Chapter 104 – Spoils, Assassin, Departure

Almighty Sword Domain

After lying on the ground for a day and a night, even though the injuries on Yang Ye’s body hadn’t been completely healed under the regenerative effects of the golden Profound Energy, he was still able to move.

Yang Ye found out from the little fellow’s claws that this Earth Bear King wasn’t a peak King Rank Darkbeast at all, and it was an existence that was halfway into the Spirit Rank. This caused the depressed feelings Yang Ye had to ease up quite a bit. Because it was still slightly embarrassing to have lost his ability to fight from suffering a single knock from a King Rank Darkbeast.

During this period that he was recuperating in the Earth Bear King’s territory, Yang Ye could be considered to have experienced what racial discrimination was like. Because when compared to the treatment the little fellow received, the treatment he received was at another extreme.

The Earth Bear King’s treatment towards the little fellow simply caused Yang Ye to feel admiration and envy. Profound Rank spirit herbs, Profound Rank spirit fruits, and all sorts of natural treasures that Yang Ye didn’t recognize. In short, every single thing the Earth Bear King served the little fellow wasn’t trash. On the other hand, the Earth Bear King merely served him a few unknown fruits, and they were even those that were unranked….

This caused Yang Ye to feel slightly depressed. Fortunately, the little fellow placed all the Profound Rank spirit herbs and spirit fruits the Earth Bear King gave it into his tiny vortex. In other words, all of it could be considered to be his now!

As he gazed at the pile of spirit herbs and spirit fruits in his Vortex Dantian, Yang Ye was still shocked even with his wealth and outlook on things. In this day of time, the Earth Bear King had given the little fellow around 50 spirit herbs of various types and over 100 unknown spirit fruits. Moreover, all of these things were at the Profound Rank, and it was even to the extent that some were at the peak of the Profound Rank!

Besides what the Earth Bear King gave the little fellow, Yang Ye had obtained another amount of unexpected wealth, and this wealth came in the form of the spatial rings that belonged to those disciples from the Origin School, Martial Future Academy, and Brightmoon Sect!

Their status in their respective sects was clearly not high, and the total Energy Stones they possessed only amounted to a little over 3,000 in number. Perhaps Energy Stones were extremely rare to others, but they weren’t really important to Yang Ye. Because there were almost 40,000 Energy Stones within his spatial ring! So, he’d casually given all their Energy Stones to Qingxue on that day.

Besides Energy Stones, Yang Ye had obtained three techniques and six Dark Treasures from within their spatial rings. Amongst the three techniques, one was at the Profound Rank, and the other two were at the peak of the Yellow Rank. Yang Ye had merely taken a glance at the two Yellow Rank techniques before he placed them aside. Presently, he techniques below the Profound Rank were beneath his notice.

The Profound Rank technique was a palm technique, and it was called Heavensplit Palm. He’d obtained it from Xuan Ming’s spatial ring. In terms of its might, this technique wasn’t inferior to his Sword Qi Finger. However, Yang Ye didn’t choose to cultivate it. There were two reasons behind this decision of his. The first was because of the overlord of the southern territory, the Origin School. He had no choice but to fear it.

If he cultivated this technique, then he would definitely face all sorts of trouble if the Origin School found out in the future. Moreover, this technique wasn’t really important to him as well.

The second reason was that he didn’t want to bite off more than he could chew. Presently, he’d already cultivated quite a few techniques. But besides the Basic Sword Technique and Reactive Strike, the others couldn’t even be considered to have been attained to the initial-stage. So, he truly didn’t have the time to cultivate other techniques!

Even though he was unable to cultivate these techniques and those techniques he obtained from Bloodhand on that day, he could still sell them. Their quality wasn’t low at all, so it would be extremely easy to sell them for a good price.

As for the treasures, Yang Ye had taken a liking to a pair of low-grade Profound Rank shoes. The shoes were blackish blue in color, and the difference between these shoes and other shoes was that they had a pair of tiny white wings behind them. These tiny white wings were pure white and graceful like the feathers of some sort of bird.

When Yang Ye wore these shoes and poured his Profound Energy into them, he was unable to maintain his calm any longer.

Because these shoes actually improved speed and jumping ability. Especially in terms of speed, after he wore the shoes and executed the Gale Steps technique, Yang Ye himself was shocked by his own speed. His speed had almost doubled!

However, its consumption of Profound Energy was too terrifying. Yang Ye had only executed the Gale Steps technique once, yet it had exhausted a quarter of his Profound Energy!

After all, he was usually able to execute the Gale Steps technique consecutively by a few tens of times, yet it wouldn’t affect him at all. But now, if he intended to utilize the shoes to amplify his speed, then he could only execute it four times!

Even though its consumption of Profound Energy was huge, its effects were greater! Of course, these shoes could only be utilized at the critical moment!

Besides these shoes, Yang Ye didn’t take a liking to any of the other five treasures, and he tossed them into his spatial ring and intended to sell them in the future.

After he rested for another day and his injury had healed completely, Yang Ye intended to leave with the little fellow. When they left, the Earth Bear King gave another large number of things to the violet mink, and it caused Yang Ye to beam from ear to ear. He couldn’t help but think in his heart. If I’m poor in the future, then I definitely have to bring to the little fellow along to rob the King Rank Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains….

Even though he wasn’t able to subdue the Earth Bear King, Yang Ye’s gains this time were pretty great. Besides material gains, his strength had improved greatly as well. The battle with the Earth Bear King allowed him to obtain quite a great deal of comprehensions. Moreover, since he experienced that battle, he had the indistinct feeling that he was on the verge of breaking through.

He was at the peak of the ninth rank in the Mortal Realm, and another breakthrough would allow him to arrive at the First Heaven Realm. If he attained the First Heaven Realm, then his strength would obtain a tremendous qualitative improvement!

The First Heaven Realm! How I look forward to attaining it! Yang Ye smiled. Right at this moment, a strand of violet light suddenly erupted from the body of the violet mink that stood on his shoulder, and then it pointed its little claw towards an enormous tree that was over 30m away on the right.

This was the signal for danger!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he didn’t give it any thought before he drew his sword and slashed towards that tree.

A strand of sword qi tore through the air, and it instantly struck that tree. Rumbling resounded as the tree exploded into pieces. At the same time, a black figure moved swiftly like a bolt of lightning as it assaulted Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this black figure, and when the black figure arrived 1.5 away from him, Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword!


The clear and melodious sound of metal colliding resounded in the surroundings!

The sword in the black figure’s hand was only half an inch away from Yang Ye’s throat, whereas, Yang Ye’s sword had already pierced the black clothes before him. However, it didn’t penetrate through and had been obstructed by something!

The black figure’s expression changed and didn’t hesitate to stomp the group with his/her right foot to leap backward. After that, the black figure vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision within the time of two breaths.

Immediate retreat after failure!

Yang Ye sheathed his sword and didn’t give chase. That black figure’s speed far exceeded his own, so he was utterly unable to catch up. But who exactly intends to kill me?

That black figure was obviously an assassin, and assassins wouldn’t come for me for no reason. So, there is only one explanation, this assassin was been hired by someone! But I only have a few enemies, and all of them are able to kill me. So, who exactly did it?

In next to no time, Yang Ye thought of two people, or to put it in a more precise manner, it was two powers. The Flower Palace and the Sword Sect! Because he’d only come into conflict with these two powers. However, Yang Ye was slightly bewildered. Because logically speaking, with the strength possessed by these two powers, there was utterly no need for them to hire assassins to kill him!

But if it wasn’t these two powers, then who could it be?

After a long time, Yang Ye suppressed the questions in his heart. He looked at the direction the black figure fled towards, and he said in a low voice, “Unfortunately, I was unable to restrain that assassin with a single strike of the sword. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to guess like this. But this person’s concealment technique is truly extraordinary. I was actually unable to notice anything unusual while that assassin was so close to me. If it wasn’t for the little fellow, if that assassin attacked when I passed by that tree, then I would probably have really lost my life here!”

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye turned his head and rubbed it against the little fellow, and then he said, “Thank you. I would have been in danger if it wasn’t for you!”

The violet mink blinked its eyes, and then it rubbed Yang Ye’s face with its little head.

“If you notice that assassin next time, then don’t emanate a violet glow. Tell me secretly instead. Understand?” said Yang Ye. Earlier, when the little fellow told him that there was danger, he’d instinctively reacted by drawing his sword and slashing without giving it any thought, and it caused him to alarm the assassin in advance.

If he didn’t alarm the assassin and attacked after getting close to the assassin, then it would be utterly impossible for the assassin to have fled. Yang Ye was extremely confident in being able to accomplish this, just like how he dared to allow the assassin to get close to him before he drew his sword earlier. Unfortunately, he wanted to leave the assassin alive, so he didn’t utilize his Sword Intent and golden Profound Energy. But he’d never expected that the assassin would actually be wearing an armor!

However, he still had a chance. Yang Ye had the feeling that the assassin would come looking for him again!

If he didn’t have the little fellow by his side, then the assassin’s ability in concealment would give Yang Ye an extreme headache. However, since he had the little fellow by his side, anything within an area of 60m around him would be noticed by him.

With the little fellow by his side, he could convert the situation he was in from being out in the open to be concealed instead, and the assassin would be exposed from the assassin’s hidden state instead!

Yang Ye left Death Mountain Range, and he walked towards the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains. For the sake of drawing that assassin out, Yang Ye didn’t summon the two Nether Wolf Kings, and he just asked the little fellow to stay on his shoulder.

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