Chapter 1038 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Almighty Sword Domain

A ray of light flashed, and then the heads of a few students who led the group instantly shot into the air.

Instructor Zhuo and the others’ eyes narrowed slightly when they saw Yang Ye attack, and then a moment of silence ensued before Instructor Zhuo spoke fiercely, “Kill him!”

As soon as he spoke, one of the Saints by his side roared furiously and swiftly slapped his palm in Yang Ye’s direction from afar.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure suddenly appeared before Yang Ye, and then a ripple flashed forward!

“AHH!” A shrill cry resounded. The others here looked towards its source and saw the entire arm of that Saint was gone!

They were astounded by the sight of it, and then their gazes descended onto the shadowy figure which seemed like a soul as it stood in front of Yang Ye!

A Saint Realm puppet!

If Zhu Yuan and the 2 other shadowy figures standing by Yu Wushuang and the others were included, then Yang Ye actually had 4 Saint Realm puppets!

Even though it was much inferior in number when compared to the 13 that Kaiyang Jun’s group possessed, Kaiyang Jun and the others still had extremely solemn expressions on their faces. Because the attack executed by the shadowy figure was simply too mysterious, and that puppet was too formidable as well. Even though that Saint from Ocean of Clouds Academy couldn’t compare to the Saints of White Deer Academy, he was still a Saint!

However, even if they were both Saints, the Saint from Ocean of Clouds Academy had instantly lost his entire arm. Moreover, he would have been killed on the spot if he hadn’t dodged at the last moment!

Is the gap between them that huge?Fortunately, Yang Ye only has 3 of those puppets!Kaiyang Jun and the others visibly relaxed a little when they thought up to this point.

“Yang Ye, no wonder you dared to return to Ocean of Clouds City on your own. So you obtained such powerful and mysterious Saint Realm puppets!” Kaiyang Jun spoke coldly, “But do you think that just 4 puppets are enough to go against us? Open your eyes and look. We have 17 Saints! Yang Ye, don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. So long as you give up all resistance, come to me, and kowtow 10 times, then I can consider sparing you and the others behind you!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Since you’re willing to give me a chance, then I’ll give you one as well. Hand over everything you’re taken from the academy and city, and then kneel for 3 days and 3 nights at the entrance to the city. I’ll consider sparing your lives if you do that!”

“You’re courting death!” Qin Yuan roared furiously, and then he pressed his fingers together and pointed them at Yang Ye. A ray of ghastly white sword energy shot out from the tip of his finger and instantly arrived before Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye didn’t dodge and just allowed it to strike him. After that, everyone watched with astonishment as it just entered Yang Ye’s body!

“Quasi Void Rank sword intent?” Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “Aren’t you ashamed of displaying such weak sword intent?”

Yang Ye’s sword intent was at the Void Rank, and it could be said that unless he encountered a sword cultivator who possessed Void Rank sword intent as well, all sword energy and sword intent would be useless before him. Because his Void Rank sword intent could absorb it all!

“You….” Qin Yuan seemed to have thought of something, and he gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment while shock and disbelief filled his eyes. As for Kaiyang Jun and Xing Chen who stood by his side, their eyes were filled with shock as well. After all, with their discerning ability and the knowledge they possessed, they naturally knew why Qin Yuan’s sword energy was useless before Yang Ye.

There was only a single explanation, and it was because Yang Ye possessed Void Rank sword intent!

Void Rank sword intent!

Not to mention Pine Prefecture, it was quite rare even in the Central Divine Prefecture!

At this moment, Kaiyang Jun had lost his interest to toy with his prey, and he waved his right hand, “Kill!”

As soon as he gave the order, the 13 copper figures transformed into rays of golden light that shot in Yang Ye’s direction!

“Trying to bully me with numbers?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then the other 7 shadowy figures who were hiding in his shadow flashed out and stood in front of him. After that, over a dozen ripples flashed forward!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few dozen explosions resounded, and then everyone watched as those copper figures were forced to a stop. The golden light dispersed to reveal the copper figures, and every single one of their chests had a crack that stretched for around 10cm!

10 of them! Kaiyang Jun, Qin Yuan, and Xing Chen’s pupils constricted. Obviously, they hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually possess 10 of such formidable Saint Realm puppets!

10 Saint Realm puppets!How the heck did Yang Ye get them?

After all, they only had those 13 copper figures because White Deer Academy had given those puppets to them. Not to mention 13 copper puppets, even 30 were nothing for White Deer Academy. But what about Yang Ye? Who gave them to him?

Not to mention Kaiyang Jun’s group, even Instructor Zhuo and the other members of Ocean of Clouds Academy were extremely shocked. They’d known Yang Ye for a long time and knew that he possessed the skill to refine puppets. However, that was 10 Saint Realm puppets, and it made them wonder if those 10 Saints had just not resisted and allowed him to refine them.

What a waste! Yang Ye cried out in his heart as he gazed at that. He felt it was a waste that he’d wasted 10 of those shadowy figures in that world. After all, there had been 20 of them in the beginning, but his carelessness had caused 10 of them to be wasted. If he hadn’t wasted them in that world, then he could just lead those 20 puppets to attack Sky Divine Hall!

Yang Ye shook his head and restrained his thoughts. After that, he waved his right hand, and the 10 shadowy figures shot towards the 13 copper puppets. It didn’t take long for them to flash into a pocket of space. Regardless of whether it was Yang Ye or Kaiyang Jun, they didn’t dare to let their puppets fight in the world down below. Because they would be finished if it caused divine wrath to descend upon them!

Yang Ye flipped his palm and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. He started walking towards Kaiyang Jun’s group as he spoke, “Come, let me see how strong the members of a Diamond Rank power are. Right, in order to avoid wasting time, it’s best if all 3 of you fight me together!”

“You want us to join forces against you?” Kaiyang Jun started laughing from the rage he felt, “Yang Ye, aren’t you thinking a little too highly of yourself?” Perhaps there are those in the Central Divine Prefecture who can fight all 3 of us at once. But can anyone beneath the Saint Realm through Pine Prefecture do that?

“Since you’re so confident, then we’ll fight 1 by 1. Which one of you is going first?” asked Yang Ye. He didn’t want to waste time, but just as he’d said, he wanted to witness the strength of the students from White Deer Academy.

“I’ll do it!” Xing Chen took a step forward while she stretched her hand forward. In an instant, the clouds in the sky swiftly converged together, and it only took an instant for them to transform into a huge white colored cloud dragon. The cloud dragon had a ferocious appearance, and it roared with fury as it transformed into a ray of white light that slammed down towards Yang Ye!

The cloud dragon dived down from high above, and the space in its part warped and seemed as if it would be minced into bits at any moment. It was absolutely astounding!

It was a Divine Rank technique at the very least!

Yu Wushuang and the others were visibly worried when they saw Xing Chen execute a Divine Rank technique with such ease.

Yang Ye nodded slightly when he saw it. Because just that technique alone told him that her strength wasn’t bad. If it was before his trip to the Zither of Love, then he would probably have to exert some effort to defeat her. But now….

The spectators watched as Yang Ye took a step forward, and then he just tapped the Herculean Sword forward!

Even though the sword still hadn’t even come into contact with the cloud dragon, the powerful force it carried immediately obliterated the imposing aura emanated by the cloud dragon. Moreover, the cloud dragon was forced to a stop in midair by the energy contained within the Herculean Sword!

“Break apart!” Yang Ye suddenly twisted his wrist, and the cloud dragon exploded apart in midair!

Xing Chen’s pupils constricted violently when she witnessed this scene, and astonishment filled her eyes. After all, it was a low-grade Divine Rank technique, but it had been destroyed just like that?

She gazed at Yang Ye again. This time, there wasn’t even a shred of contempt in her eyes, and only an extremely solemn expression remained! Even though Yang Ye had merely executed a single attack, she knew that his strength wasn’t weaker to hers at all. Moreover, she was very well aware that they’d severely underestimated Yang Ye from the very beginning!

Actually, it wasn’t their fault because Yang Ye had grown stronger!

Instructor Zhuo and the others were beyond shocked as well. They naturally had a good understanding of Yang Ye’s strength, and they knew that he could kill Saints. However, the strength Yang Ye revealed right now was clearly much stronger. After all, Yang Ye hadn’t utilized his Void Rank sword intent or any powerful technique earlier! Yang Ye had just used his physical strength!

When did Yang Ye become so strong?

The woman fell silent for an instant before she raised both her hands, and it was clear that she intended to attack again. However, a shadow suddenly flashed before her, and then the blade of a sword was pressed against her neck.

Yang Ye’s hand was on the other end of the sword!

Yang Ye said, “I think there’s no need for you to attack again!”

Yang Ye was about to swing his sword while he spoke, but Instructor Zhuo suddenly roared furiously, “Yang Ye! Do you know what you’re doing? She’s a student of White Deer Academy! They didn’t come here on their own! They’re here on behalf of White Deer Academy! You’ll definitely bring eternal damnation to the academy and city if you do anything to her!”

Meanwhile, Kaiyang Jun spoke ferociously, “Yang Ye, I guarantee that everyone related to you will be annihilated if you dare to touch her!”

Yang Ye glanced at Instructor Zhuo, and then he gazed at Kaiyang Jun and laughed with ridicule, “Who do you think you are?”

Yang Ye flicked his wrist once he finished speaking!


A gorgeous head shot into the air while accompanied by a pillar of blood.

“NO!!!” Kaiyang Jun howled furiously like a raging beast!

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