Chapter 1053 – Fearless While The Sword Is In Hand!

Almighty Sword Domain

The north. Sky City.

If Ocean of Clouds City was the number one city in the south, then Sky City was definitely the number one city in the prefecture. As the number one power in the prefecture’s base, Sky City was absolutely huge. As for its height, it was just like its name. It simply towered into the sky.

Since the beginning of time in Pine prefecture, humans and demons coexisted here. Humans had no advantage over demons when it came to numbers, nor did they have any advantage when it came to strength. So, every power would try their best to make their capital city stronger. Besides that, they usually exerted great efforts into improving its offensive and defensive capabilities.

Amongst the human powers of Pine Prefecture, Sky City was definitely the best capital city.

According to rumors, if Sky Divine Hall’s formation were to be activated, then even the joint forces of 5 Saints would be no match for it!

There were 5 entrances on all 4 sides of the city, and every single one of them was 300m wide. Today, all 20 of those entrances were filled with the humans and demons from all over Pine Prefecture.

It was undoubtedly an important day for the prefecture.

Because the 2 most monstrous geniuses of the prefecture would be having their showdown today!

Lou Qianxiao had been the number one genius of the prefecture for a very long time, and he’d fought a Saint a long time ago as well. Moreover, there were rumors that he’d been to the Central Divine Prefecture. So, his strength was simply unfathomable!

As for Yang Ye, while he’d only risen to prominence in just 2 years, his reputation had practically surpassed Lou Qianxiao. Regardless of whether it was challenging the Dao Order on his own or slaughtering hundreds of thousands of demon beasts outside Ocean of Clouds City, it was sufficient to prove how terrifying his strength was. Of course, the most important thing was that he’d killed a Saint while at the Half-Saint Realm!

In the history of Pine Prefecture, no one had ever killed a Saint while at the Half-Saint Realm. So, Yang Ye could be said to be the first in history!

It was exactly such monstrous geniuses who were about to fight each other in single combat. So not to mention the humans, even the demons couldn’t help but come to watch the battle. Thus, Sky City was simply filled with people today. Fortunately, it was sufficiently large. Of course, the main reason was that practically all who’d come here to witness the battle possessed some strength. After all, it was utterly impossible to travel to Sky City from all over Pine Prefecture without possessing some strength.

As for those who were comparatively weaker, they were naturally unable to travel here!

Sky Divine Hall.

At this moment, Sky Divine Hall was brightly lit up with lanterns while fiery red ‘’ characters which represented happiness decorated the entire city. There wasn’t even a shred of tenseness in the city from Yang Ye’s impending arrival.

There was a huge square in front of the hall, and there was a colossal round arena at the center of the square.

It was a combat arena that had been temporarily constructed for the battle between Yang Ye and Lou Qianxiao!

Besides that, there were a few thousand guards in golden armor standing around it with spears in their grasps!

All of them were high rank Half-Saints, and they emanated fierce auras!

In the sky.

A beautiful woman was standing there. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked towards the distance. It didn’t take long for a middle aged man to appear there.

The middle aged man smiled, “Fox Queen, you’re quite earlier!”

She glanced at him and replied, “Devil Lion King, what do you think about this battle?”

Devil Lion King pondered deeply for a long time before he replied, “Yang Ye’s identity is mysterious. As for his strength, to be honest, it’s extremely monstrous. Even though he’s only a high rank Half-Saint, besides Asura Queen and those 2 old geezers in the Endless Devil Sect and Sky Divine Hall, there probably isn’t a single Saint in our prefecture that’s able to defeat him! You can’t, and neither can I!”

The Fox Queen frowned, “Is he really that strong?”

“The Python Clan’s patriarch was killed by a single swing of his sword!” He spoke indifferently, “You are stronger than the Python Clan’s patriarch, but can you kill him in an instant?”

She shook her head slightly.

“I can’t as well!” He continued in a low voice, “That kid’s strength is actually comparable to some geniuses from the Central Divine Prefecture. Especially his attainments in the Sword Dao. I don’t know what level it’s at if compared with the experts of the Central Divine Prefecture, but even the founding ancestor of the Ancient Sword School couldn’t compare to his attainments in the Sword Dao at the same age!”

The Fox Queen pondered deeply for a long time and said, “What about Lou Qianxiao?”

He spoke in a low voice, “He’s even more mysterious and terrifying than Yang Ye!”

She asked, “Why?”

He replied, “Based on the intelligence networks that Sky Divine Hall possesses, it’s impossible for Lou Qianxiao to have no knowledge of Yang Ye’s strength. Yet under such circumstances, he still dared to challenge Yang Ye. Moreover, that old geezer of Sky Divine Hall actually didn’t stop him. Tell me, do you think there’s something wrong with them in the head, or do you think that both that old geezer and Lou Qianxiao don’t fear Yang Ye?”

The beautiful woman nodded lightly, “In other words, Yang Ye has no chance at all. Right?”

“Fox Queen, you see to hope that Yang Ye wins?” Devil Lion King continued, “That shouldn’t be so. Hasn’t your Fox Clan, the Sky Tiger Clan, and the Raging Mammoth Clan become close allies with Sky Divine Hall?”

She replied, “Hentian doesn’t want to marry Lou Qianxiao!”

Devil Lion King said, “Right. Even though he’s a dragon amongst men, he’s only marrying women to use them to improve his own strength. If your daughter marries him, it will probably not end well for her. However, the Sky Tiger Clan and Raging Mammoth Clan are standing on Sky Divine Hall’s side. So, your Fox Clan’s strength isn’t sufficient to resist Sky Divine Hall at all. It’s impossible even if my Devil Lion Clan joins forces with you!”

She suddenly asked, “But what if Yang Ye really kills Lou Qianxiao?”

“Do you think that’s possible?” He continued, “Even if he can defeat Lou Qianxiao, it’s impossible for him to kill Lou Qianxiao. Don’t forget that this is Sky Divine Hall. Besides that, rumors say that Lou Qianxiao obtained a formidable inheritance in the Central Divine Prefecture. If it’s true, then Yang Ye would probably have no chance to win!”

“An inheritance!” She said, “I heard of that as well, but I don’t know what inheritance it is!”

“Since that existence could leave an inheritance behind, it represents that existence has his or her own sect. Since that existence had his or her own sect, that existence was above the Saint Realm at least. The strength of experts above the Saint Realm in Central Divine Prefecture is something we’re probably unable to imagine. Yet Lou Qianxiao was actually able to obtain the inheritance of such an expert. So, his strength has probably arrived at an extremely terrifying level!” He continued in a low voice, “In short, Pine Prefecture is probably going to change from today onward!”

“He’s here!” The Fox Queen suddenly looked towards the ground below.

Sky City.

“Yang Ye is here!” Someone shouted in the city, and then countless people immediately looked towards one of the entrances of Sky City.

A man in green clothes who carried a dark blue sword chest on his back was walking towards the city.

“Yang Ye! He’s Yang Ye! I saw him once. He killed a Saint with a single swing of his sword! I was truly blinded by his brilliance that day!”

“Even though I don’t know what his true strength is like, since he dares to come to Sky City to fight Lou Qianxiao, just this courage of his is admirable. After all, this is Sky Divine Hall’s territory.”

“This is how sword cultivators are! They are fearless while their swords are in hand!”

“No matter what, this battle will go down in history!”

In the combat arena, a slight smile curled up on the corners of Lou Qianxiao’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye.

There were 2 young men by Lou Qianxiao’s sides. The man on the left wore a green robe, and he sized up Yang Ye before he said, “Brother Qianxiao, that’s Yang Ye? He doesn’t seem extraordinary at all!”

The young man on Lou Qianxiao’s right chuckled, “Hu Ya, don’t underestimate him. He has killed a Saint!”

“A Saint?” A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Hu Ya’s mouth, “Yun Xiang, do you fear Saints? The 3 of us have traveled to the Central Divine Prefecture, so which one of us hasn’t killed a Saint?”

The man called Yun Xiang chuckled yet didn’t say anything.

Hu Ya laughed coldly, “The laughable thing is that he thinks he’s matchless because he has killed a Saint. How truly laughable.”

“Ignorance isn’t terrifying, what’s terrifying is not realizing that one is ignorant!” Yun Xiang spoke indifferently, “Don’t belittle him. His strength really is not bad within Pine Prefecture. Moreover, if there’s someone amongst the younger generation of Pine Prefecture that’s qualified to fight Brother Qianxiao, then it’s definitely him!”

“I think he isn’t qualified to fight Brother Qianxiao! Allow me to prove it!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed towards Yang Ye, and it didn’t take long for him to obstruct Yang Ye’s path.

“It’s the number 1 young demon king of our prefecture. Why’s he obstructing Yang Ye’s path? It seems like he intends to fight Yang Ye first!”

“Hu Ya acknowledged Lou Qianxiao as his older brother. In other words, his strength is inferior to Lou Qianxiao. If Yang Ye can’t even defeat him, then it isn’t necessary to carry out the battle between him and Lou Qianxiao.”

“It probably isn’t a problem for him to defeat Hu Ya, and it’s only a matter of time. Both of them are genius. If they really do fight, then I’ll probably take an entire day and night!”

“That’s good actually. We’ll be able to witness Yang Ye’s true strength!”

Yang Ye stopped and glanced at Hu Ya, “Do you need something?”

Hu Ya smiled, “I think you’re not qualified to fight Brother Qianxiao. What do you think?”

Yang Ye replied, “I think it’s best for you to move aside!”

Hu Ya pointed at himself, “Kill me and you can pass.”

Yang Ye nodded lightly and suddenly drew his sword. After that, he sheathed it, moved around Hu Ya, and continued forward.

As for Hu Ya, he was stunned on the spot and didn’t stop Yang Ye.

All the spectators were stunned and gazed at Hu Ya with puzzled expressions.

Meanwhile, Lou Qianxiao’s eyes narrowed, and a short while passed before a slight smile curled up on his face. He spoke softly, “Now it’s slightly interesting!”


Hu Ya’s figure suddenly split open into 2, and blood sprayed out like a fountain!

The surroundings were absolutely silent.

A long time passed before someone spoke, “Hu Ya was killed in an instant!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived below the arena.

Lou Qianxiao looked down at Yang Ye and said, “You really have….”

“Why waste your breath? Come! Let’s begin right now!” Yang Ye interrupted Lou Qianxiao and suddenly drew his sword. A sword howl resounded as the intent sword shattered, and a ray of sword energy shot forward!

It was 90 overlapped Heavenrends!

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