Chapter 1052 – Lou Qianxiao! I’m Coming!

Almighty Sword Domain

The beautiful and slender woman before him wore a pink dress, and her entire body emanated a faintly seductive aura.

She said, “Yun Hentian of the Fox Clan!”

Yang Ye nodded, “You’re the one Lou Qianxiao intends to marry!”

She replied, “Indeed!”

Yang Ye continued, “I don’t think you came here for a chat. So get to the point!”

“I don’t want to marry Lou Qianxiao!” Yun Hentian continued, “However, my Fox Clan has no choice.”

Yang Ye stated, “That has nothing to do with me.”

She said, “I would naturally have no need to marry him if you can kill him!”

Yang Ye stated, “Tell me why you’re here or leave.”

Yun Hentian gazed at him for a long time before she said, “I think that we can work together. Don’t you think so too?”

Yang Ye chuckled, “My intuition tells me that you’re not sincere. Or perhaps, you intend to use me. We can work together, but I hope that we’re sufficiently sincere towards each other. I don’t like schemes and tricks.”

“I need to witness your true strength to decide if we should work together!” She continued, “If that was the extent of your strength, then there’s really no need for us to talk.”

Yang Ye replied, “Trust me, you won’t want to witness my true strength!”

She said, “What if I really want to?”

Yang Ye answered, “I’m afraid that you might die!”

She stared at him in silence. Quite some time passed before she said, “You’re very confident, just like Lou Qianxiao. However, he’s confident because he possesses the right to act in that way. As for you, if I’m to be honest, do you really think you’re very strong because you were able to kill a Saint?”

Yang Ye asked, “You want to give it a try?”

She replied, “I really do!”

Her pupils constricted as soon as she finished speaking because Yang Ye had appeared in front of her. At the same time, the tip of a sword was pressed against the center of her brows.

Yang Ye withdrew his sword and said, “To be honest, I don’t think that the Fox Clan can be of any help to me.”

Yang Ye turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

Yun Hentian said, “Sky City has an ancient divine formation, and no one will be able to enter or leave the city once it’s activated. Besides that, it’s capable of suppressing Saint Realm experts. Even the join forces of a few dozen Saints wasn’t able to breach that formation, but I can deal with it!”

Yang Ye stopped and turned around to look at her, “Why?”

She answered, “Because that formation was established by my ancestor, and my accomplishments in the Dao of Formations are the best throughout my Fox Clan. If you don’t believe me, you can take 2 steps back!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then he turned around and took 2 steps forward. Suddenly, he frowned because the space around him actually started to warp.

He pondered deeply for an instant, and then he suddenly drew his sword and slashed!


A ray of sword energy flashed, and the space before him was instantly sliced into two. However, it didn’t take long for it to return to normal. Yang Ye’s brows were pressed even more tightly together when he witnessed this scene.

Suddenly, a myriad of rays of light erupted from the sword armor he wore, and the warped space before him was instantly sliced into bits!

However, as soon as the Laws of the world restored that expanse of space, it started to warp again and obstruct his path!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Yun Hentian, “You’ve really surprised me a little!”

Yun Hentian waved her right hand, and everything returned to normal, “That was just a petty trick. You’re a straightforward person, so I won’t beat around the bush. If you’re able to kill Lou Qianxiao when you go to Sky Divine Hall, then I’ll immediately side with you. But if you can’t kill him, then I’m sorry. I’ll just act as if we never met today.”

Yang Ye said, “Are you representing the Fox Clan or just yourself?”

“Myself!” She continued, “But if you can kill Lou Qianxiao, then trust me… the Fox Clan will definitely side with you.”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he said, “Alright!”

Yun Hentian spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye, you must realize that your battle with Lou Qianxiao isn’t just a battle between the two of you. It’s related to the future of all the powers in Pine Prefecture. To put in simpler terms, if you die, then Sky Divine Hall will reign supreme over the prefecture. At that time, no one in Pine Prefecture would dare to or have the ability to go against Sky Divine Hall!”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ve never thought about being the savior of this prefecture!”

She remained silent for a long time before she continued, “I’ll see you at Sky Divine Hall!” She turned around and vanished once she finished speaking.

Once Yun Hentian left, Yang Ye returned to Ocean of Clouds City.

Jian Wuchen, Daoist Gu, and the other experts of the Ancient Sword School immediately appeared before him once he arrived at the city.

Jian Wuchen spoke immediately upon meeting Yang Ye, “We’ll be heading to Sky Divine Hall with you!”

Yang Ye replied, “This has nothing to do with the sword school. There’s no need for all of you to get mixed up in this!”

Jian Wuchen said, “Are you still a disciple of my Ancient Sword School?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

Jian Wuchen smiled, “Since you’re a disciple of my Ancient Sword School, then how can it possibly have nothing to do with my Ancient Sword School? We’ve already made our decision, so just cut the crap. Your job is to defeat Lou Qianxiao. If you succeed, then our sword school will definitely become renowned throughout the prefecture!”

Yang Ye asked, “What if I kill him?”

Jian Wuchen and the others’ smiles gradually vanished when they heard him, and a short while passed before Jian Wuchen said, “Then kill him!”

There was a trace of surprise in Yang Ye’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Jian Wuchen said, “I know that if Lou Qianxiao had the chance to kill you, then he would definitely not show mercy. Since it’s like that, why show him mercy?”

“Thank you!” said Yang Ye. He knew that since Jian Wuchen said that, then it represented that the sword school was ready to support him to the end, and it was definitely not easy for the sword school to come to such a decision. After all, Sky Divine Hall was the number one power in the prefecture!

“Kid! Take this!” Meanwhile, Daoist Gu suddenly waved his right hand, and a ray of light flashed before a completely dark blue sword chest appeared before Yang Ye.

Daoist Gu smiled, “Open it up and have a look for yourself!

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he took the sword chest and issued a command!


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from within the sword chest, and then over 3,000 rays of light shot up into the sky. The light dispersed in midair to reveal over 3,000 swords that were exactly similar in size and length.

3,600 high-grade Saint Rank swords! Excitement surged through Yang Ye’s eyes. He hadn’t expected that Daoist Gu had actually forged so many high-grade Saint Rank swords for him!

Daoist Gu spoke solemnly, “That sword chest had a sword formation inscribed within it, and it’s called World Erase. It leaves nothing behind in an area of 3km. If it’s enhanced with Void Rank sword intent, then it wouldn’t be any weaker to a high-grade Divine Rank technique and might even surpass it. However, you must keep in mind that it exhausts a huge amount of profound energy, so you shouldn’t utilize it rashly in order to avoid exhausting all your profound energy!”

“It’s comparable to a high-grade Divine Rank technique?” Yang Ye was shocked and said, “Let me give it a try!”

Yang Ye was about to activate it, but Daoist Gu hurriedly spoke, “Try it my ass! Are you trying to destroy this entire city?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Daoist Gu spoke angrily, “It’s extremely powerful and entirely capable of mincing up a Saint with ease. I forged it for you to keep yourself safe, understand?”

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the swords in the sky instantly returned to the sword chest. After that, he placed it within his spatial ring and gazed at both Daoist Gu and Jian Wuchen, “Thank you!”

Jian Wuchen said, “If you really want to thank us, then come back alive!”

Yang Ye smiled, “That’s an easy task!”

“Hahaha!” Jian Wuchen and the others roared with laughter. Not to mention anything else, just Yang Ye’s confidence was something they really admired.

Yang Ye chatted with them for a while before he returned to Cloud Ocean Pavilion.

There were 3 people in the room. Yang Ye, Lu Wan’er, and Yu Wushuang.

Yang Ye said, “Both of you can’t go! That’s all!”

“We won’t!” Yu Wushuang said, “But you must come back.”

Yang Ye was surprised, “When did you become so easily convinced?”

Yu Wushuang shook her head slightly, “Only Saints are going this time. We’ll only be burdens if we come along. We’re weak and unable to help you. All we can do is not be burdens for you and not cause trouble for you!”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “Once I leave, the Saints of the Python Clan will secretly protect the city. So, both of you don’t have to worry about that.”

Lu Wan’er suddenly asked, “What about the Dao Order?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll deal with that!”

Lu Wan’er glanced at him and nodded lightly.

On the next day. The Dao Order.

“Sect Master of the Dao Order, come out here and see me!” A voice suddenly resounded early in the morning throughout the sky above the Dao Order.

All the disciples of the Dao Order were shocked, and they flashed up into the sky and looked towards the distance. A green clothed man was standing in midair at the entrance of the Dao Order.

That man wasn’t an unfamiliar face to them because it was Yang Ye!

6 figures suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and they were the 6 remaining Saints of the Dao Order!

The man who led the group was the Dao Order’s Master.

“What? Yang Ye? You don’t even intend to spare my Dao Order?” The Dao Order’s Master spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll be heading to the north tomorrow to fight Lou Qianxiao. However, I’m worried about Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Ancient Sword School. As for the reason, it’s naturally your Dao Order!”

The Dao Order’s Sect Master said, “And then?”

Yang Ye replied, “And then I hope that while I’m gone, your Dao Order will know its place as it has until now.”

“Yang Ye! Who do you think you are?” The Dao Order’s Master spoke in a low voice, “You….”

Yang Ye interrupted him and said, “You just have to tell me if you can do it or if you can’t!”

The Sect Master spoke fiercely, “What if I can’t?”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he waved his right hand. 10 shadowy figures that were at the Saint Realm, 7 Saints from the Ancient Sword School, and 6 Saints from the Python Clan appeared here.

The expressions of everyone from the Dao Order changed drastically when they witnessed this scene!

Yang Ye looked the Dao Order’s Master straight in the eye, “Now, can you do it, or can you not?”

The Sect Master of the Dao Order’s expression was unsightly to the extreme, and quite some time passed before he nodded unwillingly. He was about to say something when Yang Ye spoke before him, “It’s not your guarantee that I’m looking for!”

The Dao Order’s Sect Master was slightly stunned. Suddenly, an illusory old man appeared here.

All the members of the Dao Order, and even the other Saints and Sect Master himself hurriedly bowed when they saw the old man, “Founding Ancestor!”

The old man paid no attention to them, and his gaze descended onto Yang Ye instead. A long time passed before he nodded lightly, “As expected, the young outdo the old. In the future, even we old fellows would probably be powerless to stop you!”

Yang Ye said, “I have no desire to become enemies with the Dao Order, and I have no desire to reign supreme over the south or Pine Prefecture. Of course, the precondition is that the Dao Order doesn’t offend me.”

The Dao Order’s Founding Ancestor gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “My Dao Order won’t act against Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Ancient Sword School while you’re still alive!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned around and led the others away.

The old man suddenly said, “Did all of you hear that?”

The Sect Master of the Dao Order and all the others hurriedly nodded.

“From today onwards, my Dao Order will give that kid some face so long as he’s still alive.” The old man instantly vanished once he finished speaking.

A day later.

Numerous rays of light suddenly shot out from Ocean of Clouds City, and they tore through the sky and vanished in an instant.

“Lou Qianxiao! I’m coming!”

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