Chapter 1073 – An Expert On The Martial Rankings!

Almighty Sword Domain

An Nanjing’s eyes narrowed slightly. Skysplit started to spin in her grasp, but she didn’t attack.

“You’re wife?” Lin Yueyin’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and then she said, “How dare you speak like that to a member of my Thousand Crane Sect!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Lin Yueyin, and he just gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Yuxi, do you really not recognize me? You really are my wife. You….”

A wisp of detest flashed through her eyes, and she drew her saber and slashed once more!

A strand of saber energy shot forward and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye, but it was blasted apart by a spear.

An Nanjing appeared before Yang Ye with Skysplit in her grasp, and she said, “She really doesn’t remember you anymore.”

Yang Ye’s face fell, and his gaze shot towards Lin Yueyin, “She and I really are….”

“I’ve seen many who’ve come to strike up a conversation with her, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone do it like you!” Lin Yueyin interrupted him and said, “I’m afraid I would dirty my hands by killing you. Yuxi, let’s go!”

She led Xiao Yuxi and the others to the teleportation formation which had just been repaired, and it didn’t take long for a ray of blue light to surge out and flicker before they instantly vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye was about to chase after them when City Governor Chen suddenly obstructed Yang Ye’s path, and he said, “I don’t know who you are, but I have to say that you really are brave. You even dared to speak like that to a disciple from the Thousand Crane Sect. You….”

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye roared furiously and slammed his fist forward. An energy fist flashed forward and shot at City Governor Chen. The latter grunted coldly and slapped his right hand forward, and Yang Ye’s attack was instantly dispersed.

However, Yang Ye had already arrived on the teleportation platform, but it didn’t move at all.

City Governor Chen had his hands behind his back as he spoke indifferently, “If I let you go just like that, then wouldn’t my subordinates have died for nothing?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at City Governor Chen, “You don’t want to let me leave, right? Then I won’t!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Herculean appeared in his grasp, and then the sword wings on his back flapped. Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot while a string of afterimages appeared here.

City Governor Chen’s expression had instantly changed at the exact same instant that Yang Ye’s figure had vanished. Because Yang Ye's speed was too swift, it was swift to the point that even he was merely able to faintly sense Yang Ye’s movements.


A huge explosion resounded, and then City Governor Chen moved backwards repeatedly and only stopped after he’d been pushed almost 1km back. Moreover, there was a round shield in his hand, and a part of it had sunk in severely.

City Governor Chen’s figure had just stopped when a spear tore through the air and instantly stabbed against the shield. An explosion resounded again while the shield instantly exploded into bits. Moreover, the powerful aftershock of the collision blasted him back again.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of him, and then the Herculean Sword slammed down towards his head!

At this moment, a terrifying aura instantly locked onto him, causing him to be unable to dodge this attack at all!

City Governor Chen was astounded. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Ye’s strength to be so terrifying to the point he was completely suppressed! He didn’t have the time to think about anything else, and a terrifying aura instantly surged out from within him before he slapped his right palm against Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword. A ray of white light surged out along with his palm and instantly enveloped both him and Yang Ye at the same time!


The white light dispersed, and then City Governor Chen’s figure was blasted away. At the same moment that his figure had just been blasted away, a spear tore through the sky, instantly pierced through his shoulder, and nailed him on a building in the distance!

Shi Tian and the others were flabbergasted.

As for the group from Cloud Merchant Group, they were stunned as well.

After all, City Governor Chen was a mid-rank Saint! However, he’d been defeated by them without even being able to fight back!

The grey robed old man behind the beautiful woman spoke in a slightly bitter voice, “Such… such strength…. Even I would probably be no match for their joint forces!”

Yu Qing spoke solemnly, “They are no ordinary people!”

The beautiful woman didn’t speak. She was just sizing up Yang Ye and An Nanjing incessantly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye flashed over to City Governor Chen, “2,000 violet crystals. Do you have them?”

“Who… who are you!” City Governor Chen stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “You’re not from Pine Prefecture at all. It’s impossible for Pine Prefecture to possess someone as strong as you!”

Yang Ye suddenly slammed his fist against City Governor Chen’s stomach, causing a mouthful of blood to spray from his mouth. Next, Yang Ye grabbed the latter’s clothes before slamming his figure against the ground!


The entire area instantly cracked apart!

City Governor Chen was just about to stand up when Yang Ye appeared in front of him, and then the Herculean Sword was pressed against the center of his forehead, “I’ll ask you one last time. Do you have 2,000 violet crystals?”

City Governor Chen stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “I do, but do you dare to take them?”

Yang Ye said, “Give them to me!”

City Governor Chen took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then he looked at Shi Tian. The latter hesitated for a moment before he turned around and left. It didn’t take long for Shi Tian to return, and he flicked a spatial ring to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at its contents, and there were exactly 2,000 violet crystals there. Meanwhile, a voice resounded from the side, “I wouldn’t take it if I were you!”

Yang Ye turned around and saw the beautiful woman’s group of 3 walking over slowly.

She gazed at him and said, “The relationship between the powers in Sky Capital City is complicated. Even though he’s the City Governor, he’s just a puppet who was pushed up to this position by some powers. The income of the city doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to those powers. If he dies, then those powers would just get someone else to be the city governor. Because it isn’t necessary for them to offend 3 formidable experts of unknown origin. But if you take that spatial ring, then they will definitely not let the matter rest!”

Yang Ye replied to her with a question, “Then what do you think I should do?”

She was slightly stunned because she’d never thought about that. Now that Yang Ye had asked her about it, she was slightly stunned. Because Yang Ye couldn’t just give up these violet crystals that he’d gained, right?

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away, “Do you know which powers are supporting the City Governor? I’ll just deal with them in one go!”

“You can’t!” She shook her head, “It isn’t something that can be resolved by just killing them. The relationships between them are complicated, and there are even more powers standing behind them. Moreover, there are even powers standing behind the powers that support them…. In the end, you’ll notice that there might even be Diamond Rank powers amongst them. To be honest, it isn’t really realistic for you to fight a Diamond Rank power with your current strength!”

“It is quite troublesome!” Yang Ye nodded, “I don’t have time to waste here!” As he spoke, he gazed at City Governor Chen and said, “Do you have even more violet crystals?”

“No!” As soon as City Governor Chen answered him, Yang Ye waved the Herculean Sword slightly, and a fountain of blood sprayed out from City Governor Chen’s throat.

His eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with disbelief.

As for Shi Tian, Mo Yun, and the others, they were first shocked when they witnessed this scene, and then all of their figures fled towards the surroundings.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly stomped her right foot against the ground and vanished on the spot.

In less than 5 breaths of time, she’d returned here, and there were 3 heads not too far away from here. They belonged to Mo Yun, Shi Tian, and Qian Sha.

“You’ve got the violet crystals you wanted!” The beautiful woman spoke in a low voice, “Since you took their violet crystals, then why go to such extremes?”

“I didn’t say that I would spare them once they gave those violet crystals to me!” Yang Ye chuckled, “Besides that, this is how the world works. Everyone has to pay for their actions, right?”

She replied, “You’re just causing trouble for yourself!”

Yang Ye asked, “Would they not cause trouble for me if I spared them?”

She gazed at him for a short while, and then she turned around and gazed at Yu Qing. The latter hurriedly nodded and left.

“Farewell!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and intended to leave. He didn’t really like interacting with merchants because they liked to manipulate others psychologically, and he just happened to hate that.

“Those women from before were from the Thousand Crane Sect, and the Thousand Crane Sect is a Diamond Rank power. The woman who led the group was Lin Yueyin, an elder of the Thousand Crane Sect. She’s a mid-rank Saint, but her strength far surpasses City Governor Chen. As for that woman by her side, if I’m not wrong, then she should be the most renowned disciple of Thousand Crane Sect in recent years, Xiao Yuxi….” She fell silent once she spoke up to this point.

Yang Ye stopped, and then he turned around and looked at her, “I want to know everything about her. I’ll be extremely grateful if you can provide me with such information!”

The beautiful woman said, “Answer a question of mine!”

Yang Ye replied, “Go on!”

She stared fixedly at him and said, “Are you Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye and the others’ expression changed. Obviously, they hadn’t expected her to actually ask that question. A short while passed before Yang Ye said, “Yes!”

“It really is you!” She continued, “An expert from Pine Prefecture that possesses such formidable strength. Of course, the main reason was your name. Ye Yang… Ye Yang…. If it’s flipped around, wouldn’t it be Yang Ye?” Her gaze descended onto Yang Ye again when she spoke up to this point, and she sized up Yang Ye for a moment before she spoke, “As expected of the one who spoke about crushing the Law Faction. You’re extraordinary indeed!”

Yang Ye said, “It’s your turn to answer me!”

“I don’t know the specifics. All I know is that she suddenly appeared in the Thousand Crane Sect a few years ago. The reason I know that is because she refused a proposal from an expert ranked at the 35th position on the Martial Rankings, Mo Yuntian. Mo Yuntian is an expert on the Martial Rankings, so countless women admire him, yet she refused decisively. It was because of Mo Yuntian that the world came to know about her existence. Right, Mo Yuntian is a student of White Deer Academy’s Law Faction.”

The beautiful woman continued slowly, “Even though Thousand Crane Sect is a Diamond Rank power, not one of its disciples have been able to put their name on the Martial Rankings. The Thousand Crane Sect has probably sent her there with their group in order to bring them together. Because every genius on the Martial Rankings will definitely become an extraordinary expert, and every single power is willing to make friends with and even draw over such a person!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “She’s my wife!”

The beautiful woman glanced at Yang Ye, but her eyes clearly showed that she didn’t believe him.

Meanwhile, Xuwu Shen walked over to Yang Ye and shook his head, “To be honest, your method of pursuing women is quite lousy….”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

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