Chapter 1075 – Who Does He Think He Is?

Almighty Sword Domain

Sword intent was something that couldn’t be seen yet could be sensed.

As he sensed the sword intent around him, Yang Ye started to control it slowly and condense it. Even though his Sword Domain was there to suppress his sword intent, he still didn’t dare act carelessly. Because if he condensed it to the point that his Sword Domain couldn’t endure it, then he would be courting death.

Because his mind was highly concentrated, cold sweat gradually appeared on Yang Ye’s face, and there were even some threads of blood in his eyes.

Even though he had the Sword Domain’s assistance, he noticed that condensing sword intent really wasn’t a simple task.

Sword intent was unlike physical strength, it didn’t just test his control, it tested his mental strength and soul as well.

Fortunately, both of them were immensely improved while he was within the scope of his Sword Domain and coupled with the fact that he’d brought his strength to the brink before, it was progressing very smoothly for now.

The space in an area of 30m around Yang Ye gradually started to tremble while more and more sweat appeared on Yang Ye’s face!

Time passed by slowly. The space around Yang Ye was still trembling, but it was only in an area of around 24m now.

After that, even though the trembling space around Yang Ye was growing smaller and smaller, the time he used to accomplish that grew longer and longer. For example, he’d used 2 hours to shrink it down from 30m to 24m, but it took an entire 6 hours to shrink it down to 21m. Moreover, it took 20 hours to shrink it down from 21m to 18m!

Even though it was taking longer and longer, Yang Ye was growing more and more excited.

Because while his sword intent was being condensed incessantly, he noticed that its might was growing even more terrifying!

That was a very understandable result. It was like a piece of scrap. If it was struck incessantly, tempered, and condensed, then it would become a sword in the end. At that time, while it would still be a piece of iron, its strength would be completely different. So, his act of condensing his sword intent right now was like a form of tempering to it!

He was condensing it like a madman right now!

Yang Ye noticed a problem during this process, and it was that while he’d comprehended sword intent, he’d never truly understood it.

What was the essence of sword intent? Where did its strength come from?

He wasn’t able to answer such questions in the past!

At this moment, he had to sense such ethereal sword intent within his Sword Domain, and then understand and control it for the sake of attaining brink sword intent. Under such circumstances, he gradually gained some understanding of his sword intent.

Sword intent was a form of intent, but such a description was quite general. Simply speaking, it was a type of will that was comprehended with the sword as its foundation.


Will was like the aura. When one was in a superior position like that of an emperor, one would definitely possess an imposing aura of his own from having control of the lives of countless beings. Will and aura were almost the same! It couldn’t be seen, but it really did exist, and it could even materialize when it arrived at a certain level!

Sword intent, especially Void Rank sword intent, wasn’t just material.

During the process of condensing it, Yang Ye noticed why his Void Rank slaughter intent was stronger than his sword intent. It was none other than because his Void Rank slaughter intent was much more condensed than his sword intent!

Now, he was bringing his sword intent to the brink, so the first thing he had to do was condense it!

Day after day passed by, and 5 days passed in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the space around Yang Ye had calmed down completely, but Yang Ye’s face had an extremely solemn expression on it. The Herculean Sword was in his grasp, and it was trembling right now. Because the sword intent around him had been condensed onto the Herculean Sword!

At this moment, his sword intent had arrived at its brink.

How terrifying was it in such a state?

In any case, Yang Ye felt that his Sword Domain was starting to become unstable! If he executed Death by a Thought right now, then its strength would probably increase by at least 50 times while enhanced by his Void Rank sword intent that was at its brink!

It would truly kill in an instant!

In the past, he only dared to utilize the Brink Laws once because his body would suffer injuries from it, and he needed quite a few days to recover. Yet now, he could do it twice. One was the brink of strength, and the other was the brink of sword intent. The former required a powerful body, and it exhausted all his physical strength once he utilized it; as for the latter, it exhausted his mental strength and the strength of his soul!

As for which was strong, it depended on his body. If his body was stronger, then the brink of his physical strength would be stronger; but if his sword intent was stronger, then the brink of his sword intent would be stronger!

Of course, if he released his Void Rank slaughter intent and brought both intents to the brink, then it would definitely far surpass his physical strength’s brink. If he were to add the brink of both intents to Heavenrend, then its strength…. Yang Ye didn’t dare think further, nor did he dare to put it into action. Because based on his current strength, he would definitely cripple himself by doing that!

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he started to disperse the brink sword intent on the Herculean Sword. If it was in the past, he would naturally be unable to accomplish that. But he had the Sword Domain to suppress it, so it wasn’t a problem now.

After he dispersed it, Yang Ye started to condense his sword intent again.

Firstly, he wasn’t skilled at bringing his sword intent to the brink, and he’d used quite a few days to bring it to the brink. If he accomplished it at such a speed in battle, then what was the point of it? His enemy would have killed him a long time ago. Secondly, as he ceaselessly condensed his sword intent, he noticed that his sword intent seemed to be undergoing a transformation!

This discovery made Yang Ye feel overjoyed.

Regardless of whether it was the sword spirit or Heaven’s Gravestone, they were external sources of strength. But his Void Rank sword intent and physical strength were his own. He was truly strong when they were strong!

Just like that, Yang Ye started condensing his sword intent like a madman, and then he dispersed it, condensed it once more….

2 days later.

Sky Capital City, the teleportation platform.

Suddenly, a ray of dazzling blue light erupted from the teleportation formation, and then 3 men appeared there. They wore cloud white robed, and there was a small ‘’ character on their chests.

The man who led the group glanced at the surroundings, and then he gazed at the young man on his left, “Brother Lin, go find out the name and whereabouts of that fellow who offended our future sister-in-law. Even though our big brother disdains to deal with such people, we as his younger brothers can’t just allow our future sister-in-law to be taken advantage of, right?”

The young man called Brother Lin chuckled, “Brother Tan Feng, do you think our big brother and sister-in-law- Xiao Yuxi will really be united?”

“What nonsense is that?” Tan Feng scolded with a smile on his face, “Our Big Brother is on the Martial Rankings, to be a little blunt and disrespectful, sister-in-law Xiao Yuxi is lucky that our big brother fancies her. Even though she has refused him in the past, I believe that so long as she gets to know him for some time, then she’ll definitely submit before him.”

Tan Feng grinned at this point, “See, the Thousand Crane Sect sent her in the group that came to watch our academy’s competition. What does that mean? It means that the Thousand Crane Sect wants her to be united with our big brother as well. So, she can’t escape being our sister-in-law. I presume that they’ll be united once the matter with Ocean of Clouds Academy is resolved!”

“Ocean of Clouds Academy?” There was a wisp of disdain in Brother Lin’s eyes, “I really don’t understand why they agreed to that fellow, Yang Ye’s, request. Isn’t it easier to just send someone to crush such a trash academy?”

Tan Feng shook his head, “We naturally don’t care about such nobodies. The reason we agreed to their request seems to be because of an agreement between our higher-ups and the Scholarly Faction. Alright, let’s not waste our time on this. Quickly go find out where they are so that we can leave once we’re done!”

“That’s not a problem!” Brother Lin chuckled and vanished on the spot.

Cloud Merchant Group’s branch in Sky Capital City.

Because the competition in White Deer Academy was about starting soon, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and even Xuwu Shen were cultivating madly.

In a hall.

The grey robed old man stood before the beautiful woman as he spoke in a low voice, “Eldest Young Miss, are you really going to do that?”

She remained silent for a long time before she nodded, “There’s no gain without risk. If we win the gamble, then it won’t just bring endless benefits to us, I’ll be able to become a manager as well.”

“But if you lose the gamble, then you’ll definitely lose all your authority and never be given any position again!” The grey robed old man spoke solemnly, “It might even affect the patriarch!”

The beautiful woman closed her eyes and remained silent!

The grey robed old man continued, “Their strength is not bad indeed, but there are all sorts of experts hidden within White Deer Academy. Most importantly, the Law Faction has 2 monstrous geniuses on the Martial Rankings! Can they rival those 2 geniuses? At the very least, based on the strength they’ve revealed until now, I think they are still quite weak when compared to those experts on the Martial Rankings!”

The woman still remained silent.

The old man was about to say something else when his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he turned around to look out of the hall, “Someone is here, and they’re here with ill intent!”

She opened her eyes and said, “Come, let’s go have a look!”

Both of them had just left the hall when they saw Tan Feng’s group of 3, and the beautiful woman immediately frowned!

White Deer Academy!Have they already found out about Yang Ye and the others’ identities?

Tan Feng’s gaze descended onto the beautiful woman, and he chuckled, “I never expected it to be someone beautiful like you. I like women like you. Hahaha. Let’s get down to business. Is that fellow called Ye Yang here?”

The old man stepped forward and spoke in a low voice, “Mind your manners!”

Tan Feng spoke coldly, “My Law Faction has never cared about its manners when doing things!”

“Then allow me to teach you a little!” The old man’s figure shot towards them.

Tan Feng laughed coldly, and then he transformed into a ray of light that slammed against the old man.


A huge explosion resounded, and then the old man moved backwards repeatedly. He was only able to stop himself when he arrived before the wall, and his right palm was gone!

“A mid-rank Saint?” Tan Feng played with the white dagger which had suddenly appeared in his grasp and said, “How weak. You used medicinal pills to get where you are, right?”

The old man’s face fell. He was about to attack, but he suddenly stopped and looked towards the distance.

Yang Ye was walking over slowly from there.

Yang Ye gazed at Tan Feng, “You’re looking for me?”

Tan Feng gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “You’re Ye Yang?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Tan Feng asked, “You’re the one who offended my sister-in-law?”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Your sister-in-law?”

Tan Feng replied, “The Thousand Crane Sect’s Xiao Yuxi is my sister-in-law!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed, “Who’s your older brother?”

“Mo Yuntian!” A slight smile curled up on the corners of Tan Feng’s mouth.

“Who does he think he is?” Yang Ye’s voice resounded.

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