Chapter 965 - Voice that Covered the World

Against the Gods

Chapter 965 - Voice that Covered the World

“He is still the person who saved my life,” Mu Bingyun stated.

“But Master is repaying him toooooo much!” Mu Xiaolan said with an unconvinced voice. “As a disciple, he is suppose to listen to Master’s words and properly respect and attend to Master. But he... “ Mu Xiaolan’s voice dropped as she muttered, “It seems like Master is attending to him.”

Mu Bingyun shook her head and said softly, “The reason why Yun Che has become an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple is so he can have the status to achieve his goal when the time comes. You also know that in three years, he will leave the Snow Song Realm and return to the Blue Pole Star. The reason why I look after him in this way isn’t completely due to him having saved my life. It’s also because he deserves my or should I say that he deserves such treatment from our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.”

“Eh?” Mu Xiaolan was shocked.

“The flame poison I was infected with came from the ancient horned dragon’s dragon breath. That poison is highly toxic, so toxic it even left the Great Realm King powerless, yet Yun Che was able to cleanse it in a short month's time. Him being able to save my life this time means that if an important person in our sect is similarly infected with an incurable poison, he would also be able to cure it. Even if he no longer lives in the Snow Song Realm in the future, we could still head to his planet to seek his help.”

This explanation finally allowed Mu Xiaolan to understand why her master gave Yun Che so much preferential treatment. “Oh! I understand now… if we think about it this way, he really is kind of powerful…”

“Yun Che himself knows of this fact so he has no qualms about accepting everything,” Mu Bingyun stated softly.

“No qualms…” Thinking about Yun Che’s “no qualms” expression instantly made Mu Xiaolan feel that it was unacceptable as she muttered inaudibly.

“Xiaolan.” Carrying a meaningful look, Mu Bingyun’s eyes gazed at her. “Yun Che’s appearance, nature and behavior are rather dangerous for girls, especially young inexperienced girls. You will be in contact with him more often from now on so you should be careful.”

The instant she heard Mu Bingyun talk about Yun Che’s bad traits, Mu Xiaolan’s mind immediately jolted. She quickly replied, “Hmph! Even though he’s kind of powerful in some aspects, he is still a shameless lowly man. I will never forget that so I will definitely be careful.”

“...” Seeing that Mu Xiaolan had completely misunderstood her, Mu Bingyun did not explain any further. She smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

The huge Ice Phoenix Palace was incredibly quiet. It was as though it was an ice-cold world that was completely independent and isolated from the outside world. As Yun Che walked further in, he could almost clearly hear the sound of his own blood flowing through his veins.

Yun Che casually selected a room. Its interior was quite spacious but it was also especially simple and cold. Nothing particular aroused Yun Che’s curiosity or interest. The bed was the same as Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, an icy crystal bed and there wasn’t even an ice silk blanket.

After exiting the living room, Yun Che heading straight for the cultivation rooms ahead.

All the cultivation rooms were closed shut. Yun Che walked to the front of the closest cultivation room and placed his hand on the stone door. The Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade on his shoulder immediately flashed and the stone door also flashed with the same radiance for a moment before opening.

Cold energy welcomed him head-on and the interior was a field of white. When Yun Che walked in, the stone door automatically closed behind him.

This cultivation room was first opened by Yun Che’s Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade and then was bound by the aura of his Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade. From now on, he was the only person who could open this cultivation room. If other Ice Phoenix disciples were not allowed in, they couldn’t forcibly enter… of course, the only exception was the Palace Master.

The interior was astonishingly a world of ice that was even colder than the outside world. The ice element was even more abundant here and countless ice spirits and motes of light fluttered around. This added with the continuously lingering icy mist made it look like a world from a dream. What shocked Yun Che was that this world seemed boundless at first glance. He quickly released his spiritual perception and only after it had spread through one hundred fifty kilometers did it reach the world’s limit.

Which meant that this cultivation room was one hundred fifty kilometers wide!

It was at this moment that Yun Che finally understood what Mu Bingyun had meant when she said that the space within was far larger than what he saw.

These cultivation rooms clearly operated with high level spatial laws, causing the inside space to be more than a hundred times larger than what one may see outside. The ambience and aura inside were also completely different from the outside. It was a little world solely created for the purpose of cultivation.

It was after all, the God Realm. Something as simple as a cultivation room was beyond the comprehension and imagination of the lower realms.

The almost cruel, cold air and the excessively rich frost aura would give any profound practitioner a great amount of pressure yet it made Yun Che feel extremely comfortable. He abandoned his plans of continuing his tour of the Ice Phoenix Palace and sat down, focusing his mind to go into meditation. He used the aura here to begin recovering his physical and profound strength.

Yun Che’s recovery abilities far surpassed an ordinary person’s. He was able to recover his profound energy from a deficit or make a complete recovery after suffering severe injuries in the lower realms, where the energy of the heaven and earth was turbid and thin. In the God Realm where the energy of the heaven and earth was incomparably dense, his recovery rate would increase by several times. In only a few hundred breaths, the pain in his body completely disappeared. It was as though his entire body was soaking in warm water and thousands of warm trickling threads came pouring into his body from everywhere, nourishing his body and quickly restoring the profound energy he had overdrafted.

While he was recovering his strength in a meditative state, a day had silently gone by without his notice. This was how Yun Che passed his first day in the Realm of the Gods.

Maintaining a “lowkey” doctrine and carrying the Little Demon Empress’ firm “absolutely cannot cause trouble” command, Yun Che wreaked havoc in Freezing Snow Hall on the very first day he arrived at the Snow Song Realm. He crippled the Main Hall Master’s biological nephew with an elbow and then crippled an official disciple who was supervising the examination in one strike. Not only had he escaped in one piece afterwards, he also had become an official disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace with a profound strength cultivation that hadn’t reached the divine way, making history in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

As a result, it was without question that his name would spread through Freezing Snow Hall, Ice Phoenix Palace and even to Ice Phoenix Divine Hall.

In other words, Yun Che, who had been muttering the word “lowkey” to himself at least eight hundred times on the way there, had now become the topic of discussion for the entire Ice Phoenix Realm on his very first day.

In the cultivation room, Yun Che opened his eyes and exhaled deeply, his body feeling incomparably relaxed. In a short day, the side effects caused by forcibly opening “Rumbling Heaven” were completely gone and both his physical and profound strength had recovered to full. This shocked him for a long while. Compared to the aura here, the aura within the Blue Pole Star truly could only be described as “turbid as f*ck.”

At this moment, he was even wondering how long it would take for him to once more adapt to the aura within the Blue Pole Star.

“Thirty months more to go,” Yun Che said to himself. “Jasmine, I have to see you again. Even if… it means an eternal parting.”

Just as Yun Che was about to get up, his chest felt smothered as his breathing completely stopped. All of the ice spirits and icy mist in the cultivation room had also stopped in place.

A boundless suppression that wasn't too heavy yet was still as majestically vast as the firmament slowly capsizing enveloped him.

W-what's this!?

Yun Che was incomparably shocked. He had a feeling that this suppression that had suddenly sunk down seemed to be enveloping this entire world, this entire space...

After the lowering of this suppression, forget about breathing, Yun Che's body seemed to not even dare to move a single inch. Even his heartbeat had almost stopped. He felt as though he was suddenly in front of the boundless universe. Before it, he was so small that he could barely amount to dust. And what faced such a humongous suppression was not only Yun Che. Ice Phoenix Palace, Ice Phoenix Realm, Snow Song Realm... perhaps the entire Eastern Divine Region of the God Realm was enveloped within it.

It was also at this time that a boundless, resonating voice that seemed to have come from a bygone era sounded within the boundless space, inside all the star realms within the Eastern Divine Region, beside the ears of every profound practitioner.

"Of the Divine Region's forty thousand realms, Eastern Divine Region controls nine thousand. The Profound God Convention is a distinguished meeting which occurs once every three thousand years for our Eastern Divine Region. At the moment, due to a variety of reasons, even though only seven hundred years have passed since the last Profound God Convention, a new Profound God Convention is about to happen.”

Beneath this voice, the entire Eastern Divine Region seemed to have completely stilled as it sank into complete silence. Every profound practitioner raised their head high and looked into the sky. It was also at this time that Yun Che, who was still previously stunned, came to a realization. This was actually a sound transmission broadcast to the entire Eastern Divine Region!!

It was unknown how many times larger just one star realm was compared to the Blue Pole Star. To cover the entire Eastern Divine Region... and even penetrate through his special cultivation room with a sound transmission... how terrifying of a power was that!? How terrifying of a realm was that!?

The power levels in the God Realm actually were able to reach such an unimaginable height! Was this really a power that "man" was capable of possessing?

Yun Che had always possessed a deep yearning and reverence for power of the divine way. At this moment, it was the first time in his life that he felt "fear" toward power levels.

In both his lives, he had confronted many enemies that were far stronger than him. He had defeated every single one of them and surpassed them all. But in front of this power before him, he distinctly felt what the word "unreachable" meant.

"This session of the Profound God Convention only had ten years of preparation. Even though it is quite hurried, its importance surpasses all the former sessions. Moreover, this Profound God Convention will be held by the Brahma Monarch Realm, the Eternal Heaven Realm, the Moon God Realm and the Star God Realm."

To Yun Che, the greatest words touched upon in that sentence were the words "the Star God Realm" because that was the realm Jasmine was from. However, this shocked the entire Eastern Divine Region.

All the previous Profound God Conventions had always been conducted by the Eternal Heaven Realm.

This time, it was actually held by Brahma Monarch, Eternal Heaven, Moon God and Star God—Eastern Divine Region's Four Great King Realms!

This was definitely unprecedented in all of Eastern Divine Region's history!

Just based on that, this Profound God Convention was definitely unusual.

“The preliminary selections for the Profound God Convention will be held inside the world of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. In thirty months, the Profound God Convention will begin, which marks the start of the preliminaries. Three months before it begins will be its registration period and will also be when the Eternal Heaven Realm opens to the Eastern Divine Region.”

The various realms within the Eastern Divine Region were shocked once more. The eyes of numerous profound practitioners within the divine way… especially those who were still young, suddenly released rays of excitement and incredulity. The sky encompassing voice had clearly stated that the preliminaries this time would actually be held within the Eternal Heaven Pearl!

The Eternal Heaven Pearl was a one-of-a-kind Heavenly Profound Treasure in the God Realm. Even in ancient times, it had been a transcendent existence. If they were able to participate in this Profound God Convention, even if they didn’t place in the rankings, merely being able to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl and mingling with the precious aura within the Eternal Heaven Pearl would give them incalculable benefits!

Yet the excited aura within the Eastern Divine Region did not persist for long. What the voice said after that was like a bucket of cold water being poured over their heads. Even Yun Che did not expect it… and it instantly struck him hard.

“During the Profound God Convention, the divine power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl will envelop the entire Eternal Heaven Realm. Due to the preparation time and the limits on the Eternal Heaven Pearl’s divine power, the scope of this Profound God Convention will be different from all previous sessions. Only those below the age of sixty with divine strength no weaker than the Divine Tribulation Realm are able to sign up for the preliminaries. The divine power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl is not one which any mortal body can bear. When the time comes, all those with profound strength lower than the Divine Tribulation Realm will not be able to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm in anyway. Those inside will also be forcibly expelled.”

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