Chapter 1026 – An Expert From The Nether Pavilion!

Almighty Sword Domain

Shuai Wenyang spoke in a low voice, “Brother, I think that you need to calm down. Even though I really want to kill that bastard but look at the situation here before you do anything!”

I want to be calm as well! Yang Ye laughed bitterly. Because while the woman seemed to be very weak and fragile, he didn’t know what would happen if she flared up. After all, he still remembered that abyss clearly. Even a joint attack from 3 Saints would probably be unable to create such an abyss! He didn’t care about the fate of these savages, but he didn’t want to be dragged down by them!

“Roar!” Meanwhile, the robust savage who wore a skull actually grabbed that firm object on his body in front of everyone here, and then started pumping furiously. Moreover, he was even howling and roaring incessantly as if he was urging them to hurry up.

Even though the other savages at the sides of the hall hadn’t acted with such lack of restraint like the robust savage, they had started to ceaselessly rub their lower bodies.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Yang Ye’s face twitched, and he placed the woman on his back. This time, she was very cooperative and even wrapped her arms around his neck, so that she could hang even more firmly on his back.

Shuai Wenyang intended to say something, but Yang Ye had vanished on the spot. A moment later, Yang Ye was in front of the robust man, and he kicked the man’s lower body.

All the savages were stunned by this sudden scene.

The robust man was stunned as well. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually attack. However, his reaction wasn’t slow. He slapped his palm down to stop that lethal kick.


An invisible wave of energy erupted from the point of collision, and it instantly transformed the furniture within the hall into powder.

“Roar!” Meanwhile, the other savages in the hall charged towards Yang Ye. As for the leader of the savages, he roared with fury and smashed his fist towards Yang Ye’s face.

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he clenched his right fist, and then he smashed it forward!


An explosion resounded from the collision of their fists.

A moment of silence ensued.


The sound of bones breaking resounded. Shuai Wenyang watched with astonishment as the robust man’s right arm was blasted away while followed by a trail of blood.

“AHHHH!” The robust man howled with misery as he moved backwards repeatedly. Meanwhile, Yang Ye pressed forward and stomped his foot against the robust man’s groin.

“Roar!” The robust savage’s eyes swiftly opened wide, and his eyeballs almost popped out from their sockets. At this moment, his expression was absolutely colorful. However, Yang Ye didn’t let him off. He grabbed the savage’s hair with his right hand, and then smashed the robust savage against the ground!


The ground instantly collapsed!

Meanwhile, the savages at the sides of the hall had arrived behind Yang Ye. At the same time, over a dozen fists were shooting towards Yang Ye. They hadn’t even gotten close to Yang Ye’s back when the powerful auras they emanated caused Yang Ye to stagger a few steps forward.

Suddenly, 15 shadowy figures suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye.


15 ripples flashed through the air!

“AH!!” Over a dozen shrill cries resounded abruptly, and then the figures of over a dozen savages were sliced into 2 while blood and internal organs rained down to the ground.

All the other savages were horrified!

Shuai Wenyang’s pupils constricted slightly as well, and there was a trace of shock and fear in his eyes as he gazed at the shadowy figures.

“I’ll kill anyone who dares to attack!” Yang Ye glanced fiercely at them, and then he turned around and walked over to the robust savage who was lying on the ground. He stomped his foot on the robust savage’s chest, causing the latter to spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

“Roar!” The other savages were furious when they witnessed this scene, and over a dozen of them charged at Yang Ye. However, they were minced into pieces just a moment later, and blood sprayed all over the ground! It was an extremely bloody scene!

The remaining savages took a few steps back when they witnessed this scene, and their eyes were filled with terror as they gazed at the shadowy figures who stood behind Yang Ye.

“How do you want him to die?” Yang Ye turned to look at the woman, but he was stunned when he did. Because his mouth just happened to press against her soft lips, and then time seemed as if it had stopped as their gazes met.

Suddenly, Yang Ye felt sharp pain come from his lips, and he hurriedly pulled his head back. At this moment, there was a trace of scarlet red on her lips, and there was blood on his lips.

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment, “It was unintentional, absolutely unintentional. Right, how do you want him to die?”

She slowly closed her eyes, and her lips finally parted lightly a short while later, “Do as you wish!”

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he raised his right leg and stomped it down towards the robust savage’s head.

Suddenly, Shuai Wenyang roared, “Wait!”

Yang Ye’s foot stopped in midair as he gazed at Shuai Wenyang, “You aren’t going to beg for mercy on his behalf, right?”

“Of course not!” Shuai Wenyang continued, “I’ve been unable to stand the sight of that fellow for a very long time. I would have killed him a long time ago if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t utilize my profound energy.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then what do you want?”

Shuai Wenyang replied, “Do you know why they can possess bodies comparable to Saint Realm experts?”

Yang Ye glanced at the robust savage, and then he gazed at Shuai Wenyang, “You do?”

Shuai Wenyang nodded and said, “According to my knowledge, the reason they were able to attain the Saint Realm was because they consumed a fruit called the Adamantium Fruit. It’s able to stimulate the body to an extraordinary degree and allow the body to become strong. If it’s based on the levels of quality in our Radiant Dimension, then it’s at least a high-grade Divine Rank treasure. However, only the leader of the savages knows where the tree is. In other words, only that fellow beneath your feet, Yeman, knows where it is!”

“Adamantium Fruits?” Meanwhile, the woman on Yang Ye’s back suddenly frowned, “This place actually has Adamantium Fruits!”

Yang Ye asked, “You know what it is?”

She pondered deeply for an instant and said, “It’s indeed capable of stimulating the body to an extraordinary degree, regardless of whether it’s humans or demon beasts who consume it. However, it has side effects, and it’s that it reduces the lifespan of the one who consumes it. Simply speaking, it’s equivalent to utilizing your body’s potential to strengthen your body. It’s considered to be harmful to humans! However, there are no side effects if demon beasts consume it. Because demon beasts don’t just possess long lifespans, their bodies are much stronger than humans!”

“She’s absolutely right!” Shuai Wenyang continued, “Even though it exists in our Radiant Dimension, it’s extremely rare. If we’re able to obtain it and are able to leave this place in the future, then countless demon beasts would definitely be willing to pay a huge price in order to purchase it from us. Even divine beast clans would be tempted by it. Of course, the precondition is that we’re able to leave this place!”

“It’s a treasure indeed!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Tell me to take us to the Adamantium Fruits!”

Shuai Wenyang replied, “He probably won’t be so cooperative!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “That’s fine. I specialize in dealing with disgruntled people!”

Shuai Wenyang’s eyelids twitched, and then he started talking with Yeman.

“Aowu!” Yeman howled at Shuai Wenyang, and then he started roaring madly. It seemed like he was telling the other savages to come forward and help him.

Shuai Wenyang gazed at Yang Ye and shrugged, “He refuses!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he suddenly stomped on Yeman’s back.


A few of the bones on his back instantly broke, and a shrill cry resounded from Yeman before he started howling hysterically.

The other savages revealed grim expressions upon witnessing this scene, and they glared furiously at Yang Ye while seeming to be ready to attack at any moment.

Yang Ye glanced at them while a fierce smile curled up on his lips, “Tell them that they can come forward and attack if they aren’t afraid of death!”

Shuai Wenyang gazed at the savages and started mumbling. The savages were instantly infuriated, but none dared to step forward.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to those savages. He grabbed Yeman’s hair, and then slammed Yeman against the ground. It didn’t take long for the ground around him to be in a mess. However, Yeman still refused to talk.

Yang Ye tossed Yeman to the ground and chuckled, “You have backbone. I like people like you!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye send one of the shadowy figures to Yeman, and then piece after piece of Yeman’s body was sliced off before the eyes of everyone here.

He was being dismembered alive!

Yeman howled hysterically, and his voice was absolutely miserable.

A long time passed before Shuai Wenyang said, “Stop. He has agreed!”

“He agreed?” Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Tell him that he can agree an hour from now. I haven’t had enough fun!”

Shuai Wenyang was speechless.

Yang Ye did as he’d said. Sure enough, he finally stopped the shadowy figure after an hour passed. At this moment, Yeman’s robust figure was slender!

Yang Ye made 2 of the shadowy figures help Yeman up, and then he spoke to Shuai Wenyang, “Tell him to lead the way!”

Shuai Wenyang nodded. Just like that, they started walking towards the side of the hall. The other savages behind them intended to follow them, but they didn’t dare take another step forward after the shadowy figures killed another dozen or so of them.

The reason they were strong was because of their physical defenses. However, their physical defenses were weak like paper before the shadowy figures. So, even if they had a large force on their side, they didn’t dare to swarm the shadowy figures. They feared death!

Not long after Yang Ye and the others left the hall, a black robed figure suddenly appeared in the hall.

The savages were stunned when they saw the black robed figure, and then they were overwhelmed with rage. One of them immediately charged towards the black robed figure.

However, a strange scene appeared before them. That savage had only just arrived before the black robed figure when his head flew up into the air.

A fountain of blood sprayed into the air!

All the savages here were horrified!

“The Laws of Darkness…. He isn’t from my Nether Pavilion, so why does he possess the Laws of Darkness?” The black robed figure vanished.

At the same time that he vanished, the heads of dozens of savages that were obstructing his path earlier shot into the air along with a fountain of blood.

All the other savages were completely dumbstruck!

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