Chapter 932 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 932 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (1)

Six months passed in a flash.

After Xuanyuan Wentian had been annihilated, both the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm eased into tranquility. All citizens of the Profound Sky Continent had long since known that the current hegemon was no longer any of the Sacred Grounds but Yun Che, the person publicly accepted as the foremost person in all of history. Possessing the identities of both the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s prince consort and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Palace Master, he caused Blue Wind Nation and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to become the most supreme existences of the current era, their positions in power suppressing that of the two remaining Sacred Grounds, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace.

The head of the continent’s seven nations had naturally also changed from Divine Phoenix Nation to Blue Wind Nation. It was also under this kind of circumstance that Blue Wind Nation vastly improved and quickly rose in power while Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had become the holy land to all of the continent’s profound practitioners. Very rarely would anyone set foot into the Snow Region of Extreme Ice but now even fewer dared to approach it.

Within this six month period, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s reconstruction was already complete. The average strength of the current generation of Frozen Cloud disciples had surpassed the last by a great realm so the rate of efficiency in freezing naturally multiplied, causing the newly constructed Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to shockingly be double the size of its former self. It was just that the interior had become much simpler; places like the Frozen End Divine Hall were fated to be unreconstructable. However, the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring had been reborn from an underground cold vein within these six months.

To the north of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, explosions loud enough to shake the world transmitted over, even though they were separated by a phoenix barrier. With the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword in hand, Yun Che was currently in a fierce battle against Feng Xue’er and today’s match had already lasted for a full six hours without any stops in between.


A Phoenix Arrow jolted the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword away and directly smashed onto Yun Che’s chest, causing Yun Che to fly out like a cannonball. His back violently collided with the phoenix barrier and he didn’t get up for a good while and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword also disappeared within his grasp.

“Phew… let’s stop here for today.” After saying that, he powerlessly collapsed on the ground.

“Big Brother Yun, you really do progress very fast. I almost used seventy percent of my strength today,” Feng Xue’er stated happily when she landed.

“Hehe, of course. After all, I just broke through yesterday. As expected, each breakthrough within the Sovereign Profound Realm is totally different from all the previous realms.” Yun Che replied as he closed his eyes. Even with his dragon god physique, using a heavy sword to fight a six hour long battle caused him almost reach his limits.

Yun Che cultivated for eight hours everyday during these six months. His innate talent was already abnormally high in the first place and with such a perfect opponent as Feng Xue’er, his profound strength had consecutively risen by four small realms… these were four small realms within the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Going from the first level of the Sovereign Profound Realm to the fifth level in half a year was a pace so fast that it was absolutely enough to be written in the annals of the Profound Sky. Even the Phoenix Soul awakened Feng Xue’er and the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins’ awakened Xia Yuanba had never achieved such a terrifying degree of progress.

His normal state of being, which totally did not utilize the Heretic God Arts, was able to match seventy percent of Feng Xue’er’s power. If he were to battle against Xuanyuan Wential now, he had complete confidence that he could win in the Purgatory state, without opening Rumbling Heaven or using darkness profound energy.

Along with his growth, Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix God powers had also awakened a step further. She had broken through a bottleneck that no one else on the Profound Sky Continent had ever broken through, inching her closer to the legendary divine way.

At this time, Yun Che’s Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul flashed as the cold and clear voice of a girl resounded in Yun Che’s mind. “Palace Master, Divine Phoenix Sect’s Feng Hengkong has come to pay a visit.”

“...” Yun Che sat up on the ground, then said to Feng Xue’er, “Xue’er, your royal father is here. It seems like he wasn’t able to withstand not seeing you for two months and came to pay a visit.”

“Ah? Then let’s go back to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. I also miss Royal Father and the others. I wonder how the construction of the new Phoenix City has fared.”

Yun Che smiled. “You head back first. I just thought of something right now and I need some time to think it through.”

Feng Xue’er thought Yun Che suddenly comprehended something so she immediately nodded. “Mn, I got it. Good luck, Big Brother Yun.”

Feng Xue’er left but she did not remove the phoenix barrier.

Snow fluttered down from the sky but was kept outside by the barrier. As Yun Che sat on the ground, his gaze unceasingly flickered, as thought he was struggling with something. A good while later, he still ended up taking a huge pitch-black sword from the Sky Poison Pearl.

The Eternal Night Devil Sword!

The sword soul in the Eternal Night Devil Sword had long since died out. Aside from a faint emission of depression on the sword’s body, it no longer held any might and seemed to have become a completely dead sword. However, Yun Che had constantly been smashing it with the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword during this entire period yet it still had yet to receive any scars.

A dead sword without a sword soul or spirit, with its power completely depleted was still unable to be destroyed by the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword… This was still, after all, a genuine primordial devil sword. Just the quality of its material alone was something incomprehensible by those in the Profound Sky Continent.

Yun Che placed his right hand on the sword’s body. As his consciousness entered the sword, the completely profound formula of a profound art projected into his mind.

The Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night!

In this period of time, he had always been struggling with himself about whether he should cultivate the terrifying Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night that Fen Juechen and the devilized Xuanyuan Wentian had used.

There was no need to doubt its power.

However, it was a devil profound art which used darkness profound energy!

Yun Che’s strongest state at the moment was precisely when he released the profound energy in the devil origin orb. The devil origin orb had merged into his profound veins yet it was still its own independent entity. Yun Che was able to transform the profound energy in the Heretic God’s Profound Veins into the elements of water, fire, lightning, and darkness at will. However, the power within the devil origin orb could only be darkness profound energy… at the very least, Yun Che still was not able to change its attribute.

Furthermore, the devil origin orb continuously grew by itself. Even if he didn’t cultivate it, the devil origin orb would still silently strengthen, becoming an even greater power… Like the dragon god bloodline he possessed, it grew denser by the day without him doing anything.

His most powerful state was when he utilized darkness profound energy so if he added this darkness profound art on top of that...

In fact, during this period of time, Yun Che had examined the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night inside the Eternal Devil Sword many times already. So much that it was deeply imprinted within his mind already. Even if he wanted to forget it, he would be unable to. However, he still had not started cultivating it because it was still the power of the devil path that went against the right path and Jasmine had also clearly expressed her disgust for darkness profound energy.

Even though power was power and there was no right or wrong, a distinctive distortion did appear in the personalities of Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian who had cultivated the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night...

He was afraid that his own personality would warp uncontrollably if he were to cultivate it… The primary reason though, was still his rejection of “devils” deep in his heart.

Moreover, he still warned himself many times to never use darkness profound energy in front of outsiders. Even when he was up against Xuanyuan Wentian back then, he had still released the devil origin orb’s power after deliberately luring him down to the ocean depths. Since that was the case, why should he cultivate such a terrifying darkness profound art?

“Master, what are you doing?”

Right when Yun Che was repeatedly mulling over this issue, the spirited sound of a young girl’s voice suddenly rang beside his ear. Yun Che turned around and saw that Hong’er had actually run over to him by herself god knew when, happily smiling at… the Eternal Night Devil Sword in his hands.

“Hong’er? What’d you come out for?” Yun Che subconsciously asked, then suddenly noticed her line of sight...

“Because I suddenly smelled something really good.” Hong’er tender face lit up with a smile as her eyes blinked with vermillion light.

“You aren’t about to…”


Before Yun Che’s voice had finished falling, a beam of red light suddenly flashed by his eyes. His hand immediately felt lighter and the Eternal Night Devil Sword had vanished without a trace. Furthermore, Hong’er had already crossed from his left to his right. She was hugging the Eternal Night Devil Sword which was much bigger than her own body and her eyes were twinkling with excitement as a large glob of saliva fell from her mouth and splashed onto the body of the sword.

“Hong’er, y-y-y-y-you…” Yun Che’s eyes had widened fully and he rushed over anxiously and as if his butt had been set on fire. He yelled in a loud voice, “You’re not allowed to eat that!!”

“UWAAAAAAAH!” As she saw Yun Che, who clearly looked like he wanted to snatch her “food” away, rush over, she let out a yell of alarm and quickly scampered away.

Yun Che rushed through the air as he increased his speed to the maximum and chased after Hong’er, “That is a devil sword! Don’t eat it! You’re not allowed to eat it!!”

“I wanna eat it! It clearly looks very delicious!” As she saw Yun Che rushing towards her, Hong’er hugged the Eternal Night Devil Sword in her arms and yelled. Her speed also abruptly increased several times and she practically blurred into a streak of red light, instantly leaving him far behind.

From the very first day that he had met Hong’er, Yun Che had been shocked by her speed and he was not able to catch up no matter what. But the Yun Che of today and the Yun Che of that time were practically worlds apart. His brows furrowed as opened “Purgatory” and activated Extreme Mirage Lightning, causing his speed to instantly accelerate to the point where he seemed to split space apart, leaving afterimages of light in his wake

But the Hong’er in his sights gradually grew further and further away… then even further and further away...

Her speed was actually even faster than the fastest speed he could muster.

Furthermore, she was even running around with the Eternal Night Devil Sword that weighed several hundred times her own body weight.

“I! #¥%…” Yun Che was struck completely dumb by this sight.

The wildly sprinting Hong’er had already left Yun Che in the dust. She raised up the Eternal Night Devil Sword and opened her mouth wide. After that, her small crystalline teeth bit down on the body of the pitch-black blade.


A huge mouth-shaped gap appeared in the body of the Eternal Night Devil Sword.

The Eternal Night Devil Sword actually suffered the same fate as all the swords that Hong’er had eaten before as she took a bite out of it.

This was a primordial devil sword that came from the Ancient Era. A primordial devil sword that belonged to one of the kings of devilkind and it had not been broken even after enduring the Heretic God’s Seal which lasted a million years. It was a primordial devil sword that not even his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword had managed to make a dent in!!

It actually broke like a fragile biscuit underneath the might of Hong’er’s teeth!

“Wah! It’s so delicious!”

How could the “deliciousness” of a primordial devil sword be compared with other normal swords? As Hong’er bit down on it, her eyes immediately sparkled like twinkling stars. She stuffed the Eternal Night Devil Sword into her cheeks as she sprinted all over the place, gulping it down with incredibly shocking speed… No matter whether it was her running speed or her eating speed, both were so fast that they had reached the level where it shock the heavens and the earth and scare all the supernatural beings away.

“...” Yun Che had already stopped, his mouth gaping wider than a hippo’s.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch...

As loud crunching sounds continued to ring through the air, the Eternal Night Devil Sword swiftly vanished into Hong’er’s mouth. In the short span of slightly over ten breaths, only its pitch-black hilt was left. Hong’er made a big circle in the snow as she rolled about. After that she ran back, her skirts swishing in the wind. She stood in front of Yun Che, her cheeks puffed out proudly. She continued to chew on her ‘meal’ with unbridled ecstasy as she mumbled in a muffled voice, “Mm… this is really delicious… I’ve nearly finished eating it, so there will be nothing I can do even if you pester me about it… Hmph, so Master was hiding something so delicious all along.”

“...” Yun Che gaped at Hong’er, his mouth continuing to hang wide open, refusing to close.

The very first day he had met her, she had eaten Dragon Fault and he had been incredibly shocked at that time. But after that, he quickly grew used to it and no matter what sword she ate, he did not find it the least bit strange.

But the Eternal Night Devil Sword… was a primordial devil sword! It was a sword from the era of the gods and devils! But it was actually… eaten up by Hong’er in just two or three bites! Only its pitiful sword hilt was left!


Hong’er casually threw away the hilt of the sword. Her vermillion eyes faintly narrowed as she patted her little belly with a look of absolute satisfaction and joy on her face, “Ah, I’m so full now… hm? That’s weird. I suddenly feel very uncomfortable… Uwaaah, Master, I’ve already eaten till I’m full, so it’s about time for me to obediently go back to sleep now.”

Hong’er gave a huge yawn and a streak of black light which she did not notice flashed in the depths of her eyes. After that, she ignored Yun Che and morphed back into a streak of red light and flew into the Sky Poison Pearl. She rushed into the little bed that she had ‘seized’ from Jasmine and swiftly fell asleep.

Yun Che stretched out a hand and pressed it against his forehead before he could finally come back to his senses.

Hong’er this little rascal… Just what kind of monster was she!?

Oh right! Hong’er had just eaten the Eternal Night Devil Sword… Would the Heaven Smiting Devil Sword change in any noticeable way because of that?

With a single thought, Yun Che directly summoned out the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. He did not care if Hong’er had just sunk into deep sleep as he swiftly thrust his hands outwards.

The huge vermillion sword appeared high in the air as Yun Che extended his hands to grab the hilt of the sword. But just as he was about to lift it up, he felt as if both of his arms were suddenly bearing the weight of a gigantic mountain as they abruptly plunged downwards.


The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer fiercely smashed into the ground below Yun Che’s feet. The phoenix barrier that surrounded him instantly collapsed as the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice shook violently.

Yun Che firmly grasped the hilt of his sword. All of the veins on his arms bulged against his skin and even his face had gone entirely green.

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