Chapter 1037 – Dignity Is Everything!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye swung his fist forward!

The sword on Qin Yuan’s waist suddenly charged out of its sheath at the exact same instant that Yang Ye’s fist shot forward, and it slashed down swiftly!

The fist and sword collided!


The sword shattered while Qin Yuan was blasted flying. Moreover, the powerful aftershock of the collision transformed the entire City Governor’s Estate into powder.

Everyone within the city immediately shot their gazes towards the City Governor’s Estate, and the entire city seethed with excitement when they realized it was Yang Ye!

“It’s Yang Ye! It’s Dean Yang! He hasn’t abandoned us! He’s back! He’s back! Hahaha!”

“I knew it was impossible for Yang Ye to associate himself with villains like those fellows from Ocean of Clouds Academy? He definitely hadn’t shown himself until now because he was getting help. Hahaha! Now that Yang Ye is here, let’s see how those fellows continue acting arrogantly!”

“Don’t forget that they have 13 Saints on their side, and there are 17 if the elders of Ocean of Clouds Academy are included! But Yang Ye is all alone!”

The crowd fell silent when they heard this.

Meanwhile, Qin Yuan who’d been blasted back by Yang Ye just moments ago gazed at his sword which only had its hilt left in his grasp, and he was stunned. I was actually blasted flying by a single punch of his?

A moment later, a ferocious expression surged into Qin Yuan’s eyes, and he roared furiously and intended to charge forward. However, he was stopped by Kaiyang Jun.

“Let me kill him!” Qin Yuan gazed at Kaiyang Jun with a ferocious expression on his face.

“Calm down!” Kaiyang Jun chuckled, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “As expected of the previous dean of Ocean of Clouds Academy. You have some ability, and you’re quite brave indeed. You still dared to come to us on your own under such circumstances. However, I’m really quite curious. Based on the information we collected about you, you don’t seem like a fool. Since you’re not a fool, then why have you come?”

Yang Ye glanced at them and remained silent. He turned to look towards the side instead.

Suddenly, a few black rays of light shot through the sky, and it didn’t take long for Yu Wushuang, Lu Wan’er, Shang Qingying, and the others to arrive before him while escorted by 2 shadowy figures.

Yang Ye was naturally not a fool. He’d found out where Yu Wushuang and the others were being kept before he’d come here. So, he’d sent 2 shadowy figures to save them while he rushed to the City Governor’s Estate. His objective was naturally to keep them here and avoid any unexpected changes in the situation!

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw that they were fine. Even though he’d guessed they were fine because of the Sword Servants he’d given them, he was still worried in the end. After all, both of them had almost died for him, and he really didn’t want any mishaps to occur to them!

Fortunately, they were well!

Yang Ye grinned at them when he noticed that they intended to say something, “It’s great that both of you are fine. Allow me to deal with this first.”

“Be careful!” Yu Wushuang spoke softly. As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her right hand and a Saint Realm Sword Servant appeared before Yang Ye. That Sword Servant, Zhu Yuan, was her last trump card to keep all of them safe, and she hadn’t used it before this because it was completely meaningless. After all, they had 13 Saint Realm puppets and the support of Instructor Zhuo’s group of 4!

Under such circumstances, a single Saint was completely useless. So, she hadn’t summoned it!

“Deal with this? Haha! Alright, then let’s deal with it!” Kaiyang Jun waved his right hand and 13 copper figures at the Saint Realm appeared by his sides, “Yang Ye, tell me how you intend to deal with this? I’m really very curious!”

A slight smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he was just about to say something. However, Instructor Zhuo, the other elders of the academy, and many other students of the academy arrived here.

“Yang Ye! Don’t be rash!” Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “They aren’t here to go against our academy. They’ve come to make peace with our academy. Moreover, the students of our academy have a chance to join White Deer Academy from now on. Especially you. Based on your natural talent and potential, it’ll be absolutely easy for you to join White Deer Academy!”

“Join White Deer Academy?” Yang Ye shook his head and chuckled, “Instructor Zhuo, Dean Shang’s lifelong goal was to return to White Deer Academy. However, he hoped we returned with our dignity, and not receive handouts from others like this. Instructor Zhuo, let me be honest. Based on the strength that the 4 of you possess, White Deer Academy would definitely not refuse all of you. But just ask yourselves if you’ll be respected once you’re at White Deer Academy? Would you? You wouldn’t! They’ll just look down on all of you because you didn’t rely on your own ability to return to White Deer Academy, and you were only able to return there because they felt pity for you and allowed it. Understand?”

When he spoke up to this point, there was a rather ferocious expression on Yang Ye’s face, and he was practically howling, “We can lose anything throughout our lives, but we can’t lose our dignity! If a person doesn’t even have his dignity, then would he still be respected? Do you expect them to respect a person like that? I don’t know if White Deer Academy will respect all of you, but in any case, I look down upon all of you!”

Instructor Zhuo and the others revealed extremely unsightly expressions!

“How audacious! Yang Ye! How dare you speak to the elders like that!” Meanwhile, one of the students roared furiously, “Yang Ye, you’re not the dean anymore. Our dean is Kaiyang Jun. If you’re sensible, then quickly kneel down and surrender. Kaiyang Jun is benevolent and might allow you to live. Otherwise, you’ll die a graveless death!”

Yang Ye gazed at that student and said, “Why don’t you say that one more time?”

That student’s expression changed. He gazed at Kaiyang Jun and saw a faint smile on Kaiyang Jun’s face, and it allowed him to feel a sense of relief. After that, he glanced at the 13 Saint Realm puppets at the side, and it greatly reduced the fear he felt for Yang Ye. But he still did fear Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Kaiyang Jun suddenly gazed at that student and smiled, “What’s your name?”

That man was slightly stunned when he heard Kaiyang Jun, and then he was overjoyed. He knew that he had to depend on Kaiyang Jun’s group to head to the Central Divine Prefecture and join White Deer Academy in the future. Now that Kaiyang Jun had noticed him, it proved that he hadn’t tried to curry favor with Kaiyang Jun’s group for nothing. He stated right away, “My name’s Du Ming!"

Kaiyang Jun grinned and said, “Not bad. I’ll remember you. Right, he asked you to say it again. So do it. What are you afraid of!”

Du Ming was instantly filled with confidence when he heard this, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, open your eyes and look carefully! We have 13 Saints, and it’s 17 if Instructor Zhuo and the others are included. Not to mention that you’re all alone here, it would change nothing even if you brought all the experts of the Ancient Sword School with you. If I were you….”

Suddenly, Du Ming’s voice stopped!

All of the people here looked over and were stunned. Because Du Ming who was standing by Kaiyang Jun’s side had suddenly appeared before Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was holding him by the throat!

Kaiyang Jun and the others’ expressions changed, and they simultaneously revealed solemn expressions. They’d gone on high alert at practically the exact same moment. At the same time, the 13 copper figures stood in front of them.

Yang Ye’s speed was too swift! It was swift to the point that it horrified them!

Xing Chen spoke solemnly, “The Laws of Speed!”

“His cape is at the Divine Rank as well!” Kaiyang Jun clenched his fists. The carefree expression on his face had vanished, and there was only undisguised killing intent left on his face!

At this moment, Du Ming’s eyes were opened wide, and there was horror in his eyes.

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he used his left hand to point at Kaiyang Jun, “Your confidence came from him, but did you see that? If I want to kill you, then all he can do is watch.”

“Yang Ye, even though he offended you verbally, he doesn’t deserve death!” Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “Moreover, you’re not the dean of my academy anymore. So, all of this is internal affairs of my Ocean of Clouds Academy and City. There’s no need for you to interfere. Just return to the Ancient Sword School!”


The sound of bones breaking resounded.

A gloomy expression instantly covered Instructor Zhuo and the other elders’ faces when they saw Du Ming’s neck being snapped. Kaiyang Jun’s eyes narrowed as well. But he still didn’t do anything because he was happy to watch them kill each other!

Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye, do you realize what you’re doing?”

Yang Ye chuckled, “This is how I do things. If others respect me, then I respect them; if they don’t rest me, then I’m sorry. I, Yang Ye, don’t give a fuck who that person is! Instructor Zhuo, I didn’t want to be the dean, but you forced me to take that position. Fine, I did it for the sake of Dean Shang. Yet now, you don’t want me to be the dean again? Let me fucking ask you something, do I look like someone you can toy around with as you please? I should be the dean when you want me to, and not be the dean when you don’t want me to?”

A fierce expression gradually crept onto Yang Ye’s face as he spoke up to this point, “Instructor Zhuo, since you don’t respect me, then I naturally have no need to respect you. Now, I’ll tell you this in front of everyone. Unless Dean Shang comes back to life and removes me from my position as dean, then I’m the dean!”

Instructor Zhuo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of killing intent in them, “Yang Ye, you have no right to make decisions for Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he glanced at the students of the academy before he said, “Those who still recognize me as the dean, stand over here. Remember that you only have one chance.” His voice grew heavier as he repeated, “Remember that you only have one chance!”

A wisp of ridicule curled up onto the corners of Instructor Zhuo’s mouth. Even though Yang Ye had quite the reputation in the academy, could he compare to them? It was impossible!

Sure enough, besides Feng Wuchao and the others who’d experienced life and death with Yang Ye, the others didn’t move!

“How laughable! Yang Ye! Do you see that now? Ocean of Clouds Academy doesn’t need a dean like you!” Qin Yuan ridiculed, “Are you still going to continue humiliating yourself?”

Yang Ye gazed at Instructor Zhuo and the others for a long time, and then he looked at Kaiyang Jun’s group, “I’m done with the academy. Now, let’s deal with the business between us. Are you going to spit out what you’ve plundered from the academy and city during this period, or should I make you?”

“You?” Qin Yuan laughed coldly and was about to attack. However, Kaiyang Jun stopped him.

Kaiyang Jun chuckled as he gazed at Instructor Zhuo, “Elder Zhuo, you said that you would deal with Yang Ye. Right, I don’t want to see those students who betrayed Ocean of Clouds Academy as well.”

Instructor Zhuo fell silent, and a short while passed before he gazed at Feng Wuchao and the others who stood behind Yang Ye, “I’ll give all of you once last chance. I’ll forgive your mistakes if you come over here right now.”

Feng Wuchao and the others exchanged glances, and then they shook their heads!

Instructor Zhuo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then a cold glow flashed within them, “Kill them!”

As soon as they heard this, the students behind Instructor Zhuo charged at Yang Ye’s group. As for Instructor Zhuo and the other 3 Saints, their gazes had descended onto Yang Ye, and their auras had locked onto him.

Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold when he saw them charge at him, and there wasn’t a shred of emotion left within his eyes!

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