Chapter 1046 – A Genius From White Deer Academy!

Almighty Sword Domain

He killed a Saint with just one attack!

Yu Wushuang’s pupils constricted while shock filled her eyes.

Who was he?

At this moment, all the cultivators throughout the city were alarmed by the commotion, and they flashed up the city walls. All of them were astounded when they saw the Saint Realm puppet which was nailed to the city walls.

It was a Saint!

Yang Ye had killed a Saint in the past, but he’d only accomplished that after a fierce battle! Yet now, that man had actually killed a Saint in an instant.

Moreover, he was only a high rank Half-Saint!

Who is he?

The man gazed at the city with ferocity all over his face, “You refuse to show yourself? Alright, then I’ll make your entire academy and city accompany my younger sister in death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he gestured with his right hand, and the spear which was nailed to the city wall instantly transformed into a ray of light that shot into his grasp. After that, his figure shot towards the city. However, he suddenly stopped when he was about to enter through the entrance that he’d blasted open because Lu Wan’er was standing in his path.

Lu Wan’er didn’t speak a word, and she just swiftly swung her sword at him!

A ray of sword energy shot out from the tip of her sword and instantly arrived before the man!

“Fuck off!” He roared with fury as he swung his spear against the sword energy, and it was instantly obliterated.

Lu Wan’er’s pupils constricted at the sight of this.

Meanwhile, the man suddenly appeared in front of her, and he swung the spear down at her.


The space around her instantly exploded apart!

Lu Wan’er’s expression changed drastically. She didn’t dare act carelessly before such an attack, and the Quasi Void Rank sword intent within her surged into her sword before she took it in both hands and flicked it upwards!


An ear piercing clang resounded!


The ground beneath Lu Wan’er’s feet was instantly blasted into powder, and the sword in her grasp was instantly covered in cracks as well. A moment of silence ensued before the man suddenly pressed his spear down!


Lu Wan’er’s sword shattered, and her pupils constricted even more at the sight of this. Fortunately, her reaction wasn’t slow at all, and she’d dodged to the side and avoided that lethal strike at the exact same instant that her sword had shattered. However, right when she was about to retreat, the man’s spear swept horizontally against her stomach!


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from between her lips, and then Lu Wan’er’s body curved forward as it flew backwards!


A ray of light flashed and shot like a bolt of lightning towards Lu Wan’er’s flying figure. It was extremely swift and caught up to her in an instant.

“Wan’er!” Yu Wushuang and the others were overwhelmed with rage! They wanted to go help her, but that ray of light was too swift, and they weren’t able to get to her in time!

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded in the sky, and then the ray of light that was shooting towards Lu Wan’er shattered abruptly. At the same time, Yang Ye appeared behind Lu Wan’er, and he placed his right palm against her back, causing her figure to stop immediately.

Yang Ye’s face turned gloomy when he saw her pale countenance and the blood on the corner of her mouth.

Lu Wan’er grabbed Yang Ye’s hand and spoke seriously, “He’s very strong!”

“Leave him to me!” Yang Ye gently wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth and said, “It’s best to leave such things to me in the future. I’m not looking down on you. It’s because you’ve only just restored your Dantian, and it isn’t that stable. So, you should be recuperating and getting used to it.”

Lu Wan’er nodded lightly, “Be careful!” Her figure flashed and appeared on the city walls once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the black robed man, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. He didn’t waste his breath at all and just stomped his right foot against the ground, and then took the Herculean Sword in both hands as he swung it at the man.

He knew nothing about the man’s background, nor did he know why the man was looking for him. All he knew was that the black robed man had almost killed Lu Wan’er.

Moreover, he’d always felt that attacking before talking was always the best course of action!

A ferocious expression curled up on the corners of the black robed man’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye attack, and he swiftly stabbed his spear forward. The space in an area of 3km around him instantly exploded apart before the force it carried!


The spear and sword collided. In an instant, it was like a volcano had erupted, and the space around them wasn’t able to endure the force of the collision and instantly collapsed! The black hole created here was about to swallow them up, but it didn’t take long for the Laws of the world to restore the space around them to its original state!

But in the next moment, their weapons collided once more!


Space collapsed once more!

The spectators on the city walls were astonished by this scene. They knew Yang Ye was strong, but they wondered who the black robed man was! After all, he was actually able to fight Yang Ye!

At this moment, all of them were curious about the black robed man’s identity!

Lu Wan’er watched Yang Ye engage in fierce combat with the black robed man while she spoke in a low voice, “Wushuang, have you figured out his identity?”

Yu Wushuang pondered deeply for a short moment before she replied, “If I’m not wrong, then he should be from White Deer Academy.”

Lu Wan’er was puzzled, “Why?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “Remember what that fellow, Kaiyang Jun, said when Yang Ye killed that woman called Xing Chen? He said that Xing Chen has an older brother who’s a monstrous genius ranked at the 15th position amongst the younger generation of White Deer Academy. Earlier, that fellow spoke about burying the academy and city with his younger sister. So, if I’m not wrong, then he should be her older brother!”

White Deer Academy!

Both Lu Wan’er and Yu Wushuang had extremely solemn expressions on their faces!

The black robed man was only ranked at the 15th position in White Deer Academy, but his strength was already so terrifying. So, it was obvious how terrifying those monstrous geniuses who were ranked higher than him would be! When they thought about how Yang Ye would be leading the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy to compete with those monstrous geniuses, both of their hearts felt extremely heavy!


Meanwhile, a huge explosion suddenly resounded from below, and both of them quickly looked towards it. At this moment, Yang Ye and the black robed man had split apart, and the ground beneath them had collapsed into an enormous hole!

Yang Ye took a deep breath while his eyes were filled with the intent to fight. His overall strength had increased immensely lately, and he needed to fight right now! It was exactly why he hadn’t summoned his Sword Servants to help him. Of course, there was another reason. He didn’t want to rely on those Sword Servants!

“Bring it on!” As soon as he spoke, the Herculean Sword shot forward. Because Yang Ye needed to fight to his heart’s content, he was using the Herculean Sword and his pure physical strength. If it was in the past, just his physical strength would have been utterly incapable of resisting the black robed man’s Void Rank spear intent. Yet now, his physical strength had increased immensely, and coupled with his exceptional level of control over his strength, he was able to suppress the black robed man’s Void Rank spear intent while relying solely on his physical strength!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions resounded incessantly from the intense battle between them. In the beginning, the man had been able to rely on his Void Rank spear intent to fight Yang Ye on equal ground, but it didn’t take long for him to gradually fall into a disadvantaged situation. Because Yang Ye grew stronger as the battle carried on, and it was like he possessed inexhaustible strength. Moreover, Yang Ye’s style in battle was quite insane. He’d completely disregarded his defenses and allowed himself to be hit in order to land a blow as well!

The black robed man naturally didn’t dare to risk his life like that. After all, he didn’t possess such terrifying physical defenses like Yang Ye did. That was exactly why Yang Ye gradually gained the upper hand in the battle.

Before long, the man’s arm started to crack apart and blood seeped out incessantly from it.

He’d started to suffer injuries, but the killing intent in his eyes was growing denser and denser. His eyes were completely red, and he seemed like a wild beast that had gone mad!


The sword and spear collided once more, and then they split apart again.

Yang Ye was just about to charge forward when a terrifying imposing aura surged out from within the man. The spear in his grasp seemed as if it had come to life, and it shook violently and howled incessantly!

“He’s going to go all out now? Fine, it just happens to be suitable for me to test my Heavenrend!” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. At the same time, an intent sword appeared in front of him.

He sheathed the intent sword while Void Rank sword intent surged out from within him, and a sword howl shot up and resounded through the sky!

“Yang Ye! Die so that my younger sister can rest in peace!” The black robed man howled furiously as he swiftly threw his spear at Yang Ye, “Raging Dragon!”


The spear instantly shattered once it left his grasp, but it didn’t take long for the fragments to swiftly transform into rays of golden light that converged into the form of a huge golden dragon!

The golden dragon roared furiously and slammed its body in Yang Ye’s direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everywhere it passed, the space in its path collapsed inch by inch!

“Slash!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then a ray of light flashed.

It was 70 overlapped Heavenrends!

The ray of light flashed and practically no one could catch sight of it. But they saw that the huge golden dragon which had arrived just around 10m before Yang Ye had suddenly stopped moving, and then they watched as it was instantly split into 2!

Countless people on the city walls seethed with excitement and cheered when they witnessed this scene!

As for Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er, they heaved huge sighs of relief!

Meanwhile, the black robed man turned pale while disbelief filled his eyes! He was confident that even a Saint who hadn’t relied on any external forces to attain the Saint Realm would have been annihilated by that attack which was a mid-grade Divine Rank spear technique enhanced by Void Rank spear intent. However, such an attack had been destroyed with a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword!

After his shock passed, a wisp of resolve and viciousness surged into his eyes!


A powerful aura suddenly surged out from within him, and then a faint flaming glow arose from him!

He’d ignited his soul!

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