Chapter 1045 – Yang Ye! Get The Fuck Out Here!

Almighty Sword Domain

At the top of the mountain.

Yang Ye was quite dazed as he gazed at the command token in his grasp. After all, the patriarch of the Dragon Clan had actually allowed him to be the Scion of the Dragon Clan!

There’s something off about all of this! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of bewilderment could be seen in his eyes. He’d been able to sense that the old man had aroused killing intent towards him. But he was puzzled because the old man’s attitude had changed upon leaving and coming back. Not only had the old man not killed him, the old man had even given him this command token!

What exactly happened when that old man left? Yang Ye looked up into the sky.

At a point in the sky that Yang Ye couldn’t see, a woman in a white dress was looking down at Yang Ye.

A long time passed before she transformed into a ray of light that vanished from there.

On the ground below.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze. He pondered for a long time yet still couldn’t figure out why the old man had suddenly changed his decision. In the end, Yang Ye just stopped thinking about it because it was a good thing no matter what.

At this moment, improving his strength was the most important to him right now!

So, Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and started drawing down stellar energy into his body.

Countless strands of stellar energy rained down from space, and they entered Yang Ye’s body. Because he intended to utilize the stellar energy to temper himself, so he hadn’t circulated his violet profound energy to assimilate the stellar energy. Under such circumstances, he would suffer backlash from the stellar energy. Fortunately, he was prepared for it!

Even though he’d mentally prepared himself, he still couldn’t avoid gasping from the pain he experienced from the backlash!

However, he forcefully endured it!

Only by suffering the worst can one become the best! He’d understood that principle while he was still a Labor Disciple all those years ago.

He’d thought that his cultivation of the body wasn’t bad, or it should be said that he’d thought his body was very strong. But after he met the grey robed young man, he realized that he’d only just begun on the path of cultivating the body!

His main focus of cultivation was the sword, but he noticed that the cultivation of the body wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Sword Dao. Of course, it couldn’t be described as being stronger than the Sword Dao. The main point was that it was extremely beneficial for him when his body grew stronger. After all, there had been many occasions in the past where he’d relied on his body to win a battle.

Especially when he was in that world with the mysterious woman. If he didn’t possess a powerful physical body, then he would have probably died by now!

In the beginning, Yang Ye didn’t draw down too much stellar energy, and he slowly increased its amount instead. He had to allow his body to get accustomed to the pain which came from the backlash. Otherwise, he was afraid that he might faint from the pain.

Even then, just that small amount of stellar energy overwhelmed him with pain!

Persist! All he could do was grit his teeth and persist!

Day after day passed. At this point in time, Yang Ye who’d started out being overwhelmed with pain had gradually gotten used to the pain which came from the backlash of absorbing stellar energy.

During this period, Yang Ye’s body grew stronger and stronger as the stellar energy tempered it. However, he didn’t stop and continued drawing more stellar energy into himself every night! He noticed that the stellar energy at night was much more effective than the stellar energy he absorbed during the day. As for the reason for it, he didn’t bother to figure it out!

5 days later! He started to cultivate sword techniques during the day and absorb stellar energy at night!

In the beginning, he started with Heavenrend! Heavenrend had been extremely helpful to him in the early days of his path of cultivation, but as he grew stronger and learned new Divine Rank techniques, Heavenrend had gradually become quite useless to him. However, in Yang Ye’s opinion, Heavenrend was much more important than Death by a Thought!

Why? Because Heavenrend’s strength depended on his own strength. As for Death by a Thought, while it could continue growing stronger as well, it had a limit! But Heavenrend’s strength had no limit if his body was strong enough, and he could control it well!

So, he’d decided to practice Heavenrend diligently!

Yang Ye had been able to overlap almost 60 Heavenrends when his strength arrived the high rank of the Half-Saints Realm, and the might of 60 overlapped Heavenrends wasn’t inferior to a low-grade Divine Rank sword technique! Moreover, because his body had been growing stronger incessantly throughout the last few days, his Heavenrend was growing stronger and stronger. He was able to overlap even more strands of sword energy every single day!

When he could overlap 70 Heavenrends, Yang Ye noticed that his sword which was condensed from sword intent was almost incapable of enduring the terrifying strength that his execution of Heavenrend carried!

Moreover, those 70 overlapped Heavenrends weren’t inferior to the Death by a Thought technique!

However, Yang Ye didn’t stop there and still continued cultivating his body and Heavenrend like a madman!

Another 5 days passed. Now, Yang Ye’s body and Heavenrend were improving at an extremely slow pace. Especially Heavenrend. At this moment, he could overlap 80 Heavenrends at once. However, increasing it by even 1 more strand of sword energy was absolutely difficult!

It was the same for his body. In the beginning, his body wasn’t able to endure the pain which came from the backlash of absorbing stellar energy. Yet now, his body had grown accustomed to it. Of course, it didn’t represent that there was no pain. It could only be said that Yang Ye wouldn’t lose his consciousness from being tortured by the stellar energy he absorbed!

Something else worthy of mentioning was that his intent swords were only able to execute those 80 overlapped Heavenrends twice. Even the intents swords that were condensed from Void Rank sword intent weren’t able to endure the current might of his Heavenrend technique. So, it was obvious how terrifying it was now!

In any case, based on his estimations. If he executed Heavenrend while enhancing it with Void Rank sword intent, then it was absolutely not inferior to a high-grade Divine Rank sword technique!

As for his body, it was more than 2 times stronger than before! However, he didn’t know if it could be considered to be at the Divine Valor Realm!

Besides his physical strength and Heavenrend technique, he’d noticed that he’d obtained one other gain. It was that his Stellar Ward technique had grown stronger.

Based on what Instructor Zhuo had said that day, the Stellar Ward technique was invincible. However, after he encountered those shadowy figures, Yang Ye knew that it was bullshit. Because even the Stellar Ward technique hadn’t been able to stop those shadowy figures’ attacks. However, it didn’t mean that the Stellar Ward technique was weak. Conversely, it was extremely terrifying!

After all, he’d relied on it to beat up and scare over 100 Saints away!

It wasn’t an invincible technique, but it truly provided a huge increase to his physical defenses. That could still be considered as a great trump card to him. Based on his current attainments in the Stellar War technique, even the Death by a Thought technique that was enhanced by Void Rank sword intent wouldn’t be able to pierce through his Stellar Ward technique!

Yang Ye still continued cultivating after that, and he cultivated like a madman!

Ocean of Clouds City.

Because of Yu Wushuang, all the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy which Yang Ye had almost driven out of the city were still here. However, it wasn’t that easy to gain the forgiveness of those cultivators in the city.

During this period where Yang Ye was cultivating, Yu Wushuang made arrangements for those students to teach all over the city. Of course, it wasn’t just simple teaching. They taught without holding back at all. In other words, they passed down their own techniques and knowledge to the residents of the city without holding back at all!

All the parents of the students who were studying throughout the city felt overjoyed by it. After all, they were the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy, and they even were the academy’s elites. Since those students were teaching their children without holding back at all, it was definitely extremely beneficial to their children. So, those cultivators who couldn’t stand the sight of those students from Ocean of Clouds Academy gradually changed their opinions of them.

Even though those students were able to stay, Instructor Zhuo and the other elders didn’t stay. Yu Wushuang didn’t ask them to stay because Yang Ye would absolutely not tolerate their presence in the city. Because once Yang Ye wasn’t here and they had ill intent towards the city, then it would be equivalent to a calamity for the city!

Actually, Yu Wushuang knew that Yang Ye didn’t want to spare them at all. Yang Ye was such a person. If someone treated him as their enemy, then he would treat them as his enemy as well. Moreover, in Yang Ye’s opinion, since they were his enemy, then it was best to leave none of them alive.

Just as Yang Ye had said, the reason he’d spared them wasn’t just because he was confident in his own strength, it was because she and Lu Wan’er were fine!

Yu Wushuang’s heart felt warm when she thought up to this point.

Yu Wushuang who stood on the city walls looked up towards Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and then she spoke softly, “I wonder how his cultivation is going! Hmm?”

Suddenly, her gaze shot towards the distance. A man who wore a black robe and carried a spear on his back was walking slowly towards the city from afar.

Yu Wushuang spoke in a low voice, “Announce yourself!”

The man didn’t speak and just continued forward!

Yu Wushuang frowned, and then she waved her right hand. The Saint Realm Sword Servant, Zhu Yuan, which Yang Ye had left with her to keep her safe shot forward to obstruct the man, and she said, “Who are you?”

The man didn’t answer her. He raised his head to gaze at the Saint Realm Sword Servant which was obstructing his path. In the next moment, the spear behind him transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky. When it arrived in the sky, the man suddenly appeared in front of the spear, and then he grabbed it.

“Fuck off!” He roared as he threw the spear down!

The Saint Realm Sword Servant wasn’t even able to react before the spear pierced through its chest, and it was blasted flying and nailed on the walls of the city!

Void Rank spear intent! Yu Wushuang’s pupils constricted. Who is he?

As soon as he descended to the ground, he howled furiously and stomped his right foot against the ground, “Yang Ye! Get the fuck out here!”


The ground before him instantly cracked apart, and the cracks swept forward swiftly and instantly arrived before the city gates.


The city gates exploded apart!

A bottomless trench that was over 1km long had appeared between the man and the destroyed city gates!

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