Chapter 1054 – The Laws of Instinct!

Almighty Sword Domain

This attack was beyond swift, and even the Saints here weren’t able to detect it with just their sight!

They only sensed a speck of light pass through Lou Qianxiao, and then an explosion that shook the sky resounded from Sky Divine Hall that stood behind Lou Qianxiao.

Sky Divine Hall wasn’t destroyed because an energy barrier had suddenly appeared around it, and it had obstructed Yang Ye’s attack.

However, the barrier was covered in cracks. Meanwhile, a gust of wind suddenly blew over.


A loud explosion resounded as the barrier shattered into pieces.

Of course, no one paid any attention to Sky Divine Hall’s defensive barrier right now. All of their gazes were locked on Lou Qianxiao’s figure.

The ordinary cultivators were still in a stunned state because they didn’t know what had occurred.

As for the Saints here, their expressions had simultaneously become solemn! Because even they weren’t confident in their ability to resist that attack!

That attack could kill Saints with ease!

However, the gazes of all the Saints here weren’t locked onto Yang Ye right now. They were looking at Lou Qianxiao.

Because Lou Qianxiao was fine!

A moment of silence ensued, and then Lou Qianxiao suddenly shook his head and smiled, “Yang Ye, this attack of yours is much stronger than the attack you used that day. See, even my Sky Divine Hall was almost destroyed by you. After all, that barrier is capable of enduring the joint forces of at least 5 Saints! Yet now, it was destroyed by a single attack of yours.”

Meanwhile, Jian Wuchen’s expression grew solemn while he stood high above in the sky, “The legendary Laws of Instinct!”

Another Saint who stood behind Jian Wuchen was puzzled, “The Laws of Instinct?”

Jian Wuchen took a deep breath and said, “I’ve only heard of that Law, but I’ve never seen it before. I never expected that I would see it today. It only has a single ability, and it’s to raise one’s instinct to its limits. To explain it in simpler terms, if we are to touch a flame, then we’ll instinctively pull our hands back. So, to describe it in an even simpler manner, so long as it’s disadvantageous to him, then he’ll be able to sense it at the 1st possible moment and instinctively make the most advantageous choice!”

Jian Wuchen paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, and then he spoke in a low voice, “One who possesses such Laws is already in an invincible position. Unless his opponent possesses absolute strength. Otherwise….”

The faces of the others from the Ancient Sword School fell when they heard this.

On the ground below. Yang Ye gazed at Lou Qianxiao for a long time, and then he leaped up onto the arena, “Needless to say, I underestimated you.”

“Me too!” Lou Qianxiao smiled, “However, it’s a pleasant surprise for me.”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. In the end, his gaze descended onto the group standing at the entrance of Sky Divine Hall. There were 15 old men in cloud white robes standing on the left of the entrance, and there were 2 robust middle aged men standing in front of the old men. All of them were Saints. The appearance of the robust middle aged man on the left was very similar to the man called Hu Ya whom he’d killed earlier. At this moment, that man was looking at him with a ferocious expression on his face!

As for the right of the entrance, there was only a single green robed old man there. The old man had a boorish appearance and a lusty gaze, and he was ceaselessly scanning the women in the surroundings. The old man immediately turned to gaze at Yang Ye when he noticed Yang Ye looking at him, and then he cracked a smile at Yang Ye and revealed 2 rows of yellow teeth.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The old man gave him a very uncomfortable and dangerous feeling. He took a deep and long glance at the old man before he withdrew his gaze and thought to himself, Just Sky Divine Hall has 18 Saints on its side, and that’s definitely not Sky Divine Hall’s true strength.

Why don’t I see the experts of the Endless Devil Sect?

Yang Ye frowned because there was no one from the Endless Devil Sect here. Logically speaking, it would have definitely sent someone here. Besides that, the Endless Devil Sect hadn’t contacted him since he arrived at the north, and that was very unusual.

Could something have happened?

A short while passed before Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, and he glanced at the arena, “This place is probably unable to endure our battle!”

“Of course it can’t!” Meanwhile, the green robed old man suddenly chuckled, “Even though you’re very weak, you’re still able to shatter the space here with ease.”

The green robed old man stretched out his hand as he spoke, and then he suddenly made a grasping motion. The space around the arena instantly underwent a fine transformation.

The old man withdrew his hand and said, “Now, even 10 of you can’t destroy the space in that arena. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me!”

Yang Ye glanced at the green robed old man before he smashed his fist forward. An explosion resounded, but the space before him which he could shatter with ease previously was actually completely unharmed, and not even a ripple swept out from the point of collision!

Yang Ye took a deep and long glance at the old man. The old man glanced at him with disdain instead, and then the old man gazed at Lou Qianxiao, “Qianxiao, finish it quickly. This prefecture of yours is truly trash. Not only is the spirit energy here so very scarce, it doesn’t even have many beautiful women. I really don’t want to stay here any longer!”

“I won’t make Elder Lu wait for long!” Lou Qianxiao gazed at Yang Ye once he finished speaking, “Make your move. Allow everyone to witness your strength or I’m afraid you won’t have a chance!”

“As you wish!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, he flipped his palm and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he shot forward and swung the Herculean Sword at Lou Qianxiao.

However, Lou Qianxiao suddenly vanished on the spot when his sword had just arrived above Lou Qianxiao. Lou Qianxiao was behind Yang Ye when his figure appeared again, and he slapped his palm towards Yang Ye’s back.


A muffled explosion resounded, and space trembled slightly. But Yang Ye had vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, Lou Qianxiao’s shadow wriggled slightly, and then a sword flashed coldly as it stabbed towards Lou Qianxiao’s nape. However, it was like Lou Qianxiao had eyes on his back, and he moved his head to the side and dodged that lethal strike just when it arrived before his nape. At the same time, he took a step forward to get close to Yang Ye, and then his right hand swept towards Yang Ye’s stomach!

However, the sword armor Yang Ye wore suddenly erupted, and countless rays of light enveloped Lou Qianxiao.


Yang Ye was blasted a few dozen steps back, and he’d only just stopped when a huge explosion resounded from afar. Yang Ye’s pupils instantly constricted when he raised his gaze and saw the scene before him.

Because the sword needles that formed the sword armor had actually transformed into pieces!

The sword armor had been destroyed!

“That armor of yours isn’t bad. It can be used both offensively and defensively. Unfortunately, it’s still not strong enough!” As soon as he finished speaking, Lou Qianxiao took a step forward, and just that step alone allowed him to instantly appear in front of Yang Ye. After that, he slapped his palm at Yang Ye.

His palm seemed to carry some sort of mysterious force, and it caused Yang Ye’s Heart of Slaughter to suddenly thump!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly, and he stabbed the Herculean Sword forward.

The sword and palm collided!


A loud explosion resounded while the space around them trembled violently, and then both of them took around 10 steps back.

There was a trace of surprise in Lou Qianxiao’s eyes as he said, “Not only is your physical strength formidable, I never expected your control of strength to actually be at such a level. Needless to say, you’ve really surprised me. Of course, this makes it even more interesting. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too boring if I were to kill you with ease?”

“Why do you always act so high and mighty?” Yang Ye’s hands moved slightly, and the Jadedrop and Yellow Springs appeared in his grasp, “I really can’t stand the sight of you. Can’t people act a little humbler? Just look at me. Even though I think that I’m very strong, I’ve always kept a low profile, and it’s just that the things I do are slightly shocking.”

Lou Qianxiao asked, “Are you really that desperate to die?”

“Can you stop talking nonsense? Can you fight a little seriously?” The profound energy within Yang Ye surged. In an instant, the swords in his grasp started to tremble violently, and then countless strands of earthen yellow energy surged out from the ground. The earthen yellow energy surged incessantly into Yellow Springs. At the same time, a huge amount of white energy surged down from the sky as well, and that energy surged incessantly into Jadedrop.

“The energy of the earth and sky!” The Fox Queen frowned, “With those the support of those 2 energies, every single sword technique he executed will probably be many times stronger than before.”

“Since you want to die now, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” As soon as Lou Qianxiao finished speaking, he took a step forward, and he twitched his palm. In an instant, the space above the entire arena started to shake, and then a terrifying aura of destruction appeared here. This aura caused the expressions of everyone here to change drastically.

“That’s Sky Divine Hall’s Quasi Emperor Rank technique, Grand Destruction!” The Fox Queen’s pupils constricted slightly, “I never expected him to actually succeed at cultivating it!”

The Devil Lion King spoke in a low voice, “Are they going to decide the outcome with a single attack? Or is this only just the beginning?”

Meanwhile, Lou Qianxiao suddenly slapped his palm forward!

“I’ll kill you right now!” Lou Qianxiao’s ghastly voice resounded, and then a black palm appeared here.


As soon as it appeared, the space around them instantly exploded apart!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly pressed his hands together, and the swords in his grasps instantly merged into one. After that, the ancient sheath appeared in Yang Ye’s left hand, and he sheathed the sword before immediately drawing it again.


A sword howl shot into the sky!

100 overlapped Heavenrends!

With the help of the energy of the earth and the sky, Yang Ye had executed 100 overlapped Heavenrends!

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