stream of crimson flaming light blazed through the darkness, charging straight up into the skies and reaching several hundred meters in height. It released what might be the most intense heat and light in the history of this dark world.

Initially, Yun Che smashed out this flaming lotus with the pure intention of disgusting the dark monster that was relentlessly pursuing him.

However, he was unaware that this action of his had ruthlessly stabbed the hornet’s nest of this dark world.




The previously considerably silent dark world, was suddenly blasted with countless thunderous beast roars. Some came from afar, some came from up close and these roars evidently carried incomparably intense ferocity and anger.


The earth and space wildly trembled. Those were the sounds of countless dark ferocious beasts sprinting at the same time. In the sky faraway, extremely shrilling space-tearing sounds could also be heard. Evidently, a large number of flying ferocious beasts were approaching with peerless speed.

One dark monster was already incomparably terrifying, let alone a herd of this size. Their overlapping roars constantly shook Yun Che’s body and there were several times where he had almost collapsed. Never did he expect that a causal release of his flames had actually brought about such a terrifying situation. He no longer dared to stay any further, as he charged forward with all his might. At the same time, he quickly summoned the Primordial Profound Ark and set his coordinates, which was still a vertical jump of sixty kilometers.

Where it was going to bring him was not important, as long as it could allow him to escape from the noses of these dark monsters.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and under Yun Che’s will, its spatial jumping ability activated. Layers of ripples swayed in the surrounding space… However, these ripples were incomparably frail, several times weaker than the previous two times. They could not even be compared to the water ripples caused by a gentle breeze.

Following after, these ripples immediately appeared, while the Primordial Profound Ark stayed at its original position, not having moved in the slightest.

“!!!” Yun Che was shocked in his heart. Though there were situations in the past where he was unable to jump out of independent small worlds, there had never been a case where he could not even undergo a jump within the same world.

Could it be that the spatial laws in this place were far stronger than his previous location, preventing the Primordial Profound Ark from even undergoing a spatial jump?

Not giving up, Yun Che consecutively tried several times but the results were all the same. The Primordial Profound Ark would only bring about frail spatial ripples and would not move in the slightest.

[email protected]#$%...”

The roars behind him grew even closer and the numbers were increasing as well. Yun Che’s hair stood on end. He put away the Primordial Profound Ark and once again raised his speed to the absolute limits, charging towards the darkness in front of him.

Under this immense crisis, his will surpassed his concentration and he ended up not noticing something that was obviously strange. A large number of dark ferocious beasts were startled into moving by his flames but the auras and roars of these ferocious beasts, were all coming from the world behind him.

In the direction he was fleeing to, it had been completely silent from beginning to end, as though no dark ferocious beasts existed there. Not even a single one.

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