Chapter 1070 – Just Fight If You Don’t Like It!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye said, “Brother Lin, why don’t I understand what you’re trying to say?”

“You don’t understand?” Lin Jingfeng spoke ferociously, “You don’t understand? You’re telling me that you don’t understand now? Good! Good! Let me ask you why I gave all of you things?”

“Wasn’t it because you wanted to be friends with us?” Yang Ye continued, “Didn’t you say that I would be looking down on you if I refused? I had no other choice. After all, how could I look down on you?”

“Be friends with you?” Lin Jingfeng started laughing out of extreme rage, “Just take a look at yourself in a mirror. What right does a pauper like you have to become friends with me? I fucking gave all of that to you because of your younger sister. You took it all, yet you’re saying that you intend to leave and disregard everything that happened? Do you think that I’m a monkey that you can play with as you like?”

“So you didn’t want to be friends with me!” Yang Ye chuckled, “Then what do you intend to do now?”

Lin Jingfeng laughed savagely, “Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. I’ll make it clear right now. I’ve taken a liking to your younger sister, so what should we do about that?”

An Nanjing suddenly said, “You should ask me that question!”

“You?” Lin Jingfeng gazed at her and said, “Woman, don’t think too highly of yourself. I’ve seen many women like you. They just act proud and cold, but their hearts….”

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly because a hand was wrapped around his throat.

It was Yang Ye!

Elder Lin’s expression changed drastically, and he shot towards Yang Ye. However, a spear instantly arrived in front of him. The old man was shocked and slapped his palm forward.


An explosion resounded while Elder Lin was blasted over 500m away. He glanced at his right hand after he stopped his figure, and he noticed that his right palm and even his entire right arm had cracked apart!

Elder Lin was shocked!

The expressions of the others in the surroundings changed when they saw An Nanjing blast Elder Lin back with a single strike. Even though it wasn’t rare for Half-Saints to do that to Saints in the Central Divine Prefecture, it was still very terrifying.

“She’s really strong!” The grey robed old man behind the beautiful woman spoke in a low voice. There was another middle aged man standing behind the old man, and it was Yu Qing.

“Indeed!” The beautiful woman nodded lightly, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “His strength isn’t bad as well.”

The grey robed old man said, “His speed isn’t bad, but I don’t know about the rest!”

She replied, “Let’s continue watching!”

Yang Ye held Lin Jingfeng by the throat, and Lin Jingfeng’s eyes were filled with shock. He hadn’t expected that he would actually not even have the ability to fight back before Yang Ye restrained him.

That fellow was putting on a show of weakness from the beginning? That was the 1st thought which appeared in Lin Jingfeng’s mind.

Yang Ye chuckled, “I’m a very reasonable person. You intentionally came over to strike a conversation with her as soon as we got on the shuttle, and you should have died then. Because you had ill intent. However, you were very sensible and hurriedly apologized. So, I couldn’t help but spare you. In the end, you apologized repeatedly, gave us successive gifts to become friends with me, and even said that I would be looking down on you if I refused. I had no choice but to just accept them.”

Yang Ye paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, “Now, you’re telling me that you had no intention of becoming friends with me. In other words, you want to be enemies with me. I never show mercy to my enemies.”

“How dare you!” Meanwhile, Elder Lin roared furiously, “Ye Yang, my Young Master is an outer court disciple of the Double Happiness Sect. If you kill him….” He stopped talking at this point because Yang Ye’s grip was growing tighter!

Elder Lin was horrified and was about to attack. However, a few figures shot over from afar, and it didn’t take long for a middle aged man and 3 old men to arrive here.

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Let him go!”

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man, “Why?”

The middle aged man just looked at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll repeat myself again. Let him go!”

Meanwhile, Xuwu Shen walked over to Yang Ye’s side and said, “He’s probably one of the city’s guards. He can be considered to be maintaining order in the city. Or he should be described as the one who specializes in dealing with those who refuse to pay the entrance fee or cause trouble in the city.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he pressed down slightly!


Lin Jingfeng’s head slanted to the side, and he was dead.

“No!” Elder Lin’s eyes almost split apart from rage, and he shot towards Yang Ye. But it only took a moment for a ray of light from a spear to blast him back. This time, it wasn’t just a few cracks, his entire hand was gone.

Yang Ye released his grip slightly, and Lin Jingfeng’s corpse instantly dropped to the ground. Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man and smiled, “I did as you said and let him go!”

The middle aged man took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye. In the end, he glanced at An Nanjing. He clenched his fists but didn’t attack in the end.

Yang Ye disregarded the middle aged man and gazed at An Nanjing, “Don’t hold back, kill him.”


As soon as Yang Ye spoke, Elder Lin’s head was separated from his body.

The spectators in the surroundings revealed fear in their eyes when they witnessed this scene. After all, a Saint had been killed just like that, and he’d even been killed with such ease. All their gazes held fear and curiosity as they gazed at An Nanjing.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and gestured. Lin Jingfeng’s spatial ring flew to him. Yang Ye glanced at its contents before a slight arc curled up on the corners of his lips. Because there actually were 200 violet crystals in the spatial ring.

Yang Ye put it away, and then he gazed at Xuwu Shen, “Let’s go!”

Xuwu Shen glanced at the middle aged man who stood not too far away, and then he nodded and started walking forward.

The middle aged man clenched his fists. A long time passed before he glanced at one of the people by his side, “Notify Lord Qian Sha!”

That person quickly nodded and left.

Meanwhile, the grey robed old man by the beautiful woman’s side shook his head, “His strength isn’t bad, but his character is bad. He's brave yet doesn’t use his mind, and the way he deals with things is terrible. Eldest Young Miss, there’s no need to pay attention to such a person. Even if you recruit him into our merchant group, it would be more disadvantageous than beneficial.”

The beautiful woman shook her head slightly, “Did you notice his eyes?”

The old man was slightly stunned, “Eldest Young Miss, please enlighten me!”

She said, “It was cold. His eyes were very cold. It was indifference towards life. Obviously, he has killed many, and lives are no different than grass to him. Besides that, there was no fear in his eyes. Even if his friend told him about the identity of that middle aged man’s group, he still killed that fellow without the slightest hesitation. That shows that he’s very confident in his strength, or he’s very confident in the power which stands behind him. I side with the former.”

The grey robed old man asked, “Why?”

She replied, “Based on the information we gathered, he has never used a Cloud Shuttle in Cloud City. That proves that he really is from Pine Prefecture. Even the strongest power in Pine Prefecture, Sky Divine Hall, is nothing in the Central Divine Prefecture. So, it’s impossible for his confidence to come from Sky Divine Hall. Besides that, you say he’s brave but doesn’t use his mind? Have you forgotten what happened on our shuttle?”

The old man was speechless.

Meanwhile, Yu Qing suddenly spoke, “Eldest Young Miss, Sky Capital City won’t let the matter rest. Should we step forward and mediate?”

She shook her head, “Let’s see the full extent of his value!”

Yang Ye’s group of 3 headed towards the south under Xuwu Shen’s lead.

Xuwu Shen said, “We might have some trouble to deal with!”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you afraid?”

Xuwu Shen shook his head, “I’m not that cowardly.”

Yang Ye asked, “What do you think that fellow would have done if I didn’t kill him?”

Xuwu Shen pondered deeply for a short while and said, “There are 2 possibilities. The 1st is that he would have attacked right away, and the 2nd is that he would exercise forbearance and look for an opportunity to act against us.”

Yang Ye said, “So, it’s impossible to avoid a battle with them, right?”

Xuwu Shen pondered deeply for a long time before he nodded.

Yang Ye stopped walking and said, “There’s naturally a reason why your father made you go with me. Today, I’ll give you your first lesson. When we can’t avoid fighting with someone, then it’s best to act first. If you don’t, then they will. At that time, you’ll be in the passive position. Besides that, an enemy in front of you isn’t terrifying, it’s the enemies hiding behind you who are terrifying. So, if you have the strength, it’s best to kill your enemies right away and prevent them from becoming enemies who hide behind you while thinking about ways to kill you at all times!”

Xuwu Shen laughed bitterly, “There’s a high chance of dying if I act like that!”

“Then work hard on becoming strong!” Yang Ye continued, “That’s the only way to act as you please to a certain extent. As for exercising forbearance, I don’t know if others like to do that, but I don’t. Because once you do that for long, you’ll become a coward. Just fight if you don’t like it! That’s the way I live!”

Xuwu Shen took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll be a madman with you from now on. Just remember to please bury me if I die!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive before a huge teleportation platform. Xuwu Shen pointed at a blue circle at the edge of it, “That’s the teleportation formation which leads to White Deer Dimension. Let’s go!” As he spoke, he withdrew 15 violet crystals and passed them to an old man who stood below the platform.

The old man received the violet crystals, and then he nodded, “Go on up.”

All 3 of them walked into the blue circle, and then a ray of blue light instantly enveloped them. However, it didn’t take long for the blue light to vanish.

“We can’t leave anymore!” Xuwu Shen continued, “The teleportation formation has been shut off!”

Suddenly, a voice resounded from afar, “Aren’t all of you looking down on the guards of my Sky Capital City by leaving just like that?”

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