Chapter 966 - The Only Choice

Against the Gods

Chapter 966 - The Only Choice

The Profound God Convention’s registration requirement being under the age of sixty was exactly the same as the previous sessions and did not fall outside of anyone’s expectations.

However, profound strength no lower than the Divine Tribulation Realm, this was a random bolt of lightning to countless profound practitioners that had been excited just a moment ago.

The previous sessions of the Profound God Convention had always been restricted to the Divine Soul Realm. In those days, every session would be where young profound practitioners flourished. Based on the contests between those young profound practitioners, it was easy to see the future strength of their star realm’s comprehensive strength.

But this time, the registration threshold had suddenly risen a great realm!

Yet the sixty age limitation had not changed one bit.

What kind of a concept was the Divine Tribulation Realm below the age of sixty? Snow Song Realm ranked in the higher echelons of the middle star realms and Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was its core sect. There, if one were to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm before the age of sixty, they would be qualified to become a high ranking disciple of Ice Phoenix Divine Hall!

Even if it were the strong upper star realms, being able to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm before the age of sixty was also a genius.

This “Divine Tribulation Realm” restriction caused the scope of the Profound God Convention to be compressed down more than a thousand times! It made a meeting of profound practitioners become a stage that only genius profound practitioners were qualified to stand on.

Yun Che originally did not care about the Profound God Convention’s registration restrictions because he didn’t plan on participating anyways, nor did he think that he would possibly qualify to enter. However, this “Divine Tribulation Realm” restriction did not only apply to the Profound God Convention’s applicants. It was obviously targeted at everyone who entered the Eternal Heaven Realm!

Not only would not having profound strength at the Divine Tribulation Realm make one unqualified for the Profound God Convention, it wouldn’t even let one enter the Eternal Heaven Realm to spectate! Furthermore, when the voice spoke that sentence, it heavily emphasized the words “in any way”.

This meant that the original plan of the Snow Song Realm’s Realm King bringing him to the convention area was no longer feasible!

Unless… he was able to cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm before then. But if that was the case, he could just directly join the Profound God Convention and would not need Snow Song Realm’s Realm King to specially bring him to the Eternal Heaven Realm.

But thirty months, in the short time period of two and a half years, from the Sovereign Profound Realm to the Divine Tribulation Realm...

To Yun Che, even though many miracles had happened to him already, that was still pure nonsense.

“...The Profound God Convention’s top four contestants will receive grand rewards from Brahma Monarch, Eternal Heaven, Moon God and Star God king realms while the top one thousand contestants will be granted the right to cultivate in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three thousand years…”

The aura that was as boundless as the universe finally dispersed, fading away with the last vestige of the voice. The phrase “granted the right to cultivate in the Eternal Heaven Realm for three thousand years” completely stunned the entire Eastern Divine Region but Yun Che didn’t react to that at all. He was still dumbfounded from the words “Divine Tribulation Realm.”

At this time, a voice as gentle as water sounded beside his ear and mind, “Yun Che, can Xiaolan and I come in?”

This was Mu Bingyun’s voice. Yun Che immediately regained his senses, hurriedly stood up and opened the cultivation room’s stone door.

When Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan walked in, Mu Bingyun’s eyes glistened while Mu Xiaolan’s face had some schadenfreude.

Mu Bingyun saw Yun Che’s obviously stiff expression and said softly, “That was the ‘Voice of Eternal Heaven’ from the Eternal Heaven Realm. It is something that can be heard clearly everywhere in the Eastern Divine Region, even if it is an independent space. It was also the way the profound practitioners of various realms were notified about the previous Profound God Conventions.”

“The preparations for this Profound God Convention had already begun more than seven years ago and the starting date has long since been secretly spread around. The public announcement this time doesn’t have much of a difference from the rumors. It was just unexpected that aside from the time period between this convention and the previous being only seven hundred years, even the registration requirement and the way the matches are conducted has changed so greatly. It actually borrowed the power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. The rewards this time are also rather shocking… everything proves that this Profound God Convention is definitely not ordinary.”

Yun Che was silent.

“Master, since the age limit hasn’t changed but the profound strength requirement is set to the Divine Tribulation Realm, it should mean that those qualified to participate in the Profound God Convention will be a lot fewer, right?” Mu Xiaolan asked.

“Not just a lot fewer,” Mu Bingyun faintly stated. “The scale of this session compared to the previous one will be reduced by at least several thousand times. There should only be around twenty or thirty million people in total who have the qualifications to enter this Profound God Convention.”

“That really is very few,” Mu Xiaolan said in a small voice. “I remember that the preliminaries alone for the last Profound God Convention totaled a hundred billion people but only around twenty or thirty million are qualified this time.”

On average, those that qualify to participate in this Profound God Convention only numbered a few thousand in each of the nine thousand star realms in the Eastern Divine Region. It was no doubt that a majority of this number would be the most concentrated within the upper star realms and then the middle star realms. Even though the lower star realms were the most numerous, the number of qualified participants they had was extremely few.

If that was the case, then it was obvious what kind of level the Eastern Divine Region’s young generation, who qualify to enter the Profound God Convention, were at.

Since it was in the God Realm, even the weakest among them would be an absolute elite within the young generation.

“Even though this restriction is harsh and unprecedented, its enticement is just as great. Just the field for the preliminaries being inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl which lets the competitors bathe in the divine power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl is enough to make one unable to refuse. Those who qualify are bound to be looking forward to it and those close to the qualifications are also bound to be doing their best to cultivate to meet it.”

Mu Bingyun’s gaze slightly rippled as she look at the ever so silent Yun Che. She wanted to say something at first but then hesitated.

Not only did the Eternal Heaven Realm adding that restriction stun Yun Che, it had also caught her off guard. The most immediate outcome was her being forced to break her promise to Yun Che.

Mu Xiaolan however, was in high spirits. “Master, the top thousand for this Profound God Convention being able to cultivate in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, is this really true? I remember Master telling me that the Eternal Heaven Realm rarely lets those from other realms enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.”

“Even though it is extremely unbelieveable, that was the Voice of Eternal Heaven that was broadcast to the entire Eastern Divine Region so how could it be false?” Mu Bingyun stated.

“The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… what kind of a place is that?” Yun Che suddenly asked.

“The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is the core world within the Eternal Heaven Pearl. The Eternal Heaven Pearl is one of the seven great Heavenly Profound Treasures from the Era of Gods and is also the only Heavenly Profound Treasure known to the God Realm presently…” She then gave Yun Che a deep look because the second Heavenly Profound Treasure had already appeared and was the Sky Poison Pearl in Yun Che’s body.

What she didn’t know was that Yun Che also had another Heavenly Profound Treasure… the Mirror of Samsara.

The humongous God Realm only had one Heavenly Profound Treasure yet Yun Che alone held two!

“Out of the seven great Heavenly Profound Treasures, the Eternal Heaven Pearl is ranked fourth below the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and the Primordial Seal of Life and Death. The Eternal Heaven Realm’s original strength was only average. It didn’t have the supreme inheritances the Moon and Star God Realms possessed, yet it still became one of Eastern Divine Region’s four great king realms after obtaining the Eternal Heaven Pearl. Moreover, its total strength and prestige exceeds that of both those realms.”

“The Eternal Heaven Pearl’s strength lies in its own self created time-space that possesses an almost entirely independent law of time and the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is precisely the core world that has its own independent time law. Only one day will pass in the outside world if one cultivates inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three years!”

“What?” Yun Che was deeply stunned. “Three years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is the same as one day in the outside world? The speed in which time passes… has a difference of one thousand? Isn’t that too exaggerated… No wonder the Eternal Heaven Realm is that strong. If all those people there go inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl every time they cultivate, then wouldn’t their cultivation time or efficiency be a thousand times greater than an ordinary person’s!?”

“Of course it wouldn’t be that limitless.” Mu Bingyun lightly shook her head. “The Eternal Heaven Orb’s divine power isn’t completely endless. It has to maintain the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm’s independent time-space and that requires an enormous amount of energy. The current God Realm isn’t like the God Realm back then so its self restoration ability naturally couldn’t be compared to back in the Era of Gods. As a result, the Eternal Heaven Realm has always been extremely careful whenever they use the Eternal Heaven Pearl’s divine power. They would never try to go over its limits and very rarely would they allow those from other realms enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

“This time however, they have actually announced to the entire Eastern Divine Region that they are going to allow the top thousand contestants to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm to cultivate for three thousand years… that time span is probably close to the limits of the Eternal Heaven Pearl’s divine power. This kind of generosity has never been seen before in the entire history of the Eternal Heaven Realm.”

Mu Bingyun’s crescent brows knitted as she muttered, “Those able to rank in the top one thousand out of the entire Eastern Divine Region will undeniably be the divine region’s future hegemons. They will all possess extremely high innate talent and a boundless future. Bringing them into the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm so they can cultivate for three thousand years is bound to bring up a thousand peerless experts… and once they exit the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, roughly three years will have passed in the outside world.”

Yun Che, “...”

“It is such a hurried and abnormal Profound God Convention yet it doesn’t hesitate to pay the price for the Eastern Divine Region to bring up a batch of powerhouses,” Mu Bingyun exclaimed. It looks like something shockingly huge really will happen in the God Realm soon… Moreover, it is not something related to just one star realm. Instead, it is a huge matter that requires the entire God Realm to face it together.”

“However, the matter of entering the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm has nothing to do with our Snow Song Realm.” Mu Bingyun clearly meant that there was no one in the Snow Song Realm that was able to rank within the top one thousand… In fact, forget about the top one thousand, ranking within the top ten thousand might also be impossible. “However, we have no choice but make some preparations after receiving the information the Eternal Heaven Realm gave out this time. At present… I will try to look for other alternatives regarding the matter of bringing you into the Eternal Heaven Realm.”

“Palace Master, if... “ Yun Che slightly gritted his teeth. “And I’m just saying if, if the Great Realm King personally appears to ask about it, would the Eternal Heaven Realm possibly stretch its rules a little?”

Mu Bingyun closed her eyes. “The Snow Song Realm is a middle star realm. Even though the Great Realm King is renowned for being on par with a Higher Realm King, it is nothing much before the powerful king realms.”

Even though Mu Bingyun did not shake her head, the meaning in her words was extremely clear.

“The Great Realm King will soon go into seclusion for another period of time so I have to go discuss this with her as soon as possible.” Mu Bingyun turned around. “With the Great Realm King’s temperament, since she has already agreed to your request, she would definitely not want to go back on it. But this time, it is still a restriction the four great king realms have placed, it is not something anyone can go against… I’m afraid this will be quite hard.”

“Don’t worry, if we really can’t do anything about it, we will definitely make up for it.”

Mu Bingyun gave a helpless sigh before she turned around, about to depart. What she had said basically told Yun Che that he shouldn’t hope for much anymore.


Yun Che suddenly called out, his hands gradually becoming a grasping hold that continuously tightened to the point where his finger bones started making crackling noises.

“This means that there is only one way for me to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm.” Yun Che slowly raised his head. Once his line of sight became level, the previous turmoil in his eyes had changed to become determination… a deep viciousness was even present within them.

“Cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm… before the Profound God Convention!” With gritted teeth, he almost used all the energy and willpower in his body to slowly say it out loud.

Mu Bingyun’s figure stilled, her expression temporarily froze.

“Ah!?” Mu Xiaolan, who had been standing beside her, cried out. She turned around and looked at Yun Che with complete seriousness, not looking like she was playing around at all as she said with wide eyes, “Have you gone stupid? There are only two and a half years until the Profound God Convention. Not two hundred years, not twenty years. It’s two and a half years, you know!? And you’re only at the middle stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm right now. Even if you ate some legendary divine pellet, there is no way for you to break through to the Divine Tribulation Realm in such a short time… Oh! It’s not even possible for you to make it into the Divine Soul Realm. Even making into the Divine Origin Realm might be a problem.”

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