Chapter 1071 – Pay And Live, Die If You Don’t!

Almighty Sword Domain

A red clothed man who held a saber in his hand was walking towards Yang Ye’s group while accompanied by 4 other middle aged men. The red clothed man’s saber was being dragged against the ground, and it caused sparks to spray as he walked.

The expressions of many in the surroundings changed drastically when they saw the red clothed man, and their eyes were filled with fear.

The red clothed man stopped and glanced at the surroundings, “Are all of you still not going to fuck off?”

Their expressions changed slightly, but none of them dared to talk back and just vanished on the spot.

The red clothed man chuckled and gazed at Yang Ye, “My name is Qian Sha, and I’ve come here just for your group. Do you know why I’m here?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know a little.”

Qian Sha smiled, “It’s really normal for a few to die from causing trouble in this city. If they die, it was because their strength was insufficient, and it can’t be blamed on anyone. But I heard that you are very arrogant, and you didn’t respect us guards at all. Is that so?”

Yang Ye grinned, “There’s no need for all that crap. Just be frank and tell me what you want, so that I know how I should deal with you. Men should be a little straightforward, don’t you think so too?”

Qian Sha gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he smiled, “Alright. Since you want to be straightforward, then I will. You’ve violated the rules of the city, and you should be killed and tossed out of the city. However, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ve decided to spare all of you. But while you can avoid death, you can’t avoid punishment. Each of you must pay 100 violet crystals, and then kneel down and apologize to my brothers. Then I’ll let bygones be bygones, alright?”

Qian Sha shrugged when he spoke up to this point, “To be honest, I’m being merciful for the first time!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “How about we do this? All of you give me 100 violet crystals each, and then I’ll let all of you leave. Alright?”

Qian Sha scratched his ear and said, “I didn’t hear you clearly. Can you repeat that again?”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot. Qian Sha’s expression changed drastically, and he swung his saber swiftly!


A muffled explosion resounded, and then Qian Sha’s figure was blasted flying. A moment later, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Qian Sha, and then he stomped his foot down against Qian Sha’s stomach. A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the latter’s mouth as he crashed to the ground.


The entire ground shook while the ground in an area of a few hundred kilometers cracked apart!

The other guards were astounded, and they were about to attack. However, a terrifying aura suddenly locked onto them, and it smashed down upon them like a mountain. Not to mention moving, even breathing was quite difficult for them!

An Nanjing spoke indifferently, “All of you just have to stand still!”

Cold sweat instantly started flowing from all of them!

“He’s really strong!” The grey robed old man had a solemn expression on his face as he spoke in a low voice at a corner in the city.

“Qian Sha is a high rank Half-Saint, and he has even fought Saints in the past. His strength can be said to be almost completely gained from his own hard work. However, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back!” The beautiful woman’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “Moreover, he merely relied on pure physical strength and speed. He hasn’t even displayed his true strength…. Needless to say, he’s really not bad.”

The grey robed old man shook his head, “He’s still a little rash!”

She spoke indifferently, “We just have to watch, and we’ll know if he really was rash!”

Qian Sha had just intended to stand up when a foot stomped down on his chest, and he fell right back to the ground.

Yang Ye looked down at Qian Sha and said, “Do I have to repeat myself?”

“Who are you!” Qian Sha stared fixedly at Yang Ye. This fellow before him was a Half-Saint just like him, but this fellow’s strength was something he absolutely couldn’t compare to. He knew that he was in trouble.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “You and your other friends come to a total of 500 violet crystals. Pay and live, die if you don’t. So, do you have it or not?”

“I don’t!” Qian Sha stared fixedly at Yang Ye while his gaze was surprisingly calm.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he suddenly raised his right foot and stomped it down towards Qian Sha’s head. Qian Sha’s pupils constricted to the size of needles.

Suddenly, a blast of energy tore through the air and instantly struck Yang Ye’s right foot, causing it to move off target a little and stomp down on the ground right beside Qian Sha’s head.


The ground there instantly collapsed!

Qian Sha’s countenance turned ghastly pale while cold sweat seeped out incessantly from his face. However, his gaze was still fearless, and he didn’t beg for mercy!

“That subordinate of mine has a bad temper. I hope you can forgive him if he has offended you in any way!” Meanwhile, a middle aged man in a luxurious robe walked over slowly while accompanied by over a dozen guards in golden armor. He walked over to Yang Ye before he glanced at Qian Sha, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and flicked a spatial ring to Yang Ye, “There are 500 violet crystals in there. Please do accept it as our apology!”

Yang Ye moved his leg away and took the spatial ring. He smiled, “You’re too kind. It was just a small matter.”

The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye and smiled, “I’m the Grand Commander of Sky Capital City, Shi Tian. May I know your name?”

Yang Ye replied, “Ye Yang!”

Shi Tian nodded, “It seems like you’re heading to White Deer Dimension?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed. Why?”

Shi Tian asked, “Are you going to watch the competition in White Deer Academy?”

Yang Ye was surprised, “Others can watch the competition?”

“Of course!” Shi Tian smiled, “As a Diamond Rank power, it usually invites other friendly powers to watch the competition it holds. Of course, ordinary people are allowed to watch as well, but they have to pay with violet crystals.”

Yang Ye nodded, “So that’s how it is!”

Shi Tian continued, “This year’s competition is extremely interesting!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

Shi Tian glanced at Yang Ye with surprise, “Brother Ye, have you not heart?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I haven’t!”

Shi Tian glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The competition in White Deer Academy has always been held between the Law Faction, the Scholarly Faction, and Ocean of Clouds Academy from Pine Prefecture. However, Ocean of Clouds Academy is usually only there for show. But it’s different this time, and it’s much more interesting. Because the current dean of Ocean of Clouds Academy, I think his name is Yang… Yang….”

Xuwu Shen suddenly said, “Yang Ye?”

“Right, Yang Ye!” Shi Tian glanced at Xuwu Shen and continued, “I heard that he boasted about annihilating all the participants from the Law Faction. Haha. Now, countless people throughout our Central Divine Prefecture are waiting for his arrival. Because all of us want to see exactly what ability that fellow from the Pine Prefecture, Yang Ye, possesses to actually boast about crushing the Law Faction!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Fortunately, I didn’t use my real name, or I would really be famous now. He just never imagined that the Law Faction would actually spread the fact that he intended to challenge them.

What’s their true intention? Yang Ye frowned.

Meanwhile, Shi Tian continued, “Right, the Scholarly Faction seems to be not participating in the competition because of that fellow, Yang Ye. In other words, it’s a one on one battle between the Law Faction and Ocean of Clouds Academy.”

Yang Ye nodded. He didn’t want to waste anymore time here and immediately said, “Since it was only a misunderstanding, and that misunderstanding has been resolved. Farewell!”

Yang Ye turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Wait a moment!” Meanwhile, Shi Tian suddenly stopped Yang Ye, “There’s a little problem with the teleportation formation because it was stopped by force earlier. It’ll take another 4 hours to repair. So, you’ll have to stay for a while.”

Yang Ye gazed at Xuwu Shen. Xuwu Shen walked over to the formation, and a short while passed before he turned around and nodded to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, we’ll stay for a while. We’re in no rush anyway!”

Shi Tian asked, “Why don’t you rest in my estate?”

Yang Ye replied, “There’s no need for that!”

Shi Tian nodded, “Then please do as you please. I’ll be taking my leave!”

He led the others away once he finished speaking.

“There was something off about his reaction!” Xuwu Shen spoke in a low voice once Shi Tian left, “I feel like he’s buying time!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “He better let me leave peacefully, otherwise I’ll make him beg me to leave!”

Xuwu Shen suddenly said, “Actually, after watching you, I suddenly realized how foolish I was!”

An Nanjing suddenly added, “You were always a fool!”

Xuwu Shen’s face darkened.

Yang Ye glanced at An Nanjing and felt quite amused as he said, “What do you mean?”

Xuwu Shen puckered his lips and said, “In the past, I went through all sorts of hardships like killing demon beasts, completing assignments, and risking my life to obtain violet crystals. But even then, I only got a few dozen in a month. You, on the other hand, got a few hundred in just a day here in the Central Divine Prefecture. Alas, robbing is much more promising!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Commander Shi, why….” Qian Sha was puzzled.

“Fool! Just look at their strengths, do you think they are ordinary people?” Shi Tian’s face was gloomy, “Not to mention you, even I am no match for them. If I didn’t hand over those 500 violet crystals, then you would be fucking dead by now! Qian Sha, I’m not trying to insult you, but can you use your brains a little? They just killed 2 people that weren’t related to you at all. If they are dead, then they are dead. Why did you go looking for trouble with them? Are you tired of living?”

“They disregarded us! I couldn’t swallow such an insult!” Qian Sha spoke in a low voice, “Commander Shi, you aren’t really going to let them leave, right? That was 500 violet crystals!”

“Let them leave?” Shi Tian spoke ferociously, “I’ll make them give me 2 times the number of violet crystals they took! Summon the Elite Guards and the other 3 Grand Commanders! We’re going to make a show of strength today! Right, there’s no need to notify the City Governor about this. He’s entertaining guests from the Thousand Crane Sect. Don’t disturb him!”

Meanwhile, a middle aged man suddenly asked, “What about their identities….”

“Don’t worry, they aren’t from our Central Divine Prefecture!” Shi Tian continued, “They know nothing about the Central Divine Prefecture. Obviously, they aren’t from here. Moreover, that black robed man knows Yang Ye. That proves that they are definitely from Pine Prefecture. Since they are from Pine Prefecture, why should we fear them? There isn’t even a single Diamond Rank power there!”

Qian Sha said, “So that was why Commander Shi talked with them!”

“Why else?” Shi Tian spoke coldly, “Learn from that. You have to use your brain when you do things.”

Qian Sha said, “I understand!”

15 minutes later.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground where Yang Ye’s group resided had suddenly started to tremble violently.

It didn’t take long for almost a thousand people to appear within their fields of vision. The group was led by Shi Tian, and there were 3 other middle aged men by Shi Tian’s side.

Besides Shi Tian and the 3 middle aged men who were Saints, the rest were high rank Half-Saints!

Yang Ye smiled, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Shi Tian smiled, “I’ll just get straight to the point. 1,000 violet crystals and sever your own arms, then I’ll allow all of you to leave. Alright?”

Yang Ye glanced at Shi Tian and nodded, “I won’t be leaving today without 2,000 violet crystals!”

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