Chapter 1035 – Shocking Changes In The City!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Instructor Zhuo, are you really going to remove Yang Ye from his position as dean?” Yu Wushuang gazed at Instructor Zhuo and continued, “Yang Ye contributed greatly to bring such peace back to the academy and city. Instructor Zhuo, if you join forces with the other 3 Elders to remove him from his position just because of a few words from an outsider, then wouldn’t such actions disappoint everyone in the city and academy?”

Qin Yuan was about to speak, but Kaiyang Jun stopped him, and then Kaiyang Jun gazed at Yu Wushuang and the others with ridicule in his eyes.

Instructor Zhuo pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Wushuang, it’s a rare opportunity for everyone from our academy, and it is old man Shang’s lifelong wish. We can’t refuse it. As for Yang Ye, we both know his character well, and he isn’t suitable to be the dean. If he makes the decision, then he’ll probably just lead the academy to its destruction!”

Yu Wushuang spoke in a low voice, “Instructor Zhuo, that wasn’t what you said in the past!”

Instructor Zhuo replied, “The circumstances have changed!”

Yu Wushuang fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “Instructor Zhuo, have you forgotten how Dean Shang perished?”

Instructor Zhuo’s face became unsightly.

Meanwhile, a black robed old man by Instructor Zhuo’s side said, “We’ve naturally not forgotten Brother Shang’s sacrifice. But if we don’t submit to White Deer Academy, then tell me where our academy’s future lies? It doesn’t have a future. If we don’t submit, then we won’t have a future, right?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “So we should just give up the academy and city to others?”

Instructor Zhuo said, “Our academy’s goal is to return to White Deer Academy. Now, it’s an absolutely rare opportunity that we have in our hands, so giving up some treasures is nothing! Wushuang, look further into the future. If you’re able to join White Deer Academy, you’ll realize that all of this is nothing!”

Yu Wushuang shook her head and said, “Since all of you’ve made your decision, then I have nothing further to say.”

Instructor Zhuo glanced at Yu Wushuang, and then he sighed softly, “There’s no need to act in this way. Based on your natural talent, it isn’t impossible for you to join White Deer Academy. It isn’t just you, even Yang Ye has a very good chance.”

“Instructor Zhuo, it isn’t as simple as you think!” Yu Wushuang paid no further attention to them, and she turned around and walked away. Now that Yang Ye wasn’t here, she was helpless against their decision.

As soon as she turned around and walked away, the other 400 plus high rank Half-Saints here didn’t hesitate to immediately follow her.

Yu Wushuang enjoyed great prestige in Ocean of Clouds City, and coupled with her relationship with Yang Ye, many people had decided to stand by Yu Wushuang.

Because choosing her was equivalent to choosing Yang Ye!

At this moment, perhaps the students of the academy would choose Instructor Zhuo’s side, but the residents of the city would mostly side with Yang Ye.

It could be said that Yang Ye’s reputation was the greatest in the city right now!

“Stop right there!” Suddenly, Kaiyang Jun called out to Yu Wushuang.

Yu Wushuang turned around and gazed at Kaiyang Jun, “What?”

Kaiyang Jun didn’t speak. He just waved his right hand, and 2 copper figures instantly shot forward. The expressions of the others behind Yu Wushuang changed, and they were about to defend her but were stopped by her. At the same time, the 13 black clothed figures behind her didn’t just refrain from attacking, they even transformed into shadows that vanished on the spot.

Since no one stopped it, Yu Wushuang was captured with ease!

Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo’s expression changed, and he was about to speak. However, Kaiyang Jun waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, Elder Zhuo. I won’t kill her. I’m just restraining her temporarily. I’m sure you’ve realized that she enjoys quite a bit of support in the city, and I’m afraid the residents of the city would turn on us if we don’t restrain her. I think that Elder Zhuo doesn’t want the academy and city to be flooded with blood, right?”

Instructor Zhuo was visibly struggling for some time before he took a deep breath, and then he turned around to gaze at Yu Wushuang, “Wushuang, calm down for now. I’ll get them to release you once we’ve resolved everything else in the city.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and gazed at Kaiyang Jun, “Don’t harm her!”

“Of course!” Kaiyang Jun grinned, “So long as she cooperates, then I won’t harm even a hair on her. Right, where’s that fellow, Yang Ye? If he’s in the city, then we have to restrain him as well. I don’t want any unnecessary trouble!”

“That’s not advisable!” Instructor Zhuo hurriedly added, “Yang Ye is a very unyielding and aggressive person. If you act against him, then he’ll definitely fight with all of you. I presume that you don’t want any extra trouble. So how about we do this? I’ll go speak to him myself, and I’ll resolve it!”

Kaiyang Jun grinned, “That’s naturally alright. But I hope that you’re able to resolve it. Otherwise, we’ll use my way to deal with him.”

Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “I’ll deal with it appropriately!”

Kaiyang Jun nodded and said, “Then that’s all for now. Besides that, please submit all the property of the city and academy. Of course, you’re not submitting it to me. I’ll be organizing it all and sending it to White Deer Academy. Only by allowing White Deer Academy to see Ocean of Clouds Academy’s value would it give your academy a chance, right?”

Instructor Zhuo asked again, “You said that so long as anyone in my academy fulfils the required conditions, then they can return to White Deer Academy. Is that true?”

“Of course!” Kaiyang Jun guaranteed, “So long as there are those who fulfil the requirements, all of them may head to White Deer Academy. Besides that, Ocean of Clouds Academy can be considered to be under my White Deer Academy’s protection. Regardless of whether it’s the Python Clan, Steel Ape Clan, or Sky Divine Hall, none of them would dare to come here and cause trouble.”

Instructor Zhuo stopped hesitating and nodded immediately, “I’ll give the orders for all the inner cores, crystals, and other treasures to be sent to you.”

“Good!” Kaiyang Jun grinned, and then he started walking towards the city. He walked for a while before he suddenly stopped moving and said, “Right, from this moment onward, I’ll be temporarily holding the position of dean here. As for my junior brother Qin Yuan, he’ll be holding the position of City Governor for now.”

The 3 of them entered the city once Kaiyang Jun finished speaking.

They’d only just entered the city when Qin Yuan gave Kaiyang Jun a thumb’s up, “Kaiyang Jun, that was great, really great. You didn’t waste a shred of energy and took control of both the academy and city.”

“Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to rely solely on strength!” Kaiyang Jun spoke flatly, “The best strategy is to subdue the enemy without a battle!”

Xing Chen suddenly added, “Our academy didn’t agree to let the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy enter it!”

“I know!” Kaiyang Jun continued, “How could our academy allow these weaklings to join it?”

Xing Chen continued, “Then what about the promise you gave those Saints?”

Kaiyang Jun answered, “I lied to them, alright?”

Qin Yuan roared with laughter, “You really are shameless. But I like it! Hahaha!”

Kaiyang Jun spoke in a low voice, “Besides dealing with Ocean of Clouds Academy, the academy also sent us to temper our ability. This assignment is definitely an absolutely perfect opportunity for us, and we’ll be able to obtain an unending supply of resources if we use it well.”

Xing Chen said, “Actually, Ocean of Clouds Academy and City aren’t very weak. Why don’t we take control of them and make them an auxiliary force of ours?”

“Them?” Kaiyang Jun shook his head, “Our future is in the Central Divine Prefecture. It’s a waste of our time to foster them. Ocean of Clouds Academy will have no further reason to exist once we’ve taken what we need.”

“Alright, let’s not waste our breaths anymore. I can’t wait to see the treasures of this academy and city. Hahaha!”

It didn’t take long for them to vanish on the streets of the city.

Right after they left, a scholarly man who carried a scroll and wore a black and white robe appeared in a corner of the city.

He looked in the direction they’d vanished towards and shook his head slightly, “How could someone capable of killing a Saint while at the Half-Saint Realm be weak? That’s not a big deal, but he was even able to survive a battle with Oblivion Maiden. That’s really not easy at all! Fine, I’ll just wait a while longer!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man suddenly vanished on the spot.

6 hours later, the new City Governor of Ocean of Clouds City, Qin Yuan, suddenly gave his 1st order — From this moment onwards, any cultivator who lived in the city had to pay taxes, and the taxes were extremely high. Because every cultivator had to submit at least 100 extreme-grade energy stones per month.

100 extreme-grade energy stones!

That was definitely an astronomical figure for many cultivators in the city.

Many of them started to look for Yang Ye and Yu Wushuang as they hoped that Yang Ye and Yu Wushuang would uphold justice for them. However, they realized that Yang Ye, Yu Wushuang, and the others were nowhere to be found. In the end, they finally found out after a thorough investigation that Yu Wushuang, Lu Wan’er, and everyone else who was related to Yang Ye had been imprisoned.

As for Yang Ye, no one knew where he was!

Even if Yang Ye and the others weren’t here to help them, they naturally wouldn’t just allow themselves to be at the mercy of others.

They resisted! The residents of the city naturally resisted!

However, every single person who did that was killed, and their corpse was hung on the city walls!

Even the joint forces of every single resident of the city could absolutely not rival the strength of 13 Saint Realm puppets. So, they had no choice but to choose to leave the city. However, the area around the entire city was being guarded by Saints.

No one was allowed to leave unconditionally!

They could leave if they wanted, but they couldn’t take anything with them!

So, the residents of the city started to seek help from Ocean of Clouds Academy. But they noticed to their astonishment that many students and elders of the academy had become Qin Yuan’s subordinates!

As for those who hadn’t become Qin Yuan’s subordinates, practically all of them were dead!

Meanwhile, a man appeared outside the city.

“I’m finally here! Wan’er’s Dantian can finally be restored!”

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