Chapter 949 - Snowstorm Realm

Against the Gods

Chapter 949 - Snowstorm Realm

“That big dummy, he’s huge idiot who thinks he is all that but is just asking for trouble! This pisses me off, pisses me off!” Helplessly watching Yun Che being added to the examination team, Mu Xiaolan stomped her foot in rage.

“Xiaolan, was he really brought back from the lower realm by the Palace Master Bingyun herself?” Mu Sushan walked over and asked with a frown.

“Yes, but…” Mu Xiaolan almost blabbed out that it wasn’t because of Yun Che’s talents but because of some other reason. Fortunately, she stopped herself in time.

“Palace Master Bingyun seldomly brings back people from the lower realms, yet she has made a mistake this time.” Disappointment stretched across Mu Sushan’s face as he sighed, shaking his head. .”

Yun Che’s name was added to the examination name list of the first group. Mu Fengshu’s gaze shifted as she gently pushed Li Mingcheng. “Go back and prepare for the exam. Even though there shouldn’t be anyone who can surpass you in this group, you mustn’t slack off. Hanfeng, get ready to begin.”

“Yes, Hall Master,” Ji Hanfeng respectfully replied.

After she finished, Mu Fengshu no longer lingered around and left with large strides, not even bothering to give Yun Che another glance. It was as if she completely forgot about the lowly, snobbish nobody named Yun Che the instant she turned around.

When Li Mingcheng returned to the team, it was unknown whether he did it on purpose or not but he just happened to stand beside Yun Che. The instant he stood still, he turned to Yun Che and said with a huge smile, “Kid, you’ve probably heard it before, but this Freezing Snow Hall’s Main Hall Master is my aunt. I have to say that you hoping to latch onto my aunt’s leg is a wise decision. After all, even though that Mu Bingyun is an Ice Phoenix Palace Master, no one knows when she might just drop dead. But it’s a pity… that something like you, that can’t even be considered trash, does not qualify to flatter my aunt. How about this, you wanna latch onto my leg?”

As he said that, Li Mingcheng’s right foot tapped the ground, his eyes that watched Yun Che not concealing the slightest hint of him sizing up a clown. “You can stop dreaming about entering this Freezing Snow Hall. Snowfall Palace, however, you might be able to get in after eight or ten years. If you listen to me from now on and become my faithful dog, I might throw you a few bones if I get something good from Freezing Snow Hall. You think I’m calling you names? No, no, no, I’m seriously pitying you lots because you’re about to become a huge joke right after you’ve arrived in the Snow Song Realm. If no one protects you, you’ll stay a joke forever… how about it?”

“...” Yun Che crossed his arms, his eyes half opened, not replying to him at all.

“What? You deaf?” Li Mingcheng sneered.

Yun Che sighed and muttered, “Dumbass.”

“W-what did you say!?” Li Mingcheng’s expression changed and all five of his facial features squished together. Yun Che's profound strength had only reached the middle stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Yun Che had been anxiously waiting to latch onto Mu Fengshu's enormous leg as well. Li Mingcheng naturally felt like a towering monarch capable of looking down at him with a sneer and deciding his fate. If he wanted Yun Che dead, all it would take was a twitch of his finger. He even considered actively talking with Yun Che to be a kind of favor.

Furthermore, with his previous show of social climbing, flattery and intelligence when trying to forcibly participate in Freezing Snow Hall’s exam, taking him as a dog he could order about at will should’ve been an easy feat—he was about to become a disciple of Freezing Snow Hall, after all he was even the Main Hall Master’s nephew. If nothing else, Yun Che should’ve agreed to any one of his demands and be terrified to the point where he could only say yes.

Never in his dreams did he expect that Yun Che’s response would be an insult filled with disdain!

Li Mingcheng’s entire body trembled but this was Freezing Snow Hall. He wasn’t able to explode in anger. Soon enough, his face recovered its natural calm. However, a sinister coldness appeared in his eyes as he laughed quietly, “Good... very good, you’ve got guts! After today… just you watch…”

“...” Yun Che closed his eyes, not giving him any attention as he silently said to himself: Lowkey, lowkey, don’t get into trouble, don’t seek trouble, don’t cause trouble, phew...

When Mu Fengshu left, the face of Ji Hanfeng, who was in charge of the first group’s examinations, changed from that of respect to sharp arrogance. He swept a glance through the entire group and then said gravely, “The preparations for the profound formation of the second round of examinations are complete. You may start at any time. However, before then, I have something I must remind you all of. Currently, your group has a total of ten thousand three hundred and twenty three people but only one thousand will pass the second round! The remainders have no choice but to come again in five years.

Only one out of ten people would be able to pass… and this was only the second round.

“And only one hundred from the thousand who enter the third round will pass.” Ji Hanfeng extended a finger and said indifferently, “In other words, from the lot of you, only one out of a hundred will be able to enter Freezing Snow Hall. Freezing Snow Hall is not a place just anyone can join! You all may have been called geniuses within the Snow Song Realm or other places or were even hegemons in the lower realms but when you come here, you all must think it over. If you don’t want to fail too miserably, put aside your former arrogance… because here, all that is a mere joke!”

“In addition, let me also give you guys some good news.” Ji Hanfeng casually took out a crystal bottle. “There is always someone who achieves the best record and they will of course be rewarded. After all, trash should be tossed away while talents qualify to receive preferential treatment. And this year’s reward, tsk tsk, could be counted as the greatest in ten thousand years. It is even something I would drool over.”

Ji Hanfeng slowly grasped the jade bottle in his hand, his movements rather careful. He pitched slowly, “Jadefallen... Ice... Soul... Pellet!”


When the words “Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet” came out, the profound practitioners who had been holding their breath involuntarily gasped. Yun Che raised his head and shockingly discovered that every single person in his surroundings had eyes that bulged out, mouths that gaped open and throats that gulped from time to time. Even Li Mingcheng beside him had wide eyes that blazed with light. His hands were tightened into fists as they trembled from excitement.

Even Ji Hanfeng, who was holding onto the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet was trying to conceal a distinct, feverish gaze.

Even though this was the first time Yun Che had ever heard of the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet, judging by the reactions of the surrounding crowd… there was no doubt that even in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, it was a considerably great pellet. To these profound practitioners who wished to enter Freezing Snow Hall, it had an even greater lure and impact.

“Ah? Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet!?” Mu Xiaolan also let out a surprised gasp. “Why is the reward for this year’s Freezing Snow Hall examination this excessive?”

“The Profound God Convention will be held in about thirty months.” Mu Sushan, who was standing beside Mu Xiaolan seemed to be aware of the inside situation. He answered rather profoundly, “Anyone can tell that this Profound God Convention came about in quite an unusual manner. Every single king realm is also acting strangely. Something huge might be coming to the God Realm. As such, the Great Realm King personally issued an order to no longer be stingy with the sect’s resources and use all our power to nurture our first-rate disciples of great talent. The reason why the ‘Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet’ is the examination reward for Freezing Snow Hall this time around must have something to do with that.”

“However,” Ji Hanfeng put away the jade bottle, swept his gaze toward Li Mingcheng as his expression immediately eased. “In this group, unless there is some kind of huge accident, this Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet will be Junior Brother Mingcheng’s.”

Countless gazes of admiration and envy shifted toward Li Mingcheng. At the same time, the longing light in their eyes also quickly dimmed… Because they were well aware that Li Mingcheng stood out far too much in this examination group. No one could possibly compete with him. Even though Ji Hanfeng was quite blunt about it, everyone knew that it was not the least bit of an exaggeration.

Li Mingcheng was instantly stunned. Then, he used all his effort to suppress the joy and satisfaction on his face and promptly replied, “Senior Brother Hanfeng is flattering me. The strengths of everyone who is able to stand here, aside from the bouncing clown, are all extraordinary. The following exam will sure be a bitter struggle. As for the number one place… although I never undervalue myself, I still dare not be complacent.”

"Haha, as expected of the Main Hall Master’s nephew. Not only is your innate talent extraordinary, you are also this modest," he praised, nodding in approval. "From this day forth, you are sure to give Freezing Snow Hall an additional shine, Junior Brother Mingcheng.”

The fact that his strength was the highest among the examinees was only the secondary reason why Ji Hanfeng would speak so highly of Ji Mingcheng. The main reason was, of course, because he was the Main Hall Master’s nephew!

Ji Hanfeng’s expression immediately became solemn. Then, he waved his hand. “Alright! The second round of examinations will begin now. Those who wish to enter Freezing Snow Hall, raise your spirits!”


Following the last of Ji Hanfeng’s voice, a huge profound formation was activated. White profound light shone from below as a profound formation, that was around three kilometers wide, appeared beneath the feet of the examinees.

“The second round of the examination is called the ‘Snowstorm Realm!’” Ji Hanfeng spoke without expression “Once the profound formation below your feet activates, you all will appear in a snowstorm world. That place is much colder than what you all can imagine. The storms there will make you lose all sense of direction, aside from the destination point.”

“The destination point is only one hundred fifty kilometers ahead of you.”

“All you have to do is withstand the cold and storm and reach the destination point. As long as you touch the destination point, you will be brought out by the profound formation.”

“The first one thousand people that come out of the profound formation will be the ones who pass this round. As for the others…” Ji Hanfeng sneered, “You can all get the hell out.”

After Ji Hanfeng finished his explanation, many of the participants sucked in a cold breath of air. At this moment, a young profound practitioner who stood at the front protested weakly, “But… but this isn’t fair… in that kind of environment, those who cultivate ice attribute profound arts will have a huge advantage. Almost everyone in the Snow Song Realm cultivates ice profound arts but there are very few of us from the lower realms who cultivate ice profound arts… isn’t… isn’t this a bit too unfair to us?”

“Fair?” Ji Hanfeng strode forth with his eyes locked on the profound practitioner that spoke out. Once he came close, he suddenly reached out and grabbed him by the collar. Following a flash of blue light from his body, a layer of thick ice instantly spread to that young profound practitioner’s entire body.

Yun Che’s brows instantly twitched… The profound strength aura of this person clearly surpassed Mu Xiaolan!

“Ah…” The young profound practitioner’s eyes widened amidst his frightened groan. He subconsciously wanted to struggle but his profound strength and mobility were thoroughly sealed. He was not able to budge one inch and he was also quickly losing consciousness.

“Only the strong are qualified to speak of fairness.” Ji Hanfeng narrowed his eyes and sneered, “If you want fairness, you can go seek it from those trash who live on those lowly planets after heading back to your lower realm! You are not qualified to say that here!”


That young profound practitioner was ruthlessly tossed to the ground by Ji Hanfeng. The surrounding profound practitioners quickly made way as ice crystals shattered while scattering through the air. Not a single one of them lent a helping hand. Ji Hanfeng turned around and said coldly, “All of the profound arts in our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect are of the ice attribute so it is naturally much more suitable for those who have a foundation in ice profound arts. In regards to this round of examinations, I’ve already finished what I have to say. Whoever wants to say any more useless words can get the hell out!”

All of the profound practitioners kept quiet out of fear, not a single one dared to speak out. As if he was scared dumb, that profound practitioner who had been tossed to the floor didn’t get up for a long time.

“I will be sending you off to the Snowstorm Realm now, enjoy!”

Ji Hanfeng flicked a finger and the profound formation beneath them began to spin rapidly. Following a ray of white light that shot to the skies, all of the human figures there were swallowed within.

“Sigh… how am I going to explain this to Master?” Mu Xiaolan said with a face full of anxiety.

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