Chapter 1020 – I Really Can’t Hold It Back Any Longer!

Almighty Sword Domain

Late at night.

A small campfire was flickering lightly within the deathly silent forest, and Yang Ye and the woman were resting against trees at the side of it.

Yang Ye said, “Those savages won’t stop until they’ve captured us!” Both of them had moved to numerous mountains throughout this period of over a month, and it was naturally because of those savages.

The woman remained silent.

Yang Ye didn’t mind her silence, and he just continued, “I think that it’s quite strange. They were completely crushed by me in the previous battles. So, logically speaking, they should be trying to avoid us. Why are they chasing us like madmen instead?”

She glanced at him and asked, “Why are you thinking so much about it?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, “It’s related to our lives. How can I not think about it?”

She replied, “You should be thinking about how to become stronger!”

Yang Ye struck his chest and said, “I’m confident to deal with a savage within 30 moves if I were to fight one in single combat now!” His control of energy had attained a qualitative leap throughout this period while he trained under the woman’s guidance. His physical strength was still the same, but his control of his strength was much stronger than before.

Simply speaking, he could control his strength better now, and it was much more terrifying than an increase of raw strength!

She asked, “Are you unable to look further ahead?”

Yang Ye replied, “What do you mean?”

She glanced at the surroundings, “See this world? It was created by someone. It’s a world created by someone who’s already dead, and that person has died countless years ago. However, it’s still able to trap you, render you helpless, and even throw you into despair. Yet you are still feeling self-satisfied about the tiny bit of strength you’ve obtained. Isn’t that sad?”

Yang Ye’s face froze, and a long time passed before he shook his head, “Can’t we just talk normally?”

She glanced at him and said, “I don’t think I have anything to speak with you about!”

“We’ve known each other for so long, but I still don’t know your name. Right, I’m Yang Ye. What about you!?” asked Yang Ye. She was too cold, and she could go on for days without speaking. But he couldn’t. So, he constantly tried to find topics to discuss with her.

She replied, “I don’t think it’s necessary for you to know that!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, “I really can’t talk normally with you. Allow me one final question. I’m really curious about why the Asura Queen tortured you like that? I would understand if you’re a human. After all, that madwoman, the Asura Queen, seems to really hate humans. But you’re not a human!”

She asked, “You seem to know the Asura Queen really well?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I don’t. But I think that she’s definitely a mad woman.”

The woman seemed to be interested, “Why?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ve been to the Graveyard of Humans, and it’s filled with human corpses. I was able to discern how much she hates humans. Coupled with her actions towards you, what else would she be but mad?”

The woman suddenly asked, “Do you know why she hates humans so much?”

Yang Ye was quite curious, “Why?”

“Because her parents and older sister were killed by humans!” She looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Trust me, the day will come when you humans will definitely pay a horrible price for your greed.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “There’s enmity between me and many demon beasts, but I’m not hostile to the entire demon race.”

“You are you, and she is she!” As soon as she finished speaking, the woman withdrew her gaze and fell silent.

Yang Ye didn’t ask for insult by trying to start another conversation. He walked over to the side, picked up a branch, and then tapped it lightly against a tree that was standing before him.


The tree was obliterated, but the branch in his grasp was obliterated as well!

Yang Ye shook his head lightly. The woman wanted him to allow the light to be heavy. That meant that he had to utilize the branch like a piece of iron. Simply speaking, he had to destroy the tree without destroying the branch.

He’d thought that it would be very easy, but once he tried, he understood that it was simply beyond difficult! Because the branch couldn’t endure his strength at all, but if he used too little strength, then he couldn’t destroy the tree. In short, he had to gain peak control over his strength in order to accomplish it!

It was difficult, extremely difficult! But he didn’t give up because his control of energy would grow a level higher if he was able to master allowing the light to be heavy. Moreover, only by accomplishing that could he learn the Brink Law.

Half a month later, Yang Ye and the woman were on a different mountain because traces of savages had appeared in the last mountain they occupied. At this moment, he just wanted to cultivate and didn’t want to waste time on the savages!

He’d destroyed at least a few tens of thousands of trees during this time, and he was training at all times every single day. He didn’t even rest. The results of such insane training were obvious. Presently, he could use a branch to destroy a tree without destroying the branch. Of course, it wasn’t enough because the branch wasn’t completely intact, and it would split open. In other words, he hadn’t mastered the technique yet!

Such training was extremely arduous. If it was in the outside world, then he could even train continuously for a year because he would have profound energy to heal himself. However, he wasn’t able to utilize profound energy now. So, his hands would ache and feel sore after a few consecutive days of training. All he could do was persist and persist without end.

Just like that, Yang Ye trained like a madman for another half a month.


A branch was tapped against a tree, and the tree instantly exploded apart while the remaining force from the collision obliterated the pieces that escaped the explosion.

Yang Ye withdrew his hand, and his sweat-covered face finally revealed a grin. He turned around to look at the woman, “I’ve done it!” His voice carried undisguised excitement and joy. Presently, his control of strength had arrived at an unprecedented height to him.

If he were to fight those savages in single combat now, then he was confident to annihilate a savage within 10 moves while relying on his terrifying control of his physical strength!

The woman glanced at Yang Ye, remained silent for a long time, and then asked, “Do you know what the brink is?”

Yang Ye’s face was solemn as he knew that she was about to teach him the Brink Law, “You’ve explained it in the past!”

She nodded lightly and said, “To put it simply, the brink is to converge your strength at a single point. In other words, it’s to concentrate your energy to the point it becomes a single dot, and then allow it to erupt at a certain moment and instantly release the terrifying energy within it. In order to accomplish this, you first have to gain control over your own strength to an extremely terrifying degree. In other words, it’s the ability to allow the heavy to be light and allow the light to be heavy, it’s the ability of strength manipulation! You’ve accomplished that, so start testing out the method I provided you!”

Yang Ye nodded.

She said, “Remember that you must be careful. If you fail to control it well and cause your strength to rebound against you, then you’ll either suffer a heavy injury or die on the spot.”

Yang Ye asked, “It’s that serious?”

She replied, “It would naturally not be so risky if you’re given more time to practice slowly. Yet now, we don’t have much time left, right?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short moment and nodded, “Alright!”

She said, “Clench your fist!”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist. Meanwhile, the woman said, “Feel the strength throughout your body. Sense it, control it, and then guide it to your fist!”

The space around Yang Ye’s right fist started to ripple violently!

She continued, “Don’t release it. Allow the energy to remain within your fist, and then continue guiding the energy within you to your fist as well. Do it until you feel that there’s no more energy throughout your body!”

Yang Ye’s fist started to tremble violently. Meanwhile, the space around him rippled like a pond that had a rock tossed into it. It had started to ripple violently, and it was an extremely shocking scene.

The woman’s voice resounded again, “Don’t stop. You aren’t at your limit yet. It’s not the brink until you’re at your limit!”

“I… I’m almost unable to control it anymore!” It wasn’t just Yang Ye’s fist that was trembling now, even his body had started to tremble. The veins on his right arm had bulged up completely, and they seemed horrifying like numerous little snakes.

“You must maintain control of it!” The woman’s voice was stern, “Only by arriving at the extremes of your strength can you truly consider it as the brink. Only by sensing the force that erupts when you arrive at the brink will you be able to truly understand what the brink is. If you can’t maintain control of it now, then everything you’ve done until now would have been wasted. Moreover, you might even suffer from backlash. So, maintain control of it if you don’t want to die!”


As soon as she finished speaking, the ground beneath Yang Ye’s feet had instantly cracked apart, and countless arm-thick cracks instantly swept out towards the surroundings. Besides that, the ancient trees in a huge area around them exploded apart as well.

“I can’t! I’m really unable to hold on any longer!” Even Yang Ye’s face had warped now.

“If you don’t want to die, then hold it in!” She continued, “Not only must you hold it in, you have to guide the remaining energy throughout your body into your fist. It’s the brink! How can it be called the brink if you haven’t arrived at the limit of your limits? Besides that, don’t you want to see the limits of your strength?”

Yang Ye’s were shut tight, and his entire body was trembling violently. Tiny cracks had even started to appear in the space around his right fist, and the space in an area of around 5km in their surroundings had started to ripple violently as if it would explode apart at any moment!

The space in this world was countless times stronger than the Radiant Dimension, and the space in the Radiant Dimension would have probably collapsed by now!

Around 10 minutes later, Yang Ye roared furiously, “I really can’t hold it back any longer!”

“Roar!” Suddenly, over a dozen savages appeared in the distance. They howled in unison when they saw Yang Ye and the woman, and then they charged towards Yang Ye and the woman.

The woman glanced at the savages, and then she spoke indifferently, “If you can’t hold it back, then release it!”

Yang Ye opened his eyes when he heard her, and then he smashed his fist forward in their direction!

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