Chapter 106 – Chaotic Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was first stunned when he saw this curly bearded man, but when he saw the curly bearded man’s face that was covered in fur, Yang Ye’s expression became extremely heavy. Because this curly bearded man before him was a Spirit Rank Darkbeast that was already capable of taking human form!

As he gazed at the curly bearded man and the dense expanse of Flameroar Lions in the surroundings, Yang Ye could only hope that the little fellow wasn’t bragging just now. Otherwise, it was very likely that he would become the flesh in their mouths today.

It wasn’t just Yang Ye, and the expression of the middle aged man in golden armor became solemn as well when he saw the curly bearded man make an appearance.

It was publicly acknowledged that Darkbeasts were stronger than humans. The cultivations of King Rank Darkbeasts were on par with human First Heaven Realm experts, yet their strength could go against human King Realm experts. On the other hand, Spirit Rank Darkbeasts didn’t possess equivalent cultivations to King Realm experts, and they possessed cultivations on par with Spirit Realm experts instead. It was only from the Spirit Realm that the gap between humans and Darkbeasts was drawn closer together.

The middle aged man in golden armor took a deep breath, and then a terrifying imposing aura surged out explosively from his body, whereas, a pair of wings condensed into form from Profound Energy gradually arose behind him. With a light flap of these wings, the middle aged man’s body instantly flew up into the air, and then he slowly descended before the curly bearded man.

Forming wings with Profound Energy, the sign of a Spirit Realm expert!

Yang Ye’s heart shook as he gazed at the pair of wings behind the middle aged man, and then he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Since there was a Spirit Realm expert present here, then so long as the middle aged man kept the Spirit Rank Darkbeast occupied, it wouldn’t be too difficult for Yang Ye to flee.

“I’m under the Emperor’s orders to escort her highness, the Princess, to the Beast Capital to be betrothed to the prince of your empire!” The middle aged man in golden armor gazed at the curly bearded man as he spoke in a low voice.

“To be betrothed?” A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of the curly bearded man’s mouth, and he said, “There’s no need for that. Go back from whence you came! Besides that, take a message back to that prince of yours. Ask him not to dream of interfering in the matters of my Darkbeast Empire. Otherwise, a myriad of cavalry might ride out from the Grand Myriad Mountains one day and crush your Grand Qin Empire!”

The middle aged man’s eyes narrowed when he heard this, and then he said in a low voice, “Do you know the consequences of obstructing our empires from being united by marriage?”

“The consequences?” The curly bearded man laughed with disdain, and then he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground, causing the ground in an area of almost 30m to directly collapse. “I’ll give you one last chance, lead your men away and fuck off from the Grand Myriad Mountains. Otherwise, today will be the day all of you die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the Flameroar Lions in the surroundings started howling, and it seemed like so long as the middle aged man in golden armor showed any signs of refusal, then they would immediately charge forward and tear him into pieces.

The violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder was slightly displeased when it saw the group of Flameroar Lions and that curly bearded man act so arrogantly. It was just about to leap forward and teach these ignorant fellows a lesson when Yang Ye hurriedly embraced the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, calm yourself for now. It still isn’t the time for us to act yet!”

Yang Ye didn’t dare allow the little fellow to demonstrate its might because the members of the Grand Qin Empire’s imperial household were still in the vicinity, and he didn’t want the little fellow to be exposed before the eyes of the Grand Qin Empire. Moreover, whether the little fellow could terrify that Spirit Rank Darkbeast was unknown. It would be fine if the little fellow succeeded, but what if the little fellow failed?

A cold glow flashed in the middle aged man’s eyes, and he glanced coldly at the curly bearded man. After that, he turned around and walked towards the carriage. Suddenly, he stopped and turned to look at Yang Ye, and he was immediately stunned when he saw that there wasn’t a trace of fear on Yang Ye’s face. A wisp of surprise flashed through his eyes as he said, “Young Brother, your sword never leaves your hand. Are you a disciple of the Sword Sect?”

Yang Ye was stunned because he’d never expected that this Spirit Realm expert would actually greet him, and he immediately shook his head and said, “No!”

The middle aged man was slightly surprised when he heard Yang Ye’s reply, but he didn’t say anything. He just nodded before he walked to the carriage, and then he repeated what the curly bearded man had said.

After a long time, a chilly female voice sounded out from within the carriage. “Since they don’t welcome me, then why should I try to give myself to them? Return to the Empire!”

The middle aged man frowned. He hesitated for a moment before he said, “Your highness, how would we give his Majesty an explanation if we return just like this?”

“An explanation?” Cold laughter sounded out from within the carriage. “Since it’s like that, then deal with these Darkbeasts before us, then wouldn’t we be able to head to the Beast Capital?”

The middle aged man laughed bitterly and said, “Your highness, they outnumber us by over 50 to one, and there’s even a Spirit Rank Darkbeast amongst them. So, how would we defeat them?”

“Since you don’t want to return to the Empire, nor do you want to deal with these Darkbeasts, then what do you want to do?” The voice that came from within the carriage carried a trace of impatience and anger.

“I intend to ask your highness to utilize a Transmission Talisman and notify his Majesty, the Leopard Emperor, in the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains, and ask him to dispatch forces to assist us!” said the middle aged man.

“You have a top-grade Transmission Talisman?” The bitter expression on the middle aged man’s face grew denser when he heard this, and he knew that the person within the carriage didn’t want to head to the Beast Capital. So, he immediately stopped wasting his breath, and he bowed towards the carriage before he turned around and walked towards the curly bearded man.

Even though he would be punished if he returned now, it was better than perishing here. So, he’d made his decision.

Right when he intended to give the command to return to the Empire, a black hawk dove down from the sky and descended before the curly bearded man. After a short moment, the curly bearded man turned around and looked at the group from the Grand Qin Empire, and a wisp of a savage expression flashed through his eyes as he said, “I gave all of you a chance to leave, yet you didn’t cherish it. Now, all of you can’t leave even if you want to! Kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the group of lions that were thirsty for blood and were on the verge of being unable to restrain themselves since a long time ago howled, and then they pounced madly towards the group of cavalries at the center.

The middle aged man’s expression changed, and he immediately shouted. “Protect her highness.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he leaped forward while the spear in his hand swept swiftly towards a few tens of Flameroar Lions that were right at the front of the group.


A silver glow shot out violently, and then the few tens of Flameroar Lions at the front were instantly slashed into pieces.

At the same time, the 100 cavalries that protected the carriage held spears in their hands as well, and they simultaneously swung the spears in their hands towards the Darkbeasts that were pouncing at them.

In an instant, a chaotic battle began.

“Your opponent is me!” An explosive shout resounded. The curly bearded man appeared once more before the middle aged man in golden armor, and then he smashed his fist down.

When he saw the two of them enter into battle, Yang Ye who was avoiding the lions at the side was delighted, and then he didn’t give it another moment of thought before he ran towards the north.

He didn’t want to get involved in the enmity between the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire. As for saving them? What a joke? He should think about saving himself first!

However, right at this moment, a ninth rank Flameroar Lion suddenly obstructed Yang Ye’s path, and then it opened its mouth and pounced at Yang Ye.

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye shouted furiously as he leaped forward, and then he drew his sword and swung it towards the lion’s neck.


The terrifying physical body of the Flameroar Lion was like a piece of rotten wood before Yang Ye’s sword, and his sword didn’t meet any obstruction as it pierced through the ninth rank Darkbeast’s neck before tossing a lion head into the air.

But Yang Ye’s pupils suddenly constricted when he descended to the ground, and then he didn’t even give it any thought before turning around and drawing his sword.


The sound of metal colliding resounded. A black clothed figure had suddenly appeared at the empty space behind him, and Yang Ye’s sword that was swift like a flash of light had been stopped by the dagger in the black clothed figure’s hand and was unable to move forward at all.

As he gazed at this black clothed figure whose appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, killing intent flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes. He shouted fiercely, and then the golden Profound Energy within his body poured into his sword before he suddenly pressed his sword down!


The dagger broke into two, and then Yang Ye’s sword descended and directly penetrated through from the black figure’s head. However, not a single drop of blood flowed.

The black clothed figure’s body gradually grew thinner before it directly vanished into thin air.

Yang Ye looked towards the distance, and he had a solemn expression as he said in a low voice, “What a strange movement technique and what swift speed!”

At the moment he slashed apart the dagger in the black clothed figure’s hand, he sensed that the black clothed figure had already retreated, whereas, his sword had merely slashed through the after image that was left behind!

It wasn’t that he didn’t desire to pursue the black clothed figure. However, unfortunately, he was unable to catch up even if he utilized his shoes because that black clothed figures movement technique wasn’t just strange, it was terrifyingly swift as well!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and intended to leave. Yet right at this moment, five ninth rank Flameroar Lions surrounded him.

A cold glow flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the approaching Flameroar Lions. He’d originally intended to leave directly, yet it just so happened that these Darkbeasts kept insisting on obstructing his path. Since it’s like this….

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