Chapter 1055 – Skysplit!

Almighty Sword Domain


The space before Yang Ye instantly collapsed, and Yang Ye’s beam of sword energy was swift like a flash of light as it smashed against Lou Qianxiao’s attack.

Right at the instant their attacks collided, the green robed old man’s expression changed slightly, and he stretched out both his hands and pressed them together. The expanse of space around them which was about to collapse instantly returned to normal. At the same time, it grew even stronger than before.


A huge explosion instantly erupted at the point of collision, and then both attacks shook slightly.

A moment of silence ensued before both attacks exploded in midair!


A terrifying wave of energy swept out from the point of collision, and the space all around the arena instantly started rippling like boiling water. It was an absolutely shocking sight.

The old man’s expression turned quite unsightly at the sight of this. After all, he’d said that even 10 Yang Ye’s couldn’t damage the space that he’d strengthened, yet now, reality told him that he was mistaken.

The old man grunted coldly and stretched his hands out again before pressing them together once more in the direction of the arena. In an instant, the space around the arena instantly returned to calm. This time, he didn’t stop, and he ceaselessly strengthened the space there.

In the arena.

Because it was being sealed off, the wave of energy was raging madly within the arena. But Yang Ye and Lou Qianxiao paid no attention to it at all. At the moment their attacks had collided, both of them had charged at each other and clashed once more!

The battle was heated, and both of them had started to become serious.

Even though many weren’t able to witness the battle clearly, they could sense how terrifying Yang Ye and Lou Qianxiao were. Because the space around the arena was trembling from time to time!

All the Saints in the surroundings watched the intense battle with solemn expressions, and that even included the Saints of Sky Divine Hall.

The facts before them proved that Yang Ye wasn’t as weak as they’d imagined.

Yang Ye and Lou Qianxiao were in close-quartered combat now.

Lou Qianxiao possessed the Laws of Instinct, so he could predict danger before it arrived. Moreover, he was even able to make the most beneficial choice to him upon predicting such danger. As for Yang Ye, his body was extremely strong, and even Lou Qianxiao wasn’t able to pierce through his physical defenses with ease. Coupled with Yang Ye’s formidable skill in combat and the suppression provided by his Void Rank sword intent, neither Yang Ye nor Lou Qianxiao could gain the upper hand after fighting for almost 2 hours!

Another hour later.


The sound of metal breaking resounded abruptly, and then Yang Ye moved backwards repeatedly and only stopped when he arrived at the edge of the arena.

Jian Wuchen and the others’ expressions changed drastically when they saw the state Yang Ye was in!

At this moment, the sword which was the result of Yellow Springs and Jadedrop merging together had broken into 2, and there was a fist-sized hole in Yang Ye’s chest!

Meanwhile, a golden spear had suddenly appeared in Lou Qianxiao’s grasp!

Yang Ye gazed at the broken sword in his hand, and then he gazed at the spear in Lou Qianxiao’s grasp, “What’s Skysplit doing in your possession!”

Lou Qianxiao was holding An Nanjing’s Skysplit. But at this moment, it wasn’t at the Saint Rank as it used to be! Now, it was at the high-grade of the Divine Rank at least. Or perhaps, it was a Quasi Divine Rank treasure like Heaven’s Gravestone!

A wisp of surprise flashed through Lou Qianxiao’s eyes, “You actually recognize this spear!”

“What’s it doing in your possession!” Yang Ye’s face gradually turned savage. Skysplit was An Nanjing’s weapon, and she would absolutely not give it to Lou Qianxiao! Unless…. Unless An Nanjing wasn’t alive anymore.

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye’s aura instantly grew violent, but he still suppressed it and stopped himself from losing control.

“Its owner isn’t able to use it anymore, so I took it. Actually, it really is not bad.” Lou Qianxiao chuckled, “It was actually able to destroy a high-grade Divine Rank sword with such ease!”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists, “Where’s An Nanjing!”

Lou Qianxiao’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You know her?”

“You refuse to tell me, huh? I’ll bash you up until you do!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, his figure shot forward. This time, he didn’t use his sword and used his fist instead.

“How laughable!” Lou Qianxiao laughed coldly and was about to attack. However, 2 types of invisible forces suddenly pressed down upon him!

The Sword Domain and Void Rank sword intent!

Based on his knowledge and experience, he’d immediately discerned what those 2 forces were. The pressure they placed upon him caused Lou Qianxiao’s movements to stop for an instant, and it was exactly that instant which allowed Yang Ye’s fist to smash against his chest.


Lou Qianxiao’s feet scraped against the ground as his figure moved backwards. Right when Yang Ye was about to follow up with another attack, Lou Qianxiao stabbed Skysplit forward, and a ray of light instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he smashed his fist forward, and the ray of light was instantly dispersed. Meanwhile, Lou Qianxiao suddenly appeared in front of him, and Skysplit carried terrifying force as it stabbed at Yang Ye’s chest.

Skysplit was too terrifying, so Yang Ye didn’t try to stop it directly. He pressed his right foot against the ground and swiftly spun his figure, causing Skysplit to just scrape by his stomach. Meanwhile, he’d gotten close to Lou Qianxiao and didn’t hesitate to swing a punch at Lou Qianxiao’s head. Even the space here shook slightly before his punch!

Lou Qianxiao’s expression changed slightly when he saw Yang Ye’s fist approach him. This time, he didn’t choose to dodge. He just clenched his left fist tightly, and then smashed it against Yang Ye’s fist.


Space rippled from the collision of their fists, and then both of them moved around 10 steps back.

Yang Ye didn’t charge forward again, and he glanced at his right fist instead. At this moment, his fist was mangled. He raised his head and looked in Lou Qianxiao’s direction, and he saw that Lou Qianxiao was suddenly wearing a pair of solid gold gloves.

Lou Qianxiao revealed a smile, “Yang Ye, don’t even think that only you have Divine Rank treasures. These gloves of mine are called Berserker Gloves, and they are at the high-grade of the Divine Rank. I obtained them in the Central Divine Prefecture, and they’re able to provide an immense increase to their user’s strength. Moreover, they can reflect 30% of the opponent’s strength. They can be said to be….”

“If we’re fighting, then fight! What’s with all the crap?” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, his figure had vanished, and he was in front of Lou Qianxiao when he appeared again. He smashed his fist towards Lou Qianxiao’s chest.

A cold smile curled up on the corner of Lou Qianxiao’s lips. He didn’t use Skysplit against Yang Ye, and he just swung a punch just like Yang Ye.

Right when their fists were about to collide, Yang Ye suddenly relaxed his fist, dodged Lou Qianxiao’s fist, and then slammed his palm against Lou Qianxiao’s chest. Meanwhile, Lou Qianxiao’s fist struck Yang Ye’s chest as well.


A muffled explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye moved backward repeatedly and only stopped around 30m away.

However, no one was looking at Yang Ye right now. All of their gazes had descended upon Lou Qianxiao.

Lou Qianxiao’s shirt gradually vanished!

“It’s the Decay Laws!” One of the Saints in the surroundings exclaimed.

Lou Qianxiao lowered his head to gaze at his vanishing clothes, and then a trace of shock finally appeared in his eyes. In next to no time, his clothes vanished, but there was a violet golden armor beneath his clothes. When the Decay Laws came into contact with it, it instantly emanated a ray of dazzling violet light and resisted the energy of the Decay Laws.

The green robed old man shouted abruptly, “Quickly take off your armor!”

Lou Qianxiao didn’t dare hesitate. He immediately issued a command in his heart, and the armor instantly fell off his body. As soon as it did, it vanished before his eyes! Lou Qianxiao’s face was unsightly when he witnessed this scene, because that armor was at the high-grade of the Divine Rank!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was already in front of Lou Qianxiao when he appeared again. Lou Qianxiao was just about to dodge when the Sword Domain and Void Rank sword intent appeared around him and pressed down upon him, causing his figure to stop for an instant.

Just that instant allowed Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword to smash down against him. A muffled bang resounded as Lou Qianxiao’s figure was blasted flying. But his figure had only just been blasted away when Yang Ye pressed forward again, and he swung his sword at Lou Qianxiao’s head. Lou Qianxiao’s head would definitely be crushed apart if it struck him!

Lou Qianxiao was just about to move away when the Sword Domain and sword intent pressed down upon him once more, causing the speed he dodged at to instantly slow down. Lou Qianxiao’s pupils constricted. However, Yang Ye’s sword which was about to smash against Lou Qianxiao’s head suddenly stopped for an instant.

Lou Qianxiao grabbed that opportunity to flash over 500m away!

Yang Ye didn’t pursue Lou Qianxiao, and he gazed at the green robed old man in the distance instead. At this moment, the old man was looking at him with a cold smile on his face.

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “How truly laughable!” Earlier, his sword hadn’t struck Lou Qianxiao because the old man had lent Lou Qianxiao a hand at the critical moment. However, the old man had covered it well, so no one here had noticed anything.

The old man paid no attention to Yang Ye, and he gazed at Lou Qianxiao instead, “Don’t waste time and end the battle!”

Lou Qianxiao nodded lightly, and then he gazed at Yang Ye. At this moment, there was a ferocious expression in his eyes. He’d almost been killed twice just now. The 1st time, it was Yang Ye’s Decay Laws. If he hadn’t removed the armor he wore, then he would have been crippled even if he could survive that attack. The 2nd time was that lethal attack from before….

Lou Qianxiao’s voice resounded, “Yang Ye! Allow me to show you how weak you actually are!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura surged out from within him, and the spatial walls which surrounded them shattered with a bang!

A Saint!Lou Qianxiao’s a Saint!

Everyone here was flabbergasted by the scene before their eyes!

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