Chapter 1051 – The Dark Sword Wings Rise!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Yang Ye’s left eye was blood red while his right eye was clear. It was extremely strange.

He was emanating monstrous slaughter intent and an evil aura, but the strange thing was that the slaughter intent and evil aura were alternating with Void Rank sword intent. It was extremely strange!

A long time passed before Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes, and the blood red sword in his grasp vanished. Another hour passed, and the slaughter intent and evil aura he emanated vanished as well. It didn’t take long after that for him to return to normal.

Heaven’s Gravestone had been pushed back into his heart again!

Because Heaven’s Gravestone hadn’t resisted, so it was extremely easy for him to push it back this time.

A long later, Yang Ye’s eyes opened slowly.

He laughed bitterly as he gazed at the bloodstain on his palm, “I’m still unable to fully resist your corruption!”

“Actually, you’re really not bad!” Meanwhile, Heaven’s Gravestone spoke in a low voice, “At the very least, you weren’t completely enslaved by my slaughter intent and evil energy!”

Yang Ye spoke curiously, “Could it be that you don’t hope to enslave me?”

Heaven’s Gravestone spoke seriously, “You must remember that I’m a highly intelligent being, and I make choices that are most beneficial to me!”

A highly intelligent being! The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and a short while passed before he shook his head, “No matter what, working together is beneficial to both of us. Unfortunately, I’m unable to fully resist the slaughter intent and evil energy you possess. So, it’s still quite dangerous for me to summon you and use you against my enemies.”

Just as Heaven’s Gravestone had said, he’d partially lost his mind yet still maintained partial clarity earlier. At that time, there was a voice ceaselessly telling him to destroy everything. But there was also another voice in his mind, and it told him not to kill. It could be said that he was in a state where he was awake for a while and lost for another while.

Such a state was extremely dangerous. Because he was only a single thought away from killing or not killing!

“I need blood, a huge amount of blood!” Meanwhile, Heaven’s Gravestone spoke abruptly, “It’s best if it’s the blood of experts. Only blood can help me recover quickly and grow stronger. That’s the only request I have. You must ceaselessly provide me with blood.”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Firstly, you have to realize that both you and I are too weak. If I’m really enslaved by you or you go slaughter without restraint, then I guarantee that we’ll definitely be killed. Of course, I guarantee that if there’s blood, then I’ll definitely give it to you. In any case, you should have realized by now that I have quite a few enemies.”

Quite a long time passed before Heaven’s Gravestone spoke, “Alright!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he raised his head and gazed towards the north.

A short while passed before he issued a command in his heart, and the Dark Sword Wings were detached from his body. Yang Ye gazed silently at it, and then he withdrew a Fruit of Creation.

“Devour it!” Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then a ray of light shot out from the sword wings and enveloped the Fruit of Creation. It didn’t take long for the Fruit of Creation to transform into specks of golden energy that poured into the Dark Sword Wings that were in the form of a cape right now. The Dark Sword Wings immediately started to tremble violently when the golden energy entered it, and then a faint layer of golden radiance appeared around it!

Yang Ye’s face turned solemn. The mysterious woman had said that the Fruit of Creation could be utilized to improve the quality of a treasure. He didn’t know if she was telling the truth. It would be fine if she was telling the truth, but if she wasn’t, then he would have truly suffered a great loss at this moment. He only had 5 Fruits of Creation. He’d consumed one, given Lu Wan’er one, and only 3 remained.

Now that he’d used another, only 2 remained. The Fruit of Creation contained extraordinarily pure energy. So, not to mention that he was only a Half-Saint right now, it would still be effective even after he’d attained the Saint Realm. So, it would be great if it could improve the sword wings, but he would really spit out a mouthful of blood if it couldn’t.

The reason he wanted to improve the sword wings was naturally for the battle he had to fight in half a month from now. He didn’t fear Lou Qianxiao, but he wouldn’t underestimate Lou Qianxiao as well, and he would absolutely not underestimate Sky Divine Hall.

Even though the Endless Devil Sect was there in the north to tie down Sky Divine Hall’s forces, he refused to ever place his hopes on others.

It was always best to rely on oneself!

Yang Ye watched as the sword wings gradually trembled even more violently, and then Yang Ye noticed that it was slowly undergoing a transformation. Yang Ye was overjoyed by this scene!

The sword wings were at the mid-grade of the Divine Rank, and his speed far surpassed Saints when he utilized them. If they were improved to the high-grade of the Divine Rank, then how terrifying would they be? How swift would they be if he used his Laws of Speed simultaneously?

Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel quite excited when he thought of such possibilities.

Yang Ye naturally understood that treasures were only auxiliary sources of strength, and he wouldn’t rely on them too much. However, in his opinion, one would be a fool to not use any treasures at all.

Treasures could be used; one just couldn’t become dependent on them!

The sword wings were undergoing a transformation, and Yang Ye didn’t just stand by idly. He sat cross-legged on the ground and continued to draw stellar energy into his body.

The stronger his body became, the stronger his Brink Laws would be.

In short, his goal was to grow strong. His goal was to make himself even stronger than before.

Time passed by slowly, and Yang Ye’s body grew stronger and stronger from being tempered by stellar energy. As for the sword wings, while it hadn’t transformed into a high-grade Divine Rank treasure after being transformed under the energy of the Fruit of Creation, there was a faint layer of golden light around it now. Yang Ye felt that the sword wings had undergone a true transformation from inside out!

He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he realized this. Obviously, the Fruit of Creation worked, and he hadn’t wasted one of them!

After that, besides tempering his body like a madman, Yang Ye practiced his control of strength. While he’d grasped the methods to manipulate strength from the mysterious woman, he knew that he could do better! Or to be more precise, the more he practiced how to allow the heavy to be light and vice versa, he realized how lacking his control of strength was. Unfortunately, she wasn’t here, or he would definitely be able to improve even more quickly!

10 days later.

Yang Ye stood on a rock while the Herculean Sword in his grasp was pointed at an angle towards the ground. His eyes were closed, and he seemed like he was in a meditative state. Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he tapped the Herculean Sword forward.


A black spot appeared at the tip of his sword. It was formed from a shattered spot of space!

A slight smile appeared on Yang Ye’s face. If it was in the past, then the force within his sword would have definitely collapsed the space in over 100m around him. Yet now, he was able to control it to the point it didn’t leak out at all, or to be more precise, he’d made his strength truly converge at a single spot.

It was the same amount of strength, but when controlled in a different manner, it could display an utterly different destructive power!

Yang Ye glanced at the Herculean Sword and spoke softly, “My current cultivation in the body is definitely not inferior to the Divine Valor Realm, and my current control of strength far surpasses my control in the past. If I were to utilize the Brink Laws now, then I’ll definitely be able to multiply my physical strength by 35 to 40 times! If I were still in the world, then such an attack might even be able to break through that world!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he spoke up to this point, “Now, Saints are nothing to me!”

If he were to fight a Saint in single combat now, then he was confident that he could crush that Saint by relying solely on his physical strength. Moreover, it wouldn’t even exhaust much of his strength!

Just like this very moment, he’d far surpassed those shadowy figures he’s transformed into Sword Servants. His body used to be weak like a piece of paper before the ripples those shadowy figures created, yet now, those ripples weren’t much of a threat to him. Now, he didn’t even need to utilize the Stellar Ward Technique to resist those ripples!


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from the sword wings.

Yang Ye was shocked and flashed over to them, and he was overjoyed upon laying eyes on the sword wings. There was no difference in the sword wings’ shape, and the only difference was that it seemed like it was covered in a layer of gold. Of course, the most important part was that it was a high-grade Divine Rank treasure now!

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the sword wings instantly flew to him. After that, the sword wings transformed from the shape of a cape to actual wings.

“Let’s go!” As soon as he spoke, he vanished on the spot, and he was 5,000km away when he appeared again! Moreover, there was a spatial rift that stretched out for 5,000km behind him. Even space hadn’t been able to endure his speed!

“How swift!” There was excitement in his eyes because his current speed was something that even Saints would find impossible to rival!

If it was in the past, his body would definitely be torn apart from traveling at such speed. Because it wouldn’t just be the space here that couldn’t endure his speed, even his body wouldn’t have been able to. Yet now, his body was far superior. So while such speed did make him feel slightly uncomfortable, it wasn’t a problem!

Most importantly, when speed arrived at a certain level, it could create unparalleled force. If he executed Death by a Thought and activated the sword wings, then its might wouldn’t just multiply, its speed would multiply as well. It could be said that such an attack could kill ordinary Saints with ease!

But there was a flaw, and it was that the sword wings’ consumption of profound energy was truly too terrifying. Just utilizing it once had taken around a quarter of his profound energy, and if he executed Death by a Thought as well, then he would probably lose a third of his profound energy in an instant!

If he hadn’t advanced into the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm, then Yang Ye would definitely not dare to use the sword wings rashly!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked towards the north. A cold glow flashed through his eyes as he said, “An Nanjing, wait for me! Lou Qianxiao, just you wait!”

“Is that all the renowned God of Death, Yang Ye, has? That’s quite a disappointment!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the side.

Yang Ye looked towards the source of it, and he noticed that a woman had suddenly appeared 300m away from him.

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