Chapter 1021 – Let’s Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain


The space before Yang Ye was instantly obliterated, and a pitch black hole that seemed like an expanse of outer space appeared there.

The black hole stretched out for 5,000km ahead of Yang Ye, and the world behind him remained the same as it was.

It was like a world of black and white!

It was beyond shocking!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, a few hundred mountains in the surroundings collapsed while the ground cracked apart.

The entire world trembled before his fist!

As for those savages, they’d been obliterated a long time ago.

Yang Ye slumped down to the ground and gazed at the scene before him with a slightly blank expression. I caused all of that? I did that? I really did that?

Even if he’d done it himself, even if he’d watched it happen with his own eyes, he was still quite doubtful.

Death by a Thought? The Divine Fist of Destruction? They were trash when compared to that attack he just launched! But that attack was purely executed with his physical strength!

Just his physical strength!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind was blank.

It could be said that besides the true form of Heavenrend, all his other techniques and Laws couldn’t compare to that punch. No, those techniques and Laws were trash when compared to that punch! They couldn’t be compared at all!

He was confident that if he faced Oblivion Maiden again, then that punch of his could blast her into outer space. Because even if she could decompose attacks, it depended on what sort of attack it was. The might of that punch definitely far surpassed her ability! Just like a technique he’d seen in the past called Flicking A Hill. It was a technique that used extremely tiny amounts of strength to move something that was many times greater than it. It was a very profound technique, and it was extremely strong. However, while it could flick up a hill, could it flick up a mountain?

Just as the woman had said, when a type of energy arrived at a terrifying level, then the so-called Laws and intent would be useless against it.

Just like his punch. Even the Decay Laws and Laws of Speed would be useless before that punch of his! Because it far surpassed the strength of those laws!

A smile couldn’t help but curl up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and it didn’t take long for it to widen until he couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

After laughing for a while, he was about to stand up, but he noticed to his shock that he actually couldn’t move!

Yang Ye was shocked and hurriedly inspected his body, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he noticed the state within his body. He’d been exhausted, truly exhausted!

The woman suddenly said, “Do you think that was very strong?”

Yang Ye was lying on the ground and allowing himself to recover slowly. He turned to look at the woman when he heard her, and then he was stunned. Because he was lying on the ground right now while the woman was lying against a destroyed tree, there was a gap between her robes, and he just happened to see the scene within that gap because of the angle of his vision.

Meanwhile, the woman suddenly pulled her legs together and pulled down her robe to conceal that view. At the same time, her calm voice resounded, “Was it nice?”

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and looked at the woman, “I have no intention to disrespect you, nor do I have any intention to offend you!”

She replied, “That means you did it on purpose, right?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

They fell into a moment of silence.

Quite a long time passed before Yang Ye spoke, “I’ve constantly had the feeling that you carry extreme hostility towards me, and I’m very curious about the reason. After all, besides that incident when I’d lost consciousness, I’ve never done anything else that has offended you since we met, right?”

She glanced at him and still didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye continued, “Fine, let’s not speak about that. No matter what, thank you for your guidance. Your guidance has allowed me to avoid wasting at least 10 years on the wrong path. Besides that, thank you for teaching me and helping me master the Brink Laws. I owe you a favor, and so long as it doesn’t go against my heart, then I would absolutely not refuse to help you in anything you need help with!”

She spoke indifferently, “I just did it so that we can leave this place!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and didn’t speak another word.

Two hours later, Yang Ye had finally recovered some strength. He glanced at the woman, hesitated for a moment, and then squatted down before her. He moved away the parts of the robe which covered her legs, and his expression changed when he saw her feet. It was because the pieces of cloth which were used to bandage her feet were blood red now!

Yang Ye undid the bandages and noticed that the holes on her feet were still there, and they were even larger than before.

At this moment, he finally understood why she hadn’t been able to move on her own until now. It was because the injuries on her hands and feet hadn’t recovered, and they were growing even more severe.

Yang Ye raised his head to look at her, “Why is it like that?”

She remained silent.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “It’s because of those black swords?”

She nodded slightly.

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “I can heal your injuries if we were in the outside world. But in this place….”

“It’s fine!” The woman spoke indifferently, “Besides the fact that it’s slightly difficult to move, it’s actually fine. Rest for now. We’ll go look for the place those savages live in once you’ve fully recovered and search for a way to leave this world.”

Yang Ye tore off the beast skin he wore and wrapped her hands and feet again. After that, he laid own by her side and started to recover slowly.

Yang Ye said, “I have something to ask you!”

She remained silent.

Yang Ye didn’t mind her silence and continued, “Even though that attack when I utilized the brink was very terrifying, I was completely exhausted once I executed it. Moreover, I feel that it caused a certain level of damage to my body. Is there a way to remedy that flaw?”

“There are 2 ways!” She continued, “The 1st is to make your body even stronger to the point that it can grow accustomed to the eruption of 30 times your strength when you utilize the brink. The 2nd is to not utilize your full strength when you execute the brink again. You just have to use a third or half of your strength instead. Of course, that would make it much weaker. However, your body wouldn’t fall into a similar state again!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Didn’t you say that I have to use all my strength?”

“That’s because you hadn’t fully understood what the brink was, and you haven’t grasped such a technique!” She continued, “Now, you’ve understood what it is, and you’ve grasped it. So, you can naturally use it as you see fit!”

“I understand!” Yang Ye nodded and asked, “My body far surpasses those at the same realm of cultivation, and even some Saint Realm demon beasts can’t compare to me. Does my body still have room to grow?”

“How foolish!” She suddenly turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “The body is the foundation of a person, and its potential to grow is limitless! Completely limitless! Your body is not bad when compared to ordinary people, but it’s countless times inferior to those true geniuses. Yet those geniuses might be at an inferior realm of cultivation than you!”

Yang Ye frowned, “You’re speaking about the Central Divine Prefecture?”

She turned her head away and didn’t speak another word.

Yang Ye was used to it, so he didn’t mind and just continued, “I feel that my body has arrived at a barrier, and I can only rely on external forces to improve it further. Do you know any way to improve my body?”

She spoke indifferently, “Do you really want to know?”

“Of course!” He hurriedly nodded. After he realized how terrifying the body was, he impatiently desired to improve his body.

She replied, “Drawn stellar energy down to temper your body!”

“Stellar energy?” Yang Ye raised his head to look up into the sky, “It can be used to temper the body?”

She replied with a question instead, “Why not?”

Yang Ye answered, “It almost killed me!”

She said, “That’s because you absorbed too much, and you didn’t use it well. If you used it well, then it would temper your body at all times. Of course, the slightest mistake would cause you to explode from the inside!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “I’ll give it a try once we leave this place!”

She glanced at Yang Ye. Her gaze stopped at Yang Ye’s stomach for a moment, and then she withdrew her gaze and paid no further attention to him.

Yang Ye didn’t speak as well, and he just fell into deep thought.

He’d been in this damnable place for almost 2 months now, and he didn’t know how Ocean of Clouds Academy was doing in these last 2 months! Besides that, An Nanjing was still waiting for him to save her.

Lou Qianxiao had said that he intended to challenge the geniuses of the entire prefecture on the day he married An Nanjing, and there was less than a month left until then!

He had to leave!

He had to leave this damnable place as soon as possible!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

Four hours later, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes and quickly stood up. He immediately grabbed the woman and was about to flee. Unfortunately, it was too late, and over 300 savages had appeared before them.

Over 300 Saints!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. What exactly is this place? Aren’t Saints a little too easily found here?

After pondering for an instant, his gaze descended onto the young man in luxurious robes who led the group. Because that fellow didn’t look like a savage!

The young man was sizing up Yang Ye and the woman as well, and there was excitement and joy in his eyes!

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms, “Hey, are you afraid?”

She glanced at him, and it seemed like she was asking if he was an idiot.

Yang Ye got disdain as a response. He placed her on his back and tied her on with a vine rope. Moreover, the woman even cooperated and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Hey, can you help me do something if I die in battle?” After all, even a complete eruption with the Brink Laws couldn’t obliterate over 300 Saints! Not to mention that he couldn’t execute the Brink Laws now because he was still in an injured state!

The woman remained silent.

He continued, “If I die, and you have the chance to escape, then help me do something. Crush Sky Divine Hall. Right, destroy the Nether Pavilion and White Deer Academy of the Central Divine Prefecture as well.”

She suddenly asked, “Why?”

“I don’t like them!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye picked up a branch from the ground and said, “Is that reason enough?”

She remained silent for quite some time before she said, “I’ll remember what you said!”

Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he started walking towards the savages with the branch in his hand. He stopped when he arrived just 30m away from them, and he pointed the branch at them.

“Will you fight me in single combat, or are all of you going to gang up on me?” Yang Ye’s calm voice resounded.

All the savages and even the young man was stunned. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to face so many of them on his own.

However, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and flashed off into the distance. It only took an instant for him to vanish from their fields of vision.

He’d fled!

All the others here were stunned on the spot!

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