Chapter 1003 – Saints? I’ve Killed Them As Well!

Almighty Sword Domain

“No!” Shang Qingying suddenly roared with misery. She wanted to charge up into the sky, but Lu Wan’er and Yu Wushuang held her back with all their might.

As for the students and everyone else in the city, they looked up into the sky with astonishment when they heard the masked man, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

The dean ignited his soul? He detonated himself?

They were praying, praying that it wasn’t true.

Yang Ye’s eyes were filled with shock as well. Because the explosion and the scene that had appeared in the sky told him that someone had definitely detonated himself high above in a pocket of space, and that person should be Shang Yunxi.

Soul Ignition before detonating himself meant that Shang Yunxi had vanished eternally from this world!

What exactly was the background of those 4 Saints that they actually made Shang Yunxi act so decisively and choose to ignite his soul before detonating himself?

At this moment, Elder Mo had shock in his eyes as well. Obviously, he’d never imagined that Shang Yunxi would actually choose to ignite his soul and detonate himself! After all, if a Saint chose to ignite the soul and detonate himself, then it was equivalent to truly vanishing from the world, and even reincarnation would be impossible!

So, it made him wonder if Shang Yunxi had gone mad!

A long time passed before the sky gradually returned to normal, and only a single person remained in the sky!

The masked man!

Besides the masked man, Shang Yunxi and the other 3 black robed Saints were gone.

“Shang Yunxi!” The masked man’s furious howl resounded through the sky. After all, just a moment of carelessness had caused him to lose 3 Saints and even suffer heavy injuries. So, he could be said to have suffered a huge loss today!


Suddenly, a sword howl shot into the sky, and then a ray of brilliant light tore through the sky and shot towards the masked man.

It was naturally Yang Ye who’d launched the attack. Even though he didn’t know who the masked man was, he had no doubt that the masked man was his enemy. Since he was an enemy, he deserved death and should be killed! Moreover, the masked man was heavily injured, so it was the best opportunity for him to attack!

Since the masked man had been able to survive when Shang Yunxi had ignited his soul and detonated himself, it proved how terrifying the masked man’s strength was. So, Yang Ye hadn’t held back at all, and he’d utilized both the Dark Sword Wings and Death by a Thought.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s speed was at its limits.

Yang Ye’s sword had stabbed against the masked man’s chest before the masked man could recover from his shock. However, Yang Ye was astonished to notice that his sword felt like it had stabbed against a solid piece of Divine Rank iron. Not only was it unable to move an inch further, his arm was even numbed by the impact!

“Fuck off!” The masked man roared furiously as he swiftly slapped his right palm against Yang Ye’s sword. A huge amount of force came from Yellow Springs and instantly blasted Yang Ye flying. However, it only took a moment for Yang Ye to vanish mysteriously in midair, and he was behind the masked man when he appeared once more. At the same time, the tip of Yellow Springs had arrived before the man’s nape!

The masked man’s pupils constricted. He’d clearly never expected Yang Ye to actually just suddenly appear behind him. However, his reaction wasn’t slow at all. He’d suddenly vanished on the spot before Yellow Springs could even touch his nape, and he was behind Yang Ye when his figure appeared once more. After that, he slapped his palm towards the back of Yang Ye’s head!

Unexpectedly, Yang Ye didn’t fall into a panicked state, nor did he try to dodge it. He just stabbed his sword backwards!



Yang Ye’s figure was blasted flying, and he flew quite a distance before he could finally stop himself. While the masked man wasn’t pushed back, a bleeding hole had been opened up on his right shoulder.

The masked man looked at Yang Ye, and his voice carried a trace of shock, “Your sword was actually able to penetrate my defenses!”

Yang Ye didn’t explain anything, nor did he waste his breath on the man. His figure vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the masked man when he appeared again. After that, the Sword Armor he wore suddenly exploded apart into countless sword needles, and they instantly transformed into rays of light that enveloped the masked man!

A moment of silence ensued!


Suddenly, the rays of light were dispersed, and a figure flashed out from within them. In an instant, the figure arrived before Yang Ye and slapped his palm towards Yang Ye’s chest. However, a green barrier of light suddenly enveloped Yang Ye when the masked man’s palm was about to strike his chest!


A muffled bang resounded as the green barrier of light trembled violently. Meanwhile, Yang Ye was blasted over 500m, but it didn’t take long for him to stop in midair. Moreover, he didn’t have a scratch on him!

“Another Divine Rank treasure!” The masked man spoke ferociously, “How many do you have!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the sword needles immediately flew back to him, and then they formed the sword armor once more. At the same time, the cape he wore suddenly transformed into a pair of wings. Besides that, he flipped his left palm, and Jadedrop appeared in his left grasp. He was enveloped by the Dimensional Cube, wearing the Sword Armor, holding Yellow Springs and Jadedrop, and had the Dark Sword Wings on his back….

The masked man’s eyelids twitched when he witnessed this scene, and he roared furiously, “5 Divine Rank treasures! You….”

Yang Ye didn’t give him the time to speak another word as Yang Ye had shot towards the masked man.

The spectators expected the masked man to counterattack, but they were astounded to witness him turn around and vanish on the spot. At the same time, the masked man’s voice resounded from far away in the horizon, “I’ll definitely slaughter everyone in Ocean of Clouds City when I return!”

He’d fled!

The spectators were stunned by this scene. Even a Saint was actually scared away by Yang Ye?

“That’s a Saint? That’s Saint that we usually look up to? He fled without even having the courage to fight?”

“He isn’t weak, it’s Instructor Yang who’s too strong…. Instructor Yang has surpassed Saints!”

“It’s such a pity that we’ve lost the dean….”

“Destroy Welkin Wolf Mountain Range! Destroy Sky Divine Hall! Avenge the dean!”

“Avenge the dean!”

Countless people started howling furiously in the city.

Elder Mo’s face was unsightly to the extreme as well. Because he hadn’t expected the masked man to actually flee! He’d fled! Even though Elder Mo knew that the masked man was heavily injured, he felt that the masked man still shouldn’t have fled!

Elder Mo hesitated on the spot for a long time, and then he finally stared at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, just you wait!” He gazed at Yu Wushuang when he spoke up to this point, and he continued, “You won’t be able to escape my Sky Divine Hall!”

Yang Ye gazed at Elder Mo and spoke calmly, “I’ll kill as many as Sky Divine Hall sends!”

“You?” Elder Mo ridicule, “Yang Ye, you think too highly of yourself! You’re nothing without that set of Divine Rank treasures!”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll just ask you one question. Do you dare to fight me in single combat?”

The corners of Elder Mo’s mouth twitched, “Do you dare to take off those Divine Rank treasures?”

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “Just fuck off before I change my mind.”

Elder Mo stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and quite some time passed before he laughed coldly, “Just you wait! Yang Ye! Just you wait! The day will come when my Sky Divine Hall lets you know how tiny you are!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mo was about to turn around and leave, but Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Wait!”

Elder Mo’s figure stiffened slightly, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “What? You want to try and kill me?” The elites of Sky Divine Hall who stood behind him entered a fully vigilant state, and they were ready to attack at any moment.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Calm down. I just wanted to tell you something. I’ll be paying a visit to Sky Divine Hall soon. Don’t worry, I won’t make all of you wait too long.”

Elder Mo gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “Sky Divine Hall will be waiting for your arrival. Just as you’ve said, I hope you don’t make us wait too long!”

Elder Mo’s figure flashed, and he vanished with the others who stood behind him.

Meanwhile, Qing suddenly said, “Why didn’t you try to kill him?”

Yang Ye shook his head lightly, and then he closed his eyes. Of course he wanted to kill Elder Mo and the members of Sky Divine Hall! But could he? He was actually on the verge of exhaustion right now. After all, fighting 2 Saints in succession had exhausted a huge amount of his strength, and it was especially so when he was utilizing Divine Rank treasures!

If his profound energy didn’t far surpass ordinary cultivators, and if he didn’t possess violet crystals, then he would be lying on the ground by now!

So, he was truly without the strength to fight another Saint!

Even though he had Qing and Li Yun, it was impossible for them to kill Elder Mo even if they joined forces. Because Qing had only just advanced into the Saint Realm, so while her strength was at the level of a Saint, there definitely was a gap between her and someone like Elder Mo who’d been a Saint for a very long time. As for Li Yun, he was an inferior version of a Saint!

Once Qing and Li Yun were locked in battle with Elder Mo and those elites of Sky Divine hall were allowed to attack, then it would definitely be a calamity for the cultivators in the city. Because he couldn’t stop them at all in his current state. So, he had no choice but to scare Elder Mo away!

He has no other choice!

Even though he had no other choice, it was a good thing for Ocean of Clouds City! Because once Elder Mo and the elites of Sky Divine Hall left, all the other Saints on Welkin Wolf Mountain Range’s side would be locked in battle, including Welkin Wolf Demon King. In other words, Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had no other experts!

Yang Ye gazed at the city and said, “Open the gates and kill!”

As soon as he spoke, the gates were opened, and then countless cultivators swarmed out from within. At this moment, their morale was surging, and they were at their peak strength!

As for the demon beasts, while their opponents were the cultivators of Ocean of Clouds City, they remained constantly vigilant against Yang Ye as they were very much afraid that Yang Ye would suddenly attack them.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to bring forth their full strength in battle. So, the demon beasts were pushed back repeatedly as soon as the battle began!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stood proudly in the sky and looked down at the demon beasts on the ground below. Even though he hadn’t attacked, he made the demon beasts constantly feel the pressure of his presence!

Suddenly, Oblivion Maiden who stood on the city walls strode step by step towards Yang Ye. She petted the fox’s head lightly as she walked, and she spoke softly, “A’Li, we’ll be able to head back right away!”

Yu Wushuang’s face turned slightly grim when she witnessed this scene, and she hurriedly said, “He killed a Saint!”

Oblivion Maiden’s calm voice resounded, “A Saint? I’ve killed a Saint as well, and more than one!”

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