Chapter 950 - Be Low Key

Against the Gods

Chapter 950 - Be Low Key

The white light slowly dispersed and a bone-chilling wind came in from all directions. Yun Che opened his eyes and a world covered in snow appeared before him. It was snowy white from the sky to the ground with almost no other color in sight. There were other examinees in his surroundings. The place they were at was extremely cold but the atmosphere was especially quiet.

Just ahead of them, they kept hearing a howl so sharp that it was almost ear-piercing.

This was the Snowstorm Realm, Freezing Snow Hall’s second round of examination. To be able to pass this round of examination, one would have to be one of the first one thousand people to go through the snowstorm and freezing wind and reach the finish line… The finish line was a hundred and fifty kilometers straight ahead of them.

A hundred and fifty kilometers was a relatively short distance to profound practitioners at their level and the details were very simple and straightforward. Even though the place they were at right now was very cold, it wasn’t completely unbearable, not to mention any feeling of pressure.

But, this was an examination of the God Realm, how could it be as simple as it looked?


The profound energy surrounding them was in turmoil, countless sounds of explosions burst out at the same instant. Only a thousand people could pass this examination and the rest that numbered more than nine thousand would all be brutally eliminated. In addition, most of them were at a similar level of strength, so a split second of delay could result in two completely different destinies. Because of this, none the profound practitioners who entered the Snowstorm Realm was in the mood to admire the surrounding scenery like Yun Che was. Instead, the first thing they did after they arrived was to confirm the direction of the finish line and utilized their profound energy to charge towards the snowstorm world in the north with their fastest speed.

More than ten thousand Divine Origin Realm profound practitioners released their energy at the same time, the power was so strong that it shocked heaven and earth. The flying snow and ice layers around were all kicked up harshly.

However, not everyone started rushing towards the finish line immediately. Instead, there were three people who stayed in place.

Yun Che, Li Mingcheng, and the young profound practitioner that Ji Hanfeng was scolding earlier.

Even though they had already teleported to Snowstorm Realm, he still remained limp on the ground with his face pale. He obviously took it really hard from earlier. Everyone ignored him the entire time and they had almost forgotten about his existence.

Li Mingcheng turned around and looked towards Yun Che with a smirk on his face… He knew better than anyone here what was ahead in the Snowstorm Realm. He deliberately gave himself a handicap because he was incredibly confident that he would still win like this and no one would be able to reach the finish line before him.

He didn’t think it was strange seeing Yun Che staying in place, because in his eyes, even if a “garbage” like Yun Che tried his best, he would still only come in last, so there was no reason for him to try at all. He stared at Yun Che and laughed coldly, “Yun brat, I originally thought you were a sensible and smart person but you are instead just a complete fool! You should know, it is easier for me to squish you to death than to kill an ant! You were showed good intentions earlier so I gave you a chance but you didn’t know your place and even yelled at me!”

“But, I am not some petty person. I can grant you another chance if you kneel down and admit your fault now…”

Before he finished speaking, Yun Che had already turned away and walked toward the young profound practitioner who was limp on the ground this whole time, completely ignoring what he had said without even looking at him once.

“...” Li Mingcheng’s face became stiff. He quickly looked towards the north and said coldly, “Nevermind, I can’t believe I was wasting my time with this garbage. Yun Che, you are digging your own grave, you’ll be dead soon!”

Right after he finished speaking, he flew up into the air with a speed like lightning. Even though he had enough confidence, he didn’t dare to be careless, because what he wanted was not just to pass the examination but to pass as number one!!

Yun Che indeed kept in mind the three rules that the Little Demon Empress gave him. If this was the Profound Sky Continent, it would absolutely be impossible for him to pretend he didn’t hear Li Mingcheng’s repeated humiliations. He walked in front of the young profound practitioner and gave him his hand, “Get up. It must have been hard to come here from the lower realms. If you collapse here then it will really not be worth it.”

The young profound practitioner lifted his head. He clearly hesitated when he saw that it was Yun Che but he still grabbed onto Yun Che’s hand and stood up, however, his smile was a bit stiff. “Even though those words are a bit unconvincing coming from your mouth… you are right.”

"The trial had just begun. Though it's not fair, but at least... I can't give in before even starting!" He said gritting his teeth, as profound energy erupted from his body, "I am Feng Mo, from a star realm called 'Quagmire Realm'. What about you?"

“Yun Che, from Blue Pole Star. But you probably heard earlier, I was brought here by Fairy Mu. I wouldn’t even be able to get here with my own ability,” Yun Che said.

“Blue Pole Star… a planet?” The young profound practitioner was slightly surprised. In terms of planes, planets were a lower existence than star realms. He nodded his head, “Even though I despise the way you ‘turned your coat’ earlier, based on what you said just now… In the future if you need anything in the Ice Phoenix Realm, you can try to look for me. I might be able to help you a few times.”

“I cultivate the profound energy of earth element… but that doesn’t mean I cannot beat those who were born in the Snow Song Realm!” He gritted his teeth hard and was about to start charging.

“Your goal should be Ji Hanfeng,” Yun Che suddenly said, “The only reason he was able to humiliate you as he wished is because he is stronger and has a higher position than you. Out of all the people who are participating in the examination, you were the only one who dared to question him. This was enough to prove that you are one with a strong character, so you must not be able to relieve today’s humiliation right? But if you can’t even take this first step today, you won’t be qualified to talk about the future.”

Feng Mo’s eyes slightly moved. He looked deeply towards Yun Che and the profound energy surrounding him suddenly grew fiercely. He turned into a pale yellow flowing light and immediately shot towards the north.

“Sigh,” Yun Che said to himself, “Am I minding too much business… haah, nevermind, nevermind. I need to listen to Caiyi and be low key, low key, must be low key. Before I see Jasmine, I can’t upset anyone and can’t get into any trouble…”

After repeating it several times to himself, Yun Che finally got up and flew ahead. Right when he flew out for less than two hundred fifty meters, he felt the temperature falling abruptly. The strong freezing wind that was blowing towards him was as if a big, wide palm was hitting his body, trying to push him backwards.

And this was only the beginning. As he moved forward, the temperature continued to go down and the strong wind had become a fierce wind. After going forward for a few kilometers, the surroundings suddenly became a snowstorm world and the wind had transformed into a incredibly terrifying storm wind.

The cold was freezing everyone’s body and sealing their profound energy, the flying snow was blocking their vision and senses, and the storm wind was blowing them in many different directions… Under the combination of these three factors, it formed a world that was enough to cause divine way profound practitioners to be desperate.

But there was one exception, and that was Yun Che.

The freezing cold and snowstorm did not affect him at all, the only thing that hindered him was the storm wind. Because his body and profound energy would not be weakened by the cold, as long as he resisted the storm wind, it was much easier for him than for other profound practitioners.

Before the fifty kilometer point, most profound practitioners were able to face it calmly. However, after the fifty kilometer point, all of their speeds decreased suddenly. When they reached a seventy five kilometers, the bodies of those with weaker foundations and those lower realm profound practitioners who did not cultivate ice profound energy were already turning purple from the cold. They couldn’t even utilize half of their profound energy. It became more difficult to move forward and there were even people who got blown to somewhere unknown by the sudden storm wind, leaving only their terrified screams.

After the one hundred kilometer mark, the screaming became a lot more frequent. More and more profound practitioners were swallowed into the snow storm and the rest of were having a difficult time moving forward.

Yun Che released all of his profound energy and moved forward in the snowstorm at a fast pace. The snowstorm kept becoming fiercer and he couldn’t see anyone’s face clearly at all. He could only see people struggling desperately or blurry figures who were blown away by the storm wind. The sound of their incessant screaming was quickly buried in the snowstorm.

Relying on the great advantage of not being affected by the cold, Yun Che travelled through the snow storm and quickly passed waves and waves of people. At the same time, he was roughly calculating the number of profound practitioners that he passed. Later on, he deliberately tried to slow down, converged his profound energy and started moving forward slowly with the terrifying storm wind blowing in his face.

To be able to pass the examination, he needed to be in the first one thousand people to arrive at the finish line. And within the one thousand people, the further back his ranking, the better… because his goal was to pass the examination while being low key. It was already shocking that he was able to pass the examination without a profound strength within the divine way but if his ranking was too high, he wouldn’t be able to be low key later on even if he wanted to.

In the Freezing Snow Main Hall, one hundred and eight large profound formations were all flickering in white light. As time passed, the time for the results to come out was quickly approaching. The disciples who were in charge of the examination in Freezing Snow Hall all focused their gazes on the profound formations. They only wanted results and as for what happened in the Snowstorm Realm, even though they were able to see it, they were too lazy find out.

Afterall, it was the same every year.

“Sigh, hurry up and end,” Mu Xiaolan was crouched on the ground and her face was filled with depression. Thirty minutes had passed since Yun Che and the others had entered the Snowstorm Realm. The results were going to be out soon. During this period of time, there were a few times that she almost wanted to just leave Yun Che but she finally forced herself to stay. There was no news from Mu Bingyun and she didn’t dare to send a sound transmission… After all, she was with the Great Realm King at the moment.

As for the result of Yun Che participating in the examination… it was a no-brainer!! Mu Xiaolan wanted to cover her face and run away just simply thinking about it.


The profound formation in front of them suddenly flashed with white light, even the host of the examination, Ji Hanfeng, narrowed his eyes. When he saw the figure of the first person who appeared, he walked forward and laughed loudly, “This was indeed the expected result. After all you are Main Hall Master’s nephew. Even though I tried to overestimated you, the time you used was still a lot shorter than what I had predicted.”

The first person who walked out of the profound formation, the first to pass the second round of examination was exactly Li Mingcheng!

Ji Hanfeng words were filled with flattery, because with Li Mingcheng’s natural talent and his identity as the Main Hall Master’s nephew, his position would definitely not be lower than his after he entered the Freezing Snow Hall.

Li Mingcheng smiled and said, “Senior Brother Hanfeng is too kind. However, if I wasn’t held back by some small matter, Senior Brother Hanfeng probably wouldn’t have had to wait as long.”

“Oh?” Ji Hanfeng smiled and said, “Held back by some small matter? Could there be someone overconfident who provoked Junior Brother Mingcheng in the Snowstorm Realm?”

“It was just a buffoon, no need to take it to heart,” Li Mingcheng said smilingly.

After Li Mingcheng had arrived for the time of a hundred breaths, the second profound practitioner who had completed the examination finally appeared. Following after, the profound formation in front of them started flickering in a faster frequency, from a few dozen people to more than a hundred people… a few hundred people…

Many of the profound practitioners who passed the examination directly lay on the ground while taking big breaths, over the moon.

More and more people completed the examination. Once the one thousandth profound practitioner passed through from the Snowstorm Realm, the profound formation at the finishing would close automatically, ending the examination. At the moment, more than nine hundred people had come out of the profound formation. As it neared the end, the flickering of the profound light became more frequent.

Number nine hundred sixty-sixth…

Number nine hundred sixty-seventh…

Number nine hundred sixty-eighth…

Li Mingcheng stood next to Ji Hanfeng pompously and looked at the other profound practitioners who were way behind him with the gaze of a king. But when it reached the nine hundred seventieth person, just as the examination profound formation was about to close, Li Mingcheng’s eyes jumped abruptly and instantly widened.

Because, the nine hundred seventieth person who walked out of the profound formation was one who absolutely should not have appeared.

Yun Che!!

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