Chapter 1002 – Another Soul Ignition!

Almighty Sword Domain


The ray of light struck against the enormous palm, and a huge explosion resounded. The space in the area of the collision instantly cracked apart, and numerous cracks there were thick like pillars covered the entire sky!

Yang Ye’s attack dimmed down while cracks started to appear on Zhu Yuan’s attack, and they entered into a stalemate in midair.

A moment of silence ensued!


The Sword Armor Yang Ye wore suddenly exploded apart, and then countless swords that were fine as needles shot into the air and slammed against Zhu Yuan’s attack.


The spectators watched as the sword needles slammed against the enormous palm, and they were merely stopped for a moment before they pierced through the palm. In an instant, the entire palm was riddled with holes.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly roared with fury, and he grabbed Yellow Springs with both hands and spun it against the enormous palm!


Yang Ye’s figure shot through it along with his sword!


The enormous palm shattered apart, and countless waves of energy erupted from the explosion. In an instant, the waves of energy swept through the entire sky and caused the space in its path to ripple violently. It seemed as if the space there would shatter at any moment, and it was truly horrifying!

But it didn’t take long for the waves of energy to be minced apart by the rays of light from Yang Ye’s sword!

Rays of light flashed horizontally and vertically through the sky, and they were accompanied by successive explosions while space shattered apart over and over again.

Everyone was looking up at the sky. Because a Half-Saint was there fighting a battle of life and death with a Saint!

Regardless of whether Yang Ye won or lost the battle today, his reputation would shake the entire prefecture, and it would surpass the 5 top geniuses!

In the last 10,000 years of history in Pine Prefecture, Yang Ye was the only Half-Saint capable of challenging a Saint in battle! If Yang Ye won, then he would be the 1st Half-Saint to defeat a Saint in the history of Pine Prefecture!

Would Yang Ye win or die?

Yu Wushuang gazed at the sky for a very long time while standing on the city walls. Suddenly, she gazed at Oblivion Maiden and said, “He’s very strong, right?”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at Yu Wushuang, and then her gaze returned to the fox in her arms. She spoke softly, “It’s alright.”

Yu Wushuang’s pupils constricted, and she just stared blankly at Oblivion Maiden for some time!


Suddenly, the space throughout the sky exploded apart, and a huge black hole appeared before everyone’s eyes. After that, a figure fell from the sky, but a pair of wings suddenly appeared behind the figure when it was about to crash against the ground, and the figure immediately stopped on the spot.

It was Yang Ye!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s countenance was pale while threads of blood were seeping out from the corner of his mouth. Moreover, his sword intent seemed to be extremely violent and disorderly at this moment.

Yang Ye lost?

Such a thought appeared in the minds of everyone here. But right at this moment, rain suddenly descended from the sky. The spectators were stunned by this scene, but it didn’t take long for their eyes to open wide, and astonishment and disbelief filled their eyes!

Because it wasn’t rain! It was spirit energy!

Obviously, Zhu Yuan had perished!

Yang Ye had killed a Saint in direct combat!

At this moment, countless people throughout the city were cheering while the disciples of the Dao Order were ghastly pale.

“The 1st Half-Saint to kill a Saint in the history of Pine Prefecture ….” Qing’s eyes were filled with shock as she gazed at Yang Ye. After she attained the Saint Realm, she had an even better understanding of the gap between Half-Saints and Saints. It was exactly why she was shocked right now! At the same time, she felt fortunate that she hadn’t tried to go back on her word because she’d attained the Saint Realm.

Based on the terrifying strength and natural talent Yang Ye revealed, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to attain the Saint Realm. Once that happened, just how terrifying would he be?

“See that? See that? Even Saints are no match for Instructor Yang! Hahaha!”

“From today onwards, Pine Prefecture will cease to have 5 top geniuses, it will only have Yang Ye…. Would anyone dare to call himself a genius before Yang Ye? Would anyone be worthy of such a title?”

“From today onwards, Yang Ye is the number 1 expert in the younger generation of Pine Prefecture!”

“The unprecedented expert of the younger generation! He’s the 1st Half-Saint throughout the history of our Pine Prefecture that has killed a Saint. Yang Ye’s name will definitely become an eternal legend of our prefecture!”

“The Dao Order and Zhu Yuan’s names will go down in history as well….”

Besides the disciples of the Dao Order, all the other human cultivators were cheering with wild joy and shouting like madmen. At this moment, they who were once filled with despair had seen the light of hope, and it was Yang Ye who brought that light of hope to them!

As for the demon beasts, they were looking at Yang Ye with horror in their eyes. It wasn’t just the demon beasts, even the elites of Sky Divine Hall were looking at Yang Ye with fear in their eyes.

After all, feats like this had only occurred in the Central Divine Prefecture. Yet now, it had appeared right before their eyes. A Saint had been killed by a Half-Saint right as they watched, so how could they not feel afraid?

Yang Ye withdrew a violet crystal and swallowed it, and then an unending supple of profound energy instantly appeared within him. All of this profound energy was converted into violet profound energy by the tiny vortex, and then it dispersed towards his limbs and meridians to repair the injuries he suffered both externally and internally!

Was a Saint easy to kill?

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was naturally not easy. Especially under the circumstances that he was fighting that Saint in direct combat. In the end, the reason he’d been able to kill Zhu Yuan in direct combat had been the Divine Rank equipment he possessed. If he didn’t possess the Sword Armor, Dark Sword Wings, and Yellow Springs, just his strength alone would have been absolutely incapable of killing Zhu Yuan! Even surviving the battle would have been a huge problem for him!

The terrifying destructive abilities of Saints far surpassed his imagination!~

Of course, it would definitely be absolutely easy to kill Zhu Yuan if he summoned Heaven’s Gravestone to aid him in battle…. But could he?

Once he did that, then he wouldn’t just be burying Zhu Yuan, he might even be burying himself as well!

No matter what, he’d obtained great gains from the battle. Not only had he obtained a new Sword Servant that was a Saint at his prime, Yang Ye had obtained the violet crystals within Zhu Yuan’s spatial ring. Besides the violet crystal he just consumed, he had 5 more! Besides that, he’d obtained some unexpected gains as well, and it came in the form of a low-grade Divine Rank palm technique, Heaven’s Palm!

It was that palm attack which Zhu Yuan had executed earlier!

The might of that attack was still vivid within his memories. Even though he’d been able to overcome it, he still didn’t dare underestimate it in the slightest. Because the reason he’d been able to overcome it was the Sword Armor, Dark Sword Wings, Void Rank sword intent, and the Death by a Thought technique…. It could be said that even lacking one of them would have prevented him from overcoming Zhu Yuan’s Heaven’s Palm technique!


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from far away in the sky, and then another rain of spirit energy descended from the sky!

Another Saint had fallen!

All the humans and demon beasts looked up into the sky. Which side was that Saint from?

A long time passed before 2 old men appeared before everyone here. One of them was Elder Mo from Sky Divine Hall, and the other was the dean of Ocean of Clouds Academy, Shang Yunxi.

The forces on the side of the academy cheered once more when they witnessed this scene.

“The dean was still able to kill a Saint while fighting 2 Saints on his own. All hail the dean! All hail the dean!”

“Haha! The dean is such a formidable figure, yet those Saints from Sky Divine Hall dared to overestimate their ability and challenge Dean Shang in battle! They really were courting death!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Shang Yunxi all fine and well. After all, the old man was the backbone of the academy. If Shang Yunxi fell in battle, then Yang Ye had no doubt that Ocean of Clouds Academy’s morale would definitely fall to rock bottom. Fortunately, Shang Yunxi was fine. Not only was he still alive, he had even killed one of the Saints from Sky Divine Hall!

Ocean of Clouds Academy which was previously in a disadvantaged position could be said to have the upper hand right now.

Of course, Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly. After all, a mysterious power was standing behind Sky Divine Hall and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!

Shang Yunxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then he nodded lightly, “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me!”

“You almost killed me!” Yang Ye spoke angrily. After all, how could he have forgotten how the old geezer had tricked him and made him go to the Bear Clan?

Shang Yunxi grinned, “I’ll compensate you!”

Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, “How?”

Shang Yunxi replied, “How about I give my granddaughter to you?”

Shang Qingying’s expression changed when she heard this, and then she glared angrily at Shang Yunxi before glaring at Yang Ye as well.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, “Old man, you’re just drawing hate to me!”

“Are the both of you done?” Meanwhile, Elder Mo from Sky Divine Hall spoke ferociously, “Shang Yunxi! We underestimated you. But do you really think that killing one of our Saints would be able to keep your academy safe? Let me tell you that you’re wrong. Ocean of Clouds Academy will definitely be destroyed today, and no one can save you!”

Shang Yunxi spoke coldly, “I seem to recall you saying something similar just now!”

“This will be the last time! I guarantee it!” It wasn’t Elder Mo who spoke those words but a masked man who’d suddenly appeared by Elder Mo’s side. The man wore a violet gold colored robe and kept his hands behind his back, and he emanated a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate!

As soon as the masked man finished speaking, 3 other black robed men appeared in the sky around the city.

Saints! All of them were Saints!

Despair covered the faces of everyone within the city.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as well. Because he hadn’t expected that 4 Saints would suddenly appear here. In that way, their enemies would have an absolute advantage over them!

“I hadn’t intended to do it myself. But now it would seem like I have no other choice!” The masked man continued, “Ocean of Clouds Academy must be destroyed today!”

Shang Yunxi stared fixedly at the masked man, “You’re from White Deer Academy!”

The masked man replied, “What do you think?”

Shang Yunxi closed his eyes, and quite some time passed before he suddenly opened them and pointed at Yang Ye, “From today onward, Yang Ye is the new dean of Ocean of Clouds Academy. So long as you belong to the academy, then you must obey him unconditionally!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shang Yunxi suddenly raised his hands, and the space around him started to warp. Waves of energy that could obliterate the heavens and the earth surged out explosively from within him, and they instantly shot towards the masked man and the other 3 black robed Saints.

“You intend to fight 4 of us on your own? You think too highly of yourself. However, since you want to die, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” As soon as he finished speaking, the masked man and the other 3 black robed Saints instantly entered a pocket of space with Shang Yunxi.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the mask man’s horrified void suddenly resounded from high above, “Soul Ignition! Soul Ignition! Shang Yunxi! Have you gone mad? You’re actually detonating yourself!”


The sky dimmed amidst a deafening explosion!

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