Chapter 1074 – Brink Sword Intent?

Almighty Sword Domain

It didn’t matter whether it was the beautiful woman or Xuwu Shen, none of them believed Yang Ye. Especially Xuwu Shen. He was very well aware that Yang Ye was from Pine Prefecture and had never been to the Central Divine Prefecture, but Xiao Yuxi was from the Central Divine Prefecture. So, he felt that Yang Ye had taken a liking to her.

Yang Ye shook his head and didn’t explain, “Let’s go!”

“Why head to White Deer Dimension right now?” Meanwhile, the beautiful woman spoke, “According to my knowledge, there are still 10 days before the competition begins, right?”

“I need to find out the reason!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice. Xiao Yuxi didn’t recognize him, so he had to figure out why.

“Then that’s even more reason for you not to go!” She continued, “They are probably in White Deer Academy now. As part of the invited guests, they have definitely entered the academy. Do you think that you can sneak into White Deer Academy? Even if you can, she doesn’t recognize you now, right?”

Yang Ye gazed at the beautiful women, “You believe that she’s my wife?”

She shook her head slightly, “I don’t. But there’s no reason for you to lie to me!”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes because that didn’t make any difference!

She said, “My Cloud Merchant Group isn’t bad when it comes to information. If you’re not in a rush, you can stay in the city for now, and I’ll help you compile the information you need. Alright?”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her but replied with a question instead, “Why are you helping me?”

She smiled, “Because you’re Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I don’t understand what you mean!”

“Because your name has a huge commercial value!” She continued, “I think we can work together in many aspects, and it’s beneficial to both of us. Moreover, I can even provide a huge amount of help to you.”

“What do I have to do in return?” asked Yang Ye. He didn’t believe that anything in this world would be done for free.

She replied, “Nothing for now!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Can you help me look for a person? She should be in the Central Divine Prefecture as well.”

“I can!” She nodded, “Let’s go rest at my Cloud Merchant Group’s branch for now. Don’t worry, I’ve sent someone to deal with the matters in the city, so there won’t be any trouble!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded. Even though he really wanted to know what had happened to Xiao Yuxi, he knew that he couldn’t be impatient. Everything else didn’t really matter to him, but the main problem was that Xiao Yuxi was hostile towards him, and that was the most troublesome aspect. Moreover, besides Xiao Yuxi, he still had to find Ding Shaoyao. But it was undoubtedly almost impossible for him to find her on his own in the Central Divine Prefecture that was countless times larger than Pine Prefecture!

He had to rely on others!

Cloud Merchant Group’s branch in Sky Capital City.

An Nanjing and Yang Ye were alone in a room.

She asked, “Are you worried about her?”

Yang Ye nodded, “The way she looked at me was very unfamiliar, extremely unfamiliar. She really didn’t recognize me. It wasn’t fake.”

An Nanjing spoke in a low voice, “Something has definitely happened to her!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and walked over to An Nanjing. He stretched out his hands and held her arms lightly as he spoke softly, “You know… I sometimes feel that I’m truly a failure. Because I haven’t been able to protect the people I should have protected in my life. Moreover, I frequently allow them to be injured. When I saw the state you were in at Sky Divine Hall, I truly hated myself. I really did.”

An Nanjing lowered her head slightly, “We’re all too weak!”

Yang Ye nodded, “We are too weak indeed!”

His current strength was more than enough to deal with ordinary Saints, but if he encountered some of the true experts amongst Saints, like the patriarch of the Dragon Clan, Qiong Qi, or Lady, he wouldn’t even have the ability to fight back. Moreover, regardless of whether it was Heaven’s Gravestone or the Sword Spirit, they were external forces and not his own strength!

As for the Qiong Qi, it was even worse. Because using that fellow would be no different than bringing his enemies down with him!

Besides those 3 trump cards, he had nothing else.

An Nanjing suddenly asked, “What did you rely on to defeat Lou Qianxiao that day?”

Yang Ye replied in a low voice, “The Brink Laws!”

An Nanjing was quite puzzled, “The Brink Laws?”

Yang Ye nodded and explained. A long time passed before he An Nanjing said, “That Law of yours is much stronger than Lou Qianxiao’s Laws of Instinct!”

Yang Ye said, “It’s much stronger indeed. Even my Decay Laws are probably inferior to the Brink Laws. The Decay Laws’ strength is practically fixed, but the Brink Laws isn’t. It grows stronger along with my own strength!”

An Nanjing suddenly said, “Can it only be used on physical strength?”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, “What do you mean?”

She didn’t answer him but said something else, “Come, release your sword intent!”

Even though Yang Ye was puzzled, he still did it. He immediately released his Void Rank sword intent, and then a strand of terrifying intent surged out from within An Nanjing. As soon as it appeared, Yang Ye’s sword intent was instantly pushed back into his body!

“You….” Yang Ye gazed at her with shock. He hadn’t expected that An Nanjing’s intent was actually so terrifying to the point that even his Void Rank sword intent was pushed back into him with such ease. That was simply like the Void Rank slaughter intent that he possessed after utilizing Heaven’s Gravestone.

An Nanjing said, “My intent is a fusion of battle intent, spear intent, fist intent, and 3 other intents. The fusion of 6 intents has allowed the strength of my intent to far surpass other intents. Now, when I use fist intent, it’s actually fist intent formed from the fusion of 6 types of different intents. If I use my spear, it would be enhanced by spear intent that’s a fusion of 6 intents. Do you understand what I mean?”

Yang Ye asked, “You’re saying that the Brink Laws can be used on other things?”

She nodded in response.

“Right!” Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with excitement. Since strength could be condensed to the brink and released, then why couldn’t the same be done to sword intent?

Yang Ye noticed that a door had been opened to him, a door in the path of the Sword Dao!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I’m going into closed door cultivation!”

An Nanjing nodded, “You can give it a try. But don’t force it if you really can’t do it! We’re heading to White Deer Academy in 10 days!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Don’t worry, I know my limits. Right, you can try to learn the Brink Laws as well. It’ll definitely be able to increase your strength immensely!”

She shook her head, “My body isn’t strong enough! It can’t endure my strength at all. If I were to condense my strength like you do, then I’ll be the first to die!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Right!” He still remembered what happened when he first started to learn the Brink Laws. At that time, his strength had been fully converged on his fist, and he felt like he was about to explode apart. Moreover, he was completely exhausted once he released that energy.

His body had already surpassed the bodies of Saints then, yet such a situation had still occurred. So, if An Nanjing were to try, then her body would definitely be unable to endure it!

The Brink Laws didn’t just require peak control over strength, it required a body capable of enduring the condensed energy.

Yang Ye felt that it was quite a pity because if An Nanjing could grasp the Brink Laws, then the results would definitely be extremely terrifying.

As if she knew what he was thinking, An Nanjing spoke softly, “I have my own inheritance, and once I gain thorough mastery of them, they won’t be inferior to the Brink Laws at all. After all, Lou Qianxiao would have died at my hands if it wasn’t for Lou Qianyun.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I’m going to be cultivating behind closed doors. Wait for me!”

An Nanjing nodded!

The beautiful woman from Cloud Merchant Group made arrangements for Yang Ye upon his request and got him a cultivation room.

Yang Ye stood silently within the cultivation room for a very long time, and then his Void Rank sword intent surged out from within him. Once it surged out of him, he started to slowly feel his sword intent before trying to condense it in the end. Of course, his sword intent couldn’t be seen with the eye, and he could only sense its presence. His sword intent started to slowly condense under his control!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded, and Yang Ye’s figure was blasted away. At the same time, the entire room collapsed into pieces!

Around 4 hours passed before Yang Ye crawled up from the ground, and his face was extremely pale while his mind still felt dizzy. He’d naturally failed. He’d failed to control it well when his sword intent had been condensed to a certain level, causing it to explode before him and blast him away. Moreover, the backlash from such an explosion was reflected directly on his spirit and soul.

It was truly a terrible feeling!

Yang Ye rested for around another hour before he got a new cultivation room and continued his cultivation.

This time, he didn’t dare to act so rashly as he had before this.

He activated his Sword Domain before he started to release his sword intent, and his eyes instantly lit up after he condensed the sword intent within his Sword Domain for a while. Because he noticed that his senses were over 10 times stronger while within the scope of his Sword Domain! To put it in simpler terms, he was even able to clearly sense the slightest change in his sword intent while it was within the scope of his Sword Domain!

10 times!

What was that like?

It meant that so long as he cultivated sword techniques or other techniques while within the scope of his Sword Domain, it would be at least 10 times easier than it would have been outside his Sword Domain!

The Sword Domain!

It had always been something that he felt was quite useless. But it turned out to be so terrifying! Of course, it hadn’t been so terrifying in the past, and it was probably the rise in his cultivation that had made it so terrifying now!

At this moment, Yang Ye couldn’t help but call himself stupid!

Because he’d always been thinking about how to use the Sword Domain as a means of attack, but he’d never thought about its other abilities. He had used it to copy Laws in the past, but how could there be so many Laws for him to copy?

No matter what, Yang Ye was overjoyed by this discovery!

Because he noticed that the Sword Domain wasn’t useless anymore, and it was even more terrifying than he’d ever imagined!

Now that he knew how to use the sword domain, his cultivation of any technique would be practically instantaneous!

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