Chapter 961 - Crippling Another

Against the Gods

Chapter 961 - Crippling Another

“T-this is?” Mu Sushan cried out in surprise. If everything that happened previously were to be described as shocking and astonishing, then what he felt now was shock which caused him to not believe his own eyes.

Yun Che being able to exchange direct blows with Ji Hanfeng more than twenty times with the power of a Monarch could be said to be an unprecedented miracle in all of Snow Song Realm. Right when he believed that he had seen Yun Che’s limits, Yun Che’s profound energy, which should should’ve weakened, wildly rose once more. Moreover, he had instantly broken through his previous limits…

So far that he directly suppressed Ji Hanfeng!!

Oppressing someone with a profound energy eruption was obviously something Ji Hanfeng had seen before. However, this was his first time seeing such a fiendish profound energy. His entire state of mind instantly changed to that of fright as he no longer was able to think about advancing even a single step forward. Under the terror that coursed through his entire body, he involuntarily stepped back...

He had never cowered even when he faced the sect’s Divine Soul Realm experts every day.

Yun Che once more grabbed the Heaven Smiting Sword. At this moment, its five million kilograms of weight actually felt weightless in his hands. Both his gaze and sword might locked onto Ji Hanfeng. Power that surged from the Heretic God’s Profound Veins erupted throughout his entire body, once more rushing to his arms and pouring into his blade as it struck down.

The hairs on Ji Hanfeng’s entire body stood erect beneath this strike. He, who felt humiliated that he didn’t dare to receive Yun Che’s strike the first time, no longer felt like receiving this one. Instead, he used all his strength to flee. However, he had been locked in place by its sword force; it felt as though his body weighed a ton. Once he was aware that he wasn’t able to escape, in his fright, he suddenly turned around and gave a loud roar while crazily pouring all of his power into the Dragon Burst Spear which blocked his front.


As though an asteroid had exploded, an indescribable, apocalyptical storm radiated out to the surrounding space. Disciples of Freezing Snow Hall obviously were able to endure it, but those examinees that had just recently passed felt as though they were hit by a heavy hammer. They retreated in panic as those that were close to it were directly sent flying.

In the heart of the apocalyptic storm, a large majority of Ji Hanfeng’s body had been nailed to the floor. The Dragon Burst Spear in his hands had already been smashed into a ghastly crescent moon shape. Blood cascaded in torrents from the arms he used to lift the Dragon Burst Spear and even his eyes had been jolted to reveal bursts of wisps of blood.

“Ji Hanfeng, open your doggy eyes and look carefully. This is the lower realm profound practitioner you have been looking down on and humiliating time and time again!”

Amidst his deep bellow, the last of Yun Che’s power burst, the enormous booming sound quaking every inch of the Freezing Snow Main Hall.

And the words Yun Che had shouted caused many of the surrounding profound practitioners that came from the lower realms to suddenly raise their heads, their eyes sheened with excitement.

The Dragon Burst Spear’s answering cry cut off as Ji Hanfeng let out a miserable yell that sounded close to despair. His body crazily cracked the ground and only after drawing a crack several tens of meters in the ground was he finally sent flying, sprinkling the air with bloody stars before tumbling to the ground. He no longer made any more movements as a pool of blood quickly amassed beneath his body.



The broken Dragon Burst Spear fell to the ground one side at a time. Its profound light and dragon aura quickly faded, completely transforming into a dead spear. Even if it was able to be restored, it was absolutely impossible for it to regain its past divine might.

“Senior Brother Hanfeng!!”

After being stupified for a long time, many disciples from Freezing Snow Hall finally regained their senses and hurriedly charged toward Ji Hanfeng. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.


The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword landed heavily as the frenzied scarlet profound energy on Yun Che’s body instantly dissipated without a trace. He was running on empty as he heavily kneeled down. If not for the support of the Heaven Smiting Sword, it seemed as though he would’ve already been laying on the ground.

“Haah… Little girl, why… haven’t you come over… to help me up…” Yun Che panted with coarse breaths. He truly was not able to stand up anymore this time.

Mu Xiaolan stood there, stunned, as though she had gone stupid. Upon hearing Yun Che’s voice, she dazedly made a sound of response before quickly rushing over. Her movements were stiff as she supported him.

At this time, the gaze she used to look at Yun Che no longer had the various kinds of disdain she had formerly. Instead, a kind of strange expression, as though she was looking at some sort of monster was present.

“Are… you okay?” Mu Xiaolan asked, muddled.

“Not okay… at all… If your Master doesn’t come now, I really… might die…” Yun Che panted heavily. In the previous month, he had been using up a great amount of mental energy to purify Mu Bingyun’s flame poison while restoring her vitality. He spent the rest of his time accompanying his women and family so he didn’t have any time to cultivate at all. If he had been able to cultivate within that one month, he was confident that he would have been able to win against Ji Hanfeng using the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword without opening “Rumbling Heaven.”

At present, he had no choice but to forcibly open Rumbling Heaven and the result was naturally an unendurable heavy burden.

“But Master, she…” Mu Xiaolan was so anxious that she was about to start crying. She had already sent Mu Bingyun a ton of consecutive sound transmissions but had yet to receive a response.

To the side, a Freezing Snow Hall disciple who had run over to examine Ji Hanfeng’s injuries turned around with a deathly pale face and stammered, “Senior Brother Hanfeng, his… his meridians have all snapped and his dantian seems to have been shattered…”

“What?” Mu Fengshu’s gaze swept over and the others were even more surprised.

Those receiving a blow from Yun Che’s heavy sword never came out with light injuries. If they were not able to take it on, they were either dead or crippled.

With snapped meridians and a shattered dantian, even if they used a huge amount of power and resources to forcibly save him, he would only be a cripple from now on.

Yun Che beating Li Mingcheng was already a shock that everyone could hardly believe. But now, he had actually beaten Ji Hanfeng… and not only did that strike make him lose, it had directly crippled him!!

Even the Dragon Burst Spear had been snapped.

At this moment, not only was it the examinees, even the official disciples of Freezing Snow Hall birthed deep shock and terror for Yun Che.

“Yun Che, you really are… incredible!” Mu Fengshu, who previously couldn’t even bother to spare him another glance was now sweeping her gaze over Yun Che many times. Her voice was dull, without the slightest ounce of feeling, yet it carried a bone-piercing killing intent. “On the first day you arrive in my Ice Phoenix Realm, you heavily injure my nephew and now you’ve also crippled a disciple of my Freezing Snow Hall… who is it that gave you such courage to do so!?”

In her rage, Mu Fengshu suddenly flew up and actually personally acted to arrest Yun Che.

“You can’t!!”

Mu Sushan was no longer able to hold back as he quickly shifted to forcibly block Mu Fengshu. “Main Hall Master, you mustn’t! You’ve already seen it with your very eyes, Yun Che is definitely a talent seen once every ten thousand years. If he enters our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, he is equal to a hundred million Ji Hanfengs, you mustn’t kill him!”

He sensed that Mu Fengshu personally taking action wasn’t anything as simple as just capturing him. She obviously carried killing intent!

“Hmph, like I care what kind of talent he is! Everything he has done today simply tells me that he hasn’t put my Freezing Snow Hall in his eyes. Why should I spare him!?” Mu Fengshu angrily replied.

Yun Che was a talent found only once every ten thousand years… Mu Fengshu was well aware of whether or not this statement was an exaggeration. If Yun Che had simply come from the lower realms, Mu Fengshu might… not just might... just based on the stunning performance he showed today, even if he had heavily injured her nephew, she would still spare him and even nurture him greatly.

But he just had to be brought over by Mu Bingyun!!

Mu Sushan quickly noted, “Even though Yun Che’s actions are heavy, he was still forced to do so. Whether it is your nephew Li Mingchen or Ji Hanfeng, they…”

“Silence, out of my way!!”

Mu Fengshu’s arm made a sweeping motion, blasting Mu Sushan far away. At this time, a person suddenly ran out from the crowd, stood before Yun Che and stated, “M-Main Hall Master, you can’t kill Yun Che. Li Mingcheng was the one who provoked him first and even after losing, he mounted a sneak attack. As for Ji Hanfeng, not only has he maliciously ridiculed us lower realm profound practitioners, it was also he who decided to land the first killing blow… We all saw this very clearly, so Main Hall Master must have also clearly seen this too! B-Both of them only have themselves to blame. Yun Che only did this in self defense, he didn’t do anything wrong in this respect… you can’t kill him.”

Yun Che raised his head in shock. He looked at the person in front of him, who dared to come out in such a situation, before the angry Mu Fengshu filled with killing intent to plead for him.

It was astonishing Feng Mo, the person he somewhat helped during the Snowstorm Realm examination.

Before the examination, he was the only one who dare to question the fairness of the exam. The result however, was him being humiliated by Ji Hanfeng but he still outstandingly passed both the Snowstorm Realm and Ice Profound Realm trials.

Now, he was yet again the first one to jump out to plead for Yun Che and the person he faced was Freezing Snow Hall’s Main Hall Master!

Everyone was dumbstruck as they looked at the person blocking Yun Che’s front… could this person be Yun Che’s sworn friend until death? Or perhaps just a pure idiot?

“Hah,” Mu Fengshu laughed coldly. “Today is seriously strange, even a random rat would dare come out to defy this hall master!!”

“No, no.” Feng Mo’s face was pale. “This disciple… this disciple definitely does not dare to disrespect Main Hall Master. This disciple is only speaking the truth that everyone here has seen. Even though Yun Che has erred, it is still pardonable. At the very least… at the very least, he shouldn’t die for his crimes.”

Feng Mo turned around and said in a trembling voice, “Brothers and sisters from the lower realms, Ji Hanfeng has humiliated those of us from the lower realms many times before. Yun Che injuring him earlier could be said to be half sticking up for us. I believe that you all feel at ease and grateful in your hearts. Everyone stand forth, if we all plead for Yun Che together, Main Hall Master will definitely give way!”

Once Feng Mo finished speaking, the surroundings were still absolutely silent. Not one person answered and those profound practitioners from the lower realms that were in the same group had even quietly taken a few steps back, covering their figures behind the crowd.

Feng Mo’s face gradually stiffened and then fell in despair. After that however, he got angry and roared, “Do you all hear me? Have you all gone deaf? Those of you that have ascended from the lower realms should all be fearless individuals… don’t tell me that you’ve all gone soft after coming here!?”

The crowd was silent, not one person answered yet again… The echo of a few Freezing Snow Hall disciple’s snorts and sneers would occasionally be heard.

“Heh,” Mu Fengshu sneered. “Since you’re that desperate to be buried along with Yun Che, this hall master will fulfill your wish!”

Mu Fengshu flew out. Her hands made a grasping motion as a current of heavenly frosty might fell down.


The light sound of crystals colliding resonated as the center of the main hall suddenly filled with a dreamlike, fantastical azure light. Beneath the glow, Mu Fengshu’s figure stopped and then was heavily brushed away by a gentle wind. She flew in reverse and when she landed, her body slightly rocked as her expression also suddenly changed.

A snow white figure slowly descended from high above, its waistband fluttering in the air. A peerlessly beautiful snowy face that could overturn worlds appeared and even caused the surrounding light to lose its splendor. A pure, clean, frosty aura lightly enveloped everyone’s souls, causing them to become stupefied. It was as though a fairy had landed in the mortal realm.

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