Chapter 960 - Fighting Ji Hanfeng

Against the Gods

Chapter 960 - Fighting Ji Hanfeng

Yun Che was like heresy created by the heavens that was sent to the mortal realm. His appearance completely shattered the common knowledge of everyone present. He did that in the Profound Sky Continent, then the Illusory Demon Realm.

And now, he did the same in the God Realm.

It was as though Yun Che’s sword had smashed onto the minds of everyone present, causing them to be shocked speechless for a long while.

It was already unbelievable that he had defeated Li Mingcheng but now, his profound strength had explosively increased yet again and he had used a single strike… to force Ji Hanfeng back!

Ji Hanfeng was an official disciple of Freezing Snow Hall and he had cultivated there for around twenty years already. Him being able to supervise Freezing Snow Hall’s new disciple examination proved that he was powerful and experienced enough to do so.

Yet he had been forced back by the sword of an examinee who was only in the Sovereign Profound Realm!

The impact of this scene was indescribable. Almost everyone there felt dazzled, as though they could perhaps be dreaming.

Ji Hanfeng, who fled all of a sudden, continued to somersault until he was three hundred meters away. When he landed, the heart thumping sensation he felt before was still there. This shocked him greatly and at the same time, he felt even more humiliated. He had actually been forced away by the sword of someone he previously viewed as a joke… now that was the gargantuan joke!!

But no matter how unwilling and disbelieving he was, he would no longer dare to hold Yun Che in contempt. It was because the terror of that strike had been right before his eyes.

Ji Hanfeng fiercely gritted his teeth. He reached out with a grabbing motion and took out a silver longspear from his spatial ring. The longspear was nine feet long, its entire body flickered with frosty silver light. The instant the spear appeared, it was actually accompanied by a resonant dragon roar.

“Dragon Burst Spear!” Several Freezing Snow Hall disciples exclaimed in shock.

As an official disciple of Freezing Snow Hall and the supervisor of this examination, he had actually brought out the Dragon Burst Spear. It was evident that Ji Hanfeng was afraid of Yun Che!!

“Yun Che, you are proud of that strike from before, aren’t you?” Ji Hanfeng’s gaze darkened as his voice carried the sound of him gnashing his teeth in anger, “I’ll immediately… give it back to you tenfold!”

“No matter how much trash from the lower realms struggles, they will eternally still be trash!!”

As he vented his thoughts, Ji Hanfeng raised the Dragon Burst Spear. He didn’t go into the air but instead walked on the ground, straight as an arrow. With every step he took, it was as though the spear’s tip had elongated. Then, amidst a loud roar, his footsteps became heavier as the Dragon Burst Spear pierced at Yun Che.

In that instant, the ground below him had immediately become shattered powder and the Dragon Burst Spear let out an incredibly resonant dragon roar. It was as though its body had transformed into a silver colored True Dragon as it lunged at Yun Che with boundless dragon might.

Beneath this dragon roar, all the profound practitioners present felt as though all the blood and profound energy in their bodies had been agitated. Their hearts had also suddenly felt like they had shrunk.

With Ji Hanfeng added to the Dragon Burst Spear, the might of this spear had actually become this frightening!!

A thought flashed in the minds of everyone present: How could Yun Che possibly receive this strike!?

Yun Che’s brows sunk as the veins on both his arms bulged out. Beneath the might that shocked the entire crowd of profound practitioners, he actually did not retreat at all and had suddenly advanced. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword directly smashed forth, welcoming the Dragon Burst Spear.


Sword and spear met and the crackling of metal resounded through the entire Freezing Snow Main Hall. With these two people at the core, the divine stone beneath their feet had all been sent flying after being ruptured.

The feet of both parties had sunk deep into the ground, yet neither had retreated a single step. Ji Hanfeng firmly gripped the Dragon Burst Spear and a disbelief that was stronger than the one he previously had surfaced within his gaze. “You… you actually…”

This spear carried the rage and humiliation he felt for being forced back by Yun Che’s previous strike. Not only had he taken out the Dragon Burst Spear, he had even attacked with full strength and didn’t hold back in the slightest because he wanted to smash Yun Che into dust.

However, the spear which held his full power had actually been received by Yun Che… and this was a direct confrontation, without any superficial tricks!


As he let out a loud roar, Ji Hanfeng’s spear withdrew and then suddenly shot out in reverse and Yun Che’s sword also fiercely rose to meet it.


The Dragon Burst Spear and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword collided once more. Under a heaven shaking booming sound, the two parties had been jolted apart by an enormous force. Yun Che lost his balance while Ji Hanfeng had actually twisted his body upside down in the sky. An incomparable coldness accompanied the tip of the spear as it swept downward.

“Snowstorm Burial!!”

The heavy sword was naturally not as agile as a spear and Yun Che had not completely mastered this newly born Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Before Yun Che had time to block using his sword, the spear had already ruthlessly swept over, sending him flying. He forcibly suppressed the churning energy and blood within his body as he slammed the tip of his sword into the ground. He quickly stopped himself amidst the ear-piercing sound of the sword plowing across the ground.

At almost the exact same instant he stopped his body, Ji Hanfeng had already flown over from overhead. With the spear resembling a dragon, he directly smashed down.

Yun Che didn’t lift his head. Both his arms instantly tripled in size as the bursting sound of joints popping echoed. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was swung up at full power and its catastrophic rumble completely suppressed the Dragon Burst Spear’s dragon cry.

Even if Yun Che was not heavily injured, the blood and energy in his body would definitely be in turmoil after being sent flying by Ji Hanfeng’s previous spear strike. Since his follow up attack was as fast as lightning as well, never in his dreams would Ji Hanfeng think that Yun Che was able to stabilize his body, let alone instantly make a counterattack. This was not all, what met him was a sword might that was not the slightest bit weaker than before.


The ground beneath Yun Che’s feet once again ruptured as both his legs had almost entirely sunk into the floor. Ji Hanfeng, who had the leverage from the air, was like a dead leaf swept up by a gale. He had been sent flipping backwards.

Yun Che did not pursue and make a follow up attack. Instead, the sword suddenly sunk and struck the ground. It was only after a long while the he raised it up again. His breathing however, had finally become heavy.

Ji Hanfeng heavily landed and fell back a dozen steps with his remaining energy. He looked rather wretched as the energy and blood in his body incessantly churned. However, after seeing Yun Che’s state, he laughed. “So that’s it. You are completely relying on that sword. Heh, that sword must be pretty heavy right? I wonder how many more times you’ll be able to lift it!!”

Yun Che, “...”

Ji Hanfeng’s words directly targeted Yun Che’s weak point.

The disparity between Yun Che and Ji Hanfeng’s profound cultivation was much too great. That was definitely not just a great realm of difference but the natural chasm of the divine way. Even with the Heretic God Arts’ exponential growth rate and body strength that surpassed other common folk, it was still not on par with Ji Hanfeng’s cultivation at the sixth level of the Divine Origin Realm. It was only with the help of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword’s powerful sword might that he was barely able to enter a temporary stalemate.

After Hong’er had eaten the Eternal Night Devil Sword, the might of the Heaven Smiting Devil Sword explosively increased but that also explosively increased its weight. A weight that reached almost five million kilograms was not something the current Yun Che was able to control. In his normal state, even lifting it was especially difficult. Even under the Purgatory state, waving it thirty times was almost his limit.

Let alone wielding it at full power for the death match before him.

Even though he had only attacked three times, this had already left both of his arms numb, his breathing ragged.

“Let’s see how long… you’re able to continue struggling for!”

Ji Hanfeng quickly stabilized the energy and blood in his body and flew up.

Clang! Boom!


The ground cracked open and shattered stone flew all over the place as the entire main hall trembled slightly. The sound of sword and spear striking was like the sound of a clock in heaven unceasingly sounding its bell. Each booming sound seemed as though it was pounding on the audience’s heart.

The faces of every examinee that had just recently passed was already deathly pale. They continuously retreated further and further back. They indistinctly felt that if they did not keep back further, just the sounds of explosions that seemed to contain divine might would give them internal injuries.

They could totally accept that Ji Hanfeng was that strong but Yun Che… was actually strong to such a degree too.

They believed that even if they released all the profound energy in their bodies, they wouldn’t be able to create such a terrifying might. Yet Yun Che, with one strike after another… what kind of secret technique was he using or perhaps, what kind of monster was able to release such a shocking divine might with a body only at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm?

Especially those profound practitioners that were in the same group as Yun Che. Amidst their shock, they all thought back to when they treated Yun Che as a joke because they had always believed themselves to be stronger. They had even laughed at him several times before, causing them to feel somewhat ashamed.

Mu Xiaolan, who had always treated Yun Che as some lower realm weakling was stupefied and momentarily left speechless. This was because even she found it hard to receive Ji Hanfeng’s full power Dragon Burst Spear. Yet Yun Che was receiving it blow after blow!

Mu Fengshu’s face continuously changed as more and more shock had long since replaced the anger in her heart. At the same time, she had begun to realize that it was Li Mingcheng who had plotted against Yun Che first… perhaps it was not just a random remark.

Zhi Mo, what exactly happened earlier? Tell me in full detail!” Mu Fengshu suddenly yelled at a Freezing Snow Hall disciple to her right.

The heart of the Freezing Snow disciple named Zhi Mo trembled. He promptly replied, “Main Hall Master, before… before in the Ice Profound Realm exam, Yun Che had obtained first place. Li Mingcheng accused Yun Che of cheating and proposed an exchange of blows to verify his placement. The… the result however, was Li Mingcheng losing. Then… Then…”

Zhi Mo hesitated, slightly gritted his teeth and then continued, “Then Li Mingcheng suddenly attacked Yun Che and his target was even a vital point. He never expected that Yun Che would issue a counterattack…”

“Bastard!!” Mu Fengshu’s complexion darkened as she shouted in rage.

Zhi Mo quickly lowered his head. “Main Hall Master, please calm your anger.”

“No matter the reason, he must pay with his life after daring to injure Mingcheng to such a degree!” Mu Fengshu muttered in an incomparably gloomy voice.


Yet another explosion sounded as two huge currents of power blasted in the sky. The figures of two people shot out at the same time from within the eye of the storm. Yun Che landed far away. His body went soft as the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword heavily pierced the ground.

Yun Che then held up the sword blade, warm sweat torrenting down his entire body as he breathed heavily. After having met Ji Hanfeng’s blows twenty consecutive times, his entire body had gone limp under the enormous burden of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Both his arms had completely lost all feeling and that strike from before was probably the last of the power he was able to dish out. Following his descent, he almost was unable to raise the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword once more.

“Ha.. ha… ha…” Ji Hanfeng’s breathing was also incredibly coarse and his chest violently heaved. However, the energy he had left far surpassed what Yun Che could muster. Seeing Yun Che’s current state, his eyes widened as he burst out in wild laughter. Not giving Yun Che the slightest chance to breathe, he concentrated all of the power he had left into the Dragon Burst Spear, directly aiming for the space between Yun Che’s brows.

“Oh no!!” Mu Xiaolan’s hands tightened as her expression changed.

Because this spear from Ji Hanfeng was shockingly a death blow that gave no way out.

And Yun Che had obviously depleted all his strength; it was impossible for him to receive it this time.

As if he had already seen himself skewer Yun Che, intense pleasure coursed within Ji Hanfeng’s heart. And it was at this moment, when the spear head pointed at him that he saw Yun Che slowly raise his head to reveal an evil grin.

An unknown chill suddenly attacked his soul, causing his entire body to stiffen, causing his movements to slow.


Yun Che’s body suddenly exploded with a current of air. Just as he was about to approach Yun Che, Ji Hanfeng, who had used all his profound strength in that attack, was violently jolted. He had been directly shaken off by that airwave. After falling back, he raised his head in alarm and saw Yun Che slowly get up, both hands on the vermillion great sword’s hilt. The scarlet profound energy on his body coiled wildly as a terrifying blood color emerged within both his eyes.

Beside his ear, came Yun Che’s devilish sinister voice, “Since I’ve already crippled one… I may as well cripple another!!”

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