Chapter 931 - The First Step towards the God Realm

Against the Gods

Chapter 931 - The First Step towards the God Realm

Feng Xian’er finally stopped as she arrived somewhere at the end of a valley. She opened her arms, closed her eyes and began to enjoy the gentle mountain breeze with fascination. “The air out here is so comfortable. I would sleep out here nicely for a long, long time if it wasn’t for the consequence of Father and Mother’s punishment.”

Even though Feng Zu’er’s profound strength was two small stages higher than Feng Xian’er, his speed was evidently slower. He chased behind Feng Xian’er and said while panting, “Xian’er, we’re already… already this far out, it’s really too dangerous. What if… what if a large group of profound beasts charge towards us?”

“I’m not afraid. I’ve snuck out many times and I’ve never run into a profound beast that I couldn’t beat. Even if I can’t beat it, my speed is now even faster than Big Brother’s, they cannot catch me.”

Feng Xian’er smiled sweetly, while her beautiful eyes flickered like the starry night. “I really want to see the outside world, really want to see Big Brother Benefactor again. I wonder how he is now. Could he be married to Big Sister Xueruo already and have many children?”

Feng Zu’er pulled on Feng Xian’er’s sleeves as he looked around alertly. He said anxiously, “Father and Mother said that we must reach the Sky Profound Realm before going out to the outside world. Even if you want to play outside, we should go back to somewhere near the barrier. That way, if there’s danger, we can retreat back into the barrier immediately.”

“Big Brother is so cowardly,” Feng Xian’er curled her lips and said unwillingly, “If Big Brother Benefactor found out about it, he would definitely laugh at you.”

“This is not a matter of being cowardly or not.” Feng Zu’er became more and more anxious because they were at least a few kilometers away from the barrier. If they were really in danger, they wouldn’t be able to make it back.

“Is the Big Brother Benefactor that they’re mentioning Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er smiled. “Looks like not only did they not forget about Big Brother Yun, they’ve kept you in their mind all this time.”

“They carried the weight and the punishment of their cursed bloodline since birth and endured it even though it wasn’t theirs to suffer. They lived their lives carefully and they’ve never left this place, naturally they wouldn’t be contaminated by the world’s ugliness. Their hearts are kind and pure. When they go out into the world, they will definitely become a strong, upright sect in Blue Wind Nation.

A smile appeared on Yun Che’s face. He was filled with great expectations for their future and he felt even more convinced that this was not the time to visit them, “Xue’er, let’s go.”

“Wait!” Yun Che suddenly turned around and mumbled, “Oh no.”

From the valley ahead, they suddenly heard an irritated beast roar. It sounded extremely close by and was accompanied by fast, approaching footsteps.

“This sound…” Feng Zu’er’s expression changed. “Oh no! Xian’er, run!”

On the contrary, not only did Feng Xian’er not reveal fear when hearing the roar of the beast. She seemed a bit excited, “Big Brother, don’t be so surprised. It is very normal to run into a profound beast here. Alright, let’s show the profound beast Xian’er’s strength!”

“But, what if that profound beast’s really strong… ahhhh!!”

Admist Feng Zu’er’s scream, a giant wolf appeared within their sight. This wolf was three meters tall even when all its limbs were on the ground. It had blue-gray hair, blood-stained eyes, and its whole body released a berserk fiendish aura and a pressure that made their bodies tense up.

This sudden suppression finally caused Feng Xian’er's face to grow pale. Even though she didn’t have a lot of battle experience, she at least knew that being able to cause a suppression like this meant that the profound beast must be something that she couldn’t handle. In panic, she couldn’t finish the attack posture that she had begun posturing for and was stunned in place, not able to move at all.

“Xian’er, Dodge!!”

Feng Zu’er yelled as he charged forward. He knocked Feng Xian’er away and crossed his hand. His body ignited with scarlet phoenix flames. A tongue of flame struck towards the giant blue-gray wolf that was charging towards them.

“Take my Meteor Flames!”

Feng Zu’er had the Phoenix bloodline so the flames he had were naturally phoenix flames. But the power of flames that he released simply couldn’t compare to the phoenix flames channeled with the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》.

When the giant blue-gray wolf saw the flames, its eyes became even more irascible. It scratched its claws forward and a windstorm swept a ball of sand and dirt towards Feng Zu’er.


Feng Zu’er’s flames were quickly dispersed by the windstorm, yet the windstorm still hadn’t lost all of its power. It swept forward and threw Feng Zu’er out harshly. His back was slammed against a mountain rock and he groaned in pain.

“Big Brother!” cried the frightened Feng Xian’er as she rushed forward without regards for her own life. Feng Zu’er’s whole body was in unbearable pain. He yelled in shock, “Don’t come over here!!”

At around the same time he yelled, the giant blue-gray wolf suddenly changed its target and charged towards Feng Xian’er who was closer.

“Xian’er!!” Feng Zu’er was shocked. He disregarded the pain in his body and rushed towards the giant blue-gray wolf with his fastest speed. A thick streak of phoenix flames swung at the beast’s rear.

This streak of phoenix flames was swung out under fear and panic so its strength was even weaker than before. However, when the phoenix flames hit the giant blue-gray wolf, the beast screamed as its body suddenly became stiff and rolled onto the ground. After a few twitches, it stopped moving.

Feng Zu’er’s footsteps stopped. He looked at his hands and stood stunned for a moment before pain struck through his whole body. His legs went limp and he fell on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

“Big Brother!” Feng Xian’er rushed over while still shuddering. There were drops of tears on her face and she asked in a weeping tone, “Are you alright? Did you get hurt… uuu, it’s all my fault. It’s all because I was so stubborn, uuu…”

“I’m fine, don’t worry… hsss.” Even though he said he was alright, he grimaced in pain. The clothing on his chest had been torn, revealing a dozen cuts from the windstorm. There was a lot of blood but fortunately the cuts weren’t deep enough to reach his bones.

“You… you’re still saying that you’re fine but you lost so much blood, uuu…” Feng Xian’er’s eyes were filled with tears as she started crying again out of guilt.

“I really am okay. This small wound, it doesn’t hurt at all.” Feng Zu’er gritted his teeth and tried really hard to stand up and pretend like it was nothing, “But Xian’er, in the future… you can’t leave the barrier like that again.”

“Mn!” Feng Xian’er nodded immediately and said with her eyes full of tears, “I… I won’t dare to do it anymore. I was too stubborn… does it really not hurt?”

“Hmph! I am going to become a man like Big Brother Benefactor, this wound is nothing,” Feng Zu’er lifted his chest hard and said, “Alright, let’s quickly get back.”

“Mn!” This time, Feng Xian’er followed Feng Zu’er, who had been wounded for her, with extreme obedience.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Father and Mother about today. The wound on my body… we’ll just say that I accidentally crashed into a rock while training.”

“Thank you Big Brother.” Feng Xian’er sniffed and revealed worship in her eyes. “But, I didn’t expect Big Brother to be this strong already. A profound beast that big, you defeated it so quickly.”

“Uh…” Feng Zu’er looked at his own palms and scratched his head, feeling quite torn. “I didn’t expect it either. The profound beast’s strength was at least above fifth level of the Earth Profound Realm. Maybe… my flames coincidentally hit his weak spot just now… that should be it.”

“They are such close siblings,” Feng Xue’er pulled back her small hands.

“Looks like we didn’t come here for nothing today. The consequences could have been unimaginable.” Yun Che smiled and shook his head. Watching the siblings who quickly went back in the barrier, he reached out his hands. From his left hand, two soul fragments fell down and easily invaded Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er’s souls. His right hand soundlessly pushed a jade box containing thirty Overlord Pellets into the edge of the barrier before them.

“Let’s go.” After taking one last look at Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er, Yun Che held Feng Xue’er’s hand and flew far away, instantly disappearing from the horizon.

Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er’s footsteps stopped. Both of their eyes became misty and then became conscious again at the same time. The two of them looked at each other and they both had a dull look on their faces.

“Xian’er, there… there seems to be some things added into my mind,” Feng Zu’er said blankly with his face filled with shock and doubt.

“Me too.” Feng Xian’er’s was stunned, she said in a low voice, “World... Ode... of... the Phoenix…”

“Ah… we… let’s go tell Father and Mother!” Feng Zu’er was as if he had just woken up from a dream and he said hurriedly.

“Ah… yes!” Feng Xian’er nodded her head immediately.

The two of them sped up immediately. When they got close to the barrier, Feng Zu’er tripped over the jade box that Yun Che left them.

“Ah? What is this?” Feng Xian’er picked up this never-seen-before jade box, “What a beautiful box… but, this wasn’t here before.”

“Let’s show it to Father and Mother… let’s go quickly. This will definitely shock the entire clan,” Feng Zu’er said in a very anxious tone.

TheWorld Ode of the Phoenix was the thing that the Phoenix Clan desired even in their dreams but it remained an extravagant hope for them. Because the Phoenix Soul here only possessed the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix. They couldn’t ignore the rules and forcefully train themselves like Yun Che, because even with their Phoenix bloodline, they could only cultivate regular fire attribute profound arts.

But now the complete first to sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix appeared in Feng Zu’er and Feng Xian’er’s minds at the same time… The Phoenix Clan that had just recently broken out of their curse not too long ago, truly greeted their new life starting from this day.


After leaving the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, Yun Che and Feng Xue’er came to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

The new Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was beginning to take shape and the ancestors’ bodies had all been found. As they expected, those bodies were all unharmed and this was, without a doubt, a great comfort to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

At the end of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, Yun Che and Feng Xue’er faced each other in the sky. He took a small breath and closed all of the Heretic God’s gates. The profound strength of his body instantly weakened greatly. He summoned the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Even though he gripped it firmly in his hands, his arms were incredibly heavy and even simply lifting it was a bit difficult.

The biggest reason he was able to release a power much stronger than his own profound energy level was because of his Heretic God Arts. From Heretic Soul to Burning Heart, then Purgatory to Rumbling Heaven. His strength was no longer increasing quantitatively when the more Heretic God gates he opened; it increased qualitatively. With his cultivation and body right now, he could already use “Burning Heart” as his normal state without pressure and he wasn’t far from using “Purgatory” as his normal state.

Now that he had shut off Burning Heart and Heretic Soul and was not using Heretic God Arts at all, his profound energy was only at the first level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… The first step of his training was to use this default form and forcibly fight Feng Xue’er.

“Xue’er, use thirty percent of your strength for now and see if I can take it,” Yun Che said as he grabbed his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, brows furrowed.

His goal was to be an equal match for Feng Xue’er in his normal form within three years—but, that was against today’s Feng Xue’er. Three years from now Feng Xue’er’s strength would also have grown tremendously.

“Okay, Big Brother Yun, be careful.”

Feng Xue’er’s hands danced slightly. A few dozen Phoenixes in flames danced around her body amidst their long cries before striking toward Yun Che all at once.

Yun Che slashed his sword, causing flames to explode above in the air of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice as the phoenix cries shook the sky. Within the caved space, Yun Che flipped backwards but then stiffly returned right away. Not only did his sword aura not weaken, it became even stronger… Taking thirty percent of Feng Xue’er’s strength in his normal state without using the Heretic God Arts was indeed too far-fetched, but this kind of training that could push him to his limit was exactly what he wanted.

Boom boom boom boom…

The cry of a phoenix and the might of the sword turned the surrounding fifty kilometers into a land of disaster. But with the barrier that Feng Xue’er had set up, it would not affect the Snow Region of Extreme Ice at all.

And it was on this day that Yun Che officially took the first step toward his hope of reaching the God Realm.


【The last two plot holes in the Profound Sky Continent are buried. The Blue Pole Star chapters end here.】

【Friendly reminder, a lot of people are guessing that Chu Yuechan is with the Phoenix Clan at the center of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. The reason that Jasmine didn’t notice it was because the phoenix barrier blocked her mind search.  Even though I enjoy seeing people making the wrong guesses, I can’t help but say… too naive! A tiny phoenix barrier can be an obstacle to a BIG BOSS like Jasmine who’s at Divine Master Realm!?】

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