Chapter 1025 – You Refuse? Then I’ll Do It!

Almighty Sword Domain

Experts to fight for me? Yang Ye was stunned, and then he gazed at those shadowy figures, “Subdue them? Can I?”

She replied with a question, “Why not?”

Yang Ye stated, “I can’t utilize the Laws of Darkness without profound energy!”

She glanced at him and shook her head slightly, “It’s really a waste that the technique which Shadow Maiden used to instill horror in the hearts of countless experts from the Central Divine Prefecture is in your hands!”

Yang Ye’s face darkened. Can you not be so insulting?

She said, “They are formed from dark energy. In other words, you who have comprehended the Laws of Darkness can control them even if without profound energy. Because dark energy is a form of energy as well. It’s another type of energy just like profound energy and stellar energy. Moreover, you who have comprehended the Laws of Darkness just happen to be able to control it. Understand?”

“Right!” Yang Ye came to a sudden understanding upon hearing her. The Laws of Darkness could control dark energy and matter. He needed profound energy to control dark matter, but he didn’t need it to control dark energy. Because dark energy was a form of energy!

Yang Ye gazed at the shadowy figures when he thought up to this point. At this moment, they were around 50m away from him, and the leader of the group had raised his right hand and seemed to be about to attack.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he made a grabbing motion towards that shadowy figure from afar!


A shocking scene appeared. That shadowy figure actually exploded into pieces!

The smile on Yang Ye’s face grew wider when he witnessed this scene. Because he noticed that he could control the energy they were made of with absolute ease. Simply speaking, he was a counter to them, a true bane of their existence!

Meanwhile, another shadowy figure was about to attack. However, he exploded apart before he could even attack and perished on the spot!

“HAHA!” Yang Ye roared with laughter as he made a clawing motion towards another one of them.


That shadowy figure instantly exploded apart!

In next to no time, Yang Ye had killed 5 of them in an instant. Meanwhile, the others intended to move, but they were forcefully restrained on the spot.

Right when Yang Ye was about to continue, the woman spoke abruptly, “Do you not want them to fight on your side anymore?”

Yang Ye was stunned, “I can take control of them?”

The woman glanced at those shadowy figures and said, “Do you not feel it? They are beings without any consciousness. Since they have no consciousness, you naturally are able to take control of them. After all, they are formed from dark energy, and you are able to control such energy. It’s extremely easy for you to take control of them while they have no consciousness!”

“Let me try!” Yang Ye gazed at them, and he just gazed at them for around 10 minutes before one of them suddenly moved. That shadowy figure didn’t seem to have done anything, yet a ripple flashed out and sliced a distant mountain wall into two!

“It really works!” Yang Ye’s voice carried excitement in it. What did control over these 15 figures represent? It represented that he had 15 Saint Realm experts on his side! Moreover, they were extremely mysterious and possessed strengths which far surpassed ordinary Saints!

“Leave!” Suddenly, the woman spoke abruptly, “Leave quickly!”

Yang Ye was stunned. But he didn’t dare hesitate when he noticed the solemn expression on his face. He immediately picked her up in his arms and shot towards the distance. As for the shadowy figures behind them, they suddenly transformed into shadows that merged into Yang Ye’s shadow.

Around 100 breaths of time after Yang Ye and the woman left, a black robed figure appeared where Yang Ye had been standing earlier.

“I’ve lost my connection with them…. This… this is the Laws of Darkness….” The black robed figure vanished.

Yang Ye was running madly over 5,000km away.

“There’s some sort of danger?” asked Yang Ye in a serious tone. At this point in time, he understood that if a person or thing could make the woman reveal a solemn expression, then it was definitely extremely terrifying and was absolutely not something he could resist right now.

Yang Ye suddenly noticed that he was quite weak in this strange place.

She spoke indifferently, “A person like you is in constant danger within this world!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he laughed bitterly, “Hey, you don’t have to be so insulting, right? Even though my current strength really is quite weak to people at your level, it doesn’t represent that I’ll be weak in the future as well.”

She didn’t offer any response to him.

Yang Ye lowered his head and noticed to his astonishment that she’d actually fallen asleep!

She fell asleep? It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to frown because he noticed that something was off. She seemed to have never slept since arriving in this world, yet she’d actually fallen asleep now. That was quite unusual!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s stomach felt quite damp, and he hurriedly stopped moving to have a look. He noticed that his stomach was actually covered in blood. The blood naturally didn’t belong to him because he hadn’t been injured there.

It was the woman’s blood!

Yang Ye was shocked. He immediately placed her on the ground and pulled open her robes. There was an over 30cm long gash on her stomach, and it was at least around 10cm deep! At this moment, blood was flowing out incessantly from it.

It was from the attack she suffered from the shadowy figures!

But she hadn’t said anything about it!

However, Yang Ye immediately understood why she hadn’t said anything when he noticed its exact position. Because her pubic area was just a few centimeters below the gash.

Yang Ye didn’t take advantage of the situation, and his gaze remained on her injury. At this moment, the edges of the injury were slightly pale while blood surged out incessantly from it, causing her entire stomach to be covered in blood.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant and was about to act. However, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, “Leave it alone! Tidy up my clothes!”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “You might die!”

She replied, “That’s my problem!”

Yang Ye disregarded her and used his left hand to lightly slice open his right wrist. Blood instantly surged out from within him as he placed his right hand against her stomach, and his blood immediately entered her body.

After her blood flowed into her injury, it instantly started to recover at a visible speed.

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “I have no intention to disrespect you, and I just want to heal you. I think that we really should work together here. Even though you have no strength, you’re able to help me in many aspects. As for me, while my knowledge is much more inferior to yours, I can protect you for now. So, working together is win-win for both of us, right?”

She didn’t say anything.

Yang Ye continued, “If you really want to thank me, then…. Right, you can teach me other Laws, any Laws. If you don’t have any Laws to teach, then I won’t refuse Divine Rank or maybe Emperor Rank techniques.”

“Stop daydreaming!” She spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye grinned and removed his hand. At this moment, her injury had healed completely.

Yang Ye nodded lightly as he tidied up her robes, and then he looked at the injuries on her feet. He hesitated for a moment before he moved his wrist which was still bleeding towards her right foot.

She suddenly said, “Leave it alone!”

Yang Ye’s hand froze in midair, and he gazed at her and said, “What? Don’t you want to stand?”

She spoke in a slightly cold tone, “I told you to leave it alone!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he finally withdrew his hand, “Then let’s go!”

He carried her up and started traveling towards Rock City.

A long time passed before she suddenly spoke, “Those injuries were caused by Devil Suppression Swords. That strange energy within your blood is too scarce, so it isn’t enough to recover those injuries. Moreover, it might cause both forms of energy to conflict with each other. At that time, you might die!”

She actually explained this time!

Yang Ye lowered his head to look at her. But she’d lowered her head slightly and kept her eyes closed as she remained silent.

What a headstrong woman! He shrugged and sped up. It didn’t take long for a city made of rock to appear within his field of vision.

“No wonder it’s called Rock City!” Yang Ye flashed over to the city, and he saw Shuai Wenyang there at its entrance!

“I’ve been waiting for you!” He moved over to greet Yang Ye, and then he sized up the woman in Yang Ye’s arms and chuckled, “Brother, you’re really quite lucky. You even brought a woman with you to this damnable place! Alright, let’s get down to business. Let’s go, the master of Rock City wants to see you!”

“The master of Rock City?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why does he want to see me?”

Shuai Wenyang shrugged, “Perhaps he’s curious or it’s some for some other reason. Who knows?”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and nodded in the end. Since he’d arrived at another’s city, he felt that he should meet the city’s master. In any case, it wasn’t a bad thing.

After he entered the city, Yang Ye saw some of its residents. Actually, he saw some savages. Fortunately, they weren’t at the Saint Realm. This allowed Yang Ye to heave a slight sigh of relief. Because it would really be too terrifying if everyone here was a Saint.

However, all along the way, the gazes of those savages were focused on the woman in his arms, their gazes were filled with lust. If they didn’t fear Shuai Wenyang who was walking by Yang Ye’s side, a few would have probably charged at Yang Ye by now.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a palace made of rocks. Shuai Wenyang suddenly stopped when they were about to enter the palace, and he glanced at the woman in Yang Ye’s arms and hesitated for a while before he spoke, “Brother, you have to understand that these savages haven’t seen the world. I’m sure you noticed that the women here are really… really horrible. So….”

Yang Ye glanced at the woman in his arms and instantly understood what Shuai Wenyang meant. Since he’d entered the city, he’d noticed that there were very few female savages, and every single one of them was extremely ugly. As for the woman he held in his arms, she was absolutely gorgeous! So, something would have probably happened if Shuai Wenyang hadn’t been by his side!

Yang Ye shook his head, “What can I do? I can’t ask her to become ugly, right?”

Shuai Wenyang glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Come. That bastard should give me face and won’t act rashly!”

They entered the palace while Shuai Wenyang finished speaking.

There were over 100 savages standing on both sides of the hall they entered, and all of them were Saints.

A robust savage who wore a skull on his head was seated at the seat of the host. As soon as the 3 of them walked into the hall, the gaze of that savage and all the other savages standing on both sides of the hall had instantly descended onto the woman in Yang Ye’s arms, and their gazes were filled with a strong sense of lust and desire.

Yang Ye noticed that a frown had appeared on her face.

Suddenly, the savage who wore a skull had suddenly stood up, and then he took off his pants to reveal his ‘thing’ while Yang Ye and Shuai Wenyang watched with astonishment. After that, he started roaring and howling incessantly while his gaze was on the woman, and his eyes were filled with madness!

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, Shuai Wenyang’s face had turned unsightly, “He… he said that he wants her right now….”

“Kill him! No, cripple him!” Suddenly, the woman in his arms gazed at Yang Ye and spoke calmly.

Yang Ye didn’t know what to say.

She added, “You refuse? Then should I do it myself?”

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he hurriedly gazed at Shuai Wenyang, “Tell him to let me cripple him, and we’ll let the matter rest.”

Shuai Wenyang remained silent.

Yang Ye added in a serious tone, “Right, tell him that it’s for his own good!”

Shuai Wenyang was speechless.

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