Chapter 103 – The Earth Bear King’s True Strength

Almighty Sword Domain

After communicating difficultly with the little fellow, Yang Ye finally understood why the little fellow had given up. It really couldn’t be helped this time because even if the little fellow didn’t give up, then he would.

Because the identity of this Earth Bear King wasn’t ordinary at all!

The Earth Bear King wasn’t a native resident of Death Mountain Range, and it was from the Darkbeast Empire at the center of the Grand Myriad Mountains. There was an enormous empire in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and that empire was filled with Darkbeasts while there were no humans there at all. Moreover, the Darkbeast Empire had an extremely complete system. No matter if it was in terms of political affairs or military affairs, the Darkbeast Empire was extremely complete.

To put it simply, the Earth Bear King was a soldier sent over by the Darkbeast Empire to guard Death Mountain Range and prevent humans from entering it without permission. If Yang Ye killed the Earth Bear King, then he would suffer the vengeance of the Darkbeast Empire. Yang Ye was unable to endure the consequences of this, and this was the reason why the little fellow had given up. Moreover, if the Earth Bear King followed by Yang Ye’s side, then it would be deserting its position, and the punishment was being skinned alive and having its Inner Core dug out.

To put it in an even simpler manner, it was impossible for this peak King Rank Darkbeast to follow by Yang Ye’s side!

Yang Ye felt that if it wasn’t because of the Earth Bear King’s identity, then it was very likely for the Earth Bear King to follow by his side. Or to put it more precisely, it was very likely for the Earth Bear King to follow by the little fellow’s side.

Yang Ye faintly had the feeling that the Earth Bear King was extremely respectful towards the little fellow. This sort of respect was unlike the respect Grey and Silver displayed which was respect out of fear, and this was true respect that came from the heart. This caused Yang Ye to be even more curious about the little fellow’s identity.

No matter what, it was impossible for him to subdue this Darkbeast.

However, Yang Ye wasn’t really disappointed. It was lucky if he succeeded, and it was fate if he didn’t. This was Yang Ye’s character.

Even though he was unable to subdue the Earth Bear King, it didn’t stop Yang Ye from forming a good relationship with it. Of course, the Earth Bear King mainly did it out of consideration for the little fellow.

Under Yang Ye’s request, the Earth Bear King agreed to fight Yang Ye. However, the contempt in its eyes wasn’t really concealed. If it wasn’t out of consideration for the violet mink, the expression in the Earth Bear King’s eyes would probably not be contempt but disregard instead.

Yang Ye didn’t mind the Earth Bear King’s contempt. He understood the lay of survival in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and only a formidable strength could make the Earth Bear King treat him with respect.

Yang Ye and the Earth Bear King’s figures could be said to be two extremes. Yang Ye seemed to be truly too tiny before the Earth Bear King’s enormous figure.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t utilize his fist to go head-on against the Earth Bear King. Because the Earth Bear King’s strength was absolutely not something he could go against. Moreover, there was absolutely no need to do that as it was even better to use the Earth Bear King to temper his sword technique!

The Earth Bear King gazed at Yang Ye yet didn’t make a move. It was waiting for Yang Ye to attack.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. The Profound Energy in his body surged before a strand of golden light suddenly erupted from his sword, and then he slashed his sword towards the Earth Bear King from afar. A strand of golden Profound Energy emanated a sharp whistle as it tore through the air, and it shot explosively towards the Earth Bear King.

A wisp of surprise flashed in the Earth Bear King’s eyes when it saw the golden Profound Energy shoot explosively towards it, and then it raised its paw to block it.


An explosion resounded on the battlefield!

The golden Profound Energy was unable to pierce through the Earth Bear King’s paw, yet it pierced open a bloody hole on its paw!

The Earth Bear King’s gaze became serious when it saw the bloody hole on its pawn, and the contempt from before had vanished.

When he saw the Energy Split Sword Technique was unable to inflict any material harm to the Earth Bear King, Yang Ye took a deep breath before he stopped holding back. His Sword Intent surged out and enveloped the Earth Bear King.

The Earth Bear King’s pupils constricted when it sensed Yang Ye’s Sword Intent, and it didn’t dare to continue being careless or look down upon Yang Ye at all. The imposing aura within its body surged out like tidewater to resist Yang Ye’s Sword Intent.

Yang Ye suddenly stomped with his right foot, and then his figure shot out explosively. He swiftly slashed the sword in his hand at the Earth Bear King, causing a strand of golden sword qi to leave the sword and shoot explosively at the Earth Bear King.

It didn’t dodge, and it was unable to dodge. Just like how it had dealt with the sword qi from before, it swiftly slapped its enormous paw at Yang Ye’s sword qi.


The sword qi dispersed, yet another bloody hole had appeared on its enormous paw, and that hole was even larger and deeper than the one from before.

Yang Ye didn’t stop. After he’s witnessed the Earth Bear King’s strength, he didn’t fight the Earth Bear King in close-quartered combat, and he ceaselessly attacked it with strands of sword qi while moving around in the surroundings.

Even though the sword qi wasn’t unable to cause any material harm to it, it wasn’t too bad. After fighting for an hour and beneath the envelopment of his Sword Intent, those strands of sword qi had already pierced opened a few tens of thousands of bloody holes.

Before long, the Earth Bear King realized that it couldn’t continue putting up a direct resistance against these strands of golden Profound Energy that contained terrifying might. It shot its gaze towards Yang Ye who was in the distance, and then it suddenly slapped with its paw, causing the ground to quake once more.

Sure enough, under the effect of the Earth Bear King’s innate ability, the strand of sword qi Yang Ye was about to execute stopped slightly while his brows knit together tightly.

Right at this moment, the Earth Bear King made precise use of this opportunity and instantly arrived before Yang Ye, and then its paw that was even larger than Yang Ye’s body slapped down at Yang Ye like a mountain pressing down onto him.

If he was struck by this paw, then even if Yang Ye didn’t become a pile of mush, he would definitely be slapped into a meat biscuit.

Yang Ye didn’t remain dizzy for long, and he’d utilized his Sword Intent to eliminate that force in merely the time for a second breath. However, it was still slightly too late. In merely the time for a single breath, the Earth Bear King’s pawn had already arrived above his head.

Yang Ye didn’t have time to think it through before he returned his sword into its sheath. After that, the Profound Energy within his body instantly surged before Sword Intent surged out madly.

Right when the paw was only 1.5m away from Yang Ye, he let out a grim shout while he suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then he shot explosively towards the enormous paw.

At the same time, Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword with his right hand.

A strand of sword light shot into the sky!


Yang Ye passed through the paw along with his sword. In the air, Yang Ye’s figure spun before he drew his sword once again, and he stabbed it towards the paw that was slapping down towards the ground.

The Earth Bear King wailed with rage when Yang Ye pierced through its paw. When it saw Yang Ye stabbing at its paw again, the Earth Bear King didn’t dare meet it head-on. It withdrew its paw, and then it forcefully smashed its body towards Yang Ye.

After his sword strike missed, Yang Ye’s expression changed when he saw the Earth Bear King smashing down. He swiftly flicked the tip of his sword towards the ground and relied on the force from the sword qi emanated from his sword to flip his body backward. After that, he slashed in midair at the Earth Bear King that was smashing down towards him.


The golden sword qi emanated a sharp whistle as it tore through the air and shot explosively towards the Earth Bear King. 

The Earth Bear King didn’t dodge this time, and it allowed the strand of sword qi to blast onto its chest. At the same time that the sword qi blasted onto its chest, it had arrived in front of Yang Ye as well. After that, its enormous figure smashed down towards Yang Ye in the most barbaric way.

Yang Ye wanted to dodge, yet he was unable to do so. He’d never expected the Earth Bear King to willingly endure an attack from him in order to strike a blow against him, so he was utterly unable to avoid this collision.


An enormous bang resounded. Yang Ye transformed into a black ray of light that was blasted away.


After flying over 100m away, his figure sank directly into the wall of a mountain.

When it witnessed this scene, the violet mink’s expression changed, and a violet glow flashed into appearance onto its body. Right at this moment, it seemed to have noticed something, and the violet light that erupted onto its body gradually surged back into its body.

The Earth Bear King instantly heaved a sigh of relief in its heart upon witnessing this scene. Earlier, having its paw pierced through by a single strike from Yang Ye had caused it to be infuriated, so it didn’t hold back in the battle after that moment and every single move it utilized was lethal. When it recalled what it had done, it couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty because it had promised that violet colored little fellow that it would hold back.

Yet now, that human had been slapped to death by it. Fortunately, the mysterious violet colored little fellow didn’t seem like it intends to make me pay with my life.

Right at this moment, a bang suddenly resounded from the mountain wall in the distance. The Earth Bear King looked over, and he saw a human head emerge from a hole in the mountain wall.

When it saw this human head, the Earth Bear King’s eyes instantly opened wide. That human is still alive?

Yang Ye had naturally not died, but he was on the verge of it. Only now did he notice that he’d still underestimated the Earth Bear King’s strength, and its strength was simply more than a few times stronger than the Nether Wolf King!

Presently, it felt like all the bones in his body had fallen apart while his internal organs were turning about like a raging ocean. If that over 10m deep hole his body blasted open wasn’t too suffocating, he would rather stay in there. Because every single movement he made caused him to suffer excruciating pain!

It could be said that this collision with the peak King Rank Earth Bear King had caused him to fully lose his ability to fight!

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