Chapter 1050 – Mad And Awake!

Almighty Sword Domain

Was Heaven’s Gravestone strong?

That was beyond any doubt. Heaven’s Gravestone was absolutely strong. However, if he couldn’t control it, then it didn’t make a difference no matter how strong Heaven’s Gravestone was. Because once he used it, he would be corrupted to the point of becoming a mindless machine of slaughter. If a sword cultivator and especially a strong one was enslaved by his own sword, then it was an absolutely pitiable thing!

Simply speaking, if he couldn’t truly control Heaven’s Gravestone, then it was no different than a piece of scrap metal. Moreover, it would be a piece of scrap metal that might turn against him at any moment!

So, he had to take control of Heaven’s Gravestone!

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the Heart of Slaughter within him trembled slightly, but it didn’t take long for it to fall silent and not move at all!

Yang Ye was stunned. After all, he’d utilized his slaughter intent, so it made him wonder why Heaven’s Gravestone didn’t show itself!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he activated his slaughter intent again. However, there was still no sign of Heaven’s Gravestone!

“Heaven’s Gravestone, what are you doing? Haven’t you wanted to come out here since the very beginning? I’m letting you come out now, so quickly show yourself!” said Yang Ye.

“Shameless human!” Heaven’s Gravestone’s furious voice suddenly resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “You shameless human. You only summon me when you encounter experts you can’t defeat, and you try to make me die for you. I won’t fall for your tricks.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

It took quite some time for Yang Ye to recover from his surprise. Actually, his mind was in quite a bit of disorder. He’d never imagined that Heaven’s Gravestone would actually refuse to show itself, and the reason was actually so absurd. However, it did make sense. As soon as Heaven’s Gravestone emerged from the seal within the Ancient Sword School, it was first tortured by the tiny vortex, then when it was finally able to emerge once more, it was crushed by that mysterious woman. Moreover, Heaven’s Gravestone suffered quite a bit on both occasions.

Now, Heaven’s Gravestone was probably mentally scarred.

Yang Ye thought for a moment before he said, “Heaven’s Gravestone, I’m not tricking you this time, so quickly show yourself. I’m all alone. We’ll fight one on one this time!”

“One on one?” Heaven’s Gravestone roared furiously, “What bullshit! Would you even let me show myself if you haven’t encountered any danger? If I’m not wrong, then you’ve definitely encountered some sort of terrifying existence again, and you intend to trick me into dying for you. Let me tell you that I won’t fall for it. I’ll just stay right here. It’s much safer than going outside!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Can’t you sense whether there are any formidable enemies before me?”

“Sense my ass!” Heaven’s Gravestone roared, “That tiny vortex of yours has isolated my senses. I can’t see anything or sense anything. In short, I’m not coming out there, so you can just give up!”

Yang Ye’s face was completely dark!

He remained silent for a moment before he spoke in a low voice, “Heaven’s Gravestone, is that even necessary? You’re actually terrified of a woman? To think that your name is Heaven’s Gravestone! You really bring shame to that name.”

“You fool! Do you know who that woman is?” Heaven’s Gravestone was practically howling, “That woman’s strength far surpasses the limits of this world. She shouldn’t even be here! She shouldn’t be here! Not to mention that I’m not at the Emperor Rank, even if I advance to the Emperor Rank, I would probably still be no match for her. You shameless and despicable fellow! You really brought hell upon me by making me fight her!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly. He knew she was very strong, but he didn’t know that she was strong to such an extent. Only after he heard Heaven’s Gravestone, Yang Ye finally realized that he’d really underestimated her strength.

“Wasn’t it impossible for existences above the Saint Realm to be in this world?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Her strength far surpasses the Saint Realm, so why is she able to be here?”

Heaven’s Gravestone replied, “When your fist is strong to a certain extent, then even the Heavens has to give you face. Understand?”

Yang Ye spoke with astonishment, “You’re saying that the Heavens can’t do anything about her presence here?”

“That’s why she’s terrifying!” Heaven’s Gravestone spoke solemnly, “Existences above the Saint Realm are already capable of posing a significant threat to the Heaven Dao of this world. However, they still dare not go against the Heaven Dao. Because if they drive it to a corner, then not to mention an existence above the Saint Realm, even 100 experts above the Saint Realm wouldn’t be able to change anything. So, the experts of this world would be forced to leave once they surpass the Saint Realm. What if they refuse? The Heaven Dao will fight them then, and you can refuse to leave if you think that you can face the Heaven Dao on your own. Understand now? That woman should be an existence who can fight the Heaven Dao on her own. So, she’s countless times stronger than those existences above the Saint Realm who were forced to leave!”

Heaven’s Gravestone paused for a moment when it spoke up to here, and then it continued, “I’m really very curious. Why did you become enemies with her? Of course, I’m even more curious about why you’re still alive right now!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment before he spoke in a flat tone, “She’s mine!”

“What nonsense!” Heaven’s Gravestone roared with fury, “Just look at yourself! You’re weak like an ant! How could she possibly like you?”

Yang Ye replied, “Then tell me why she didn’t kill me?”

Heaven’s Gravestone answered, “How would I know?”

“Haven’t you heard a saying we humans have? Quarrels between lovers are unavoidable yet don’t last for long. We were quarrelling that day, and it just got a little out of hand. So, we fought each other. But I was no match for her and summoned you to help me. I just never expected you to be completely crushed.” Yang Ye continued, “However, we’ve made up with each other now. So, be careful or I’ll ask her to pull you out and transform you into scrap metal!”

“Don’t even try to scare me!” Heaven’s Gravestone howled, “Trust me, I’ll detonate myself and take you with me!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Heaven’s Gravestone was hiding deep within his heart right now and had completely merged with his heart. If Heaven’s Gravestone detonated itself, then he would definitely die as well.

Yang Ye remained silent for a while before he spoke seriously, “Heaven’s Gravestone, you’re a sword, and I’m a sword cultivator. It’s beneficial to both of us if we work together. But if we fight each other, then both of us would be finished. Right?”

Heaven’s Gravestone remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “You’re a sword while I’m a sword cultivator, so we should be working together and not fighting each other. Just think about it, what have we gotten by being enemies since we met each other? All we have done is bring harm to each other! Let’s put an end to it here today. If you don’t want to work together with me, then leave. I won’t stop you. If you want to take control of me, then you have to weigh the consequences clearly. Regardless of whether it’s that woman of mine or the tiny vortex, both of them have ways to deal with you!”

A long moment of silence ensued before Heaven’s Gravestone spoke solemnly, “Human, it isn’t that I want to take control of you, it’s because you’re too weak and are completely incapable of enduring my strength and desire to kill.”

“Isn’t that something you control yourself?” Yang Ye continued, “Can’t you just make it not corrupt me?”

“You’re wrong!” Heaven’s Gravestone spoke solemnly, “I’m formed from the desire to slaughter and evil energy, so we are one and the same. If you want to take control of me, then you must be able to endure the desire to kill and evil energy I carry. But you are too weak, and you can’t endure it at all!”

Yang Ye asked, “You’re saying that you have no intention to take control of me? It’s actually because I wasn’t able to endure the desire to kill you possess, and it took control of me instead?”

“You can explain it like that!” Heaven’s Gravestone continued, “To explain it like how you humans do, I’m like a ball of fire. I have no intention to burn you, but you wanted to take control of me and placed me on your palm. However, you weren’t strong enough and were injured by my flames instead.”

Yang Ye said, “They say that there are no good or bad swords, and it all depends on the owner’s heart. But you just happen to be the complete opposite!”

Heaven’s Gravestone explained, “I’ve formed intelligence of my own. Even though I want to improve myself through endless slaughter, I’m very well aware that I don’t have the ability to do as I please yet. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been willing to be sealed in the Ancient Sword School for so many years. However, my nature makes it so that I want to kill, and even I am unable to control my nature. So, how could you possibly control me?”

Yang Ye frowned, “Then why did you try to tempt me to accept your strength?”

“Because I wanted to take full control of you!” Heaven’s Gravestone continued, “I’m a sword. If I want to bring forth my true strength, then I need a person to act as a medium. You’re a sword cultivator, and you’re even one who possesses slaughter intent. So, if I’m able to take full control of you, then I can use you to immensely improve my strength! However, your will surpassed my expectations a little, and you were barely able to resist my corruption. Even then, it’s still far from sufficient to take full control of me!”

“You’re not being so overbearing anymore!” Yang Ye continued, “If I’m not wrong, you should be aware that you’re unable to fully enslave me now, right?”

Heaven’s Gravestone spoke solemnly, “I don’t know if that woman is yours. But while she can’t help you take control of me, she has the ability to destroy me or seal me. Besides that, the tiny vortex within you is capable of destroying me or sealing me. Just as you’ve said, we have to work together. However, whether you’re able to resist the corruption of my desire to kill is up to you.”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he said, “Show yourself. I want to give it a try!”

“As you wish!” As soon as it finished speaking, a pillar of blood shot into the sky!

Yang Ye instantly turned blood red. At the same time, a blood red sword appeared in his grasp. It has only just appeared in his grasp when a cut was easily sliced upon on his palm, and then threads of his blood surged out incessantly and into Heaven’s Gravestone!

“Why are you taking my blood!” As soon as he finished speaking these words, Yang Ye’s eyes slowly turned blood red as well.

Heaven’s Gravestone spoke in a low voice, “My nature is that of slaughter, and bloodthirstiness is part of my nature as well. I either take the blood of my enemies or the blood of my host. Remember that if I show myself, then blood must flow! If the blood of others doesn’t flow, then yours will!”

Yang Ye didn’t answer it. At this moment, his eyes were completely blood red.

Yang Ye’s body was trembling violently while strands of slaughter intent and evil energy were surging out incessantly from within him, and it blasted the shadowy figures over 5km away!

However, Yang Ye didn’t start to go mad as he had in the past!

After around 4 hours passed, Yang Ye still hadn’t gone mad. The blood red in his right eye started to fade. In next to no time, his right eye regained its clarity, but it didn’t take long for his right eye to gradually turn blood red again. However, it only took a moment for his right eye to start regaining its clarity again. Just like that, his right eye was incessantly cycling through such states!

Before long, Yang Ye gazed at one of the Saint Realm Sword Servants that stood far away from him.





“Mad and awake….” Heaven’s Gravestone muttered softly.

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