Chapter 107 – I Refuse To Let Go Of You!

Almighty Sword Domain

In an instant, golden sword qi swept through the surroundings. All the Flameroar Lions struck by this golden sword qi either lost their lives or were heavily injured and lost their ability to do battle.

After he dealt with the five Flameroar Lions before him, Yang Ye didn’t dare stay any longer, and he turned around and flashed towards the distance. Because he’d noticed that even more Flameroar Lions were charging towards him.

For the sake of quickly escaping the encirclement of the Flameroar Lions, Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all. So, all the lions that obstructed his path were mercilessly slaughtered by his golden sword qi.

It was exactly because of this that a strange scene occurred here. Everywhere Yang Ye passed, gold sword qi swept through the surroundings, and the corpses of lions covered the ground.

Yang Ye’s sword qi was actually unable to instantly annihilate these ninth rank Darkbeasts, but for the sake of charging out of the encirclement as soon as possible, Yang Ye hadn’t hesitated to utilize a high-grade Strength Talisman on himself. With the boost provided by the Strength Talisman and his own golden Profound Energy, then not to mention a ninth rank Darkbeast, even the body of a King Rank Darkbeast would be easily penetrated by his attacks!

When those Flameroar Lions that intended to charge at Yang Ye noticed Yang Ye’s all-powerful and imposing aura, they revealed dense fear in their eyes, and they didn’t dare to charge fearlessly over towards Yang Ye like the lions before them had.

This was precisely the effect Yang Ye was striving to achieve!

The Profound Energy within his body poured into his shoes, and Yang Ye executed the Gale Steps technique while drawing his sword to deal with the last few Darkbeasts that obstructed his path.


The few Flameroar Lions in the lead were instantly slashed into two, and Yang Ye’s speed didn’t reduce at all as he swiftly charged out of the encirclement and flashed swiftly towards the distance. On the other hand, right at this moment, a figure followed closely behind him and charged out of the encirclement as well.

After that, that figure stopped for a moment before dashing swiftly towards the direction Yang Ye left towards.

“Don’t let that woman go!”

“Her highness, protect her highness!”

Right at the moment that figure charged out of the encirclement. The curly bearded man and the middle aged man who were in intense combat had stopped, and then they gave orders to their respective subordinates.

No matter if it was the middle aged man or the curly bearded man, both of their expressions were extremely unsightly. The curly bearded man’s expression changed because his superiors had ordered him to deal with that human woman, and if that woman fled or arrived at the Beast Capital, then the consequences that await him would be extremely horrifying.

On the other hand, the middle aged man was in the same boat. No matter if that princess died at the hands of Darkbeasts or fled, then consequences weren’t something that a tiny Imperial Army Captain like him could bear.

So, both of them acted in an extremely tacit manner and stopped their battle. On the other hand, after they heard the orders given out by the curly bearded man and middle aged man, the Darkbeasts and human cavalries stopped fighting as well. After that, they gave pursuit in the direction of Yang Ye and the woman as if they’d agreed upon it a long time ago.

That woman was the most important to both their sides, otherwise, it would be meaningless even if they annihilated all the forces of the other side!


After he charged out of the encirclement, Yang Ye ran for another 15 minutes. However, right when he was about to summon Grey, he suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and it caused him to frown before he turned around and looked behind him. He saw a woman was rushing over swiftly towards him from over 30m away.

Yang Ye tightened the grip on his sword when he saw this woman.

The woman stopped 3m away from Yang Ye, and then she blinked her eyes and said, “Why aren’t you running anymore?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. He disregarded the woman’s words, and he sized her up instead. The woman was around 30 years old, wore silver leather armor, had willow shaped brows, oval eyes, red lips, and white teeth. Her silver leather armor wrapped tightly around her well-developed and exquisite figure, and it completely drew out her curves, causing others to be able to sense its tempting softness without even touching it.

The most conspicuous part of her was the woman’s chest. The two plump mountains before her chest were simply large to a terrifying degree, and the silver colored leather armor there seemed to be unable to endure the pressure from them and had already been severely distorted.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, and then he said in a deep voice, “Why’re you follow me?”

A strand of surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes when she noticed Yang Ye’s gaze merely stayed on her body for merely a few breaths of time. When she heard Yang Ye’s question, she immediately smiled in a charming manner and said, “Little Brother, you better not tell Big Sister than this place belongs to you!”

Little Brother? Yang Ye’s face darkened. Right when he intended to say something, he seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly gazed towards the area behind the woman. Numerous cavalries were galloping swiftly from 300m away, and a dense expanse of Darkbeasts was following behind the cavalries. Moreover, those Darkbeasts were exactly the Flameroar Lions from before!

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He didn’t waste his breath any longer nor did he pay any attention to the woman, and he turned around and flashed towards the distance.

The woman frowned when she saw the cavalries and Darkbeast that were in pursuit, and then she didn’t give it another moment of thought before she ran in Yang Ye’s direction.

After dashing for around an hour, not only had the cavalries and Darkbeasts behind not vanished, they’d even grown steadily in number. Moreover, numerous flying Darkbeasts had even appeared in the sky above.

In the beginning, Yang Ye thought that it was only a coincidence that they’d appeared in the sky, but now it would seem like it wasn’t a coincidence at all, and they were under orders.

Why’re they chasing after me?

In next to no time, Yang Ye seemed to have come to an understanding. He slowed down, and as soon as he did, the woman that was following closely behind him caught up immediately. The woman revealed an amiable smile to Yang Ye and ran as she said, “Why have you slowed down? Were you waiting for Big Sister?”

“Are those people chasing after you?” Yang Ye asked in a deep voice.

The woman blinked, and then she revealed a smile as she said, “It seems to be the case!”

Yang Ye’s face sank, and he said, “There’s no enmity between the two of us, so why are you bringing calamity to me? Carry out a good dead and run towards the other direction, alright?”

The woman restrained her smile when she heard this, and then she revealed a pitiful expression as she said, “Little Brother, can you truly bear to see Big Sister fall into the hands of those Darkbeasts? Just think about it, if Big Sister falls into their hands, then how horrifying would the consequences I face be?”

“Why would I be unable to bear it?” Yang Ye’s expression turned cold as he said, “Don’t use those tricks against me. Don’t blame me for being ruthless if you don’t leave!”

The woman glanced at Yang Ye with a sad expression, and then she said in a light voice, “Little Brother, are you really so heartless?”

She seemed as if Yang Ye was a man that abandoned his wife, and it caused a chill to run down Yang Ye’s spine.

Yang Ye didn’t attack. It wasn’t because he was compassionate towards a woman, and it was because he wasn’t able to. Because this woman before him was at least at the King Realm! Not to mention whether he could defeat an expert at the King Realm, most importantly, there were two groups of forces behind them. So long as he entered into battle with the woman, then those forces would catch up immediately. So, Yang Ye was extremely troubled at this moment!

After a long time, Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “You’re at the King Realm, and your strength far exceeds my own. You’d have a greater chance of escaping if you fled by yourself, so why do you follow me?”

“My strength far exceeds yours?” The woman smiled, and then she glanced at Yang Ye with deep meaning in her eyes. She said, “Little Brother, that doesn’t sound right. Earlier, Big Sister saw you instantly annihilate five Darkbeasts. Moreover, the surprise attack of that First Heaven Realm expert wasn’t just noticed by you, that expert was even forced back by you. Even though Big Sister is at the King Realm, Big Sister doesn’t dare say that Big Sister is absolutely able to overcome your strength. Moreover, that little fellow on your shoulder isn’t an ordinary Darkbeast, right?”

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He’d never expected that the woman had actually noticed him earlier. After a short while, he said in a low voice. “You’re that person in the carriage?”

“You only figured it out now?” The woman smiled as she said, “Little Brother, you aren’t too stupid, huh!”

Yang Ye continued. “You’re a member of the imperial household?”

The woman blinked and said with a smile, “What do you think!?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he said, “Do you not have anything better to do?”

The woman restrained her smile, and with a flip of her wrist, over 10 talismans appeared in her hand. She said with a serious expression, “Little Brother, even though Big Sister doesn’t know what trump cards you possess, but when I saw you act with such composure while encircled by those Darkbeasts, Big Sister knew that you would definitely have a way to escape. So long as you bring me out of this place, then these 10 mid-grade talismans are yours, alright?”

As he gazed at the 10 talismans in the woman’s hand, Yang Ye couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “Is your imperial household that poor?”

The woman frowned. She hesitated for a moment before she flipped her wrist once more, and then another 10 talismans appeared in her hand. She said, “20 mid-grade talismans. Big Sister doesn’t have any more than that.”

Yang Ye flipped his wrist, and over 10 high-grade talismans appeared in his hand. After that, he waved it at the woman and said, “Firstly, I’m not interested in your talismans at all. If you’re willing to leave, then I’ll give you a few high-grade talismans, alright?”

As she gazed at the stack of high-grade talismans in Yang Ye’s hand, a wisp of shock flashed in the woman’s eyes. After all, treasures like talismans were still extremely precious even to a member of the imperial household like her. Earlier, producing those 20 mid-grade talismans had already started to hurt slightly for her. But she’s never imagined that this young man before her would actually possess over 10 high-grade talismans.

10 high-grade talismans? It was impossible for even the Elite Disciple of the sects to easily obtain talismans of such quality!

The woman glanced deeply at Yang Ye, and then she revealed a charming smile and said, “Little Brother, so you’re the true rich man. Big Sister was asking to be humiliated just now. In any case, Big Sister doesn’t care anymore. Big Sister has taken a liking to you, and Big Sister refuses to let go of you! If you don’t bring me along with you as you flee, then… then we’ll just become a pair that suffers the same fate!”

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