Chapter 1034 – Yang Ye Isn’t The Dean Anymore!

Almighty Sword Domain

Kaiyang Jun glanced at Qin Yuan and spoke indifferently, “Qin Yuan, won’t that seem a little too haughty?”

“Is it?” Qin Yuan glanced at Kaiyang Jun, and then he gazed at the woman, “Xing Chen, do you think so too?”

The woman called Xing Chen spoke flatly, “A little!”

Qin Yuan shrugged, “I think that I’m keeping a really low profile.”

“Why should we?” Meanwhile, Xing Chen suddenly spoke, “Our Law Faction should always make a show of strength. Keeping a low profile/ That’s something that those cowards of the Scholarly Faction should do.”

Kaiyang Jun suddenly said, “Who do you think the Scholarly Faction will send this time?”

“No matter who it is, they won’t have a chance this time.” Qin Yuan spoke indifferently, “Even though the benefits we can gather from Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City is small, and those old fellows and madmen don’t take it seriously, it’s still a thick slab of meat for us. It’s a rare opportunity for the 3 of us. If we can grasp it well, then it’ll be equivalent to a way for us to gain resources from now on. So, we must take complete control of this academy and city before those fellows from the Scholarly Faction arrive!”

Kaiyang Jun said, “There are Saints here!”

Qin Yuan laughed with ridicule, “Saints? Are you afraid of them?”

“I would be a little fearful if that fellow, Shang Yunxi, was still here. But now….” Kaiyang Jun continued, “Shang Yunxi was quite a well known figure in the academy all those years ago. Unfortunately, he overestimated his ability and chose to clash with the academy. He couldn’t even realize that he was no match for the academy! Now, he’s dead!”

“I’m not interested in that old geezer, but I’m interested in his treasury!” Qin Yuan spoke flatly, “Ocean of Clouds Academy has laid its foundations here since so many years ago, so it has definitely gathered a huge number of treasures. Haha, I’m feeling quite impatient from just thinking about it.”

Kaiyang Jun had a grin on the corners of his lips as well, “I’m looking forward to it a little now!”

Xing Chen suddenly said, “They’re here!”

Yu Wushuang walked out from the city while accompanied by 13 black clothed figures, and she arrived before Kaiyang Jun’s group.

“What’s a little child doing here?” Qin Yuan sized her up and chuckled, “Kaiyang Jun, looks like Ocean of Clouds Academy isn’t taking us seriously.”

Yu Wushuang stated, “Dean Yang is in closed door cultivation, and I’m in charge of Ocean of Clouds Academy and City right now!”

“You’re in charge?” There was a wisp of surprise in their eyes, and then Qin Yuan sized her up carefully before he laughed with ridicule, “Does Ocean of Clouds Academy have no one capable left after Shang Yunxi died? It has actually fallen to the point of allowing a little child to manage it? How pitiable! Alright, stop wasting time and quickly tell Yang Ye to come see us.”

Yu Wushuang said, “If I’m not wrong, then you should be from the Central Divine Prefecture. As for your identity, all of you are probably from the Law Faction of White Deer Academy, right?”

Surprise flashed through their eyes when they heard her, and then Qin Yuan asked, “How did you discern that?”

“That isn’t important!” Yu Wushuang said, “What’s important is the reason for your arrival. If you’re here as guests, then my academy will welcome you warmly; but if you’ve come looking for trouble….”

“We are here to look for trouble with you!” Qin Yuan interrupted Yu Wushuang while he had a mocking smile on the corners of his mouth, “Then what would you do?”

Yu Wushuang looked him in the eyes and said, “Then you should bring more forces with you!”

“Hahaha!” Qin Yuan roared madly with laughter, and both Kaiyang Jun and Xing Chen chuckled as well. They laughed for some time before Qin Yuan pointed at Yu Wushuang and said, “Kaiyang Jun, if I’m not wrong, that little girl is saying that we’re weak. Alright, I have to admit that we really are nothing in the Central Divine Prefecture. But here? Allow me to boast a little. If we’re still considered to be weak here, then wouldn’t all the geniuses of the Pine Prefecture be weaker than dogs?”

“Don’t put it like that!” Kaiyang Jun spoke indifferently, “Otherwise, countless people would think that we’d come here on purpose to bully the geniuses of Pine Prefecture!”

Qin Yuan shrugged, “I’m not interested in bullying little children. Which one of you will do it?”

Kaiyang Jun looked at Xing Chen!

A moment of silence ensued before Xing Chen suddenly transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot, and she was in front of Yu Wushuang when her figure appeared again. However, Yu Wushuang’s expression remained unchanged. Because the 13 black clothed figures behind her had stepped forward when Xing Chen attacked.


An explosion resounded, and then Xing Chen returned to where she stood just now.

At this moment, her eyes were slightly narrowed while a slightly solemn expression lingered in them. As for Kaiyang Jun and Qin Yuan who stood by her side, there was a trace of surprise in their eyes.

Their gazes descended onto the group of black clothed figures.

Kaiyang Jun spoke in a low voice, “Those are puppets!”

Qin Yuan withdrew the smile on his face, “13 high rank Half-Saints, and they are high grade Half-Saints that haven’t relied on much external forces to gain such strength!”

Kaiyang Jun gazed at Qin Yuan, “Are you going to deal with them?”

“Fine!” Qin Yuan laughed coldly and was about to attack. Meanwhile, a few hundred beams of light suddenly shot out from the city, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive behind Yu Wushuang.

All of them were high rank Half-Saints!

Yu Wushuang glanced at them and said, “All of you aren’t welcome here, so just go back to where you came from!”

“Are you trying to bully us with numbers?” Qin Yuan laughed coldly, and then he gazed at Kaiyang Jun. The latter pondered deeply for a moment, and then he spun the ring on his finger. In an instant, 13 rays of golden light flashed, and then 13 copper figures appeared here.

13 Saints!

Yu Wushuang and the others revealed grim expressions when they witnessed this scene.

Qin Yuan walked over to Yu Wushuang, and he gazed at her as he said, “From this moment onward, it doesn’t matter who is in control of Ocean of Clouds Academy. Because we’ll be taking over from now on. So, does anyone have any objections? If you do, then you can voice them, but I don’t guarantee that I will listen to you. Hahaha!”

Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints arrived by Yu Wushuang’s side.

Instructor Zhuo said, “Before this, the dean didn’t hesitate to ignite his soul and detonate himself to kill the members of your Law Faction. Now, if it’s required, the 4 of us will detonate ourselves at any moment. So… do you want to try us?”

Qin Yuan had quite a ferocious expression on his face, “Old fellow, are you trying to scare us?”

Instructor Zhuo replied, “Want to give it a try?”

Qin Yuan was about to say something when Kaiyang Jun suddenly said, “Elder, I think you’ve misunderstood. We aren’t here to crush Ocean of Clouds Academy. Conversely, we’re here to help it.”

Instructor Zhuo laughed coldly, “Is that so?”

“Of course!” Kaiyang Jun said, “Ocean of Clouds Academy was established by Dean Shang, and he was once a student of my White Deer Academy. So, Ocean of Clouds Academy can be considered to be part of my White Deer Academy. Haven’t all of you always wanted to return to White Deer Academy? Now, your chance is here. We’re here to let all of you return to White Deer Academy!”

Instructor Zhuo and the others were stunned by these words. They’re here to let us return to White Deer Academy?

“You’re saying that we can head to the Central Divine Prefecture?” Instructor Zhuo’s voice was trembling slightly. Returning to White Deer Academy hadn’t just been Shang Yunxi’s lifetime dream, it was theirs as well. So, they were naturally excited when they heard the man.

“No!” Kaiyang Jun continued, “We’re only giving all of you a chance!”

Instructor Zhuo frowned, “What are you trying to say!”

Kaiyang Jun said, “I’m saying that Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City will be under White Deer City from now on. To put it in simpler terms, Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City are property of my White Deer Academy in Pine Prefecture. As for all of you, based on your current strength, you can naturally return to White Deer Academy. But the rest of the students can’t. Of course, we won’t make it impossible for them. We’ll set up tests here, and any student who satisfies the requirements to enter our White Deer Academy will be allowed to join our academy.”

Instructor Zhuo had excitement all over his face, “Really?”

Kaiyang Jun replied, “We’re here on behalf of White Deer Academy, so would we joke about things like this?”

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly said, “I remember that your Law Faction intended to destroy our academy. Why has it changed its mind now?”

“Shang Yunxi is dead!” Kaiyang Jun spoke indifferently, “My Law Faction wanted to eliminate him, so we definitely won’t pursue the matter anymore now that he’s dead. My White Deer Academy had intended to eliminate the academy he left behind so that it wouldn’t spoil the reputation of my White Deer Academy. But the heavens are benevolent, and my White Deer Academy doesn’t want to go to such extremes. So, we’re willing to give all of you a chance.”

Yu Wushuang said, “That chance is that all of you only have to speak a few words, and you’ll obtain everything in the academy and city, right?”

“There’s no gain without pain. Are you unaware of that principle?” Kaiyang Jun spoke indifferently, “Otherwise, why would my White Deer Academy give all of you a chance to return to our academy? After all, my White Deer Academy wasn’t interested in the so-called geniuses of this place. Yet now, we’re willing to give all of you an opportunity. That’s an extraordinary kindness and opportunity to all of you!”

Yu Wushuang didn’t pay any further attention to Kaiyang Jun. She gazed at Instructor Zhuo and said, “The dean sought to return to White Deer Academy all his life. But he hoped that we returned with our dignity, and not through the handouts of others!”

“You want to return with dignity?” Kaiyang Jun laughed coldly, “You intend to ceaselessly send students to participate in the competition of my White Deer Academy just like Shang Yunxi had? How laughable! You’ve seen the outcome. Has he ever not returned in miserable defeat for the last 1,000 years?”

“But our heads have always been held up high!” Yu Wushuang gazed at Instructor Zhuo, “Instructor Zhuo, Yang Ye won’t agree to it.”

“He won’t agree?” Qin Yuan laughed coldly, “Isn’t that easy to resolve? We’ll just kill him!”

Kaiyang Jun said, “Perhaps all of you aren’t aware of the situation you’re in. Presently, we aren’t seeking your opinion. There are only 2 paths in front of all of you. Either submit or die. To be honest, our Law Faction doesn’t even have to dispatch any experts to annihilate your academy, just the strength we possess is sufficient to accomplish that.”

Yu Wushuang intended to say something, but Instructor Zhuo suddenly said, “Little Girl, the 4 of us have made our decision. We’ve decided to submit!”

Yu Wushuang’s expression changed. A long time passed before she said, “Yang Ye is the dean. He should be the one to make this decision!”

“He isn’t the dean from this moment onward!” Kaiyang Jun gazed at Instructor Zhuo, “Elder, what do you think?”

Instructor Zhuo and the other 3 Saints remained silent.

Yu Wushuang slowly clenched her fists.

Because silence was equivalent to tacit approval!

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