Chapter 1044 – Lady!

Almighty Sword Domain


Void Rank sword intent erupted from within Yang Ye, but it only took a moment for that invisible force to suppress his sword intent back into his body!

Yang Ye was astounded!

Yang Ye would naturally not admit defeat with such ease. He hurriedly utilized the bloodline pressure of the dragon blood within him, and then he felt the pressure he experienced reduce significantly!

It didn’t take long for the pressure he experienced to vanish completely!

Yang Ye raised his head to look at the old man. The pressure hadn’t vanished because of his own bloodline pressure, it was because the old man had stopped it.

At this moment, the old man was looking at him as well, and there was a trace of bewilderment in the old man’s eyes.

“Does the Dragon Clan only know how to bully the young and weak?” Yang Ye gazed at the old man while he slowly clenched his fists. The old man was very strong, extremely strong. His intuition told him that it was pointless even if he summoned all the Saint Realm puppets he possessed. It was absolutely impossible to survive by relying on force, and he had to rely on his intelligence instead!

The young man by the old man intended to step forward upon hearing Yang Ye, but the old man stopped him.

The old man sized up Yang Ye from top to bottom before he said, “You really do possess the bloodline and inheritance of the Dragon Clan. Moreover, I’m able to sense that you didn’t obtain it by force, and it was willingly passed down to you. That truly puzzles me. Because it’s impossible for a member of my Dragon Clan to give their inheritance to a human. Besides that, the bloodline you possess is extremely pure and noble. In other words, that expert’s status was definitely very high in my Dragon Clan. That makes me feel even more puzzled. Because I know every single expert of my Dragon Clan for the last few thousands of years, and there hasn’t been a dragon who gave his or her inheritance to a human!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “I didn’t obtain it in the Radiant Dimension!”

“That’s what I thought!” The old man continued, “Are you from outside this dimension? Or from one of the lower dimensions?”

Yang Ye replied, “The lower dimensions!”

The old man asked another question, “Why did that expert of the Dragon Clan give you his or her inheritance?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and answered, “I passed his test and obtained it. Of course, he wanted to pass it down to members of the Dragon Clan. But the Dragon Clan in that world of mine was too weak, and none could pass his test. In the end, he had no choice but to give it to me and hope that I would help the Dragon Clan in the future!”

“So that’s why!” The old man nodded lightly, “Even though that dragon might not be from the same lineage as my Dragon Clan in the Radiant Dimension, it was still a member of the Dragon Clan. I respect his choice!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Meanwhile, the old man questioned Yang Ye again, “But why did you make up that position, the Scion of the Dragons?”

Yang Ye glanced at the black dragon behind the old man and said, “I have no intention to offend the Dragon Clan. I just didn’t want to kill him, and that was why I used such a strategy!”

“Kill me?” The black dragon laughed coldly, “I think that it’s because you were afraid that I would kill you!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand and 3 shadowy figures appeared in front of Yang Ye, “It would really not be difficult at all for me to kill you that day. Even if we were enemies at the time, I didn’t kill you because I owe an expert of the Dragon Clan. However, you insisted on going against me. So, I had no choice but to use such a method to make you leave!”

Yang Ye was lying, of course. After all, he hadn’t obtained these Sword Servants yet. If he had these shadowy figures then, he would have taken the black dragon apart.

The black dragon’s expression changed slightly when he saw those 3 shadowy figures. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed 3 Saint Realm puppets! While he was confident in his ability, he wasn’t confident to the point of fighting 3 Saints on his own. Moreover, those 3 Saint Realm puppets were clearly not ordinary Saints!

Did that fellow really create that position he spoke of just because he didn’t want to kill me? Such a thought had suddenly appeared in the black dragon’s mind. But it didn’t take long for him to expel it. His intuition told him that Yang Ye was deceiving him! Just like Yang Ye had that day!

“Inanimate Spirits!” Suddenly, the old man said, “Those are Inanimate Spirits that only the Nether Pavilion can create. Why do you have them? Moreover, you can even control them?”

Inanimate Spirits?

So these shadowy figures are called Inanimate Spirits?

Yang Ye remained silent for an instant before he said, “I obtained them by chance!” He naturally couldn’t say that he took them. He had to keep a low profile for now!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye in silence.

Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly while the profound energy within him started to circulate.

Suddenly, the old man frowned, and then he looked up towards the sky. He pondered deeply for an instant before his figure vanished on the spot.

High above in the sky.

There was a woman in a white dress standing not too far away from the old man.

The old man asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“Go back to the Central Divine Prefecture!” The woman’s tone was indisputable!

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, “No one can give orders to my Dragon Clan!”

“Then I’ll be the first!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t seem to have done anything, but the entire area instantly started to warp!

“You… you’re the one who roams the world! Lady!” The old man gazed at her with astonishment. At this moment, there wasn’t even a shred of contempt left in his eyes, and there was only a solemn and fearful expression!

The woman didn’t speak while the entire area had warped to the extreme. The force of this movement in the surrounding space caused cracking to resound throughout the old man’s body, and it seemed like he was about to be torn into pieces!


The old man roared furiously as his figure transformed, and then a huge violet gold dragon that was almost 30km long appeared there.

At the top of Welkin Wolf Peak.

Yang Ye’s brows were knit tightly together while bewilderment filled his eyes. He’d noticed that the old man had aroused killing intent towards him, but the old man had suddenly left for some unknown reason.

The young man and black dragon had frowns on their faces as well. Just like Yang Ye, their eyes were filled with bewilderment! Obviously, they didn’t know why the old man had suddenly left.

A moment of silence ensued before the grey robed young man suddenly walked over to Yang Ye, “Your body seems to have been cultivated well. Why don’t we compete a little?”

“Bring it on!” Yang Ye didn’t refuse. Even he didn’t know what level his body was at. Because ordinary demon beasts and even Saint Realm demon beasts couldn’t compare to his physical strength. Yet now, a member of the Dragon Clan, which was known to possess physical strength that was unmatched throughout the world, was standing in front of him. He wanted to see how his physical strength compared to a member of the Dragon Clan!

The grey robed young man said, “Make your move!”

Yang Ye didn’t refuse. His figure immediately flashed forward as he smashed his fist towards the grey robed young man!


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye moved backwards repeatedly for almost 1km!

As for the grey robed young man, he didn’t move at all!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because he hadn’t even been able to clearly detect how the young man had attacked just now!

The man’s physical strength and speed far surpassed his own!

But the young man was only a high rank Half-Saint!

“Your strength is too weak, but your control of strength is not bad!” The young man continued, “Come, let’s continue. Use your full strength and let me see exactly how strong your body is!”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist, and then he shot forward again!

This time, he didn’t hold back. The powerful force within his fist caused the space in his path to explode into pieces!

But in the next moment, an explosion resounded while he was blasted back again. This time, he was pushed around 1.5km back!

Yang Ye hazed at his right arm that had cracked open, and then he looked up at the young man, “You’re really strong!”

“It isn’t my physical strength that’s strong, it’s yours that’s too weak!” The young man continued, “Of course, it’s not bad amongst the humans. Especially your control of strength, there aren’t many amongst the humans who can accomplish that.”

The young man paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, “Actually, you surprised me quite a bit. Because the body of a human is actually on the verge of attaining the Divine Valor Realm of the 6 realms of body refinement.”

“The 6 realms of body refinement? The Divine Valor Realm?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “The cultivation of the body is divided into realms as well?”

“Of course!” The young man continued, “It’s divided into 6 realms. They are the Divine Valor Realm, Divine Fortitude Realm, Divine Shift Realm, Epoch Realm, and Undying Realm.”

Yang Ye stated, “That’s only 5!”

The young man replied, “The last realm is something that no person or demon has attained throughout the history of the Radiant Dimension!”

Yang Ye asked, “Then how do you know that there’s a 6th realm?”

The young man answered, “An expert of my Dragon Clan attained the Undying Realm many years ago, and he said that there’s another realm above the Undying Realm. However, he didn’t say what exactly it was.”

Yang Ye asked another question, “What realm are you at?”

The young man answered flatly, “I’m barely at the Divine Valor Realm!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m not even at the Divine Valor Realm?”

The young man replied, “These realms were set by my Dragon Clan, and the members of my Dragon Clan are born with bodies that surpass Half-Saints. So, cultivating our bodies to the Saint Realm is merely the beginning for us. If you attain the Divine Valor Realm, then it would represent that your body far surpasses ordinary Saint Realm demon beasts!”

“Your Dragon Clan really is blessed!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly. After all, they were born with bodies that far surpassed Half-Saints, and it wasn’t something he could compete with!

The young man said, “Even then, the price we have to pay isn’t inferior to you humans!”

“Perhaps!” Yang Ye nodded lightly, “Are you the most outstanding amongst the younger generation of your Dragon Clan?”

“No!” The young man shook his head slowly, “I’m only average!”

Yang Ye gazed at the young man for a short while before he said, “How about trying a swing of my sword?”

The young man nodded slightly.

Yang Ye was about to attack. However, the old man suddenly appeared in front of the grey robed young man. The old man took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then he waved his right hand. A fist sized golden token which had a dragon claw on it appeared before Yang Ye, “Didn’t you want to be the Scion of my Dragon Clan? I’ll fulfil your wish. Even though you can’t command members of my Dragon Clan with that command token, no member of my Dragon Clan will act against you if you display that command token to them. Besides that, I hope that I don’t hear any news about you, Yang Ye, killing dragons!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man waved his right hand, and then he vanished along with the grey robed young man and the black dragon.

Over 20,000km away.

The black dragon asked, “Patriarch, he possesses the bloodline pressure of our Dragon Clan. If he acts against our Dragon Clan, then many dragons of our clan won’t be a match for him. So, why did you not kill him?”

“We won’t be able to return if we kill him….” As soon as the old man finished speaking, a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

The grey robed young man and the black dragon were astounded!

“Don’t rashly step foot into Pine Prefecture from now on!”

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