Chapter 1036 – I’m Yang Ye!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was Yang Ye, of course!

He’d arrived early after traveling at his full speed, and he couldn’t wait to see how happy Lu Wan’er looked when her Dantian was restored!

Right when he was about to enter the city, he suddenly frowned. Because there were actually numerous corpses nailed on the city walls! Moreover, there were over 10,000 of them!

Has something happened? Yang Ye’s face fell. He was just about to charge in when he suddenly stopped.

The Sword Servants left with Wushuang are still here. In other words, they should be fine, and they’re just trapped or captured at most. If I were to charge in rashly and they use Wushuang and the others to threaten me, then I’ll definitely be unable to do anything. I can’t attack them directly for now. I have to figure out the situation first!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a shadow that vanished on the spot.

The City Governor’s Estate.

“10 million extreme-grade energy stones! Hahaha! In less than 6 hours, we’ve obtained so many energy stones! If this continues, we’ll be absolutely rich in just 2 weeks or so!” Qin Yuan roared madly with laughter in the hall within the City Governor’s Estate. 10 million extreme-grade energy stones was a huge amount even for them.

Xing Chen and Kaiyang Jun were by Qin Yuan’s side.

Kaiyang Jun revealed a slight smile when he heard Qin Yuan, “Just look how you’re acting. It’s just 10 million extreme-grade energy stones. But to be honest, this academy and city are actually so wealthy. Not to mention anything else, they actually possessed over 1.5 million inner cores, and most of them were at the Monarch Realm or above. That truly surprised me!”

“I heard that they fought Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range was completely crushed. Those inner cores should have been obtained during that war.” Xing Chen grinned as well, “No matter what, we don’t have to rely on the academy to attain the Saint Realm anymore. Moreover, we won’t have to work to obtain resources for a very long time!”

Qin Yuan grinned, “In the beginning, those crazy fellows in our academy felt it was troublesome to come here, and all of them refused. In the end, the elders had no choice but to send us. Hehe. I never expected that we would gain so much instead. I wonder if those fellows would cough up blood from their regret if they knew what we’d gained here!”

Kaiyang Jun suddenly restrained his smile and spoke seriously, “We absolutely can’t mention this to anyone once we return to the academy!”

Qin Yuan and Xing Chen restrained their smiles when they heard Kaiyang Jun, and they nodded. After all, wealth wasn’t something that should be displayed. If those crazy fellows in the academy found out that they’d gained so much, they would definitely suffer horrifying consequences. Of course, those fellows couldn’t do anything to them in the open, but what about secretly?

They could act arrogantly here, but they had to keep a low profile once they returned!

Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo and the other 3 Saints of Ocean of Clouds Academy arrived at the hall.

All of them had quite unsightly expressions on their faces!

“I need an explanation!” Instructor Zhuo gazed at them with a slightly livid expression. Because they’d actually caused the entire city to be filled with voices of discontent. It could be said that the reputation which the academy had built up in the city had been completely destroyed in just a few hours. At this moment, there wasn’t a single person in the city who wasn’t cursing the academy.

What were they cursing about? They were naturally saying the academy was ungrateful and turned on them once the academy had finished using them!

“An explanation?” Kaiyang Jun chuckled, “I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Your actions in the city!” Instructor Zhuo stared fixedly at Kaiyang Jun, “The residents of the city have gone through thick and thin with my academy, yet my academy is treating them like this now. That made….”

“Elder Zhuo!” Meanwhile, Qin Yuan suddenly interrupted Instructor Zhuo and said, “Elder Zhuo, you must realize that you’re not a member of Ocean of Clouds Academy anymore, you’re a member of White Deer Academy now. So, I hope that you’ll put the interests of White Deer Academy first, and not Ocean of Clouds Academy.”

“Forcefully taking the wealth of the city’s residents is for White Deer Academy?” Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s for your own selfish desires!”

“To be honest, it is!” Meanwhile, Kaiyang Jun spoke, “But are you trying to say that we can’t? Elder Zhuo, you should realize that we haven’t acted against the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy. Conversely, the students who are helping us have even benefitted from us. Why? Because they are on our side. Remember, we’re on the same side. As for those people in the city, what do they have to do with us?”

Instructor Zhuo fell silent for a short while before he said, “They joined forces with our academy and fought to the death with us!”

“And?” Kaiyang Jun chuckled, “Once we return to White Deer Academy, we’ll be people of 2 different worlds. Elder Zhuo, you should be clearly aware that it’s utterly impossible for them to head to the Central Divine Prefecture, let alone join White Deer Academy. In short, I hope that the 4 of you ignore everything that happens in the city. I don’t want to become enemies with all of you. If we do become enemies, you should be clearly aware that you won’t have the slightest chance unless all of you ignite your souls and detonate yourself. Are those fellows worth your lives?”

“You can make a choice now. Choose to become our enemies or choose to become our friends.” Meanwhile, Qin Yuan laughed coldly, “If you’re our friends, then anything can be discussed; but if you’re our enemy, then heh! We members of the Law Faction love it when we know who our enemies are because that makes the situation even easier to deal with!”

As soon as Qin Yuan finished speaking, 10 copper Saints appeared here.

Their expressions changed when they saw those copper Saints. Instructor Zhuo’s face was quite unsightly because unless all 4 of them chose to ignite their souls and detonate themselves, they would have no chance to defeat 10 Saints!

Is it worth it to ignite our souls and detonate ourselves? Is it worth doing so for the sake of those people in the city?

A long time passed before Instructor Zhuo glanced at Kaiyang Jun’s group, and he said, “I hope all of you keep your promise!” As soon as he finished, he vanished along with the other Saints.

Qin Yuan spoke coldly, “That old fellow is getting more and more annoying!”

“Don’t force him into a corner for now!” Kaiyang Jun spoke indifferently, “We have all the time in the world to deal with them. Presently, the important matter at hand is to gather the wealth within Ocean of Clouds Academy and City. Such an opportunity is very rare for us. After all, there might be a change in the situation if the forces of the Scholarly Faction arrive here!”

Xing Chen frowned, “Right. Those fellows from the Scholarly Faction should be here by now. Why is there no sign of them?”

Qin Yuan spoke coldly, “Who knows. Those fellows have always been hesitant no matter what they do. In my opinion, our academy shouldn’t have those fellows in it!”

“Be careful of what you say!” Kaiyang Jun suddenly shouted, “Qin Yuan, that mouth of yours will be the death of you one day!”

Xing Chen glanced at Qin Yuan and spoke flatly, “I think you’ve forgotten about that fellow who’s ranked at the 1st position in our academy!”

Qin Yuan’s expression changed when he heard this, and there was deep fear in his eyes.

Amongst the top 10 experts in the younger generation of White Deer Academy, the Law Faction occupied 9 of those positions, but the 1st position belonged to the Scholarly Faction!

That fellow practically filled the Law Faction’s younger generation with despair!

A long moment of silence ensued before Kaiyang Jun broke the silence, “Let’s not talk about that anymore. Qin Yuan, just be careful in the future. Right, is there any news about Yang Ye’s whereabouts?”

Xing Chen shook her head and said, “It’s like he vanished!”

Qin Yuan laughed coldly, “I think he fled or hid himself!”

Kaiyang Jun pondered deeply for a short while, and then he said, “His reputation and prestige in the city and academy are rather great. We must capture him or kill him. Otherwise, while we have no reason to fear it, it’ll still waste a huge amount of our time once he gathers the forces in the city and the academy.”

“I think he might be hiding and preparing to strike a lethal blow against us!” Meanwhile, Xing Chen spoke in a low voice, “I’ve investigated him. He isn’t one to fear death, or I should say that he’s a very loyal person. But his women are still in our hands. So, it’s not very likely for him to have fled. He should be hiding in the shadows!”

“Since he’s a loyal person, then isn’t it easy to deal with him?” Meanwhile, Qin Yuan chuckled slyly, “I refuse to believe that he won’t show himself if we act against his women!”

Kaiyang Jun nodded, “True!”

Xing Chen frowned, “But what if he doesn’t show himself?”

“In any case, we won’t lose anything!” Qin Yuan smiled, “Of course, if he still doesn’t show himself when his women are humiliated, then I can only convey my admiration to him. Actually, those women of his are really not bad. Of course, they’re leagues away from you, Xing Chen. But having some fun with them wouldn’t be bad at all. Hahaha….”

Kaiyang Jun glanced at Qin Yuan and said, “Do as you wish!”

Qin Yuan roared with laughter as he stood up and walked towards the door. He suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Kaiyang Jun when he arrived at the door, and then he chuckled slyly, “Are you interested in coming along? In any case, Yang Ye has quite a few women!”

Kaiyang Jun glanced at Xing Chen, and then he spoke seriously, “I’m not. Go have fun yourself!”

Qin Yuan roared with laughter, and then he turned around and strode forward. However, there was someone in his way.

Qin Yuan’s expression changed, “Who are you?”

The person cracked a smile and said, “I’m Yang Ye!”

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