Chapter 1043 – The Winner Lives, and The Loser Dies!

Almighty Sword Domain

Lou Qianxiao!

Countless people throughout the city were shocked, and they shot up into the sky and gazed towards the source of the voice.

A man was standing in the air above the city gates. He wore a moon white robe that had violet gold borders. He had brows that seemed sharp like a blade, a nose with a high nasal bridge, and thin lips. He was absolutely handsome. Even if he was just standing quietly on the spot, he still seemed handsome, extraordinary, and indescribably otherworldly like god from the heavens!

“That’s the number one expert of our prefecture’s younger generation, Lou Qianxiao? Even though I don’t know how strong he is, that aura and bearing proves that he’s absolutely not a weakling!”

“Even though he’s standing there quietly, it seems like he has merged into one with the world! His strength has probably arrived at an inconceivable level!”

“Do all of you think he or Yang Ye is stronger?”

“Sky Divine Hall is the number one power of Pine Prefecture, and its resources and reserves are unfathomable. Even a pig would probably gain intelligence if it was fostered with the full strength of Sky Divine Hall, so let’s not even talk about Lou Qianxiao who possesses extraordinary natural talent. Not to mention that I’ve heard that Lou Qianxiao has been to the Central Divine Prefecture and obtained fortuitous encounters in that place which is filled with monstrous geniuses. So….”

“Yang Ye has killed a Saint!”

“Lou Qianxiao was able to fight Saints a year ago!”

“Saints are like gods to us, and it’s like a natural chasm that’s impossible to surmount. But Saints are just men to Yang Ye and Lou Qianxiao, they are just men who are slightly stronger.”

“Exactly. We’ll have to wait for them to fight to know who’s stronger. Based on the relationship between our city and Sky Divine Hall, that battle will come sooner or later!”

“Actually, is Lou Qianxiao not afraid of death? He actually dared to come here on his own? After all, we have over a dozen Saints here. Wouldn’t he be killed if they were to swarm him?”

“Since he dared to come here, it proves that he has something to rely on!”

“Yang Ye is here!”

All of them moved their gazes away, and they saw that Yang Ye had appeared around 30m in front of Lou Qianxiao.

If Lou Qianxiao was extraordinary, otherworldly, and one with the world; Yang Ye’s edge was fully exposed, and he seemed like he would pierce a hole through the world!

They possessed completely different bearings!

Yang Ye sized up Lou Qianxiao, and then his eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of surprise flashed through them. However, it didn’t take long for that surprise to vanish, and his gaze returned to its calm state.

Lou Qianxiao sized up Yang Ye, and then a grin appeared on the corners of his mouth, “Not bad, the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm. Even though you’ve only just broken through, you’re able to keep your aura stable. It truly is a rare sight. Of course, it can be overlooked when compared to your sword intent. Needless to say, you’re definitely the best in the Sword Dao throughout Pine Prefecture!”

Yang Ye asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Lou Qianxiao chuckled, “Do you know why I wanted to challenge all the geniuses of the prefecture? Because I wanted all those geniuses who are equally famous as me, like Xuwu Shen, Lu Wan’er, and the others to realize that they aren’t worthy of being equally famous as me. I’m an existence that they have to look up to. However, it felt quite boring to me later on. Because they are too weak and fighting them is like bullying them. Fortunately, you made an appearance!”

Yang Ye said, “Because I’m a very beautiful leaf that can truly serve as contrast for a rose like you?”

“Exactly!” Lou Qianxiao continued, “They are too weak, too terribly weak. Fighting them is a waste of time to me. As for you, your current reputation in Pine Prefecture can be said to be on par with me. Because you, Yang Ye, have killed a Saint, and you’re the first Half-Saint in our prefecture to accomplish that.”

Yang Ye said, “Haven’t you killed Saints as well?”

“I killed a Saint of the Central Divine Prefecture, not in Pine Prefecture!” Lou Qianxiao grinned, “Yang Ye, my future isn’t in Pine Prefecture, it’s in the Central Divine Prefecture. However, I want to leave behind a legend of myself here before I leave for the Central Divine Prefecture. Now, that legend of mine will definitely be even more amazing because of your presence!”

Yang Ye replied, “Perhaps your legend wouldn’t even exist because of my presence!”

“You’re really confident!” Lou Qianxiao gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Of course, you are qualified to be confident. But it’s fine. In a month from now, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how you’re actually still very weak!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lou Qianxiao flicked 2 invitations to Yang Ye, “I’d intended to invite all the geniuses of Pine Prefecture to fight me, but I discarded that decision after some thought. Because besides you, no one in the younger generation of Pine Prefecture is qualified to fight me. So, only the 2 of us will fight a month from now! The winner will live, and the loser shall die!”

The winner lives, and the loser dies!

Yang Ye nodded lightly, “I’ll be on time!”

“I know!” Lou Qianxiao grinned, “Besides me and that fellow, Xuwu Shen, you have no other opponents throughout the younger generation of our prefecture. So long as you defeat me, it’s equivalent to defeating Xuwu Shen. So, you’ll definitely be there. The 2nd invitation is my wedding invitation. My wedding will be held a month from now as well! However, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to enjoy the celebrations because we’ll fight before my marriage!”

Yang Ye said, “You won’t be able to carry out that marriage!”

Lou Qianxiao gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “They say that you’re arrogant, and I’ve seen it for myself now. I really can’t wait for a month to pass because I want to see how you look when you’re filled with despair.”

Yang Ye said, “I’ll see you in a month from now!”

Lou Qianxiao asked, “Why don’t we spar a little?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Isn’t it meaningless?”

Lou Qianxiao said, “I insist!”

“Then I’ll send you off!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot forward. The ray of light was absolutely swift to the point that many in the surroundings couldn’t even see it clearly.

It was Death by a Thought! Death by a Thought that wasn’t enhanced by Void Rank sword intent!

Even if he didn’t enhance it with his Void Rank sword intent, Death by a Thought was still extremely terrifying when executed with Yang Ye’s current strength!

“Your sword technique isn’t bad!” As soon as he spoke, Lou Qianxiao pressed a finger forward. In an instant, the spirit energy in a huge area was instantly extracted. At the same time, a fine speck of light appeared on the tip of Lou Qianxiao’s finger!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s attack had arrived before him, and Lou Qianxiao’s finger tapped lightly against the tip of Yang Ye’s sword!

The speck of light and ray of light collided, and then a moment of silence ensued!


A terrifying wave of energy suddenly erupted from the point of collision. But it didn’t take long for a ray of light to flash, and the wave of energy was instantly obliterated.

“Yang Ye, I’ll be waiting for your arrival at Sky Divine Hall!” Lou Qianxiao roared with laughter as he vanished amidst the wave of energy.

“Why didn’t you just kill him?” Shang Qingying suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and spoke with a bewildered tone. After all, Yang Ye possessed 11 Saint Realm puppets. If he wanted to, those 11 puppets could annihilate Lou Qianxiao in an instant. Because no matter how strong Lou Qianxiao was, it was impossible for him to fight 11 Saints on his own. Moreover, Yang Ye’s Saint Realm puppets far surpassed ordinary Saint Realm experts!

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “That wasn’t his real body!”

Shang Qingying and the others’ pupils constricted, and Shang Qingying spoke with astonishment, “You… you’re saying… that was a clone?”

Yang Ye nodded!

At the moment he laid eyes on Lou Qianxiao, he’d seen through him. So, Yang Ye had immediately refused when Lou Qianxiao suggested that they sparred. After all, it was meaningless to spar with a clone. However, only after they clashed did Yang Ye realize that Lou Qianxiao’s strength was probably much stronger than he’d imagined!

Shang Qingying and the others were visibly astounded when they saw Yang Ye nod.

My god! Just his clone was that terrifying!When they thought up to this point, they gazed at Yang Ye while worry could be seen in their eyes. Will Yang Ye be able to be a match for Lou Qianxiao?

Yang Ye glanced at Yu Wushuang and the others, and then he grinned, “Just do what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t be worried!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye left Ocean of Clouds City and went to Welkin Wolf Peak. At this moment, there were no demon beasts here!

Yang Ye went to the top of Welkin Wolf Peak, sat down cross-legged, and intended to draw down stellar energy to temper his body.

Even though it really was torture, it could strengthen his body! He was prepared to go all out in order to improve his strength.

Right when Yang Ye was about to draw stellar energy into his body, his eyes suddenly opened wide. 3 people had suddenly appeared not too far away from him. One was an old man whose beard touched the ground, the other was a grey robed young man, and the last was a black robed middle aged man who stood behind them.

Yang Ye recognized the middle aged man because it was that Saint Realm black dragon which he’d deceived that day!

Experts of the Dragon Clan! Yang Ye was shocked, Shit! They’re probably here to look for trouble with me!

However, he remained extremely calm on the surface! In any case, he possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Clan and could Draconify himself. So, he could continue deceiving them with that!

The old man sized up Yang Ye and said, “You’re the Scion of the Dragons?”

“Of course!” replied Yang Ye. He naturally couldn’t deny it right now!

The old man asked another question, “The Patriarch of the Dragon Clan gave you that title himself?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

The old man asked, “Then why don’t I know about it?”

Yang Ye replied, “It’s top-secret information even in the Dragon Clan, and only the Patriarch of the Dragon Clan is aware of it!”

Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that the young man by the old man’s side was looking at him with a strange expression. Moreover, the black dragon’s face had turned gloomy.

“I’m the Dragon Clan’s Patriarch!” The old man said, “So why don’t I know about it?”

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot.

“No one has ever dared to pretend to be a member of my Dragon Clan. There has been no one in the past, and there won’t be anyone like that in the future!” As soon as the old man finished speaking, Yang Ye felt like a million mountains were pressing down upon him, and his knees curved as it almost pushed him down to his knees!

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